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Donated by King PhUjk?£m$$ 











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^//_X!Tto. 7 FISKE PUBLj* LIBRARY 2-0 X jju^' 

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This year is sure to be filled 

with fun and excitement! 

Applying to college 

is a long process 

but it's the first step into 

the real world. 

-Shawn McDermott 

I remember my first step 

into King Philip when I 

was just a freshman. 

I was so excited for the 

years to come. 

Those first steps have 

affected my journey 

through high school. 

-Alyson Barker 

Getting around 

with a broken arm 

was hard to get used to 

at first but now it's easier 

than it was before. 

-Todd Deschamps 

After a couple of days, we seemed to know our way around; 

the school didn't seem so big anymore. 

-Kristin McGrath, Laura Lewicki, Rob Hall 

WUtfiT your iW>u<*Wfe wUevn 

door& o\Y-x*^<\ PviilipT i 

'Sc-are^lT OvejrvvU&\wexw>4inxiou&T £xc-ne.df? 
Jfpu w\c\y Uave, be^vi ^c^arexb, \No\rxAexmr\ci 
iy yew wpuM Wi^w?w ai^YCvie, n^ your c\x&&e&. 



Ju«^iWvi <&cMoo\ worV- aisycA ocstwitesx? wyay Uave~ 

<z>eje*v*£xb ovexvAye\vv\iir\a aT-fin£nT \ooV-\^<*\or ajavvmar joc-e, arVtosx^U 

\or ^eveio dav«& tin a row 

BuTvpu <&ooir\ rex\\dex& iWiT 

»W>n«c>elve>c» aroamd everv c*0rvien 

I have been in 

marching band 

for two years. 

I enjoy the 

competition in band. 

-Tim Singer 

I have been 

drawing since I was 

a little kid. 

It's something 

I enjoy doing 

both inside and 

outside of school. 



We find it easier to 

concentrate when 

studying together than 

studying with 

a group of people. 

-Michael Hume, 

Patricia Gately 

We always get a lot of attention 

when we dress up for school! 

Christine Nygren, Haley Uyrus 









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all di 

Nta pioe. 


01 aiod utoiqi ae. no pur pwto w<* 

/ au c?irrTer'e.toi <\v\c\ \tormy&, no pur pwto way 
We, all Uave~ di{ w^ 07 e.xpre^«&no** pureeJve." 
'Sowyz, p\\A<& vnaw w\cw-e~ osAr&e\vesc> KAvya ue. 
t?v c^lre^^no^ or we^irno** c>ur Uair aiod WK&-e/-up 
no wav-e*. OTVie.r«s> may cho&&e~ To "TaWe. pat* 
no c^wffae^ iWit^re topTc^?to«&ic?lere^l TVie, Ui JU 
<bcXyoo\ tocrwv 'S'till ptvier^ vrav Uave. "iWM<*tafe aiod 
ppnoiPto^ \Ua\are~ -jar \row\ TV»e. c^vnwtcio c^ovyc^ej^\o\ 
£TpTee.ioage. "tvmoWno**. BuTiop vraTfer W>w diffe^neioT 
we. all are~-\row\ ptoe. aiocnv»e.r, pioe. iVrno^ we will alwai 

tawe. no c^ow\w\ov^ k& par ve^re aT £no** PUilip. 


TUe.v will «£>"mv witv» u«& jcireve.r aiod le^d u«e> cio lb iVie. 
c^le^Tnov in life- iWiawaffe ex*ch pioe. ^u^, 

I hope in the future to meet 

people who are as fun as 

my friends 

from high school! 

-Brian Moore 

(with Marc McMorrow, 

and Bill Cobb) 

In the future I want to 

become an artist who 

draws for comic books. 

Art is such a release 

for me and I think 

I would enjoy that 


-Sam Furst 

Choosing a college is 

one of the most important 

decisions to make 

but college fairs make it 

easier to learn more about a 

variety of colleges. 

-Aimee Kern, 

Rose Becker 

/ really enjoy traveling and I hope 

to return to Australia in future years! 

-Carolyn Fitzpatrick 

W& . w.o^ 

,V C 



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*4fte.r ^raduoiWi we. will all wyove~ cvn Tb djfye.reviT 

e.i^T<?leaV0r«& a\r*A n^i drn^re.tnTdirex^TW>&. 

^>pvne. pfu^ will **p ib c-c>lle.<*e., 

piV»e.n& n^nb 7V»e. vvtilnarY ai^id 

-s^wie. n<*Wr n^nb TV»e. ba^itoe^e* w^rld. 

We. all W?pe. Tp «&uc-c-eex?l n^i 1v»e. -future.. 

/ill liie. Uard wcrW we.Ve. cWie. n^i TV»e. pa«sT will Ue.lp 

tp -fulfill pur -future. <*paW. 

Mai^v cf u«& <Acej\v*\ cioowT wUaT we are. **pifvi To <^p 

wUevi we <*eTc>ur cf Ui**U ^cXyooy 

k>UT cv^e. "tVin^v* k& f pr «&ure.. 

Y~*nc\ PUilip will t>e. *r\ cwr Ue^irfe always a\r*A 

King Philip 




Herman, YanntTSclmipe 

LIKES: History Channel, Rmf, Summer, theatre, 
shirley temples, Project D.U.,Anna, S. Morgenstem, 
Princess Bride, writing, directing, clam chowder w/ 
Daddy, Pink Floyd, free-floiving Bohemians, Bill 
Hicks, red, Will. Goldman, Somalia, Regional Ma- 
fia, violin. DISLIKES: Cancer, ignorance, spiders, 
prejudice, bourgeois Bohemians. FAV. MEM.: Tool 
'02, Laserfloyd, pizza on the dugout, Amherst w/ 
Kath, Cafe ]a(fa,cruising w/KV, Gm &MS, Lina's 
(RIP), car rides w/LD, (red, red). ACT.: G.A.P.S., 
Ministry Team. FOUND: Rm 162, audirotrium, 
First Baptist, Mel's. AMBITION: To make some- 
thing beautiful. FAV. SAY.: The opposite of war 
isn't peace, it's creation. OTHER: Thank you Marc 
and Gretchen for being parts of me and Anna for 
being one with me. RIP Sydney- 1 love you. 

Plain ville 


LIKES: Hiking, the Dead, winter, snowboarding, 
Phish, summer, the beach, mountains, trees, MOE, 
Sublime, blippin runts, funk, headies, reggae, 
shows, #9s, fat angels, Marley, nice glass, sunsets, 
CHARLEY. DISLIKES: Cd's skipping, school, 
pointless authority, hmwk, Sundays, boredom, ar- 
rogance, hypocrites, brown glass. FAV. MEM.: TR 
house wlfam, my house 02, Keene w/TR, SP, VT 
summer 03, fire parties, the crater, dark side of the 
moon. ACT: Soccer 1-3, lax 1-2, bball 1. FOUND: 
Blazement, cruisin the eclipse w/SP, TR. AMB: See 
the world, travel, get a good education. OTHER: 
Thanks to everyone who got me through high 
school. Mom, Dad, Kara, Dave- Thanks for every- 
thing, I love you! Sasha & Tracy- You're the bestest 
friends ever. I love you guys! RIP Chucky. 

Vice President 




Dan, Nad, Dan O 

LIKES: English, history, Japanese, Anime, Manga, 
Mel Divas, coffee, the jungle chicken, Rob's 
wagon, Big Black Afrika, D&D, sciences, reading, 
writing, music. DISLIKES: Math, clowns, goats, 
CD Packaging, sitcoms, the joke of the day, MTV. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: None. I have no long term 
memory. ACTIVITIES: Cross country (jr high-2), 
indoor/outdoor track (jr high-2), Metacomet, 
NHS, SNHS, Sachem (4). FOUND: Mel Divas. 
AWARDS: KP honors, KP highest honors, Xerox 
University of Rochester Humanities Award. AM- 
BITION: To teach English or become a teacher and 
live in Japan. FAVORITE SAYING: The sun aint 
yellow- it's chicken. Bob Dylan, Tombstone Blues. 


LIKES: Friends, money, shows, shopping, music, 
boys in bands, laughing. DISLIKES: Fake people, 
snotty girls, obnoxious people, dumb questions. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Warped Tour 03 with MO 
and SF, shows at Lupo's with SF and MO, beach 
with WR and DW, show at Avalon sophomore 
year with WR, MO and BB. ACTIVITIES: Hang- 
ing out with friends, work. FOUND: With WR, 
DW, MO, SF, or at work. AWARDS: NFHS. AM- 
BITION: To be successful and make a lot of money. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Hey Guy! Guys! Guys! Guys! 

BetU J. Baile- 



LIKES: Friends, sftbl, #4, laughs, smr, beach, yellow, 
wins, flowers, smiles, coconut, cats, dance, cfe ice crm, 
ftbl, pnut btr, OC, mems, old naify(AK). DISLIKES: 
losing, gdbyes, blue flshng Its, mono, liars, spiders, 
commas (LT), van w/EC FAV. MEM: EC's 01, Buf- 
fet, DECA trips, New Yrs 02, tms w/TS (RIP), my 16th, 
CCs, proms 01, 03, Cape w/SP, Roodie's, me as Turco 
(AK, LT), Fig's els w/EC. ACT: Softball 1-4, chrlding 
1-2, Deca 3-4. FOUND: W/ friends, Civic. AWARDS: 
ltr/ jckt, sftll capt, Deca ofcr, awards. AMB: Be healthy, 
happy, successful! FAV. SAY: The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their dreams. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, thanks for everything, I Love You. Molly, you're 
the bestest HI sis in the whole wide world! xoxo Class 
of 04. Thanks for the mems. Best of luck! 



LIKES: Wkends, Boston, summer, $, #3, chillin w/ 
crew, Cape, York Bch, girls, wflbl, laughing, DMB, 
Scarboro Bch, 1 $ menu, ski trips, free food @ 
Cliquot, fam, bonfires, vaca, cards, pool. DIS- 
LIKES: Hmwrk, dents in the SunFire, waking up 
early, no money, sausage fests, losing, doubles, 
no surf, traffic, losing to BH in Fifa, boring nites. 
FAV MEM: Ski trip to VT, cruises in the Camry, 
BH in the mini, the pit, ski trips, chillin w/TB, 
BH, SH, TK, KM.TM, OB, DR. ACT: Soccer 1-4, 
ski trips 2-4. FOUND: Hanging w/crew, home, 
eating. AMB: After college, become rich and live 
life successfully. FAV SAY: You only live once. Poor 
Healey. OTHER: Thanks for everything and love 
to Mom, Dad, and Jake. Good luck, Class of 2004! 





LIKES: Jazz, Ska, Mel Diva's, tacos, taquitos, bari- 
tone saxophones, cowboy bebop, Trigun, math, 
Rent, Star Island, movies, debating, top hats, 
thinking, pie, sleep, Mystery Inc. DISLIKES: Mov- 
ies that try to be symbolic, out of tune singing, 
feet, knees, elbows, being late. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Star Island. ACTIVITIES: Marching 
Band, symphony band, jazz combo, drama. 
FOUND: Rm. 162, low brass room, sleeping, Taco 
Bell, Mel Diva's. AMBITION: To teach high school 
math. OTHER: Churches with lightning rods don't 
show much faith. 

Al, Aly, Sly, Al-Y-Son 

LIKES: Hanging w/ friends, summer, Girl Scout 
cookies, guys, driving, music, laughing, goofing 
off, Good Charlotte, The Starting Line, MxPx. DIS- 
LIKES: Hmwrk, swearing, brdm, fakes, stress, 
awkward situations, liars. FAV. MEM.: French w/ 
SD, BP, CP, bus rides w/CP, winning the pine- 
apple award @ SD's, vacs in NH, NH missions 
trip. ACT: Sleeping, fun and exciting youth events 
at church. FOUND: Tara's, my room, church, mall, 
babysitting. AWDS: Pineapple award. AMB: Be- 
come an elementary school teacher, get married, 
have kids, have a long, happy life. FAV SAY: What- 
ever blows your skirt up! OH JUDY! Je suis nunuen 
la louche avec toi. OTHER: Thanks to God, my 
friends, and family. I love you all! 


LIKES: Music, friends, good times, Simpsons, 
Family Guy, Futurama, Competers, food. DIS- 
LIKES: Bad teachers, boring classes, homework, 
idiots, midgets, bad times. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
The weekend I got my PADI SCUBA Open Water 
Certification. ACTIVITIES: Snow boarding, sleep- 
ing, eating, gaming, annoying others, having fun. 
FOUND: Home, other places. AMBITION: To be 
a veterinarian. FAVORITE SAYING: Today was 
yesterday's tomorrow. 



LIKES: Disney movies, my friends, Maine, poetry, 
books, country music, Tigger, rainbows. DIS- 
LIKES: Color pink, rude people, bugs, long car 
rides, bad music. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Aquarium with Kay, summer '03 in Maine. 
FOUND: Reading, with friends, in Maine, walk- 
ing with Emily. AMBITION: To become a good 
cosmetologist. OTHER: Thank you to my Mom, 
Dad, and Cliff for helping me through the years. 
I love you. 

Mic-Ue-ile. Be-aver- 

Mis/;, Mishy, Beave's, Mishelly, Beave 

LIKES: Pizza, exercise, cats, my car, friends, con- 
certs, beaches, summer, driving, parties, blue, 
sunsets. DISLIKES: Homework, rude people, spi- 
ders, meat loaf, country music, rainy days, Mon- 
days. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer vacations 
at the Cape, Prom 2003, Wrentham Fair with MB, 
NB, EM, KM, DM, IS. FOUND: In my car, 
Friendly's, Funway Cafe, movies, hanging with 
friends. AMBITION: To be married and working 
with children. FAVORITE SAYING: Been there, 
done that. 

Rose, Rosie, Roz 

LIKES: Pineapples, Red Sox, orange, summertime, 
cranberry juice, sleep, field hockey, storms, stars. 
DISLIKES: Boredom, winter, seagulls. FAV. 
MEM.: Amazing Vickey w/KW, LS, Janet 01 w/ 
JC, LS, KW, nachos, moist lotus, M-night, donuts, 
juice, beach serenade, horses w/AK, Honduras, 
beach days, Jacuzzi nights, Deerfield, bus ride 
from 02 indoor class C's. ACT: Field hockey 1-4, 
track 1-4, Leo club, NHS, JMFC. AMB: To exceed 
my potential. OTHER: Grace, thanks for being an 
excellent role model. Mom and Dad, thank you 
for your guidance and support. I love you. Thanks 
to KP for four amazing years. 


Kitty, Val, Scrat 

LIKES: Chris, E. Norton, Australia, piercings, tat- 
toos, horseback riding, Queen. DISLIKES: Hypo- 
crites, alarm clocks, pop music. FAV. MEM.: Papoose 
P., Mr. F's class, Mr. S's AP class. ACT: NHS, 
FNHS, SNHS, diversity club, XC, horseback 
riding. FND: W / Chris. AWARDS: Poet of the Year 
award 02. AMB: Leave this world a better place 
than I found it. FAV SAY: I zvanted to live deep and 
suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all that was 
not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that 1 had 
not lived. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Mel 
for everything. Thank you, Chris, for always being 
there for me. I love you all! Good luck, Class of 2004! 




Lora C. 

Ebola, Ebo, Bora, LoBe 

LIKES: Having fun, eyes, summer, sleep, shooting 
stars, sunglasses, dancing, hugs, ice crm. DISLIKES: 
Panera, soup, running, regret, lies, change, drama. 
FAV. MEM.: Disney 01, semi /prom, DECA trips, FL 
rain dancing w/ BAM, *NSYNC , BHC, 5/25/03, the 
rip 03, JTX , summer 03. ACT: Fh, dance, teaching 
dance, LC, PM, JMFC. FOUND: Wearing sunglasses, 
baby Jetta, doing DECA, napping. AWARDS: FH vars. 
letter, DECA. AMB: To have fun, be happy. FAV SAY: 
Nothing good comes easily; sometimes you 've got to fight. 
OTHER: Mom.Dad- thanks for every thing, I'm lucky 
to have you. Dave, Carla- thanks for being there and 
teaching me the important stuff. My friends, what 
would I do without you? Thanks for all the memo- 
ries. I love you all. Have fun, Class of 2004. 

Fr<*wnW Be iWvTe 



LIKES: CS, baseball, Camaros. DISLIKES: MT, 
school, learning. FAVORITE MEMORY: Jack's K 
Party. ACTIVITIES: Baseball. FOUND: Every- 
Owned like a fish. 


LIKES: Summer, noids-noms, moist lotus, the bird, 
beach, wkends, talks w / LR, the little funny things, 
Boston, iced tea. DISLIKES: Ignorance, homework, 
stress, getting lost, feet, the cold, tied intestines. 
FAV. MEM.: MASC w/LT, KW, JG, NYE 03, LR's 
pool, peep peep, FH camp, 7/25/02 w/LT, SP, EO, 
LR, prom 03, road trips w / the Sentra, Espanol w / 
LT, any time w/LR, SP, LT, KW, LS, EM, EO. ACT.: 
Stuco 1-4, fid hock. 1-4, NHS 3-4, Prez 4, indr track 
1, lax 2, yrbk 2. AWARDS: Commonwealth Award, 
Natural Born Leader. FAV SAY: This has all been 
wonderful, but now I'm on my way. OTHER: Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Leila and Josh for your love and 
support. Thank you to my friends who make ev- 
eryday funny. Good luck, Class of 2004! 

Mottliew T>. 

Mali-lay, Cruiser 

LIKES: Driving in my PT Cruiser, Hondas, the 
Ska-doo (jet ski), beachhouse on Cape, spending 
time w/Jenna, Jen, Laura, family, my dog snow, 
living on Lake Archer, Boston Whalers. DISLIKES: 
Cheap pple, cars that aren't Chryslers, Bayliners, 
rude pple, stuck up pple, slow drivers, being 
broke. FAV. MEM.: Cruise the falls 3, 17 summers 
on Cape, dinners at Olive Garden w/Jenna. 
Thanks to my awesome Dad and caring Mom. 
ACT: PTCruisin, jet skiing, hardcore tubing, 
waterskiing. FOUND: In the Cruiser, in my apart- 
ment, down in Sandwich, or on Lake Archer. 
AMB: Hopefully joining the USCG. 

feBv Boulte 




LIKES: MK, beach, turtles, friends, pickles, late 
nights, summer, love, sleeping, candy, soccer, 
snacks, Mountain Dew, scruffiness. DISLIKES: 
Bad moods, liars, cheating, fighting, peas, Mon- 
days, Friendly's, sand, gdbyes, curfews, meatloaf, 
FC. FAV. MEM.: Dispatch w/NC, BH, KC, Cape, 
ME,VT, Plymouthw/MK,MEw/Amanda,KZ's 
parties, DMB, being w/ KZ, AD, KC, RW, July 1st, 
Jerry Seinfeld 02, Red Sox 03, Newport w/RW, 
KC, JC. AMB: To be happy, get married, have 
kids, live life to the fullest. FAV SAY: To the world 
you may be one person, but to one person, you may be 
the world. Increase snack intake. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Eric for everything. I love you 
all. Good luck, Class of 2004! 



LIKES: Girls, music, winter, snowboarding, the 
beach, sports, parties, road trips, concerts, friends, 
food. DISLIKES: Bad smells, annoying people, 
long lines, rap music, Toyota Camry. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: 01-04 ski trips, 01-04 DMB, Healey's 
car accidents, Healey and Porter, waves at 
Scarboro, Maine with Kev, minivan in Trout Pond, 
tying on the muffler. ACTIVITIES: Snowboarding, 
golf, guitar, concerts, Cumby's runs working at 
Bass, late night Wendy's. FOUND: With my 
friends, Bass. AMBITION: To graduate college 
and get a successful job. FAVORITE SAYING: Poor 

3ov^ Bullcc-W 


LIKES: Sleep, The Country Store, Wake and Bake, 
Reds, OCB, coffee, Cruisin, The Fish, Wendy's, 2 
way, Boomers, the PHX, Party Balls, Stews, the 
Captain, Blazen Summers, April 20th, midnight, 
chillen with McGrath, trucks, fast cars, PS2, 
people you can trust with your life. DISLIKES: 
periods 1-6, liars, stupid mistakes that cannot be 
fixed, fake people, aging past 40, bugs. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: The Days of the Bronco Deuce. 
AWARDS: Nothing my Mom would be proud of. 
AMBITION: To control something out of control. 
FAVORITE SAYING: The Captain makes it happen. 



Surgess, Tick, Shoulders, 

LIKES: Parties, ladies, Bluemoon nights, good 
times with NF, vacations with NF, jammin, Fri- 
day nights, sleeping late, glass, OCB cruises, 
Chills camp 03. DISLIKES: Immature rents, gos- 
sip, snobs, Monday mornings, work, football 
practice /camp, parents who think they're still in 
high school. FAVORITE MEMORY: Weekends, 
summer. Summer Jam 01, Hot night x 03, concerts, 
Miss Capasso's class, Superbowl parade, Boston, 
nights at Ziegler's, fires @ MS, after parties. AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1-4, lacrosse 1, track 1, base- 
ball 1. FOUND: In the Ville. AMBITION: Be 
wealthy. FAVORITE SAYING: Let the good times 


~t^*c-Ue,l Bwr-tfy 



Britt, Pee-Wee, Britt-net 

LIKES: Kira, friends, GAPS, Boston, Thayer St, 
shows, RENT, movie nts, pizza dip, ice crm, set, 
car rides. DISLIKES: Snakes, mind games, more 
snakes, inconsiderate ppl, discrimination, intol- 
erance, waking up. FAV. MEM.: Harvard Square 
w/AA, KC, Lina's, snst wiffle ball, stars, pizza 
on dugout, dinner parties, adventures, regional 
Mafia, NETC, meteor nights w/AA, TB, KC, MO, 
tech w/AA, MS, KV, SW, CS, KC, CW and crew. 
ACT: Diversity club. FOUND: The auditorium, rm 
162, my car, work. AMB: To get out of suburbia. 
FAV SAY: There's not a word yet for old friends who've 
just met. The Great Gonzo. OTHER: All my love 
to Mom, Dad, Kira, Cam, Grammie, Nana, KC, 
AA, TB, MO, SF, and all of my other friends. 

Mc*H" BurWe, 


LIKES: Hanging out with friends, football, money, 
girls, weekends, gym class. DISLIKES: The bus. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Competitive gym. AMBI- 
TION: To get my license before graduation. To go 
to college, get a good job, and make a lot of money. 



LIKES: Music, soloing for crowds, Red Sox, out- 
doors-especially the beach, nice weather, great 
works of art, running and biking, good food, com- 
petition. DISLIKES: My job, ignorance, bigotry, 
broken trust, weak efforts. FAV. MEM.: Jazz <§> Lin- 
coln Center, Hofstra 2000, band trips, hanging out 
w/ friends, fam. vacations, rehrsals. ACT: Jazz 
band, marching band, symphonic band, jazz 
combo, sp. track (sorta). FND: Band room, on the 
computer, a lawn chair outside. AWARDS: A hand- 
ful of Pulitzers and some others... AMB: Raise a 
family, make a great deal of money, retire early, 
create music all the while, win more Pulitzers. 

JROD, fizzy 
LIKES: BROs, JG, REM 3, parties, ladies, Mrs. 
Barrett, DECA trips, greed. DISLIKES: Negativ- 
ity, crutches. FAV. MEM.: Weekends, summer, ME, 
Cape w / TM, JG, KZ, Boys' State, The Snowman's, 
tailgating, Gunstock, fires w/heavy, light bud- 
dies, reservoir runs, NYC, BOS, Summer Jam, 
Schmidty's class. ACT: Golf, football, baseball, 
crutching, 600 m, The Car Wash, REDEMCO. 
FOUND: On crutches, w/BRO's, amigas. 
AWARDS: Unsung Hero, Golf Team 2002. AMB: 
Don't worry as always and definitely be happy. 
FAV. SAY: If you can't have fun then it shouldn't be 
done... Always leave room for improvement. OTHER: 
Keep on keepin on, Class of 2004! 

c c v *o 

Sam, Sammy C, Bam 
LIKES: Summer video, down comforters, tanza- 
nite, Ping-Pong, nonnie, caramel, Foxwoods com- 
mercials, untouched snow, baby Jetta, fireworks, 
ocean. DISLIKES: Running, snakes, gdbyes, high 
beams, drama, regrets, McD's, rushing. FAV. 
MEM.: ECR's pool, 9/6/03, Jenna's house, Fla. w / 
Pilar, DD on New Yr's 03, DECA trips 02-04, 
nights w / girls, Shark wk @ Renners. ACT: DECA, 
dance, paparazzi of JMFC, HHC FOUND: Sony, 
cruisin in the baby Jetta w / Ebola. FAV. SAY: Mer, 
Maet, Whoa, Eeeez, DECA what? OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, I love you so much. Katie, Lora, Libby, Jenna, 
Jasmin, you guys are absolutely the best. Thanks 
for so many memories. 

~Bre~a%<wye, Ca\\aV\a\r\ 

Bree, Breezy, Crash 

LIKES: Summer, the beach, Wendy's, TBS, con- 
certs, the mall, sleeping, hanging out w/ friends. 
DISLIKES: Car accidents, Jello, Mondays. FAV. 
MEM.: Summer of jr. yr, breaking into Linz's 
house, Friday nights, 495, frosh English, beach 
trips, hollar-ing. AMB: To go to college, get my 
nursing degree. To just be happy. FAV. SAY.: Want 
to go to Wendy's? HOLLAR! It's the van! OMC 
SHUT UP! Hey Lira! Guess what... OTHER: Thank 
you, Mom and Dad for everything. To my sisters 
I love you all. To Scott and Linz, you are my best 
friends. I don't know what I would have done 
without you. I love you two so much. To all my 
friends, we've finally made it! Good luck, Class 
of 2004! 

Puck, Cameron, joe 

LIKES: Hockey, golfing with the boys, chillin with 
the boys, Madden 2004, the ladies. DISLIKES: 
Soccer, FB, Monday mornings, gossip. FAVORITE 
MEMORIES: Summers, good times at Roode's. 
ACTIVITIES: Captain of hockey and captain of 
the golf team, peer leadership. FOUND: Roode's 
basement. AWARDS: Gym leader of the year, cap- 
tain of hockey and golf. AMBITION: To become a 
police officer, or something dealing with the law. 
FAVORITE SAYING: W.A.B., good times, 45, Wait 
for it. OTHER: W.A.B 




Klic-W>la«e> Sam 

Crampo, Fez 



LIKES: Chillin w/ friends, parties, late nites, con- 
certs, milfs, girls, pre-game, Sundays, Pats, Red 
Sox, golf, Fri. nites, warehouse, Noop, ftball, 
Skenyon's class, chillin w/buds, a good time. 
DISLIKES: The next a.m., BC's, Sundays, Yankees, 
Mondays, dropping dimes, running, boredom, 
driving around, walking a mile into the woods, 
sketchy pple. FAV. MEM: Shorty's after prom, 
Pearl Jam w/SW, TM, MC, Bone Thugs, 
Matapoisett chowder house, Zeigler's, Jared's, 
late nite trips to N.R.C., tailgating at Pat's games. 
ACTIV.: Ftball, baseball 1-2, golf 3, bball 1-4. 
A long, happv life. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Chris, and Tyler for all of your support. 

Jiwi Care; 

/ to the C, Carey 


LIKES: BBQ's, summer, Wendy's, Pizza Hut buf- 
fets, Nicky's, wkends, Sublime, cruises, supras, 
swimming, beach, Omega, Maine, fall, spring, DS, 
Comedy Central, street bikes, Br. Columbia, fish- 
ing, outdoors, late nites. DISLIKES: School, silent 
studies, hw, humidity. FAV MEM: Gaffney's, Feb. 
vac, Cape house 4th July, Irish rover, Wrenstock, 
Kippa's, fires at IZ's, LM and MS, Breen's study, 
Tracy's, Flippy's, summer '03 w/DS and the crew. 
ACT: Worken, schoolen, riden, cruisen, chillen. 
FOUND: Liven life on the West Coast. AWARDS: 
Most likely to graduate high school. AMB: To be 
successful and happy in life. FAV SAY: Tell you 
what. OTHER: Thanks, Mama and Papadukes, for 
getting me through high school. 

~Dav\cA CarWii 

Suede Man 

LIKES: The Hulk, Marvel Comics, history, poli- 
tics, computers, friendly people, Dragonball, 
books, Lord of the Rings, Fantasy, sci-fi, Trogdor. 
DISLIKES: DC Comics except Justice League, 
Macs. FAVORITE MEMORY: Helping my friends 
with their tv production assignments. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Class government. AMBITION: To conquer. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Don't make me angry. You 
won't like me when I'm angry. Bill Bixby as David 

Carpliv^e- Carr 



LIKES: Nick, fid hock., hugs, smiles, stars, skiing, 
snow, Charles, vacs, summer, slpovers, kittens, sur- 
prises, daisies, sleeping. DISLIKES: Loneliness, sad- 
ness, rudeness, liars, fighting, cold, snobby pple, 
gdbyes, Alzheimers. FAV. MEM.: 9/6/03, New Yr's 
'03 w/SH, CC, MH, MW, NB, DL, LM, Vt. trips w/ 
NB, ME '03 w/NB, skiing w/SH, RE, RM, JP, CR 
basement, gymnastics w/RW, AD, FH, soph. yr. 
ACT: Softball-1, fid hock.- 4, gymnastics 1-4. FND: 
W/NB, SH, CC, MH, MW, basement, bed, Nick's. 
AWARDS: Gymnastics capt.- '02-'04, unsung hero- 
'03. AMB: Live, succeed with pride. OTHER: Nick, 
thanks for always standing by. I'll miss you. I love 
you. Amy, Kelly, 1 love you. Thanks for all the good 
times and laughs. Mom, Dad, thanks for support- 
ing and pushing me. I love you more than anything. 

"Sie-pUdo Ca 



LIKES: My friends, by budz, cheap vd, nuggets, 
indoors, outdoors, Phish, parties, milfs, skipping, 
7:15, money. DISLIKES: School, Roode, getting 
caught, IT, stupid people, big show. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Prom 03, chillen down the Cape, Liam's 
house, p-funk, wailers. ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 
fishing, tippin rubes, frisbee. FOUND: Cruisin the 
backroads, DelGrosso's house, McHale residence, 
Cape, Rory's. AMBITION: To make a lot of money. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Good times, bad times, you know 
I've had my share. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Maggie, 
Katherine, thanks for supporting me for all these 

Jenna Lee. Ca<&v>o\i 

Beaner, /, Milano, Yenna 

LIKES: Angels, dancing, potatoes, Blue Honda, 
green and gold, SOA, Motown, mail, piano, 
Babybel. DISLIKES: Birds, ppl not using blinkers 
at Wampum Corn. FAV. MEM: Frosh gym, Any- 
thing Goes, nachos!, Janet '02, beach serenade, 
Spanish vids, Hday (street riot), NC Mexico ME, 
VMA's, MNite, Jr. AP MiCCA. ACT: Leo (bod), 
band, SHF, dance, NHS, SNHS. FOUND: Church, 
Schubert's, singing. AWARDS: All State, SE Dist. 
Choruses, MICCA gold, gold award. AMB.: Help 
people every day, and enjoy each day. FAV. SAY.: 
Das ist alas zer guiel OTHER: Mama, Daddy, and 
Greg, thanks so much! To my friends, love you 
always! Thanks for the memorites. Good Luck, 
Class of 04. We miss you, TS. 

Laura Caiic» 



LIKES: Summer, flip-flops, late nites, coffee, Sub- 
lime, parties, AT, ceramics, gd times, lazy days, 
Stellar. DISLIKES: Liars, cheaters, rain, waking up 
early, fights, responsibility. FAV. MEM: Huckle's, 
Melendy's class JH, Dec. 6, '02, Cleveland St., 
playgrnd, River Rave '01-'02, Jan. 9, '02, meditat- 
ing in park w/JC, late nites at JH's, midnite bike 
rides, a.m. in Marci's car, grn thing, Mrs. Tighe's 
class, freestyling w / Adin. FOUND: Sleeping, out, 
work. AMB: College, travel, get married, family. 
FAVSAY: Everthing happens for a reason. OTHER: I 
love you, Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything. 
JH, you've always been there for me no matter 
what. You've taught me so much, Chase. Thank 
you, Adin. You're my best friend and I love you. 

C^lbv Caulwtare 


LIKES: Everyone who made the past four years de- 
cent, everyone who gave me a reason to come here 
in the morning, painting and artistic what not, Big 
Black Afrika, Rob's wagon. DISLIKES: Clowns, the 
ice cream man. FAVORITE MEMORY: Lots of 
memories, good and bad, being 15 minutes late for 
Mrs. Lambert's class and never hearing her say 
anything. ..ever. FOUND: Inner peace and a pair of 
orange socks and some bracelets. AMBITION: To 
rock. Ultimately. Actually, just to be happy with 
whatever it is I end up doing. FAVORITE SAYING: 
jenna, what was the English homework? 



Kalee-ke, Mon-que 

LIKES: Rent, black and white cows, Pedro, Red 
Sox, Pats, ice cream, smiles, summer, Prudence 
Isl., road trips, Panera. DISLIKES: Brown and 
white cows, negativity, Yankees. FAV.MEM.: 
Harvard Square w/AA, BB, beach trips, 7/4 on 
PI, adventures, Lina's roast, Regional Mafia, 
Bickford's breakfasts, Skenyon's class, Safe Ha- 
ven, pot luck dinners, movie nights, meteor 
shower w/AA, BB, TB, MO, Pants Song, soph, 
semi. AMBITION: To change the world, one per- 
son at a time. FAVORITE SAYING: The best way to 
find yourself is to lose yourself in service. Gandhi. 
OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad. I love you. 

JoUx^i CUav< 



LIKES: Carlee, the Shack, making money. DIS- 
LIKES: Loud people, bad teachers, when I can't 
sleep. FAVORITE MEMORY: All of the memories 
with Carlee, going to O.C.B. with the shack crew, 
watching Mark get the father Nelson. FOUND: 
With Carlee, working, at the shack. AMBITION: 
To make my family proud and own a business. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Oven-baked. OTHER: Thanks 
to my family for helping me realize who I am. 
Thanks to Carlee for being a great girlfriend and 
best friend through the best and worst times. 

Erw^ Mic-cle. Cle^rv 


LIKES: Summer, happiness, vacations, beaches, 
sleeping in, night, stars, love, long talks, sunny 
days, G.G. DISLIKES: Liars, drama, getting 
caught, waking up early, fighting, goodbyes, 
worrying, seaweed, insincerity, riding the van. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: NH '03, going to Tracy's, 
Fig's class w/BB, LB's shorts, prom '03, taxi rides 
w/MW and BB, Kangamangus rides on 2/14, 
Scarborough Drive, Stooge nights, DECA trips. 
FOUND: At Gregory's house. AMBITION: To live 
life to the fullest.. .no regrets. OTHER: Thanks for 
everything, Mom, Dad, Larry and Shawn. Good 
luck, Class of 2004! 

Mama B, Liz, Princess 

LIKES: Tony, family, friends, cars, football, NYY, 
NE Pats, Teala RIP, sleep, Grandpa RIP, 6 Flags, 
loud music, nites out, running over frosh w/SM. 
DISLIKES: Spiders, Mondays, hmwrk, slow cars, 
freshman year twice. FAVORITE MEMORY: Mak- 
ing it to sr. yr., meeting Tony, class comps, NEDW 
'03, NY trip '02, chem w/SM & AK, KJ b-day '02. 
ACTIVITIES: Frosh knockout, Powder Puff. 
FOUND: With Tony or my mom, at my sis' house. 
AMBITION: Graduate, become a probation of- 
ficer. FAV. SAY.: Oh, sure. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, for standing by me. I couldn't have done it 
without you. Thanks, Sis, Bro for putting up with 
me. Grandpa, I miss you. Thank you, Tony, for it 
all. I love you. 

Bill, B-Bag 

LIKES: The shack, beaded necklace, BK, Wendy's, 
Skenyon's class, baggin', white t-shrts, old cars, 
L. Archer, zebra cks, stand-up, Boston accnts, The 
Savage Brew, Nestea, Pats, Bckfrd's, exaggera- 
tions, vlybl, not wearing underwear. DISLIKES: 
Ignorance, Hondas, NY Jets, Yankees, Fossil, dried 
up cttn sox. FAV. MEM.: NH trips, Pearl Jam '03, 
RHCP '03, xc camp, Dorchester SOS w/SH, 2/3/ 
02, Latin, tubing w / NF, stealing the shack moose 
w/MM, BK. ACT: Xc 2-4, indoor track 2-3, sp. 
track 1-2, indoor perc. 1, pr med., Boys' State '03. 
FOUND: In the Delta 88. AWARDS: Summa Cum 
Laude Nat. Latin exam (2x), Exc. in Latin, Boys' 
St. AG. Amb.: Steal the Cobb Rd. sign. FAV. SAY: 
/ changed by not changing at all. -Eddie Vedder. 

Katliy, Kath 

LIKES: Summer, friends, football games, MB20, 
girls' nights out, sleep, Gatorade juice boxes, mac 
and cheese, CR, beach, mix CDs, happiness, smiles, 
late nights, Panera. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, mean 
people, getting lost, lies, fights, waking up early, 
History Day, Madden, stress, homework, gdbyes. 
FAV. MEM.: MB20 9/30, Disney w/ Willards, NC 
trips, summer 02 in Cabrio, nights at MS's house, 
summer 03. ACT: Field hockey 00-03, peer leader- 
ship, SADD. FOUND: Driving around, stalking w. 
KC, the Willard house. AMB.: To be a success, ac- 
complish my highest goals, and to live a happy life. 
OTHER: Thank you to my family. Mom, Dad, Sean, 
Becky, and Rocky, I love you. My friends, I'll love 
and remember you always. Good luck to everyone. 

3e^b*b>Y^a 3, CAc^arcA 


LIKES: Beach, laughter, roses, Deca, summer, 
slpng, parties, #38, smiles, blue, concerts, dreams, 
sunsets, fireworks, surprises, movies, thunder- 
storms, Sox, Celts, Pats. DISLIKES: Gdbyes, math, 
spd limits, being cold, hw, curfews, regret, bees, 
failure, rumors, spiders, liars, backstabbers, P.S. 
FAV. MEM.: New Year's '02/03, Zig rips, Cape w/ 
AW, Deca, lax '03, summer '03, random night, 
Guster w/RW, KZ, SP, KZ's 18th bday, RW's 17th 
bday, after prom '03 @ MS. FOUND: W/ AW, KZ, 
JG, HG, RW, at Nicky's w/AW. AMB: Have fun, 
live a happy, successful life, enjoy every minute 
of it. OTHER: Mom and Dad, I couldn't have done 
it without you. Miss and Beck, thanks for being 
the best sisters. I love you all. 


LIKES: Leaving Wrentham, Cheng Shou Peng, 
Joey, Sergio, Nonnie, come oonnn. DISLIKES: 
People who cannot think for themselves, phonies, 
and the Ebola Virus. FAVORITE MEMORY: ECR's 
pool, 8th grade, Henrich, growing up with HR, 
celebeefy with PF, getting Kathy chairs, LAC 
(thanks Pete), Colby, nights with SC and ECR, 
Florida with SC. ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-4 and an 
unwilling member of the JMFC. FOUND: In Spain 
selling bananas. AMBITION: To never be a house- 
wife. FAVORITE SAYING: Life is like the surf, so 
give yourself away like the sea. OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom and Dad. That's a 10-4. 




Sehorn, PandF 

LIKES: Family and friends, half days of school, 
money, cars, girls, sports like football and hockey, 
fast cars, GO BRUINS! DISLIKES: Clowns, small 
people under 4 feet, slow cars, old people who 
don't know how to drive, people who try to make 
their car look nice when it isn't, turkeys that fly in 
front of moving cars. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Dolan's class 03. AMBITION: To make a lot of 
monev and own the Colorado Avalanche. 


Face, Facial 

LIKES: #67, football, OCB, wkends, winning, 
Deca, CA, Piano Man. DISLIKES: Schl, Franklin, 
losing, sprints, practice heroes, frosh. FAV. MEM.: 
Ftball camp '03, Deca States, Orlando, summer 
'03, Pimpin Pete, frosh ftball. ACT.: Ftball 1-4, 
DECA 3-4. AWARDS: 2nd in Districts, Top Ten 
States. AMB.: To work hard at everything I do, to 
live life to the fullest. FAV. SAY: Push yourself again 
and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer 
sounds. Larry Bird. Players play the game, but teams 
win championships. OTHER: Thanks for everything 
Mom, Dad. Thanks for the advice, Kristin. Best 
of luck, Jason in h.s. Good luck. Class 2004! 

*Jc*s>e.pU Ccvircv 

Joe, ]o Jo 

LIKES: Cheese, sleeping, winning, spring, tennis, 
food, no homework, foreign languages, good 
grades. DISLIKES: Essays, slow walkers, humid 
days, lectures, mid-terms, video projects, running, 
stress. FAVORITE MEMORY: Track state champs 
'01, relay champs '01, '03, Cape '03 w/ JH, JD, JK, 
SM, Hock champs indoor track '01, '03, outdoor 
track '01, Chemistry Day. ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1- 
3, indoor and outdoor track 1-4. FOUND: Play- 
ing tennis, track, home. AWARDS: Honor roll, 
Hockomock and Sun Chronicle track 3, History 
Day regionals 1-3. AMBITION: To become an en- 

Amy Stars 

LIKES: Drama, friends, cheese, Buffy, SG, jelly 
beans, film, dorky guys, h2o, Meldiva's, trio, 
Skenyon, massages, ice, hugs, D. Darko, DDR. DIS- 
LIKES: Bees, jellyfish, rashes. FAVMEM.: Prom 
2001 w/CK, drama rehrsals, adv. w/CM, poker nt. 
ACT.: Drama 1-4, Sachem 1-4, divers, club 1-4, pr 
med. 3-4, pr ldership 3-4, soccer 1. FOUND: Aud., 
w/trio, Hollywd Vid., Meldiva's. Awards: Joey, hnr 
rll. AMB.: Influence at least one person's life. 
OTHER: Thanks to my friends CM, CK, GM, DA, 
MM, AA. You helped mold me into the person I 
am today. Mr. F., thanks for everything. Mom, Dad, 
I couldn't have done it without you. I love you 

Mic-Uoe,! Cox 

Coxy, Bemie 

LIKES: MW, Brewhaha, good times with SW, JC, 
at Snow's, Warehouse, RIR runs. DISLIKES: Sand 
baggers, DD's. FAVORITE MEMORY: Freshman 
hockey state tournament, New Hamphire with 
SW, baseball state tourney, preseason tailgating. 
ACTIVITIES: Hockey, golf. AWARDS: Unsung 
Hero in hockey. AMBITION: Make money and 
have fun. OTHER: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Kristen, 
and Kim for everything. 

Katy, KateCro 

LIKES: #8, winning, partying, family, friends, the 
beach, Mt. Dew, summer, randomness, Clifford. 
DISLIKES: Losing, winter, waking up early, driv- 
ing, rumors, boring wkends, fakes, communities, 
curfews, cleaning, drama. FAV. MEM.: Parties at 
KZ's, after prom parties at Short's, semi '01, '02, 
New Year's '03, hangout w/ JG, RW, & KZ, sum- 
mer '02, '03, state champions '01, random nights 
w/RW, movie nites w/PC, Strangefolk '03, DMB 
'01. ACT.: Soccer 1-4, Softball 1-3, bball 1-2, stud, 
council 1-4. FOUND: In the Mustang w/RW. 
AMB.: To succeed, have fun, have no regrets. 
OTHER: Thank you to my mom, dad, Patty, and 
Judy. I couldn't ask for anything more. I love you! 

3esz?<b>Y^>a Mane. 

Jess, Kiwi, Jessi, Jessa-roo 

LIKES: Good times w/ KH, JW, & JC, chorus w/ 
BP, JC, JW, LM, LF, RL, MM, KN, snakes, honey 
mustard sauce, falling in love, light blue, becom- 
ing a part of the anti-muffin club, Bobbaloo DIS- 
LIKES: Hmwrk, math, spiders, mean ppl, bugs, 
peas, x-bfs, prejudice. FAV. MEM.: 11/13/02, sum- 
mer '03, Boston '03, Disney '03, 10/11/02, April 
vac. '03, Newport, 10 & 11,' The Big E '00 w/ CM, 
Brockton '03, Flubber water, / like her a nicked lot. 
ACT: Chorus 11 & 12. FOUND: At Aaron's house, 
work, or w/ Kimmee. AMB.: To become a marine 
biologist, move to NH or ME, & start a family. 
FAV. SAYING: Really.. .are you sure? ...Seriously? 

^^i Crpwle-v 


LIKES: Chillin' w/ friends, cruisin, Nikki, walks 
on the beach, sunset, trees, drinking non-alcoholic 
bvgs, We miss you Teala, RIP "03." DISLIKES: 
Hmwrk, school, ppl who tell me what to do, frosh, 
stuck-up ppl, getting up for school, Mon. FAV. 
MEM.: Skippin' frosri vr and breaking my ankle, 
beach, BK runs w/ SL,RD, JZ, KK, BN, JG, trying 
to get NW since soph yr. ACT.: Midget wrestling, 
midget tossing. FOUND: W/ my love NW, w/ 
girl, driving around. AWARDS: Honors in all AP 
courses. AMB.: Be happy, good job, be happily 
married, have monev. FAV. SAYING: Peace out 
Rabbit. OTHER: I thank my Mom, Dad for all they 
have done for me, my brother, Sean for helping 
get out of here and my Papa. I love you guys. 


joe, Cuddy, Smokin'Joe 

LIKES: DMB, FS Skiing, bumps, woods, golf, im- 
ports, Evos, Lumi, JLW, 4 Runner, best friends, fam- 
ily, Funway, 1260's, guitar, #41, the beach, 
Wachusett, the river, BK, Cumbies, cruisin', Bo Sox, 
Patriots. DISLIKES: Talons, Joeys, fruit booters, 
lattes, geese. FAVORITE MEMORY: Sweatt Hill, 
waterskiing, knee boarding, Winnepesaukee, DMB 
'00 - '04, D & T, ski trips '00- '04, car show, Six Flags, 
WA-WA, Funway, gold, Long Beach Island, Cape 
LLP '03, life boat, pathway car, dumping Linda, 
Bob's, sailing, wakeboarding. FOUND: In Lumi, on 
the hill, up north. OTHER: Thanks to my family and 
friends. Awesome four years! 

Canine Cwozzo 


LIKES: 14, Rodney Harrison, lacrosse, soccer, the 
hockey team, eclipse, communities, hugs, the 
gym, best friends, Spanish. DISLIKES: Flying, 
monsters & progressives. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
11/18/01, summer '01 NH, NH w/ SH, MH, MW, 
Utah '03, Boston w/ RE, AC, KE, lax w/ K Baby, 
Spanish w/ Vic & HG. ACT.: Soccer 1-4 (Capt. 3,4), 
w & s track (1), hockey (2-4), lax 2-4 (Capt. 4), 
NHS, SNHS. AWARDS: 12 varsity letters, Hock, 
champs soccer and lax, St. champs soccer. OTHER: 
Mom and Dad, everything I have done has been 
possible because of your love and support. Allie, 
I couldn't have asked for a better teammate, sis- 
ter, and friend. Johnny Paul, you're asmot guy and 
make everything more exciting. I love you guys! 

Czar, Zalinski 

LIKES: Bond, Wendy's, all you can Papa Gino's, 
Jurgens' basement, DMB, The Fest, off-roading, 
The Countdown, SNL, Family Guy, drums, 
frisbee. DISLIKES: Carnie Folk, Yankees, The 
Corp. FAVORITE MEMORY: Off Cleveland St., 
DMB all 4 years, ski trips, weekends, all the other 
good times, 4/12, 9/26. ACTIVITIES: Golf, 
frisbee, snowboarding, drums, mountain biking. 
FOUND: Mike's or Jurgens', the course, the 
slopes. AMBITION: Taming the corn. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Fair enough. Don't worry about it. Good 
Stuff. What a bust. Ooph. Calm down pal. OTHER: 
A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy. 
Let a man be one thing or the other, and we then 
know how to meet him. 


d' Anjou 

LIKES: Sailing, wrestling, mac and cheese, design- 
ing things, hanging with friends, paintball. DIS- 
LIKES: Coconut, losing weight for wrestling. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Wrestling touraments, hang- 
ing with friends. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, wrestling. 
AWARDS: French National Honor Society, honor 
roll. AMBITION: To go into space. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Interesting... 

Ames, Dee 

LIKES: Red, friends, rain, snow, Xmas, J. Depp 
movies, playgrnds. DISLIKES: Conceited, rude 
people, gdbyes, broken friendships, promises, 
fights. FAV. MEM.: Causing trble, mac-n-cheese, 
slpovers w/Teala, highway adventures w/JM, 
Newbury St., drives w / L., all-niters w / KC, SD, late 
night drives w/JK, bch w/KC, JF, MA, BA. 
FOUND: W/JM, w/fam. AMB.: Marry J. Depp, 
make a diff. in someone's life, be successful. 
OTHER: To all my teachers, thank you for leading 
me to where I am today. Steph, Kelsi, BZ good luck; 
I love you. JE, I'll never forget you. LT, thanks for 
pushing me, always being there. Teala, you made 
hs worth it. I'll always love you, and never forget 
you! We did it! And to my family, smile. I'm done! 

Avyywr^cK Le-i^iU 



LIKES: Trust, dancing, chocolate chip ice cream, 
Leo, vanilla lip-gloss, snowstorms, gymnastics, 
pink roses. DISLIKES: Two faced people, spiders, 
cleats, confrontations. FAV. MEM.: ME w/Kel, W- 
H hockey game, gymnastics w/CC, RW, Revs, 
bowling w/CC, LR, LT, KW, MW, prom '03, 
French w/JL, poolsidew/ the girls, 1/14/01, good 
times w/Chris, 4/29, 2/28, X parties w/Zig, 8/ 
15/03 w/crew. ACTIV: Dance, FH 1-4, gymnas- 
tics 2-4, SADD, NHS, SNHS, FNHS. AMB.: Have 
fun, enjoy life, be happy. OTHER: Thanks to my 
family for your unconditional love and support. 
I love you all so much. Good luck, Class of 2004! 

Ash, Dobs, Daubnuts 

LIKES: Paint, beach, mountains, cows, blue, my 
girlies, my family, Sethy, Molly, photos, traveling, 
art stores, show, playgrounds, jeans. DISLIKES: 
Car accidents, slow drivers, #17, shriveled bal- 
loons, needles, blood. FAVORITE MEMORY: NH 
'01 w/AP, JP, CR, Ruby Tuesday runs w/CR, 8/ 
16/01, FL w/SW, tent parties, Myrtle Beach '02, 
Disney w/AP, Art All State, Top of the Hub, Yak 
Chorus, hiking in NH. ACTIVITIES: Field hockey 
1, 2, indoor / spring track, art classes. FOUND: W / 
SS, AP, BL, CP, JM, JP, CR, SW, TH, SH. AMB.: 
Pursue a career in the arts, get married, raise a 
family. OTHER: Thank you to everyone who's 
been there for me. You know who you are and I 
love you all. 


Doof (-troop, aloof, icano) 

LIKES: Doofcruise, #23, dutchies, 4-Runner, Oct. 
Fest, Amber, lake, nite games, KB, NEXTEL. DIS- 
LIKES: Blues, Academy, fakes, yatches, losing, 
herbs, rude pple. FAV. MEM.: Fball 03, DMB '00, 
The Folk x 8, Phish LI 2/28/03, IT '03, Zigs 1-4, 
the benda, dabub, anytime w/BH, RM, DL, LM, 
Dead '03, Trey '01- '02, DB w/ fam, VM w/LM, 
frosh lax. ACT.: Ftball 1-4, lax 1-4, sruco 1-4, duty 
3, NHS 3-4. FND: Uptop, Hendo's, in the cruise. 
AWARDS: Stud, athlt 1, 3, 4. FAV. SAY: Please me; 
have no regrets. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, Dan, 
and Alys, for all your support. Thanks Neal, Anne 
for all your hospitality. Good luck, Class of '04! 


CU&^cf 2004 


LIKES: Family, good friends, Octoberfest, las 
cerveza mas fina, good music, good times w/ 
friends, nice, clean, hott women, chicken fingers, 
relaxing on the hammock. DISLIKES: Dishonesty, 
stupid people, annoying people, whiney, annoy- 
ing girls, long schl days, taco day. FAV. MEM.: Jr. 
year, Tracy's 01,02, Wrenstock 02, freshman yr in 
the room, summer 03 in Florida w/Gordie and 
Fulton. ACT.: Interning for various production 
companies, working. FOUND: Driving in the 
Shasta, hanging around w / AF, KS, MH, SC. AMB.: 
To become a successful film director /producer. 
OTHER: I would've never made it without my 
family who always supports me and my friends 
who have always had my back. 

LIKES: Family, friends, my girlfriend Michelle, 
snowboarding, skating, gym class, JC, JH, RH, 
DVV, summer relaxing in my hot tub. DISLIKES: 
Tests, school, waking up earlv, speed limits. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: August '29th '02 ACTIVI- 
TIES: Snowboarding, wakeboarding. FOUND: 
Work, a house other than mine. AWARDS: Good 
one... AMBITION: To be the best at what I can 
do. FAVORITE SAYING: No worries. OTHER: 
These past four years have flown by. Old friends 
... new friends. What a way to go. 

Judes, Judd, ]upe, Judsy, Doaner, Doanedogg, 



LIKES: JH, EO, KW, JC, JK, JC, AF, CV, WH, and 
others, happiness, love, hanging out w/my 
friends, basketball, lacrosse, smiles, laughs, sun- 
sets, my family, optimism, sunshine, roses. DIS- 
LIKES:' Sadness, liars. FAV. MEM: Prom 2003, 
Cape with JH, JK, JC, my b-day party 2003, bas- 
ketball, lacrosse games, Honduras trip 2002, rent- 
ing movies with KW. ACT: Basketball, lacrosse, 
VP of Leo club, NHS, SNHS, water skiing, going 
to the beach. AWARDS: Captain of basketball. 
AMB: To get my doctorate degree in physical 
therapy, have a family, and always live a happy 
life. OTHER: Thank you to all my family and 
friends for all of your support. I love all of you! 



Red, Reddy, Stac 


LIKES: Color guard, weekends, vacations, pizza, 
coconut shampoo, sandals, swimming, shopping, 
sleeping, math. DISLIKES: Homework, Monday 
mornings, sneakers, English, feet, mean people, 
cold. FAV. MEM.: Indy '00, '01, Milwaukee '01, 
Dayton '02, Hofstra '00, '01, band camp '00, '01, 
'02, '03, Disney '03, French class with AB, CP, BP, 
Newport 10, 11, prom '03. ACT: Winterguard 8- 
12, marching band 9-12. FOUND: At practice or 
working at Dunkin Donuts. AMB: To become an 
elementary school teacher and have a family. FAV. 
SAY: Why is it that I must climb 1000 mountains to 
get to your heart and all you need to do is smile to get 
to mine? OTHER: I want to thank my parents for 
being there for me through the past years. 



* 1 

* T l 



Jfawiie, Mane, 


LIKES: Sunshine, friends and the beach, 
Escalades, family, coffee, clothes, weekends, 
sleeping, and driving. DISLIKES: Work, lies, 
fights, bad hair days, bad moods, school, rain, 
rude people. FAVORITE MEMORY: At the Cape 
with TB, MT, EB. FOUND: At work, in my car with 
my friends. AMBITION: To live a happy, success- 
ful, and fun life. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad. 
I couldn't have done it without you guys. I love 
you. Thanks, Lisa and Deana, for even-thing. I 
love you! 

Jej^^K^a T> 

Master One-legged Crane, Curly, Bern 
Jess, Jessie, Achika 



LIKES: French horn, reading, camping, all music, 
painting, challenges, debating, hanging with 
friends, walking my dog, hiking, white water raft- 
ing, canoeing, purple, writing. DISLIKES: Incon- 
siderate people, the fact there only are 24 hours 
in a dav, overlv made up people, condescending 
people! FAVORITE MEMORY: Still to occur. AC- 
TIVITIES: Band, marching band, Girl Scouts, driv- 
ing, Sachem, job. FOUND: There are man} - paths 
with no end in sight. AMBITION: To be an au- 
thor. FAVORITE SAYING: Not all who wander are 
lost. -Lord of the Rings. 



Reido, Wilfy 

LIKES: Football, lax, winning, girls, Nickv's, life, 
laughing, food, *42, bros, Milfs, hanging out, 
noopy, good times, FMB's, DSL's. DISLIKES: Los- 
ing, NA, Franklin, Bellingham, mean people, 
boredom, T.H.P.O.'s, NRB's, reading. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: All of them, 2/14/03. ACTIVITIES: 
Football 1-4, lax 1-4. FOUND: Hanging out. AM- 
BITION: To be happy with whatever I do. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: If s a beautiful day to be alive! OTHER: 
Thank you to my Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and 
friends for always being there. Goodbve. I love 
you, KP. 


LIKES: Friends, Softball, food, cows, swimming, 
clothes, the beach, ice cream, laughing, Olive Gar- 
den, movies, TD, shopping, summer '03, snow, boys, 
the Cape. DISLIKES: Mean people, being cold, 
thinder, clowns, people that lie. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Applebee's with AF and MG, Cape trips 
with SM and AF, pool hopping, Labor Day parties, 
summer '03. ACTIVITIES: Softball, shopping. 
FOUND: At the mall or sleeping. AMBITION: To 
open up my own hotel. FAVORITE SAYING: Are 
you kiddin ' me 1 OTHER: Thanks to my family, espe- 
cially my Mom for being there these four years. 
Thanks to my friends for making these four years 
awesome! Class of '04, good luck! 

Jas, Mango 

LIKES: Mrs. Tighe, my favorite teacher! Thanks 
for all your help! Monster Jam, the fog machine, 
my dog Tyson, Halloween 03, science class going 
out on the weekends, psychology. Shopping is my 
therapy. DISLIKES: People who stare, math, any- 
thing stressful. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading. 
FOUND: At Dave's house. AMBITION: To be 
happy and successful. FAVORITE SAYING: Nuh- 
uh. What are you talking about? Wliat do you 
menu. 'OTHER: TS, you are missed! Mom and 
Mark, thanks for all your support. Philip, good 
luck! DP, I love you. 

Anjie, Anjel, I love Darwin Fishys 

LIKES: Darwinism, my truck, stars, rain, Tool, 
Maynard, tattoos, Harleys, Metallica, J. Hetfield, 
poetry, black/white photo. DISLIKES: Wind 
sprite, math, sci, Volvos, vans, tlk radio, wdscrn 
movies, gorillas, ignrnce, clowns. FAV MEM.: 
Anytime w/ Colby, Sarah, Marc-ie, Tiffles, 
Kowalski, Squire. Thanks for everything, all the 
support, Ria, Dad, Nikki, Daniel, Buka. FOUND: 
Working! AMB: Gas station attndnt. FAV. SAY.: 
Come squeeze and suck the day/Come Carpe Diem, 
baby. Metallica. OTHER: When I was walking up 
the stairs, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't 
there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away. 

"Sorely Pejrrara 


LIKES: Music, hardcore, industrial, rammmstein, 
KMFDM, bracelets, love, stars, night, sarcasm, 
conversation, ducks, black and white pictures, 
thursday, band t's, enneagram, driving, concerts. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Concerts, time spent with 
anjie, colby, joe-joe , kowalski, tiff, mel, and other 
friends, thanx for being awesome. ACTIVITIES: 
concerts, nhs, snhs. FAVORITE SAYING: In this 
blackout inertia will hold our thoughts, and the exit 
sign offers no light to see by. can we cast our shadows 
alone in the dark? i can't see without you. OTHER: 
Thanx and i love you mom, dad, and ellen. 


LIKES: Bond, all you can eat Papa Gino's, offrdng, 
slpovers, celeb Jeopardy, inside jokes, beach, Vine- 
yard, beating Franklin, DMB, Family Guy, bran 
muffins, spots, ketchup, milk shakes, #10, AP. DIS- 
LIKES: Carrot Top, the Red Bullet, Span., Franklin, 
Yankees, FB. FAV. MEM.: DMB 9/9/03, tubing at 
Loon New Yr's 03, Vineyard, summer 03 w/AP, 
Gansett last day 03. ACT.: Soccer 4 yrs, baseball 1 
yr, track 1 yr. FOUND: Playing Bond, chillin w/ 
AP, chillin w/ML, camp. AWARDS: Hon. roll, van 
letter. FAV. SAY.: Don't worry about it, You' re a little 
early..., That's cool with me, I'm not gonna lie to ya, 
It's funny because it's bigger than a normal sized hat. boats. You'd be wrong, though. It's the bone. 
There gonna be cake at this party, Hey, thanks. 


Fitzy, Fitz 

LIKES: Coldplay, Orlando Blm, LOTR, J. Stewart, 
Az Iced Tea, travelling, piano, knitting, learning, 
science, reading, M&M's, Are you being served!, 
CSI, B. Holly, F. Sinatra. DISLIKES: Closets, not 
existing July 9th w/ out POTC. FAV. MEM.: Rugby 
2003 Australia vs. N. Zlnd with KW, LOTR w/ 
TM, DL. ACT: Drama 1-4, march, band 3-4, pr. 
med. 3-4, divers. 2, madrgls 3, chrs 2-4, pr ldrshp 
1-2, Pple to Pple Australia, N. Zlnd, G. B. FND: 
Fanta, E's Bagel w/MV. AMB: Be happy where 
ever I am with whatever job I have. Travel to Italy, 
Spain, S. Africa w/MV. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 
thank you so much for all you have done for me! 


Nick, Fonny 

LIKES: Skiing, snow, slping in, cars, L. Archer, 
friends, gd joke, 2:25, Ivl 1 joke classes, exaggera- 
tions. DISLIKES: Hmwrk, 7:45, getting up early, 
mid-terms, finals. FAV. MEM.: Utah w/JB, parties 
©Bourke's, summer 03, RHCP 9/10/03, college 
days, proms 03, Feb. vac. 03. ACTIV: Xc 1-4, bball 
1, w. track 1-3, sp. track 1, jazz band 3-4. FND: W / 
guitar, on the lake, @ Bourke's. AWARDS: SNHS, 
xc capt., most outstanding band @ UNH, 2nd place 
class c xc champs, most improved xc 02. AMB.: 
Live comfortably in a house on a ski mt., drive a 
nice car. OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for 
being rational and putting up with me. 

Meggz, Meggiebaby 

LIKES: Being loud, friends, shopping, boys, 
beach, road trips, pink pancakes, Providence, 
Cape, AS220, Buster, hockey, partying, Jack D., 
UNH, T Pearls, football games, orange cones. DIS- 
LIKES: Fire hydrants, liars, hospital, lightning, 
clowns, fakes, snakes. FAV. MEM.: Prov.-AS220, 
prom 03, AE's LDP's summer 03, weekends w/o 
rents, Jake's house. FOUND: Lost w/AF, Pro v. 
AMB.: Hockey player, get a good job a have a fun 
life. AMB.: To be a hockey player, if that fails, have 
fun. OTHER: TeaIa...RIP 5/17/03. I'll be missin' 
you. Mom, Dad thanks for everything. M, Lee, 
good luck. Ashlee, I couldn't ask for a better best 
friend. Class of 04, good luck and have fun! 

Nikki, Nic, Colie, Cole, Chole, Niquita-Bonita 

LIKES: Pink! Friends, chrlding, eating out, beach, 
parties. DISLIKES: Snobs, hmwrk, rain, running, 
breakups. FAV. MEM.: Throwing bananas at lunch w/ 
MW! The bomb-bomb! Six Flags w/JM, KK's, 
Johnston RI. ACTIV: Fall, w. chrlding. FOUND: My 
house, schl, beach, cruisin w/SM! AWARDS: Jv capt. 
frosh yr (f. chrldng), vars. co-capt. jr yr (f., w. chrldng), 
vars. capt. sr yr (f., w. chrldng), unsung hero soph., jr 
yr. AMB.: Fulfill all my dreams in life! OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, thanks for your support! 143, Andrew, Amy, 
thanks for putting up with me! To all my friends, 
thanks for being there and for all the great times we've 
had! I love you guys! RIP, Teala. You'll always be re- 
membered. Love you, miss you, Cheer Angel! 



Kflfie Frerf, Freddy 

LIKES: Doritos, soccer, BB, HT,'Mt. Dew, GW, cof- 
fee, organization, competition, twizzlers, sprint- 
ing, pj pants, sushi. DISLIKES: Time, mvng, mean 
ppl, money, ankles, cold, Big Bird, communities, 
sen- drms,'ELM. FAV. MEM.: HI w/fam, NH w/ 
NF, MC, BC, GW, CC, 4/6/02, 11/18/01. ACTIV.: 
Soccer, ind track (capt), spring track (capt). FND: 
Berry Ln. AWARDS: NC yr track, st soccer champs 
01, Hock all star out track 02. AMB.: Start my own 
successful business so I can't get fired, have a fam- 
ily, not move anywhere so I don't torture my chil- 
dren. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, Dad, Meg, Joe for 
always being there for me. I love you guys. 

A^X\e>>/ Fnena«& 


Plain ville 

LIKES: Summer, my car, beach w/MF, MM, AD, 
slpng, rd trps w/MF, Prov, Mr. Rice, KJ's after 
prom, firewrks, shppng, MP #42. DISLIKES: Schl, 
being lost (Prov. w/MF), a.m., cops, tckts, chekn, 
offc dtntn, choc, Span, liars. FAV. MEM.: Prov. vv/ 
MF, DG, beach , skppng clss w/MF, SA, AE, KM, 
BN, Kayla's, 2 a.m. L. Perl nites w/KJ, SM, Mr. 
Breen's clss, frosh skip day. ACT.: Shopping, gym- 
nastics, going to gym. FOUND: MF's house, work, 
my car, at the beach. AMB.: Become ER nurse in 
Boston, make lots of money. FAV. SAY.: J live for 
the nights 1 can't remember, with my girls I'll never 
forget. OTHER: Thank you Mom and Dad for put- 
ting up with me. Good luck with Ryan! RIP Teala 
5-17-03. Thanks, Meg, for always being there. 

Fulton, Casper 

LIKES: Soccer, my Mex. cousin, Shasta, Mrs. D, 
Gatorade, Fla, music, hanging out w/the boys, 
Pats, Boom Boom Room, Red Sox, summer, 
beaches, Boondock Saints. DISLIKES: My Mex. 
cousin, snobs, RMV, Spanish, liars, nites when 
there's nothin to do, Yanks, NY, El Diablo, yel- 
low, red cards, Hock refs, cops @ Sweatt Field. 
FAV. MEM.: Fla w/two of my best friends, 
Wrenstock, Tracy's, nites w/my Mex. cousin, 
Davenport's, 1-2-3 shoot in the Red Rocket, 
watching feud w/Jenna. ACTIV: Soccer, track, 
SNHS. FOUND: Delgrosso's. AWARDS: Coaches' 
award (soccer), Hock all star (track), 200m, 300m 
frosh, soph, champion. AMB.: Be successful, 
happy for life. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

^>aw*i Fur«&T 

Sailor Boy Sam 

LIKES: Long walks on the beach, candle light din- 
ners, Turbonegro! Music, many movies (espe- 
cially Evil Dead), Star Wars, Kowalski, Dave C, 
Dave S., and Jake (my bros). DISLIKES: Racism, 
fascists, ignorance, the Matrix, emo bands. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Interviewing Turbonegro!, 
spending mucho time with my brother in Boston, 
playing in my band, going to shows, meeting 
Bruce Campbell. ACTIVITIES: Tv production, art. 
you ever danced with the devil in the pale of the moon 






LIKES: Crator, guitar, La Cervaza Mas Fina, Oct. 
Fest, scrap packs, trees, O.A.R, LT, ENC. DISLIKES: 
Morning after, getting caught, Omega. FAV. MEM.: 
Crazy poker, Tracy's, McHale's, Shea's basement, 
Wrenstock, Levy's 00, NH 03, Papa Roach 03, 
O.A.R., Gaf's tea night, campout w/ Holt, Cas, Pel, 
Liam on fire, every Fri. last 4 years. ACTIV.: 
Jammin, gd times, gd mems, enjoying life, every- 
thing it throws my way. FND: Cruising, w/E, w/ 
friends. AMB.: Be happy, healthy w/whatever I 
venture into. FAV. SAY.: Long you live and HIGH you 
fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and all 
you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. 
OTHER: A peaceful place or so it looks from space.. .a 
closer look reveals the human race. Good Luck. 

Y<yz>fe.\r\ GarcA 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Sleep, music, dancing, laughing, hands, 
driving w/ friends, cheesecake, Dumb & Dumber, 
rain, stars, trampolines, ring pops, blue, pictures, 
china, summer, ducks, chick flicks, snow, hands. 
DISLIKES: Ignorance, liars, early a.m., mean 
people, late people, feet, dogs, jellyfish. FAV. 
MEM.: Aug. '02, Newburyport summer '03 w/ 
WH, warped tour '02/03, summer '03, beach w/ 
KW, JP, KR, 6/02, trampoline nights, fiesta '02. 
ACTIV: Tennis 2-4, newspaper. AWARDS: Tough 
cookie award. AMB.: Work in a hospital. FAV. 
SAY.: You can't find peace by avoiding life. Never re- 
gret something you did; regret what you didn't do when 
you had the chance. OTHER: Thanks, Mom, Dad, 
Justin for getting me through the years.^)nV» Gaymor 

Mere, Megadeath 

LIKES: Tim, friends, family, stars, flowers, beach, 
sunsets, love, helping others, laughing, sleep, sur- 
prises, singing, Cabrio, hugs, pictures, happiness, 
kids, honesty. DISLIKES: Ignorance, cruelty, hate, 
stress, PDA, slow drivers, materialism, worrying, 
rumors. FAV. MEM.: Humberto!, summers in the 
Cabrio, MV&NTKT, Water Wizz, GS'03, frosh 
gym, movie nites, Boston, surprise party '02, 
frosh bball, Skenyon's class, beach trips, getting 
beeped at. AMB.: Be truly happy all my life w/ 
no regrets. FAVORITE QUOTE: Do not follow where 
the path leads, rather go where there is no path and 
leave a trail. OTHER: Thank you to my Mom and 
Dad for inspiring me and always supporting me. 
Good Luck, Class of 2004. 

■Wilarv ^UTV» Gej^ 


Hiii Bill, Celery, Hil 

LIKES: The girls: SM, AK, JL, KM, KJ, DS. , breaking 
plates, H-unit, CMO, tanning gel, cruisin, 50, soccer, 
hospitals, S.D. DISLIKES: Mornings, fakes, P.O., work- 
ing, all TM's girlfriends. FAV. MEM: Nites w/SM, 
AK, MK, DP, PN, C M, rock the Mic '03, JT, Xtina w/ 
nuts, prom '03, girls' nites at JL's, smiles w/AD, 
Myrtle Bch w/AF, Span. w/CC, 9/13. FOUND: \V, 
girls, Part)- Paints N' Pottery. Taurus. AMB.: Live in 
Boston, ped. nurse, a family, be happy. FAV. SAY.: 
Many of life's circumstances are created by three basic 
choices: the discipline you choose to keep, the people you 
choose to be with, and the laws you choose to obey. Charles 
Millhuff. OTHER: Mom, Dad, Bill, I hope I make you 
proud. I love you all because you have helped me 
become who I am today. Teala, I miss you. I love you 
and will never forget you. See you when I get there. 


CUrHS>"tV~k* Giac-alcvTe. 


LIKES: Family, friends, K.I., color guard, watch- 
ing Master of Disguise with E.M., mac 'n cheese, 
sleepovers, Boston, shoes, my blue satin hat, 
drawing and painting, Candy, spring. DISLIKES: 
Chocolate, ski goggles, liars. FAVORITE 
TIES: Color guard. FOUND: At color guard prac- 
tice, with Ellen, or with Kenny. AMBITION: To 
keep and make life-long friends. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Never settle for your present level of achieve- 
ment. Mr. Tileston 

We~ax\v^i Gtawxoa 


LIKES: Summer, shopping, beach, sand, Dunks, 
sandals, pink, Applebees, friends, road trips, sun- 
sets, eyes, traveling, funny people, inside jokes, 
weird dreams, night, night rain. DISLIKES: Rude- 
ness, ignorance, sarcasm, people who think they 
are in control, boredom, clowns, fighting, alarms, 
thunder storms, winter, spiders. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Walking to the outlets with EM 01', 
junior year with Emily, Applebees with AF, AE. 
FOUND: At the home, shopping with EM. 
OTHER: Mom and Dad, I made it! Thanks for 
putting up with me. I love you both so much. Lav, 
thanks for always being there. Love you tons! 

^vle, Gar<^\r\ 



LIKES: Stew, football, D-UNIT, 89, chillin w/ 
boyz, winning, parties, the funnel, scrap packs, 
fires, not getting caught, vacations, coolers, Mad- 
den, Crater, the October Festivals, Pats. DISLIKES: 
Sketchy people and places, liars, two-faced 
people, next morning, people who think they're 
sweet, certain parents, slaps, Mansfield refs, 
North. FAV MEM: Crazy poker at EC's, Wrenstock 
I, Gaffney's especially Saturday, OCB, piano man, 
mail boxes, Crater, Camp 03, Shorty's Halloween, 
late night activ at MS, paintball w/ NM, tourney 
at my house. ACT: Football 1-4, baseball 1. AMB: 
Be happy and live life to the fullest. FAV SAY: True, 
true. OTHER: Thanks Mom and Dad for putting 
up with me. Patrick, goodluck nexy year. 

Jawte,^ GravM 


MicAie.lle. Grav< 



Vic-nbna Grejcho 

Vicky, Vicksta, Vick 

LIKES: Rain, beach, #18, Red Sox, L & O, light- 
ning, sunflowers, laughter, purple, being cozy, 
good days, lots of snow, the O.C. DISLIKES: Hu- 
midity, up and down stairs, liars, shelf A, thun- 
der, bad days. FAV. MEM.: Camping w/DS, KW 
(Ray), BK, runs with A.F., D.S., NSYNC w/ KW, JJ 
w / NW, semi '02, PI w/DS, KL, FC w/HS, JL, NC, 
summer 2003, FL w / M, L. ACTIV: Softball. AMB.: 
To face life's challenges with success and opti- 
mism. FAV. SAY: Life is measured not in the number 
of breaths we take but by the moments that take our 
breath away. OTHER: M & D, DG thank you for 
all your support. Love you guys. LG and M-you 
have been such a big support in my life giving 
me advice and help when I need it. Love you. 

Uex*\Ue~r GrejejrwMoocb 


LIKES: BG, being with friends, shopping, danc- 
ing, flowers, the beach, ice cream, vacations, 
sunny days, surprises, holidays, snowdays, pre- 
sents, laughing, baseball games, DECA, happi- 
ness, love. DISLIKES: Sadness, crying, anger, fear, 
jealousy, rumors, rain, fights, the fall, good byes, 
sophomore year. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cruising 
with JC, AW, SS, Maine '01-'03, Cape Cod, BVI 
'02, New Year's Eve '03, beach days, DECA, 16th 
birthday with JC, JG, KZ, summer '02, dance '01- 
'04, Softball '01-'02. FOUND: With JC, AW, SS, BG. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Everything happens for a rea- 
son. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jeff for all 
your support. Love you! Good luck, Class of 2004! 


LIKES: Red Sox, money, Patriots, basketball, soccer, 
Maine, #8, movies, weekends, winning, sleep, video 
games. DISLIKES: Homework, Yankees, gray P.T. 
Cruiser's, losing, science freshman and junior years, 
waking up early. FAVORITE MEMORY: Vacations 
in Maine. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-4, soccer 1-2, 
track 2-4. FOUND: On the court. AWARDS: Most 
improved for track. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Dan, Mike and friends for everything. 

CW&cf 2004 


Av\£c€jsn T^, GuerTiio 

Andy Gerty 


LIKES: Rockin on the guitar, music , Sandler flicks, 
cold bevgs, hockey, getting lost in thought, live 
music, laughs. DISLIKES: Hmwrk, schlvvrk, vvrk 
in general, anxiety, inconsiderate ppl, slow driv- 
ers who pull in front of you, ddlines. FAV. 
MEM.:River Rave 00, 02, Grn Day 02, P. 
McCartney 02, 311 03, Wrenstock 02. ACT: Hock. 
1, jazz ensemble 3-4, jazz combo 3-4. FOUND: 
Playing, listening, writing music, slping, wrking. 
AWARDS: Ppl say I play guitar pretty well. AMB: 
Make lots of S doing something I enjov, be happv. 
FAV. SAY: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 
Ferris Bueller. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad for 
all your help and support. You guys are the best. 

Jaiwie, l^Wie-to Guild 


LIKES: OC, friends, beach, laughing, skiing, 
slping, running, dance parties, snow days, ftball, 
summer. DISLIKES: Liars, cheaters, xc, unneeded 
drama. FAV.MEM.: KZ's' bdays, frosh yr w/KZ, 
JC's, Summer Jam 03, BH's 6/03, Cape w/KZ, 
TMJC, prom 03, slippery, wet nights w/KZ. ACT.: 
Fh jv 1, v. xc 2-4, v. indr track 1-4, v. sp. track 1-2, 
stuco. 2-4 (e-brd pub. 4), Deca 3-4 (vp 4). 
AWARDS: 1st place DECA districts, states, v. let- 
ter. AMB: Be healthy, happy, successful in life. 
FAV.SAY.: Life is short but sweet for certain. FND: 
At KZ's, forming our own clique at track w/AW. 
OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, for always be- 
ing there for me and supporting me in everything I 
do. Hannah, thanks for being the best sister ever. 

Sayra, Sarita, SarBear, Habes 

LIKES: Girls' nites w/CC, MH, MW, It nght 
swims, #4, dancing w/RE, the OC, panera, chats 
w/JoMay, It nite talks w/EH, leopard stuff, spag. 
dins w/ fh girls, beach trips, slping in, dreams, 
sunsets, skiing, ME. DISLIKES: Waking up early, 
rainy days, jealousy, negativity, losing, running. 
FAV. MEM.: Deca nationals- FL, Utah w/CC, NH 
w/CC, MH. MW. MW throwing a banana at 
lunch, RW and the goose call, KZ's 18th, last day 
at BH's. ACT.: FH, stuco. FOUND: Cuozzo's 
house, HHC Meeting, off reading w/LM in the 
bug. AMB.: To have no regrets. OTHER: Mom and 
Dad, thanks for being there for me through it all. 
Amy, good luck with everything. I'm always here 
for you! Love you all! 

Corky, Corkster, Corkerino, Hadfield 

LIKES: TTJ, lax, girls, RH, AS, RT, chillin, ANB, 
3FS, TREOS. DISLIKES: Bands who think they're 
better than they are, hmwrk, ignorance. FAV. 
MEM.: Playing in all the local shows, recording 
our cd, Battle of the Bands 7/3/03, Blink/Green 
Day 6/2/02. ACT.: Lacrosse 1-4, indoor track 1-2, 
my band Taunt the Jester. FOUND: On stage w/ 
RH, BK, JH. AVVARDS: Urn, right. AMB.: Well in 
a dreamworld, make it big with TTJ, but what- 
ever I decide to do I'll do. FAV. SAY: I've forgotten 
how to express this emptiness; And I confess I wish 
the best; Swear I'm not depressed. -ANB. OTHER: 
Thanks to my family (Rob, Kim, Diana, Heather, 
Mom and Dad) and thank you to everyone who 
helped my along the way. You know who you are. 

A 1^ 




E^ily J. u*ll 

Emza, Peanut, E. Hall 

LIKES: Fall, JMFC, Libby's pool, puns, shopping, 
talking, laughing, 3eb, conversations w/rndm 
ppl, pools, gd games, snow, sip, honesty, flip flops, 
pink, AD's hugs, OC, parties, dancing, puppies. 
DISLIKES: Predictable ppl, character limit, 
shades, drama, Drfield counselors, gauntlet, anxi- 
ety, change, liars, sunburns, egos, neg. stress, Polo, 
losing, milk, pressure. FAV. MEM.: Zoo w/KC, 
LT, LR, Drfield, Lib's pool, JMFC, summer 03, 
dance, jr prom, health, BH cruises w/LB, LR, EB, 
RB, SS, SC, techno w/EO, ME w/SC, KC, stalk- 
ing DC. ACT: Field hock. 1-4, indr track 1-4, lax. 
FAV. SAY.: Head up, young person. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad, Lauren, Kristen, Nicole, thanks for putting 
up with me for this long! I love you guys! 

Jenn, Jenny Lynn, Duckie, Sugarbear 

LIKES: My friends, family, outdrs, stars, laughs, 
smiles, firewrks, campfires, desserts, music, Red 
Sox, gr cheese, hurdles. DISLIKES: Stress, decisions. 
FAV. MEM.: XC camp, driving arnd w/JM, DM, 
Cape w/JK, JD, tv prod w/JP, JM, my house w/ 
JM, JD, JC, JK, DM, eating BLT's w/JM. ACT.: Soc- 
cer 1, xc 2-4, indr track 1-4, sp. track 1-4, Leo club 
1-4 (prez 4), SADD 2-4, pr ldershp 2-4, pr med. 3-4, 
NHS 3-4, FNHS. 3-4. FND: W/ JM, tv w/JP, hur- 
dling. AWARDS: Capt. sp. track, letter, exc in tv. 
AMB: Succeed, find happiness in whatever I pur- 
sue! FAV. SAY: I'm sorry! Everything happens for a 
reason. OTHER: Mom, Dad, thanks for your guid- 
ance, support. Every thing I am is because of you. 
Rob, good luck and enjoy the ride! I love you! Class 
of 2004, thanks for the memories. 

Kimmee with 2 "E"s, Kim 

LIKES: Rich, Elvis, Italy, accents, I Love Lucy, guys 
w/wht hats, romance, nite,, B. Willis, not 
being a mffn, blue eyes, hands, nieces, nephews, 
dvdrms, trvlng, mdm rdtrps, getting lost, losing 
the schl, sappy movies, music, 13. DISLIKES: 
Gdbyes, 7/12/03, squid w/o legs, bad jkes, fight- 
ing, Thurs. 12th, pnut btr, Eng., racism, time, 
brdm, liars, hvpocrites, mdm ppl. FAV. MEM.: 
Losing the schl w /JW, JC, C.C. 03 w / JC, CM, LM, 
JC's Bost. bday, Bost. Advent. w/JC, JC, JW, GC 
at Lupo's, Bnd Fire Smr 03. FOUND: At Rich's, 
friends, daydrming. AMB.: Marry mv hs sweet- 
heart. OTHER: Rich, thank you for being there 
and loving me. You mean everything to me. Mom, 
Dad, thank you! Good Luck, class of 04. RIP Teala. 

-Julie, ilalpno 


UKES: Fall, nitetime, beach, Corolla, Just Jack, Zack 
Morris, monkeys, lame music, random drives, dogs, 
movie nights, politics, Nomar, Super Troopers, 
laughing, talking, randomness. DISLIKES: Waking 
up early, spiders, seafood, cats, Spanish, traffic, 
fights, driving in the snow. Republicans, Bush, Ala- 
bama, Yankees' fans. FAV. MEM.: Wrestling 
matches, drive-in nights, prom 03, chemistry, Prov. 
nites, driving around aimlesslv. FOUND: With 
friends, talking. AMB.: To alwavs be happv with 
what I am doing and to make a difference in the 
world. FAV. SAY: All the roads that lead us there are 
winding. OTHER: Mom, thank you for EVERY- 
THING. Brendan andjess, thanks for being there. 
To mv friends... we did it! 


< 3'fcpUeio 


pne-io Lee 

Steve, Hammy, Fire 

LIKES: Soccer, hockey, football, cars, Hondas, 
Dodge, The North Face, family friends. DISLIKES: 
English, the Sho, Camrys, Doubles, traffic, people 
who drive in front of me, telephone poles. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Cape in the summer, Camaro, 
ski trips, hangin out with my friends, 17 point 
turn KD, Kramer's class w/ RJ, skiing with KW. 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer. FOUND: With my friends. 
FAVORITE SAYING: You only live once. Oh, please. 

T>avtcA MeCcrd 

Dave, Frosty 

LIKES: RJ. Harvey, T. Williams, English class, 
barking, drum corps, music, expression, online 
randomness, arts. DISLIKES: GORHAM! Igno- 
rance, brdm, reality. FAV. MEM.: Summer 03, Lin- 
coln Center 02, band trips, Indy & Hofstra, proms, 
Giant Swing w/AP , JN, Bones, Pete's jokes. ACT: 
Marching band 1-4, winter percussion 1, jazz band 
2-4, FHNS 3-4, SNHS 4, drama 3-4. FOUND: Band 
room, driving w/ES, JS. AWDS: Sundry band 
awards, best trombone section. AMB: To express 
my creativity. FAV. SAY: / don't have a dime left in 
my nervous emotional bank account- I can't write a 
check on it now.- TW. OTHER: I'm me! 




LIKES: 12/8/02, Cars, 3000 GT VR-4, CD, Joe, 
Derreck, Amy, skiing, drvng fast, Boston for Im- 
port Xpression. DISLIKES: Assgd parking. FAV. 
MEM.: Getting my car, ski trips, Six Flags. ACT.: 
Friends, gf, car, skiing, car shows, racing, 
Bellnghm to CD's-5 mins, Wachustt- 30 mins, 
Town Pizza, Wendy's. FOUND: Cars, Amy's house, 
CD's, work, Joe's, Derreck's. AWARDS: CD- most 
fun house, most broken hips; Joe- skiing cork 9's; 
Derreck- team 3/S; PM- most cars; Amy; best gf. 
AMB.: Go to college, get a good job; open a car 
shop; Stay w/ Amy. FAV. SAY: If speed kills then 
I'm a dead man. OTHER: Tweak's & lines; CD, do 
you have a microwave? Derreck's beat box & 
freestyle, high spd in the 3000GT. 

Schmev, Schmevan, Ev, Evo, E-Dog 

LIKES: Lax, friends, golf, pizza, soup, Madden, 
chillin w/friends, football season, times w/sports 
teams, W.A.B. calls, FHM, Sportscenter, 
Caddyshack, $1 menu, wiffleball, buffalo wings, 
the Pats, Coldplay, Red Sox, Dumb and Dumber. 
DISLIKES: Ignorance, show-offs, homework, term 
papers, Franklin, SAT's, losing. FAV. MEM.: Play- 
ing Walpole in lax after dislocating my knee; los- 
ing 6-2 at the half, win 9-8 in OT. ACT.: Lax, golf, 
working at Wentworth Hills, chillin w/friends, 
playin wiffleball, TV, Madden, movies. FOUND: 
At work, on the course. AWARDS: 2002 Hock 
Sportsman of Yr (lax), Academic Achievement 
Awards, Boys' State 2003. FAV. SAY: What a bust! 
You're killing me smalls. Oh, He got all a that one! 

JcxxAvAa J4a«E?evT{'L4«& 


Healey B 




LIKES: Soccer, hanging out w/ friends, night 
games, ping-pong, #21, girls, skiing, winning, 
sleep, summer. DISLIKES: Losing, double ses- 
sions, homework, getting up early, tests. FAV. 
MEM.: DMB concerts, Deca competitions, cruisin 
in the van and Camry, ski trips, Cape Cod, Kyle's 
muffler falling off. ACT.: Soccer 1-4, indoor track 
1, student council, NHS, Deca, peer mediation. 
FOUND: W/ friends, soccer fields, w/ a bunch 
of ladies, workin. AWARDS: Honor roll, NHS, 
Boys' St. AMB.: To become rich and live a long, 
happy, fulfilled life. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, 
Dad, Keith, Kevin, and Meredith for all your love 
and support. To all my friends, thanks for all the 
good times! Good luck, Class of 2004! 

Me.rec?lnv» Wealev 

Mere, Mir, Biff 

LIKES: Being w/friends, beach, #21, love, rainy 
nites, laughing, independence, pink, lemon water, 
car adventures w/nuts. DISLIKES: Lies, stress, 
thunder, immaturity, cold. FAV. MEM.: Soccer state 
champs 01, lax Hock champs 02, f-d dances, NH 
w/SH, CC, MW, Red Sox game w/H2o. ACT: Soc- 
cer 1-3, lax 1-4, Leo club 1-4. FOUND: W/the girls, 
CC, SH, MW and the rest of the crew. AWARDS: 
Honor roll. AMB.: Live a long life full of success, 
happiness. FAV. SAY.: Everything happens for a rea- 
son; if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. OTHER: To 
my family, thank you for everything. Mom, you 
are my best friend; Dad, you are the best; Keith, 
Kev„ Bry, I couldn't have asked for 3 better broth- 
ers. I love you all! Good luck, Class of 2004. 

Rossi, Rossipooh 

LIKES: My best friends RH, RT, BK, MS, rocking 
with TTJ, the mini van, playing the guitar, the 
Schecter C-I Plus, summer, art, The Daily Show. 
DISLIKES: Homework, Mondays, the sound that 
comes from drums, cigarettes, rap. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Nights at the DZ, Green and Blink 6/2/ 
02, summers of 01, 02, 03, getting all of my guitars. 
ACTIVITIES: Taunt the Jester, lacrosse 1-2. FOUND: 
On stage with TTJ or hanging with RH, RT, BK, MS, 
and associates. AMBITION: To be the richest per- 
son alive. FAVORITE SAYING: Well I guess this is 
growing up. -Blink 182. OTHER: Thanks, family and 




LIKES: Gina, buttonwoods, moose that drool, fat 
tires, Swannie, new castles, lax, Nicky's, 
macunudos, hanging w/the capt, ac , floss. DIS- 
LIKES: KPHS, blues, warm ones, cash S, skimp, 
droughts, budmud, Davenport's, rude pple, not 
having skis, no parties. FA V.MEM.: Montana, 
Zeigler's, bunkhouse, DMB, V. Downs, doofcruise, 
Ws New Yr, late nites w / KI, NG, LU, SH, Short's 
after-parties, Pats Superbowl, sunken island w/ 
RM, RM, CM, Fri. afternns. ACT.: Hoops 1-2, lax 
1-4, rallying skis 1-4, not driving 1-4. FOUND: 
Uptop, in the room. AWARDS: Last man standing 
prom, lax awards. AMB.: Never grow up and just 
living life. FAV.SAY.: Don't knock it til you try it'. 
Come on DOOF! OTHER: Mom, Dad,' couldn't 
have done it without you. Thanks. Love ya. 


Bob, Higgs, Mr. Clean Higgins 

LIKES: The Yankees, Celts, Cowboys DISLIKES: 
Red Sox! FAVORITE MEMORY: Hanging with 
Ped at the Wal, playin Halo, shootin hoops and 
cruisin. FOUND: Working at the Wal, payin the 
bills. FAVORITE SAYING: That's my sandbox. I'm 
not alloived to play in the deep end. 





Animal, Professor Hogarth, The Professor 

LIKES: Paintball, driving, my car, family, Metallica. 
DISLIKES: Dishonesty, immorality. FAV.MEM.: 
Hocks 03, sect. 03, driving car up my icy driveway 
on 2x4s, shack tms, Metallica 7/06, ACT: Soccer 1- 
2, wrestling 1-4, ap US hist jr yr, 12 US hist sr yr, 
poolee act., shack act., VG's. FND: Car, bed, work, 
shack. AWARDS: Hock finalist 03, 3rd d2 south sec, 
unsung hero 01,02. AMB: Boot camp next summer, 
be one of The Few. FAV. SAY.: You live until you die.- 
QotSA, Semper Fidelis. - USMC OTHER: Thank you: 
Chad, for being my friend through 4 y rs of pain and 
happiness, Kristin, for setting examples and al- 
ways keeping hope, Dad, for guiding me. 


LIKES: My buds, outdrs, Phish, gd shws, lax, 
hockey, bting the systm, Fri., 7:15 drive, VT, driv- 
ing fast, booms. DISLIKES: Slow drivers, getting 
caught, brown frown, stubborn ppl, KPacad. FAV. 
MEM.: IT, concerts, Wrenstock, endless nites at 
McHale's, camping w/GG, JD, SC, summer at 
Cape, Gaffneys' rips, pong tournaments, Nuclear 
Walrus. ACT: Ftball 1-2, lax 1-4. FOUND: Del's, 
Cloudy cars, fishing. AMB. To make millions and 
buy a tropical island. FAV.SAY.: For long you live 
and high you fly, but only if you ride the tide; and 
balanced on the biggest wave, you race toward an early 
grave.-PF. OTHER: Thanks to everyone who'sbeen 
there for me and thanks to my parents for putting 
up with me for so long. 






- ( ' , 





\W\CKVV\ JpUv^\ 

Will, Hoot, Bill 

LIKES: Soccer, baseball, funny movies, steak, lob- 
ster, video games, fishing, hunting. DISLIKES: 
Refs, homework, the city, getting lost, laundry, 
dishes, tomatoes. FAVORITE MEMORY: 6th 
grade- hit my first home run. ACTIVITIES: Soc- 
cer, baseball. AWARDS: Captain of soccer (fresh- 
man, jv, varsity). AMBITION: To get a good job 
that doesn't get boring. OTHER: Thanks to Mom, 
Dad, Matt, Sara, and Melissa. 

Mikey, Oz 

LIKES: Poetry, The Lord of the Rings books, 
Metallica, Aerosmith, English, math, video games, 
football. DISLIKES: Science, the phrase pet peeve, 
ignorance, stupidity. ACTIVITIES: Sachem. 
FOUND: Reading or writing somewhere quiet. 
AMBITION: To become a published poet and a 
high school English teacher. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: If love be rough 'with thee, be rough with love. 
OTHER: You got to keep on keepin on. -Joe Dirt. 

Timmy, Timbo, Timmy, Timoteo, Jean-Francois 
LIKES: Domino's, gr apples, cran. jce, elect guitar, 
piano, camp, MV, VG's, Simpsons, blues, dssc 
rock. Led Zepp., xc, kayaking, Spanglish, fr anglais, 
fishing, congas, bsball, B. Marley. DISLIKES: Yan- 
kees, RI, girls' xc team act., rap, hip-hop, boy 
bands, pple who don't play own instrmnts, write 
music or have any talent, donkey. FAV. MEM.: 
Driving my neighbor's Con'. Stingray on 1-495. 
Oh, yeah! Buving my keyboard. ..T-Bone! ACT: 
Running, xc, b-ball combo, entertaining ladies, 
guitar, piano. Germ, accents, gd music. FOUND: 
Playing music, at MV, running, dungeon. AMB: 
Rock star, drive a Ferrari, play w/J. Page, live in 
the mts, play music all day long. FAV. SAY.: It's 
Timmy time. OTHER: A. Pujols is #1! Jazz! Da 

Kay, Kizzy, Kaylala 

LIKES: My bf Rigle, summer, hanging with AF, 
HG, KP, shopping, sneaking out, Cumbie's runs, 
flamingos, Mike's, Lake Pearl, Wendy's, SLC, 
Bickford's runs. DISLIKES: Liars, backstabbers, 
whiners, snow. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 
02, summer 01, 9/20/02, soph semi, parties with 
Ashlee. FOUND: With Rigle or with Ashnutz, 
IHOP, mall. FAVORITE SAYING: It is better to 
have love and lost than not love at all. AMBI- 
TION: To either become a psychologist or a law- 
yer. OTHER: R.l.P. Teala. I love you and you are 
missed greatlv. 



atn TV\ovy\a*s> 




LIKES: Drawing, chillin with my friends, cruizes, 
York Beach, cruizin top down, Italian subs. DIS- 
LIKES: Canoeing with JD, overnight shifts, times 
of the month, reading. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Blue light, times with JP, Back Dozvn, Kramer's 
class- SH, TANKS! FOUND: Working at The Gap. 
AMBITION: To succeed in life and to always have 
a good time. OTHER: Class of 2004.. .It's been 

Aej* 3\a«& 

r 3 


LIKES: Frisbees, Walmart, Swiss cake rolls, 
offroading, snowy roads, chillin with the guys. 
DISLIKES: Homework, junior year, creeks and 
mud, slow people, people who dislike me. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Junior prom, Cleveland Street 
power lines, State School (multiple occasions), 
getting lost. ACTIVITIES: Lacrosse. FOUND: Play- 
ing bond or driving. AMBITION: Happiness. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Fair enough. With a down face on 
the side. OTHER: This is an incomplete profile. 

WitWvi 4. \^a\a\a<z> 

Bill, BillyK 

LIKES: Julia, guitar, BK, Dominos, rockin out to 
the max, chillin at the shack, music, friends. DIS- 
LIKES: Most people, school, Spanish class, spi- 
ders. FAVORITE MEMORY: There's too many to 
list. Let's just say the entire summer of 2003. 
AMBITION: To teach music and rock out. 

Vave. ^el 


LIKES: Cruisin in the stealth, KB, $QC$, Dutchies, 
red hairs, milky tosses, getting the w, tortillon 
stumps. DISLIKES: Low quality, the next morn- 
ing, unnecessary rudeness, burning out, droughts, 
G.I.P.s, yatches. FAVORITE MEMORY: in Can, 
the pool hall incident. ACTIVITIES: Runnin game, 
pullin tube, peer leader. FOUND: At the Quik. 
ITE SAYING: Oh, sure. Horrible. Trooper. What can 
you do? OTHER: It' s been good times. 




Kernsie, Kerndazog, Aim, Ames 

LIKES: Family, friends, sball, Dawgs, Rhonda, 
Matty, NY, hotels, Harry Potterl, Espanol, *NSYNC 
w/RB, JC, KW, LS, Celine, #12, el Yeti w. EO, 
Yanks, waterskiing, Butterfingers, vanilla tea. DIS- 
LIKES: Lasagna, losing, doubles, Red Sox, mean 
pple, ET, buying lunch, bad drivers. FAV. MEM.: 
Summer 03, sball w / KC, KC, BB, CP, LT, prom 03, 
ice, water fights w/dawgs, Old Naify, Espanol 
w / LT, JC, LM, EO, shot put 01, 02, Cape 03, state 
champs 01, rd trips to Bwater, imitations of Turk 
w/LT, BB. ACT.: Sball, soccer, indr track, NHS. 
FOUND: W/ Dawgs, Sweatt Fid. AMB.: Dr. Kern, 
liveinNY w/my labs. FAV. SAY.: Don't worry. Be 
happy! OTHER: I love you Dawgs! Thanks, Mom, 
Dad (Ed) and Seany for everything. I love you. 

Joe, Y^&e\ 

joe, Kettel 

LIKES: Concerts, 4 wheeling, hanging out. DIS- 
LIKES: Old pizza, waking up. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Tom's cellar, guys night out, 6 / 20 / 03. 
ACTIVITIES: Random car rides, hanging with 
friends and my girl. AMBITION: To be successful 
in life. FAVORITE SAYING: Richard, who's your 
favorite rascal? Is it Alfalfa or is it Spanky? ...sinner. 
OTHER: M.A.H. Amazed by you. 

CUr>£»TbpUe-r CUarle^ 
Y-\vAdc\\ 11 

Kimball, Mr. President, DEC A Dude, Sexy Kimball 

LIKES: Computers, games, books, clsscl rock, 
Deca, US Navy. DISLIKES: Leaving high schl, 
gdbyes. FAV. MEM.: SONAR, elections, wins, 
Deca st, rd trps, grad. ACTIV.: Deca (big part of 
life), stuco, class officer (shrtst term served). 
FOUND: Meaning of this ctgry. AWARDS: Deca 
dists, states 1st, sexiest man. AMB: Take over the 
world's comm, success. FAV. SAY.: Never accept 
anything less than a victory, and if you think you do, 
before you start you've lost already. OTHER: I want 
to thank my parents because they have given me 
hope to aim at something they'll understand in 
time. My friends for helping me through times. 

bill, billy, studmuffin 

LIKES: Shows with TTJ, trips to Bridgewater, 
pool with JG, nights with JH, GB, JJ, fast food with 
the guys, slow food with the ladies, avoiding the 
drama. DISLIKES: Attending class, losing money, 
burning my fingers, stubbing my toes, and you. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: TTJ at Catholic school, 
buying couches for $15, Wednesdays at the 
dropzone, Warped Tour 03 in NYC, STD/TGUK 
02, fainting in math. FOUND: At work, on stage, 
in the newspaper. FAVORITE SAYING: You've 
got plenty of time to rest when you're dead. 


CU&^cf 2004 

teitt* ri 



LIKES: Money, PHX, Jordan's, Ecko, PS2, grls, 
hustlng, sports, pool, clubs, bball, Bellve, Goose, 
rap, 2Pac, booms, cell phone. DISLIKES: Morn- 
ings, police, snbby grls, swagg, herbs. FAV. MEM.: 
Bean Town trips, mugshots, Arbor parties, clubbin 
nites, Winser rips, pimpin w/N., fights, Wnsckt 
nites, Kippa parties. ACT: Hockey, cruisin in the 
Beem, chillin w/Mt crew, partyin up, blazin, 
clubbin, school, chillin w/boyz. FOUND: Fletcher 
St, Tweek's, crib. AMB: Succeed in life, make tons 
of money. Have a fun and exciting life. FAV SAY: 
Herb, custee, what do you want for free, dog, shady. 
OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dad, Sherida, Steph 
for the support. 

Tavb?r kVv?wle,« 

Knowles, TLove 

LIKES: Ford, RV's, convertable Broncos, ski trips, 
gansett, chillin, concerts, captains, weekends, 2 
liters, messed up nights, parents. DISLIKES: Cops, 
BS, bad luck, nothing to do, Camrys, drama, 
homework, adult menu at Friendlv's, parents. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Healey in 'the Camry, 
chillin, cruisin, ski trips, the hill, Trout Pond, late 
night sleepovers, mufflers falling off, anything I 
don't remember, high school. ACTIVITIES: 
Chillin. FOUND: Cliquot Grille, not home, slims, 
DMB, online, chillin w/ KB, TB, KM, BH, SH, TM, 
ING: There it is, ya well, poor sho, all in time. 

Ane\\e~ Lee, ^^>yTT 

Art, don-dee, R.E.L., Arismell, Cootie, George 

LIKES: P.J., dance, hugs and kisses, Mr. Peej's 
house, DAPE, 5/3/02. DISLIKES: Drama, liars, 
cheaters, gossip, bad drivers, crving. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Beach trip with PN,'SM, DP, DK, Jr. 
Prom, The Flood Brigade. ACT.: Dance, shopping, 
gymnastics, chillin with my babv, chillin with the 
girls. FOUND: With my boy, Mr. Peej's, PEDC, 
Versace. AMBITION: To succeed in what I love. 
R.I.P. Teala. FAVORITE SAYING: If you love some- 
body, let them go. If they return, they -were akvays 
yours. If they don't, they never were. OTHER: Mom 
and Dad, you mean the world to me. Thanks for 
everything! XOXO! 


LIKES: Anime, comics, art, computers, Feng Suei, 
Buddism, coffee, techno. DISLIKES: The establish- 
ments, conceited and selfish people, Emo, con- 
descending speeches. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
herrowing escape from the cultists of the circle of 
friends. ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Sachem. FOUND: 
In the art room with a stupid grin and a pencil in 
ear. AMBITION: To make a subtle impact through 
strides in artistic ability. FAVORITE SAYING: Far 
Out 1 . 

"DereW Y-oz\o\ 


LIKES: The bass, music, nature, love, thought, 
existence. DISLIKES: Unhappiness, blue meanies. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Ap chem and adv. phys. 
classes, KP world of jazz, snwbrding trips, con- 
certs, hiking trips, summer in Quebec. ACT: Jazz 
ensembles and combos, other music stuff, 
ninjutsu, SNHS pres/vp, NHS, academics. 
FOUND: With the bass, thinking, out having a 
good time. AWARDS: National French Exam , 
NHS, SNHS (VP & Pres), FHS, Key club. AMBI- 
TION: To write plenty of music, theorize the 
meaning and workings of the universe, be happv, 
get better penmanship, just to create. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Yet you may see the meaning of within- It 
is being. The Beatles. 




Jess, Jessie, Krabes, Bessie 

LIKES: 3, DMB, Guster, purple, sleep, movies, 
F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sox, sball, winning, skiing. DIS- 
LIKES: Slow /bad drivers, feet, fake ppl, clowns. 
FAV. MEM: Meg's house w/crew, HUMBERTO 
w/LR, TR, MG, DMB 00-03, Guster 02,03, John 
Mayer 02,03, Cape w /MS, JS, JH, MG, KT, LR, JC 
ACT: Softball 1-4, Leo club 2-4, fh 1-2, hmrm rep. 
MS,MG. FAVORITE SAYING: When you live the 
life then you become what you are. DMB. OTHER: 
Mom and Paparoo, thank you for all your love 
and support. I love you very much! Laura, thanks 
for the advice and all the good times. My friends, 
I love you guys. It won't be the same without you. 
Class of 04, best of luck! 

Carles l4Ar%-viai^» 

Cars, Carl 

LIKES: Icecream, shopping, summer, beach, John, 
The Shack, hanging w / Kel, Pippy, KT. DISLIKES: 
My sr pict, vegies, snobby ppl, hmwrk. FAV. 
MEM.: Jr Prom w / Kel and Jewlz, I love you guys! 
ACT.: Gymnastics, Quiggs Elite All Stars Cheer- 
ing! We are the most impressive! FOUND: w/my 
girls. John tell them! FAV. SAY.: When you were born, 
everyone around you was smiling and you were cry- 
ing. Live your life so that -when you die, you're smil- 
ing and even/one around you is crying. OTHER: 
Thanks, John, for always being there for me. I love 
you! To my mom, dad, and brother, I have the 
best familv ever! 





LIKES: Cows, my pink lunchbox, green and gold, 
Disnev princesses, spirit week, Spanish videos. DIS- 
LIKES: Goodbyes, stress headaches, skunks at XC 
camp, scummv people. FAV. MEM.: 8/16/01, FLand 
Hermit Island w/SS, gym w/SS and CP, XC camp, 
Jamaican Cow Hunters, homecoming, workout video 
w/CPand AD, 1423- never ending note, BS- best band 
ever! ACiTV.: XC, track, yearbook. FOUND: With SS, 
don't remember days; we remember moments. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, and Abby, thanks for all your love and 
support. 1 love you! To the 6 girls- thanks for our 
friendship and giving me the time of my life these 
past four years. 2004, we did it! 


T>a\sya L**&Uer 


LIKES: Hockey, lax, guitar, Phish, summer, steak, 
BBQ'n, weekends, fires, parties, IT, concerts, 
wakeboarding, Nick's Pizza, boats, getting 
started early, Keller, SCI. DISLIKES: Homework, 
rap music, pop music. FAVORITE MEMORY: Be- 
ing at IT for 5 days of freedom, Hendy's last day 
of school. ACTIVITIES: Hockey, lacrosse, SNHS, 
workin, jammin'. FOUND: At IT, chillin at 
Hendy's, out and about, pregamin, Phishin'. 
AWARDS: MVP hockey -10, Sun Chronicle All 
Star -11. AMBITION: To live a good life and make 
my mark on the world. FAVORITE SAYING: If you 
can heal the surface and not affect the cause, then you 
can't heal the surface.- Trey Anastasio. 


]en, jenny 

LIKES: Smiles, jumping in puddles, bball comps, 
spring rains, white ginger, amber, driving, beach 
days, singing. DISLIKES: Broken hearts, rainy 
Mondays, surgery. FAV. MEM.: Halloween 01 AK, 
DD, x parties w/SC, SM, French w/AD, drama 
SS, KQ, MG, prom 02, Bubbles, Lakeside, xc camp, 
dbls summer w/SM, bball w/JD, SS, 10/31/02, 
guitar w / DM, RI w / OST, work w / DK, 3/1/03. 
AMB.: To see heaven in a wildflower, hold infin- 
ity in the palm of my hand, and eternity in an 
hour. FAV. SAY.: Keep on keepin on. OTHER: Thanks 
to my family whom I love and who taught me 
that anything is possible! Good luck, Class of 2004! 




LIKES: Life, sleep, food, friends, family and pur- 
pose. DISLIKES: Allergies and disease, sadness, 
and death. FAVORITE MEMORY: Hanging loose 
with buddies. ACTIVITIES: Student council, ten- 
nis, track and field. AWARDS: In Latin. AMBI- 
TION: Medical missions. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Truedad. OTHER: Love to my family, Dad, Mum, 
Daniel, Lydia, and Samuel. 

I^aitlh^ A. Yjeszb>ire\ 


LIKES: Hanging out, movies, reading, music, cars, 
working, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, WB shows, 
chatting online, ice cream, corn beef and cabbage 
with mashed potatoes. DISLIKES: Liars, up and 
down stairs, people who are stuck up. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: DECA trips and competitions. AC- 
TIVITIES: Hanging out, babysitting, working, 
DECA movies. FOUND: Here and there. AMBI- 
TION: To be successful. FAVORITE SAYING: Yeah, 
sure, whatever. OTHER: Thanks to my Mom for 
always being there for me. 

"Stevevi Le,v 




LIKES: B.E.N, gymnastics, the beach, babies, 
Christmas, candles, rain, naps, fall, DS and KM, 
home, tanning, love. DISLIKES: Getting lost, ho- 
tels, goodbyes, carnations, red, jealousy, bad 
mornings, rejection. FAV. MEM.: 3/7/03, Prom 
2003, cheerleading 02-03, Busch Gardens w/DS, 
Winsor's house w/BN, SM, KK, AW, KK's house. 
ACT.: Cheerleading, gymnastics. FOUND: At my 
house, w/BN, DS, KM. AMB.: To be happily mar- 
ried with lots of babies. FAV.SAY.: Everything hap- 
pens for a reason. OTHER: I love you Mom, Ricky, 
Ness and Ani. Thanks for everything you do. 
Brad, I'll always love you. To all my friends, thank 
you for the good times. 

Jar-head, Big Bird, J-Lo, BFj, i 

r Sloio 

LIKES: Tippin rubez, suped-up cars, intense video 
games, cooking, reading, liftin at the gym, and 
being the big slow. DISLIKES: Petty drama at high 
schools, arrogant yuppies, ignorant sleezebags, 
when school tries to fix a rule that isn't broken. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Ugh. ..I can't remember. 
ACTIVITIES: Sports, video games, weight lifting, 
chillin with peeps. FAVORITE SAYING: A man 
does not only have the right to disobey an unjust law, 
that man has an obligation to disobey it. Thomas 

Mike, Lyons, Sandman 

LIKES: Baseball, #5, Tuesdays, guitar, DMB, 
Taunton Street, bond, playing tag, 10/10/02, The 
Facility, charity hops, getting lost. DISLIKES: 
Younces, The Corporation, 335, umps, Cleveland 
Street.. FAVORITVE MEMORY: 9/9/03, DMB with 
DF, BC, and TW. ACTIVITIES: Baseball, track. 
FOUND: At a Bond tourney, Gino's on Tuesdays. 
AMBITION: To play baseball as long as I can. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: I got nuthin. Don' worry about it. 
Where's the fire? Wltat a bust! Buzz the tower. I didn't 
know my dad worked here. OTHER: Thanks to Coach 
Duffy, Coach Tosches, Coach Del, and Coach Moran 
for helping me achieve my goals. 




LIKES: Staind, 23, The Beast, Z28's, The Glastron, 
skiing, hockey, mtn. biking, Grace, vanilla coke, 
K of B, surfing, 'Gansett, The Wings, WRX's, 
acoustic, bongos, X, TNT. DISLIKES: Camrys, 
math, fake people, bad surf. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DMB '01 '03 '04, 'Gansett, Pat's '03, 
July 4, ski trips, the Camry, summers at the Cape 
with the crew and KD, the van at Trout Pond, Lord 
Stanley, good times w AW. ACTI\ 1 1 lES:Surfing, 
hockev, riding, skiing. FOUND: Cruisin', 
Clicquot, with KD, DR, SH, BH, KM, KB, TB, TK, 
surfing, Wendy's. AMBITION 7 : Live a long, happv 
life. FAVORITE SAYING: SEMPER El, PoorHealey, 
Heeey Keeeviin! OTHER: Thanks to all my friends 
and family. GOOD LUCK 

Jon, Mace, Maciel 

LIKES: Football, track, card games, PS2, meteo- 
rology, skiing. DISLIKES: Homework, chores, gas 
prices, taxes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Ski trip to 
Sunday River during the same weekend the Pats 
beat the Raiders in the playoffs. ACTIVITIES: 
Spring track, skiing. FOUND: Um.. .right. 
AWARDS: National Honor Society Spring '03, 
High Honors, Honor Roll, Certificate of Appre- 
ciation. AMBITION: Work to predict major 
storms, flooding, and storm chasing. FAVORITE 
SAYING: He who doesn't learn from history is cursed 
to repeat it. 




Steph, Stephie, Macknuts 

LIKES: KK, massages, fd, sip, crew, MAFIA, girls' 
nites, parties, roses, late nites, cruises, singing in 
car w NF, BK runs w/DS, PI, Skenyon's clss, be- 
ing out of control w/LS, talks w/KD. DISLIKES: 
AM, ft, cold, lies, snobs, annoying ppl, crying, get- 
ting caught, sketchiness. FAV. MEM.: Being JD w / 
NW, KK's, Buffet '02, FC's 4/20, S.C. @ 10 a.m. 
'i.Provyv. LS,SP,ER,Hellw/EG, LG,JW's 
house, PI w/Ds, prom '03, Teala-RIP. Always 
missin' you! FOUND: At Kipp's w/ KK, KL, BN, 
cruisin. OTHER: Mom, Dad, thanks for all your 
support. Jen, Dave, thanks for everything. Love 
you! Good luck JC, KD, JM, CK. KFi' 

T^cr-v Ma<rauire, 


LIKES: Stuff, tubes, chillin', being outside, Phish, 
people, late nights, blippen runts, Keller Williams, 
trips, Winston's, mayonnaise eating bulldogs, VT, 
the shed at work, turtles. DISLIKES: Turkeys, 
authority, portopotties at "IT", fake people, mak- 
ing a mess on Jim's floor. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
• ning to the necular wallrus yell at Phish. 
at 7 15 w Mike, Steve, Hank, 
and the Hook AWARDS: The first person to ever 
mal" potomus. AMBITION lb alv 

have an open mind and be happy. FAVORITE 

Jen, Jenny, W.O.R.M., Niff, Babes 

LIKES: My girls, fonzy, my boys, xc, indr, spring, 
pink, Elvis, hugs, cabin -1, Spanglish, Care Bears, 
eye lang.. DISLIKES: Skunks, gatekeepers. FAV. 
MEM.: Xc, beach trips 03, art class '02-'03, tick- 
ling fights w / JP, BC, ncknms, crime-fghtng, bub- 
bling w/ CO. ACTTV.: Xc, indr, s. track, Leo club 
1-2, pr ldrshp 3-4. FOUND: At practice, w/Joshy, 
the girls, TH, CR, SH, DM. AWARDS: Xc, indr/'s. 
vars., s. capt. '04. AMB.: To live a Ufe I'll love. FAV. 
SAY.: Puppy luv...BABES! Muah! OTHER: 1 luv ya 
Momma, Poppa bov. It'll fly bv so make it count. 
Gurlies, u made thse yrs the best of my life! Joshy- 
muah! 2 much 2 sav! We did it, 04. 

T7te Cliad Man 


LIKES: Girls, Chilli Pepper, Led Zepp., pumping 
iron, driving, rebelling. DISLIKES: All that re- 
volves around this prison they call school. FAV' 
MEM.: Concerts, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, saves 
the day, Papa Roach, Aerosmith, and again Red 
Hot Chilli Peppers, oh yeah, I forgot 
METALLICA!!/ Fantastic Four ACHV.: Soccer, 
work, track, pumping iron, driving. FOUND: P- 
ville. Omega, Bombay. AWARDS: 1st place indr 
soccer (4th grade). AMB.: I wanna go to the moon. 
FAV. SAY.: I like you man, but you 're crazy! OTHER: 
You the man, Bops, you the man! 

Rich, Dick, Mattson 

LIKES: My munchkin, chillin, friends, snippin in 
the Saab, MJ, ftball, slping, chillin w/ Sherlock, 
fd, JF, late nites w / crew. DISLIKES: Schl authrty, 
hmrm, waking up earlv, assigned parking, 
droughts, anything below mids, SAT's. FAV. 
MEM.: Swan's rip on the last day '03, chillin w/ 
PJ/ friends at his mom's, all the crizzles around 
town, J. P. tweaking, Hulk, ski trip w/ A.D., D.S., 
S.R. ACTIV: Ftball (4 yrs.), chillin (4 yrs.) FOUND: 
Bowlin in the wonder, back strts, up top, the shop, 
PJ's mom's. AWARDS: Ftball capt. AMB.: To be- 
come successful in life and enjoy myself while 
doing it. FAV. SAY.: Once you have awaken the beast, 
you must kill it. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Jenna, 
and Pat. To my friends, thanks for even-thing. 

"Dave, Mc-Cai^uo 


LIKES: Friday and Saturday nights, chillin with 
DR., K.C., M.S., J.B., days off. Pizza Hut buffet, 
hanging out with L.L., lots of love, Wendy's trips 
with K.M. and E.S. DISLIKES: Clowns fake people, 
homeroom, math, anyone who thinks they're bet- 
ter than anyone else I vVORIITMI'MORi H.ibib's 
house sophomore year, ACTIVITIES: I acrosse, win- 
ter track. FOUND: Stop & Shop. AMBITION: To be- 
come a state trooper. FAVORITE SAYING: Don't 
hate, appreciate. 


LIKES: Football, lacrosse, snow days, girls, run- 
ning in the rain, hanging out with friends, sleep- 
ing whenever I can. DISLIKES: Anything with 
people acting fake. FAVORITE MEMORY: All the 
great times with Matty K. ACTIVITIES: Football, 
track, lacrosse, peer leadership. FOUND: Playing 
Madden at Klaskins. AMBITION: To be true to 
myself and live each day to the fullest. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if 
you'll die tomorrow. 


Macadil, Macka, Macelroy 

LIKES: S.E.B., 2 way, my boys, FB, lax, Cch Mike, 
#8, afros, the goose, victory, bottles, 5 speeds, #16. 
DISLIKES: Gips, fam tree, sloppy ppl, liars, losing, 
rst beef, new faculty, sprints. FAV. MEM.: 11/02/ 
01, all the rips, OA game '03, homegrown w /MS, J. 
Finase, snipin in the Saab, fb camp '03, ME w/SB. 
ACT: Ftball 1-4, hock. 1-3, lax 1-4. FOUND: <§> SEB's, 
lake malibu. AWARDS: Hock, capt., lax all Hock, 
cch's awrd. AMB: Never to change, get married, 
have kids, have an easy, gd paying job. FAV. SAY.: 
Col. Down. Easy. Ya Sucka. OTHER: Thanks to Mom, 
Dad for puttin up with my stuff. Good Luck Dan, 
Ben, Brett, Beau, Boz. Peace. 


LIKES: Ballin, Virginia, Lil Jon, hot weather, 
Outkast, Neptunes, Jigga, Simpsons, Madden, 
crossovers, Latinas, cornrows. DISLIKES: Cold, 
refs, pple w/o style, ignorance, haters, poppy rap, 
adminstration. FAV. MEM.: Jared's summer '02, 
New Yr's '03, making vars., VA '03, sr yr, Bone 
Thugs, Summer Jam, Roc the Mic. ACTIV: Bball 
9-12, track 10-11. FOUND: W/LM, TM, NC, JC, 
RE, MS, on the court, at the spot, chillin. 
AWARDS: Best Dressed. AMB.: Own 50 pairs of 
AFI's, to marry a hot latina, to be profound. FAV. 
SAY.: I get mind control over D'Bo. He be like shut 
up. 1 be quiet. But when he leave, I be talkin again. 
OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, sisters for being 
a loving family. 

Lukey Dukey, Drew Carey, Josh, Bo-Bo 

LIKES: Ftball, vict., 2:25, pnders, wknds, D-unit, 
cushioned toilets, B.I.G., noop, Bone Thugs, Bo- 
Bo, stairs, turkey day, private stock, Irish red, 
milfs, Hooters. DISLIKES: Losing, soccer, 
wannabe athletes, alarm clocks, cracky, big show, 
ftball field, men in blue, ftball camp, sprints, PDA, 
swass, flamin A. FAV. MEM.: ME '03, mean streets 
of Bost., O.A. vict., Zeigler's, Bone Thugs, 
Henderson's last day of schl, Hooters. ACTIV: 
Ftball 1-4-capt.. FOUND: My house, Jared's, the 
Bonne, my office. AMB: Go to college, graduate, 
make bank! FAV SAY: It's not the size of the dog in 
the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, thanks for dealing with me. Jenna, 
Evan, Jared, thanks. 

Tom, T-Mac 

LIKES: Red Sox, Cch Finase, summer, slping, grls, 
midgets, PS2, Pats, milfs, dogs, Dumb /Dumber, 
Nicky's, Gatorade. DISLIKES: Yanks, schl, early 
a.m., dumb pple, ftball camp, coffee, Frnkln, 
Feehan. FAV. MEM.: Pearl Jam w/MC, SW, NC, 
MIAA baseball St. champ game, Thanksgiving 
game '02, ME w/JC, JP, LM, Bone Thugs w/boys. 
ACTIV: Baseball 1-4, ftball 1-4. FOUND: Jared's, 
w/NC, RE, LM, JP, BM, in my car. AWARDS: 
Baseball best defens. player '03, baseball MIAA state 
finalist '02. AMB. Have a beautiful wife and fam- 
ily, live a long, happy, successful life. FAV SAY: If 
it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done. 
OTHER: Good luck, Class of 2004. Thank you for 
everything, Mom, Dad, Amy and Dan. 

Liawi PaTnc-W 
TW>wtps,cvi Mc-i4ale. 


LIKES: Stories, unknown, Never summer, o-mo- 
bile, laughs, funny pple, $1 menu, taking time, 
Beatles, steak, big yellow, entry store. DISLIKES: 
Dehydration-amblncs, bad jokes, clowns, roadkill, 
ignorance, R.I. drivers, outlets. FAV.MEM.: 
Larry's, Wrenstock, my leg on fire, VT. ACT: Soc- 
cer, lax, snowbrdng, srfng, fshng, drvng, things 
ening w/ing. FOUND: W/usual suspects. 
AWARDS: Most Irish. AMB: To live my life to the 
best of my ablilities and learn something along 
the way. FAV. SAY: Mother of God. OTHER: Best 
of luck to everyone I've had the chance to know 
and everyone I haven't. PEACE 2004! 

Marc- Mc-Mcrrcw 

Bumsmaster, Dash Board 

LIKES: The shack, friends, family, my car, DM, 
vacations, DIS- 
LIKES: Shackbashers, cottage cheese, Harry Pot- 
ter. FAVORITE MEMORY: The shack, summer 
'03, OCB, Latin class. ACTIVITIES: Shacking it up, 
chillin, cruisin' the '86, Bass. FOUND: At the 
shack. AWARDS: I swept the Shackies. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: It's oven baked. OTHER: It's been a 
great four years. Good luck, 2004. I'd like to thank 
my family for all the support as well. Mom, Dad, 
Beth, Greg. 

Chippy, Gwench, Daddo 

LIKES: Doors, poetry, Buffy, ggd, Bowie, dune, 
bohemianism, Skenyon, set enneagram, Radiohead, 
stage mngers, long-haired boys, X-Men, the d.b. 
DISLIKES: Yuppies, pnut butter, librarians, sea- 
food, reality, worms. FAV. MEM.: Ggd 2x, Bowie, 
Radiohead, Tori, lasershows , searching for Au Bon 
Pain, stars on the dugout, times at dunks, jr prom. 
ACTIV.: Drama, stalking LF, Sachem, making soup 
w / Mary. FOUND: Aud., at Dunks, Meldiva. AMB: 
Start a literary movement and /or neglect my chil- 
dren so they'll be 4's. FAV. SAY.: Nothing survives a 
holocaust but poetry and songs. J.Morrison. OTHER: 
MJS, my best friend, always. AA , MAS, my other 
halves. CS, my escape. AC, KV, TM. I love you! 



i^cvno MiUalec 


FAVORITE SAYING: Been waiting for the time 
when I can finally say, this has all been wonderful, 
but now I'm on my way. 



LIKES: Friends, family, summer, sleep, sunshine, 
laughing, music, dance, shopping, pizza, 
wkends, movies, Six Flags, water parks, skiing, 
snow, skating. DISLIKES: Tests, hmwrk, stress, 
alarm clocks, liars, rudeness, spiders. FAV. MEM.: 
All the fun times w/LM, LW, MW, MH. King of 
the dock, camping out in the tent, the volleyball 
game w / neighbors, summers full of tubing and 
knee boarding, hanging out w/SS, Six Flags w/ 
LM, KM. ACT.: Dance, ice skating, working at the 
library, Leo club, pr. ldrshp. FOUND: W/LM, w/ 
neighbors, SS, at work. AMB.: Attend college, be 
successful and happy. OTHER: Thanks to my fam- 
ily and friends for being there for me. Good Luck, 
Class of 2004! 

Lauren Mille,r 


LIKES: Family,, laughing, beach, 
wknds, ice cream, shppng, mix cd's, sktng, 
dancng, S, snow days. DISLIKES: Stress, gdbyes, 
pop quizzes, Monday a.m. FAV. MEM.: Spending 
time w/BM, SS, JH,'LB, KQ BL, JS, ski trip '03, 
Six Flags '02, '03, art classes, gt's w/ neighbors, 
MW, LW, MH, nites on dock, camp outs, volley- 
ball, swimming, campfires w/s'mores, snow 
tackle, spooky Halloween trails, dance recitals, fd 
dances. ACT.: Starline, sktng, work, LEO. 
FOUND: Work, home, using the lake, hangin' w / 
friends. AMB.: Become successful, happy w/ 
whatever I choose to do. OTHER: My family, 
thanks for everything. I appreciate the love and 
support you have given me. Til miss you! 

Brvai^ C. Mccre, 


LIKES: The shack, little black, Sublime. DISLIKES: 
The Altima, Harry Potter, shack bashers. FAVOR- 
G.H. Bass, paintball, skiing. FOUND: The shack, 
BK, OCB. AMBITION: To be rich and a good person. 
-Mrs. Pickart 

Kate, Katie, Booty 

LIKES: My girls!, Brett, good times w/Teala, 
learning by mistakes, parties, chillen w/KL, AF, 
SM, TS, wknds, not working, having lots of 
money. DISLIKES: KP, senior year, 2 faced people, 
inconsiderate, selfish people, bugs, bad days, bad 
luck, heights, friends dying, getting in trouble. 
FAV. MEM.: Good times w/Teala, slpovers at AF, 
nites w/KL, 12/21/01. ACT.: Chrlding 1-4, soft- 
ball 2-4. FOUND: w/KL, in trouble, at Brett's, 
cheerleading! AMB.: Live a long, healthy, happy, 
successful life. FAV. SAY.: Don't hate, appreciate!. 
What am I supposed to do w/out my cell phone? 
OTHER: I love you, Mom, Dad. Thanks for the 
guidance. Sammy, Emily, good luck. I love you. 
R.I. P. baby girl. Brett, I love you! a&f 

l^vle, Mppre, 

Big Kyle 

LIKES: Family, friends, hanging w/crew, wknds, 
#33, the pit, '89 Beamers, ski trips, food, Clicquot, 
soccer, lax, Patriots, Red Sox, summer, vacs., mtng 
new people, laughing, Sinatra. DISLIKES: 
Hmwrk, Camrys, early a.m. FAV. MEM.: Ski trips, 
Cape, BMB, fun nites,"being w /bros BH, SH, TM, 
KB, TK, TB, JO, late nites, tying up the muffler, 
minivan. ACT.: Soccer 1-4, lax 1-4, stud, council 
1-4, stud. adv. cncl 2-4. FOUND: Clicquot, w/ 
friends. AWARDS: Hon. roll. AMB.: Work hard, 
be happy, successful. OTHER: My friends, best 
of luck. You've been great to me. Mom and Dad, 
thanks for everything. You mean so much to me. 
Jen, thanks for showing me the way. I love you 
all very much. Best of luck to everyone. 









Jennama, Morganelli, Jenn, Little ]D 

LIKES: Trust, happiness, beach, singing, dancing, 
laughing, optimism, choc. DISLIKES: Lies, jeal- 
ousy, control, pessimism, '01, prejudice, cold. FAV. 
MEM.: Cruisen the streets w/ JH, DM, road trips 
w/AD, crazy nights, Joe Moses, desserts w/JH, 
JK, '02, everyday w/JH, summer '03, Cal '03, 
beach, spding w/AD, all the times I cannot re- 
member w /all the friends I never forgot. FOUND: 
W/JH, smiling, busy, w/AD, in my car. AMB: 
Fame! FAV. SAYING: Everything happens for a rea- 
son, but what arc the reasons. OTHER: Thank you, 
Mom, Dadjerry, Jason, and Loni. I love you all! 
xoxo. God Bless and Good Luck, Class of 2004! 


Moses, Big Mo', Mosi Tapadi 

LIKES: The God / Grandfather, music, sleep, snow, 
Ms. Bin,the family, boom's, food, budz, smum, 
DeLuca's class, Teala (R.I.P.), French. DISLIKES: 
A.m., 2 faced pple, liars, rain, h.w., Fr. class, drama 
queens, sleeve(s). FAV. MEM.: Dougdale's, DMB 
'99, '01, '03, Gaffney's 3 days, Wrenstock '03, BH's, 
Peter's Pond, jr. prom. ACT.: NFHS, pr. ldrshp 2- 
3, official judge. FOUND: Tracy's, cruisin', 
jammin, concert, Cape. AMB.: Enjoy life to its full- 
est. Find / keep a job I like. FAV. SAY.: All day, long 
time., I look at the yearbook a lot?! OTHER: To nites 
I won't remember w/ friends I'll never forget. Ifs 
been fun. Thank you to my KP ladies who put up 
with Big Mo'. Thank you to my parents and my 
family for my roots and always believing in me. 

Cry£>"ta! Mav Mullen 


LIKES: Hanging with friends, driving around, 
partying, shopping, 2003 Mustang at yellow, Fri- 
day nights, Eminem, no school, AOL, hot guys. 
DISLIKES: Snobs, waking up early, rainy days, 
MCAS, spicy food, spiders, school food, cold 
days. FAV. MEM.: 4th of July, KH, JC, LM, 50 Cent 
concert w/Jenna, trying to keep me out of trouble 
CS, Cape 2003 KH, JC, demo 2003, fair w/ Jaime 
2003, BFFE KB. ACT.: Figure skating club. 
FOUND: At work, driving around, chilling w/ 
my girl Allie. AMB.: To go to college and make 
something of myself. FAV. SAYING: A memory 
lasts forever, never does it die, true friends stay to- 
gether and never say goodbye. OTHER: I want to 
thank my family for believing in me. 

Tiff, El Captain, Mo7nmo, Jiffies 

LIKES: Stev, wrtng, stargazing, poetry, noncon- 
formity, nature, radiohead, E. Scissorhands, pas- 
sion, Cpt. J. Sparrow, intellectuals, Darwinism, 
feminism, T. Burton, Poe, creativity. DISLIKES: 
People, math, stupidity, sanity, narrow minds, 
pop culture, falsities, KP, short skirts, masks, so- 
ciety, Shakespeare, religious fanatics, tv, betrayal, 
USA. FOUND: Art room, woods, daydreaming, 
being melancholy. AWARDS: Al Captain Tiff 
Murphy. AMB.: Bring comfort to the socially alien- 
ated via my own writing. FAV. SAY.: It is better to 
be hated for who you are rather than to be loved for 
who you are not. OTHER: Thank you to all my loyal 
friends. You are all beautiful. You mean the world 
to me, and you know who you are. 

Paul hSacAe~a\A Jr. 

P.}., The Peej 
Plain ville 

LIKES: Ari, chillen, crizzlin, MJ, sleeping, 
Wendy's runs, late nights, the sink, JF, the slopes, 
bowling in the wonder, the Blazer, lax games, O.J., 
friends. DISLIKES: Homeroom, school, mornings, 
droughts, Chucky, cops, mids, immature people, 
foreigners, the Outlets. FAVORITE MEMORY: The 
Hulk, JP tweaking, Henderson's last day '03, 
chillen w / Chris and crew, late nights at the Cape. 
ACTIVITIES: Football (4 yrs), baseball- 1&2, bas- 
ketball-!. FOUND: In the white wonder, at 
papadukes. AMBITION: To be successful and 
have fun in my endeavors. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Oh sure! Might?! OTHER: Thank you Mom and 
Dad for helping me and supporting me the whole 


LIKES: Driving across the world to save people 
from destruction. DISLIKES: Mean people, Things 
that are more difficult than they should be. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: When the' marching band 
went to Nationals for the first time, and even 
though we didn't win, Mr. Tileston and all our 
parents and instructors applauded us. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Marhcing band, diversity club, Sachem. 
Found: At the school. AMBITION: To become a 
district attorney. FAVORITE SAYING: Life is only 
as interesting as you make it. 

Julie, MpUft 


LIKES: Blankets, the Red Sox, sleeping, driving, 
chocolate, flip-flops. DISLIKES: Bellybuttons, 
snow. FAVORITE MEMORY: Disney, WGI, prom 
'03 with AJ, randomness with AP, shades with ER, 
devil children with SES, Latin class, the Big BC 
w/ DH, MB, CG,SS, and AP. ACTIVITIES: Color 
guard. FOUND: Online, with the crew SAS, AMP, 
MAW, with any and all of the CG. AMBITION: 
To do what makes me happy. OTHER: Thank you. 
Mom and Dad, for everything. I love you. 

-Ju«£>Tn^ O'Brien 

OB, Goober 

LIKES: Pamela, summer, the S.H.O. winning, 
music, sleeping, sports, doubles, Cape, lifting, nite 
games, beach, rubber bands, #44, Big Macs, camp 
fires, DQ. DISLIKES: Losing, bad drivers, 
Franklin, Feehan, doubles, ignorance, slackers, 
sore arms, bad calls, liars, deception, Camrys. 
FAV. MEM.: The dump '02, 10/12/02, midnite 
madness w / TW, anytime at the Cape w / PD, state 
champ game soph, yr, prom. ACT.: Soccer, bball, 
baseball. FOUND:Dugdale's chillen w/Pam, 
hangin' w/ guys. AMB.: Beat everybody at ev- 
erything. FAV. SAY.: You 're only young once, but you 
can always be immature. OTHER: Thanks to PD for 
all her support, to my family, JDugdales, Walzaks, 
Hootsteins for encouragement and generosity. 

Mel, Mello, Pua, Mellabee 

LIKES: Green, rain, yellow roses, music, DECA, 
stars, autumn, photography, palm trees. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: DECA nationals '03, concerts with SF 
and TB, Horida with AA and CS, RENT i\ith AA, 
MS, and CB. ACTIVmES: DECA, diversity club, 
working at an animal hospital. FOUND: With SF, 
CS, AA, MS, CB, TB, BK, BB, ES, KC, CH, GM. AM- 
BITION: To be happy and successful. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Wliy are entire years strewn on the cutting 
room floor of memory as single frames of one magic night 
forroer flicker in close up on the 3-D lmax of my mind. 
OTHER: Thanks to all my friends and family for 
always being there. I love you all. 


CUe*&cf 2004 


LIKES: Beach, wknds, my car, Levi's, shopping, 
cast parties, Applebs, veggie pizza & lasagna, pjs. 
DISLIKES: Waking up earlv, workouts, bad driv- 
ers, minivans, midterms/finals, gdbyes, rumors. 
FAV.N tEM: April brk '02 w/LW, Wacliusett '02 w/ 
KP, Aruba, jr prom. Span. vid. '03, vacs w/LT, 495, 
6 Flags. ACT.: Drama, xc, track Leo club, NHS. 
FOUND: W/the girls, @ practice, rhrsl, working. 
AWARDS: Hon. roll 4 terms. AMB.: Be successful 
in all I do, make a positive effect on others' lives. 
FAX". SAYING: Don't cry because it's over; smile be- 
cause it happened. OTHER: Thanks to my family 
for always supporting me. Rachel, good luck with 
the rest of school. To my chicas: BFF, I don't know 
what I would have done without you guys! 

Erno Mane. Ouiv*ieT 

E, EMO, Weem 

LIKES: Laughs, sun, friends, fam, fun, exercise, 
slping, beach, movies, love, trust, flowers, fd, suc- 
cess, FH, smiles, shopping, thunder, pineapple. 
DISLIKES: Stress, liars, Crks, drama, fights, failing. 
FAV. MEM.: Techno w/EH, Yeti w/AK, out w/JP, 
Newport w/KW, LR, RB; Scarborough w/JC, LS, 
RB, KW, 3/15/03, VMA's '02, Sugarloaf '03, Bost. 
7/25/02, prom '03, nites w/KW, LS, JC, JD, RB, LR, 
EB, LT, MG. ACT: Leo 1-4, pr 1. 2-4, treas. 2-4, NHS 
3-4, fh 1-4, indr track 1-2, lax 2-3, key club 2-4, ski 
dub 3-4. FOUND: Out w/girls, fam, at SPC AMB.: 
Enjoy a successful life, gd job, great fam. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom for my strength, to M, G, relatives, 
friends for being there; Caroline, best sister. Good 
luck in hs. Thanks Class of '04. Good luck! 

l^nWta Palerwu? 


LIKES: Sleeping, pillows, stars, dancing, friends, 
sleepovers, dreams, beach, shopping, Applebees, 
veggie pizza and lasagna, Italian food, pj's. DIS- 
LIKES: Fights, conceited people, car accidents, 
waking up early, goodbyes, midterms/finals, spi- 
ders. FAV. MEM.: 495, proms, summers, Aruba, 
the Cape, Wachusett w/CO, Jersey w/LT, cross- 
roads w/CO, beach, girls' nite out, brkfast at 
Bickfords, gym class w/KQ, RE. ACT: Dance, in- 
door track 1-2, horseback riding. FOUND: W/the 
girls, mall, gym. AMB.: To be happy no matter 
where life takes me. FAV. SAYING: Live, love, 
laugh. OTHER: Thanks to my family and for al- 
ways being there for me. To my chicas, we've been 
through so much. Thanks for everything! xoxo 

T>ereW ParTrTctae. 


LIKES: Crui/.in, trees, pullin tubes, summer, 

boomers, money, avenger, respect, smth rotation, 

tailgating, pre-game, fast cars, Dutchy's fires, gulp 

limes, runs, mullets, pong 7-cup, the 

■■ DISLIKES: Court, comm. service, police, 

blues, last sip, rumors, cocky frosh, tchers, the big 

ng caught, games, $200 back in your face, 

accusations. FAV MEM.: Hendo's 1st day, summer. 

■^thru hs, Kippa's, natsin FL. FOUND: In bed, 

'he court, crui/m' AWARDS: lsl 

place dists, 3rd state comp., nals AMB.: Live a gd 

life, lots of monc If I'm not here... 1 must 

be somewhrr. ' < jHII K .'lhanksto Mom and Dad 

for putting up with m> if. thanks nrn fur 

,• me out along the way Love you / 

Mic-Uc>la«& "Slevei^ 

The Punisher, Nick, Sexy Nick, Cool Nick 

LIKES: Bettina, tattoos, boy sets fire, blood for 
blood, Conan, Mr. T, monkeys, monkeys that talk, 
emogirls and amodorks. DISLIKES: Sex, drugs, 
alcohol, fun. FAVORITE MEMORY: Boy sets fire 
concert and meeting Bettina. ACTIVITIES: None 
to be found. Watching the 80's shows on TNN 
veehaw!. AWARDS: Most coolest. Ambition: To 
some day rule the world. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Praise the almighty Buddha! This interview is over 
act tune! OTHER: I pity the foo! First name Mr. 
Criddle nane. Period. Last name T. 

Mc-Uael \\rt>v*Yxz> 

Ped, Pedy, Pedro, Mike 

LIKES: Ftball, hockey, movies, vid. games, Red Sox, 
music, computer, lake, Pats. DISLIKES: Arrogance, 
stupidity, Yanks, work, hmwrk. FAV. MEM.: Park- 
ing waverunner in mid. of lake, relaxing, last day 
schl, getting called up for diploma. ACTIV.: Base- 
ball-1, waverunning, kneebrding, movies, playing 
vid. games. FOUND: Movies, my rm, work. AMB.: 
College, grad., gd job. FAV. SAY: You miss 100% of 
the shots you don't take. OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Kerri, Kris, Gram for all the love, support that you 
have given to me over the years. You helped me 
reach my goals. I just want to say thank you. 

A^\\rx\ Mane. Perreiii 


LIKES: The shadow, penguins, marimbas, ice crm, 
drummers, laughs, cruises, Disney, long convos, 
music. DISLIKES: Loud eaters, shllw ppl, conflict, 
slrpng, debates, unnecessary drama, maybe, AF. 
FAVMEM.: Summer '03, Disney '03, adventures 
w/JD, Tummy w/TS, late nite beach talks at Cape 
w/TR '02, being rndm w/JN, summer nites on 
porch w/NP. ACT: Marching band 1-4, indr per- 
cuss. 1-4, svmph. band 3-4. FOUND: Makin' mu- 
sic, w/crew JFN SAS MAW, Tracy's, w/TS. 
AWDS: Band stuff. AMB.: Find happiness in what- 
ever I do. OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad for ab- 
solutely everything. Nick, thank you for always 
being there. Tracy, Julie, you are the greatest 
friends anyone could ever ask for. I love you guys! 

JoVn^\ PUillip«& 

Bubsy, Dangerous Jarney Phillips 

LIKES: Nicolette, football, sleep, food, #33, fall, the 
Pats, Red Sox. Mill's, girls, chillin' with the crew. 
DISLIKES: Football camp, Mondays, rain, Franklin, 
-.print-., PDA in halls, waking up early, losing. FAV. 
MEM: Football game against OA, after prom '03 at 
MS, Old Orchard Beach with LM. TM. JC, good 
times with UJ, bone thugs with the boys! ACT: Foot- 
ball I -4 (captain 4), baseball 1-2, track 1-2. FOUND: 
\i [ared - with NS. AWARDS: Offensive MVP 
freshman year, unsung hero sophomore sear, Minor 
football captain Wild [TON: Getting through col- 
I,.;.. being successful in lite I \\ OKI 1 1 SAMNC, 
Are you kidding me? OTHER: It's been real, boj s' 


Towy Pirfele. 



A\viXya Marie, PUi^iTe. 

Sha, Leesh, Babes 

LIKES: Care Bears, pink, laughing, hugs, cows, 
Now & Then, kahunas, cookie monster, canollis, 
mts, beaches, snow, shopping, playgrounds, sum- 
mer, surprises. DISLIKES: Bees, heights, aliens. 
FAV. MEM.: Myrtle Beach, NH w/AD, CR, JP, 
summer '03, Disney, 8/16/01. prom '02, '03, 12/ 
30/02, hiking w/ AD, SW, JB. ACT.: Dance, w., 
sp. track, Leo club, Peer Leadership. FOUND: 
Starline, track, w/friends. FAV. SAY: Pupy love, you 
know, like not full grown black lab. AMB.: Always 
keep smilin'! OTHER: Mom, Dad and Josh, thank 
you for being the best family ever. I love you! My 
gurlies- ily! Good luck, Class of 2004! 


lesus, Josh, Joshy, //GAP 

LIKES: Friday a.m. practice, winning, doing the 
impossible, NH crew, buffalo chicken sub, tv 
prod, Jenny. DISLIKES: 4th lunch, bad drivers 
while running, hypocrites, circus bears, riced out 
cars, wet sneakers and their smell. FAV. MEM.: 
Xc camp 01-03, fantastic 4, bio w/ SS, AD, late 
nights w/ JH at tv prod. ACT: Xc, indoor, out- 
door track 1-4, Leo club 3-4, ski trip 1-3. FOUND: 
Practice, w/ Jenn at tv, with Jen. AWARDS: Xc, 
winter, spring track captain, unsung hero, tv dept 
award. AMB: Give it everything. FAV. SAY.: Ya 
jerk! OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad. Good luck, 

CUe-U«s> Ppirier- 

Che, Las, Jello, Deisel, Che bags 

LIKES: Stars, summer, cows, pink, Now & Then, 
laughing, hugs, lucky, sleep, old school video 
games, ducks, sunset, surprises. DISLIKES: Mean 
people, bugs, waking up early, goodbyes, tickets. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: CYC '02, '03, VG's w/AP, 
JH, TR, SH, AD, 10 mile windy highway, gym 
class w/BL, 8/16/01, art class '02, '03, bus rides 
w/AB, swingers! FOUND: W/Niff, Las, Brr, Ley, 
Sha, Ra! Cruisin w/my babes, dance, work. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Puppy love, ya know like not 
a full grow black lab! OTHER: Mom, Dad, Jeep, 
Justin, Nan, thank you so much for everything! I 
don't know where I'd be without you! I love you! 

Be*-T\av*wo "D. V^ooie, 

Ben, Indiana Ben 

FOUND: Working at the Brook or hanging out at 
the Shack. FAVORITE SAYING: Don't measure 
yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what 
you should have accomplished with your ability. 

Emmy, PooOoOn 

LIKES: My family, my baby godsister Mable, 
Tommy (hunny), my best friend Eileen, MG, 
spending time w/Tommy (hunny), shopping, 
sushi, Chinatown, Good Times, cars, Candle's, 
baby blue, having fun. DISLIKES: Police, winter, 
liars, haters, exams, being broke, red, everything 
about RI. FAV. MEM.: All times spent w/Tommy 
(hunny), especially Six Flags, 8/21/03, walking 
to outlets w/MG 2001, Span, jr yr w/MG, aka 
WC. FOUND: Working at outlets, being w/ 
Tommy (hunny). AMB.: To be happy. FAV. SAY: 
Waste not fresh tears over old griefs. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, Nathan, and Tommy (hunny), thank 
you for everything! 

CUac?l Pc>w< 



LIKES: Vacations, chillin' at the shack, hockey, the 
shack crew, making money. DISLIKES: Waking up 
early, shack bashers, school. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: OCB nights, pool nights, the micro- 
wave, shack nights, Green Day concert, summer 
'03. FOUND: At the shack. 

^atiier-noe, Pcwer^ 

Kntie, Nina, KatieKat 

LIKES: Animals, kickboxing, fasting, buddhism, 
reiki, The Critique of Pure Reason, climbing, JD 
Salinger, water, peppermint tea, sunshine, meta- 
physical poetry, bass players, experimenting, de- 
pressing music, willow trees. FAVOPJTE MEMORY: 
Polaroids, fireflies, the mall with Bree, swimming 
in the rain, Laura. FOUND: In my garage, in a tree, 
in the produce section. AMBITION: To have no re- 


CU&*cf ZOO A 




LIKES: Dancing, singing, animals, hanging out 
with Julie, Jess, Alv, Adrian, Kim, Domenic, Ken, 
Lindsay, Crystal, Jen, Caitlin, Jamie, and Steve. 
DISLIKES: Plainville, people who judge peoples' 
looks, people who spread rumors, MCAS, math. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: When my friends and I 
made a geometry corner in my old school. AC- 
TIVITIES: Dancing, horseback riding, singing. 
FOUND: At the mall with my friends, in my room. 
AMBITION: To make money and live a long, 
healthy life with someone special. FAVORITE 
SAYING: Friends are like four leafed clovers; hard to 
find, lucky to liave. OTHER: Thank you to my fam- 
ily and friends for helping me make it this far. 

Prozac, Salt, Psycho 

LIKES: My friends, fast)' guys, backs, rolls, cars, 
storms, sleep, movies, animals, opals, diamonds. 
DISLIKES: Blondes, schl, gips, slow drivers, hu- 
midity, church, . FAV MEM.: Pink w/ JF, parties 
@ DF's, CC's, Prov w/ girls, beach w/CP, late 
nights w/CV, Can. w/JJ, Lake, cottage, sweatbox. 
ACT.: Driving, work, parties, Krav Maga, chillin, 
sleep, yelling. FOUND: W/ friends, work, driv- 
ing. AWARDS: Punt, pass, kick 1st, most unique 
and artistic JH, swim ribbons. AMB.: Be happy, 
find my true love, help others be happy! Go to 
Hawaii soon. FAV. SAY: Get over it! You only live 
once! OTHER: I love you everyone! Friends have 
always been #1 to me. To my family, thanks for 
putting up with me. I love you so much! 

Sudo, Shasta, Stasha 

LIKES: My bros, music, Mom, Dad, B. Dylan, B, 
Marley, flea, jewelry, slightly stoopid, Jewel, love, 
hmmd gfts, hugging, beach, fun, pictures, GD, 
frdm, CP. DISLIKES: Chronic pessimism, cops, 
pettiness, cold, hatred caused by boredem and 
ignorance, cats, no waves. FAV. MEM.: Summer 
03, trichinoma and Kowalsky, shows w/Famole, 
The Wailers, the crater, sneaving puffalumps, 
Earthlands, weirdness w/Mary. ACT.: Finding 
fun. FOUND: At TR's, KA's car, beach. AMB.: 
Reduce what I want to only what 1 need then I'll 
have enough room to figure it all out. OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Ezra, Dylan, and Seth for be- 
ing my family. Thanks Sharon, Peter, and Nick 
for everything, and thanks Emily. 

Ann, Nipperoonie, Quarter-homie, Q-baga 

LIKES: Dancing, singing, acting, friends, George, 

smiles, food family parties, sleep. DISLIKES: Fish, 

hmwrk, stress, clowns, spiders. FAV. MEM.: Wash. 

D.C., Disney, scvngrhnt (sabotage!), it's itchy! AK, 

ip PEDC, Kiss Concerts 02, 03, 04 ST, I Will 

Survive LT, KP, CC, Grease and Forum, Othello 

.rcent KW. ACT.: Tubing at I.M's, BM's, 

Dearu's blhrm stalls AK, h2o brigade AK, weird 

.•% for a play, dancing, 

(he movies w/JK. FAV. SAY.: Stop that rhyming, 

now I mean it' Anyhodu want a peanut? -Princess 

Bride OTHER thanks to all my friends and /am- 
ir believing in me I'll i" any of you! 

Randog, Officer/Trooper Dave, Sarge 

LIKES: SF, #7, discipline, integrity, pride, honor, 
police, burgers, Red Bull, baseball, blocks in the 
dirt, line drives, bluebirds (spc). Eagle Globe and 
Anchor, Ford, Red Sox, Bruins, Pats. DISLIKES: 
Stupid ppl, math, undiscipline, attitude, punks, 
liars. FAV.MEM: Bsbll st champ game soph yr, st. 
police acdmy 02,03, Pat's game 03, summer at 
Cape, DMB, Healey, Porter. ACT.: Baseball, track, 
ride alongs, work, ftbll 9, pond, st. hock., bt. camp. 
FOUND: T.MacD's, SPA, WPD, WFD, mean 
streets of Plainville, behind the dish, Clicquot. 
AWARDS: 10th man award (9,10) baseball, capt 
04, grad. from MA state police acad. 02, 03, Ntnls 
DECA. AMB. MA State Trooper. FAV. SAY.: Always 
earned, never given; Scroooow! Semper fi! 

3aw\te. Ly%sMsye, 



LIKES: Junk food, making people laugh, having 
a good time, drawing, dancing, music, the beach, 
laughing, making friends, animals, family. DIS- 
LIKES: Rainy days, rude ppl, MCAS, spiders, and 
most of all, spiders. FAV.MEM.: My first day as a 
senior knowing I made it! ACTIVITIES: Draw- 
ing, playing pool, almost any sport! FOUND: I 
have found that you should use your time wisely. 
AMBITION: To be the best person I can be and 
make the best of life and to always keep my word. 
you, Mom and Dad, for being there through the 
tough times. Thanks Mrs Tighe and Mrs. B. 

]oe Dirt 

LIKES: Girls, cars, sleep, football, lifting, food, 
OCB, Joe Dirt, vacation, nights out, chillin with 
the boys, Madden, movies. DISLIKES: Annoying 
people, car problems, school, bees, little kids. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Surviving football camp 
with all my brothers. ACTIVITIES: Football, lift- 
ing, wrestling. FOUND: At the gym, at work. 
AWARDS: Unsung hero freshman football, New 
England power lifting champion. AMBITION: To 
be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Whatever doesn't 
kill you only makes you stronger. OTHER: Every- 
thing flew by, but I picked up some great friends 
along the way. 

Libby, ECR, Libs 

LIKES: Summer, gd movies, dp thoughts, soft shoul- 
ders, Big Pouch, dance, my pool, SNL, tall boys, 
Boston, funny pple, shades, JMFC, summer vid., 
talks w / EB, online chats w / JN. DISLIKES: Hmwrk, 
Joey, shoes, drama, snobs, stress, shopping, wet 
clothes. FAV. MEM.: 4/7/01, summers, frosh bball 
w/Jacques, Pawsox w/MG, JK, TR, Boston 7/25/ 
02 w/LT, EB, EO, SP, WORD, prom 03, Ebo's part)', 
ZOO w/EH, LT, KC, NYE 02, 03, all times at JW's, 
dates w/KW, Bruins w/KW, SS, EO, mdmn nites 
we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance 
OTHER: Janie, Buck, Jimmy, thanks for always be 
ing there, putting up w/ me. Ellen, everyone shld 
have an aunt like you. I love you .ill! 


LIKES: Summer friends, partying, kittens, thun- 
der, lightning, dreams, trust, love, snowboarding. 
DISLIKES: A.m, fake ppl, boredom. FAV. MEM.: 
ME w/TR, SZ, TC, SP, KD, RP, BB, JC, DD, Cape, 
Tracy's w/chillest ppl, Amherst, my house, 
blazement, all concrts, Tim's truck w/crockpot, 
dark side of moon. ACT.: Fh 1-4, Deca 3-4, sball 1, 
FNHS, Mon. nite b*png. FOUND: Tracy's, prpl 
Taurus, w/cran. juice in hand @ schl, ME, my 
house, cruisin. AWARDS: Unsung hero fh 02, 
b*png champ. OTHER:To all my friends, I love 
you dudes! To my parents, I love you! To my 
brother, you're the best. I'd be lost without you. 

CUrh&TbpUer T^ie^er 


LIKES: DMB, winning, golf, skiing, BKs, Wendy's, 
Red Sox, River, Loaf, Silver Bullet, Shack, ski trps, 
Taurus runs, The Sopranos, Led Zep. DISLIKES: 
Yanks, RI, Walmart, stupid ppl, tree huggers, slow 
drivers, snowboarders, schl buses, being late, wrk, 
H. Civics, Mondays. FAV. MEM.: DMB 02, 03, DM, 
TR 03, NH 01, 02, 03 w/JP, AD, AP, RT runs w/ 
AD, Top of Hub 03, Myrtle Bch 01, 02. ACT.: V. 
golf 1-4, v. indr track 1-4, v. outdr track 1-4. 
FOUND: On the links, on the slope. AWDS: V. 
golf, track. AMB.: To be successful at what I do. 
FAV. SAY.: You're better off spending money like there 
is no tomorrow than spending tonight like there is no 
money. OTHER: Thank you, Mom, Dad, and 
Kelsey, for your love and support over the years. 


LIKES: Friends, laughing, good memories, the 
beach, summertime, blue, having fun. DISLIKES: 
Fake people, liars, homework, waking up in the 
morning, dishonesty, betrayal. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Summertime and the beach with DW 
and TW, concert sophomore year with TB and 
MO, just doing anything and everything with 
DW, TB, and MO. FOUND: With DW, TB, at home 
or at work. FAVORITE SAYING: Iwant to go home! 
OTHER: Thanks for all the great times DW, MO, 
SF and TB. I love you guys! 

Carm, Carmensita, Carmenizzle, Loca 

LIKES: Free time, friends, family, work, Polo, cars, 
the rain, driving around aimlessly, Don's Diner, 
opals. DISLIKES: Seafood, lectures, curfews, 
school, headaches. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cape 
Cod, getting chased by a skunk at 2 a.m., 
Valentine's Day, Factory of Terror, the drive in, 
watching Finding Nemo. FOUND: At Friendly's, 
in my car, Cumberland. AMBITION: To be suc- 
cessful after high school, to prove people wrong. 
FAVORITE SAYING: I love you this many! No mat- 
ter what happens, I'll always love you. Serendipity! 

Wacy, Lou Binser, Trobs 

LIKES: Laughter, friends, parties, the roots, moe., 
O.A.R., bippin rongs, the god and grandfather, 
Cape, shows, Lupo's. DISLIKES: Gips, liars, mis- 
trust, disrespect, annoying ppl, show offs. FAV. 
MEM.: 4/20/03, 8/31/03, Cape incident w/ SL, 
SZ, Stooge nights, ME w / HR, SZ, TC, SP, KD, AS, 
RP, Cape at LD's, PPP, frosh semi 01, Jenna's af- 
ter semi 02, jr prom 03. ACT.: Soccer 1-2, sball 1, 
Deca 3-4, Mon. nite b*png. FOUND: At my house, 
the blazement, crusin. AMB.: Live long, excellent 
life, meet a bunch of awesome, chill people along 
the way. FAV. SAY: Peelin fretty good. OTHER: 
Thanks, Mom, for everything. I love you! To my 
friends, never change. I love you guys! Thanks 
for the memories, KP '04. 


LIKES: Mt Dew, prpl, O.A.R., summer, beach, Red 
Sox, Pats, G-UNIT, MAET, wknds, Ruby Tues- 
days, Guster, table for two, girls' nights, Super 
Troopers, Family Guy. DISLIKES: Lady bugs, feet, 
fighting w/ friends, growing up, Yanks, W. 
Shatner, getting ditched. FAV. MEM.: O.A.R. con- 
certs 11/22/02, 5/23/03, 5/28/03, 9/14/03; 5/ 
11/02, 5/31 /03, Guster 6/24/03, Meg's basement, 
rndm nights w/theNC, 711 prkng lot w/MS. 
FOUND: W/KW, MS, JS, MS, Meg's basement, 
my house w/everyone, w/ the NC. AMB.: Go to 
college, start a family, be successful. FAV. SAY.: 
And in a thousand years, and a thousand tears, I will 
find my original crew.- O.A.R. OTHER: Thank you, 
Mom, Dad, and Billy. 

CUrn&TbpUer "^ooc^e, 


LIKES: Hockey, sports, Madden, driving fast, 
chillin with friends, weekends, parties, sleeping, 
winning, KC, 45, summertime. DISLIKES: 
Franklin, 6 a.m. practice, disappointment, dishon- 
esty, homework, peanut butter, the deli, 
Cameron's block party, KFC, slow drivers. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: G. Snow's house, going to 
Nationals, Stark's house ater the prom. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Hockey 1-4. FOUND: At the deli. AMBI- 
TION: To make it through college and to do some- 
thing productive with my life. OTHER: Thanks 
to my family and friends for supporting me all 
these years. 

TXa^TVi l^cx&ata 




Plain ville 

LIKES: Summer, friends, fam., gd times, parties, 
music, 4th of July, laughing, TM, J-shots, beach, 
food, seashells, cruisin'. DISLIKES: Schl, rude 
pple, drama. FAV.MEM.: Prov. w/ LS, SM, SP, 
Buffett '03 w/the crew, clubbin' w/TS, LS, 
Plymth '03 w/DR, JD, Hampton Bch '03. FOUND: 
Club, chilling w/'my girls. FAV. SAY.: It's your day 
kid. It's all about you! OTHER: Thank you to my 
friends, family. I couldn't have done it without 
vou. TM, you helped me through. Thank you. 
Destiny, Adin, I wish you the best in life. Teala, I 
miss vou so much. I will never forget the times 
we had together. Rest in peace girl. 

CUn«& Tie, L_ 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Hanging with friends, having a good time, 
dancing, carmel and hot fries DISLIKES: People 
who don't get to know me. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Meeting Dan A. and graduating. AMBITION: To 
go to college and be successful. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Dreams are forever. OTHER: Thank you, Mom 
and Nana for all your motivation and help. I love 
you both with all my heart. 

HoHs, Holl 

LIKES: - 5, summer, friends, tin can, smiles, pink, 
shopping, Garciaparra, beach, fall, ftball, lip gloss. 
DISLIKES: Drama, gossip, fighting, waking up 
early. FAV. MEM.: Cape, zoo w / JW, rip at Ebo's '03, 
Get togethers @JW's, adv. art I, homecoming '01, 
Lib's pool w/JW, LB, SC, LR, KC, prom '03, MB20 
'03 w/JW, LB, KC, New Yrs. '02, '03. ACT.: Fh frosh 
yr., indr track 1-4. FND: W/JW in the bumble bee, 
at Willard's. AWARDS: Vars. lett. AMB.: Be happy, 
love whatever 1 do. OTHER: Mom, Dad, thank you 
so much for everything. I love you both and am 
grateful. Good luck in hs, Allie. Jenna, thank you 
for so many memories. I love you, friends, always. 

Laura "Sc-Uul^erT 

Scliubes, Schuby, L, LB 

LIKES: Friends rtbr, flowers, S43, Cali, laughs, 
OBX, my girls. DISLIKES: Cold, rainy days, toma- 
toes. FAV. MEM.: Proms, Six Flags, bch trips, 30- 
hr famine, summer lovin', OBX, Pete Franics, Cape, 
lax, not 1 schl lunch, M-night, FH & bird, amazing 
Vickey. moist lotus, 1 7th b-day, noids, ski trip '03, 
VMA's. ACT.: Fh, capt. (1-4), lax (1-3), b-ball (1), 
track (2). NHS, Leo, hi r.-p, (,S, volunteei 1 1 »UND: 
Hiving fun, w/ friends, J Ciss. AWARDS: Unsung 

■ , 100' ' award, silver, gold. AMB.: II. r.' 
a successful, fun lid-, nurse FAV. SAY.: / can believe 

{thing happens for a reason. OTHER: Mom, 
Dad ildn'l have been done without you. 

I less thanks so much. 
- [ am every thii 

if '041 

T^ac-Ue,! < ScX\v^arTZ 

Girl, Rach 

LIKES: P-town, York, Vickie, pizza, camel, 
women's crafts, rain, shopping, pussy cats, mu- 
sic, quiet, money, nature, jewelry, food, iced cof- 
fee, my animals, rainbows. DISLIKES: Homopho- 
bia, fish, mean people, hot coffee, shoes, clowns, 
science. FAVORITE MEMORY: York Beach, 
Maine, the front yard of Auntie Lee's, getting beat 
up by the cow at Peaceful Meadows. ACTIVITIES: 
Hiking, work, spending time with my baby, fight- 
ing for equal rights. FOUND: Outside with Vickie, 
shopping. AMBITION: Lesley College. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: Equal rights are not special rights. No 
one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 

PUil "Sc-o'H" 

Philly Blaze 

LIKES: Football, good times, trucks, beach, box- 
ing, music, history, family, America. DISLIKES: 
Terrorism, leaving my friends, people who think 
they are tough. FAVORITE MEMORY: All my 
summers on Cape Cod. ACTIVITIES: Boxing, lift- 
ing, volunteering at Camp Sunshine. AMBITION: 
To be a polititian. FAVORITE SAYING: Life is a 
tough teacher, she gives the exam first and teaches the 
lesson later. OTHER: Thanks to my big brother, my 
mom, dad, and all my girls and boys. 

< SawviavonVia /feUlev 

Shap, Sam 

LIKES: Summer, sweats, OOB, CC, friends, fam., shot- 
gun, ftball, 11/18/01, soc. camp '01-'03. DISLIKES: 
Drama, fakes, hw, thunder, early a.m. FAV. MEM.: Mr. 
M's class, prom '03, foggy nites w/JC, boys, SM grad 
partv, Cal. ACT.: Soccer 1-4, bball 1, w. track 2, lax 1-1, 
Leo 1-4 (sec 4), pr ldrshp 34, Sadd 3-4, NHS 34, Wellness 
Day 3-4, hrm. rep. 1-4, Deca 3-4. FOUND: Cruisin', 
Panera. Awards: 1st Deca dist. AMB.: Have the best 4 
successful years of my life at college w / no regrets. FAV. 
SAY: Be good toeachother. Luv and miss you, Papal OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, thanks for putting up with me. Erica, couldn't 
have done it without you. Alex, you're the best bro! Rest 
of the fam, vou've made me who I am today. I love vou! 

Avyebcejvi "SUaw 



l^vle. 3Ue^\ 


LIKES: Family, friends, my coaches, rips, girls, not 
getting caught, hang w/ friends, Boom Boom Rm, 
winning, pinning, Bndock Saints, scrap packs, 
vacs., stew, pancakes, chicken, Octoberfest. DIS- 
LIKES: Sketchy places, getting caught, hypocrites, 
liars, next morning, nothing to do, ppl who think 
they are better than they are, leaving the crater 
w/help from JP, KG, NS, JD, getting hit w/ wiffle 
bat. FAV. MEM.: Crazy game of poker, Wrenstock, 
1,2,3 shoot in the red rocket, Gafney's Tracey's. 
ACT.: Lax 1-4, wrestling 1-4, ftball 1-3, chillen w/ 
friends. FOUND: Joe D's. AWARDS: 2x Lacrosse 
Hawk All-Star, Sun-Chronicle All-Star for wres- 
tling, lax. AMB.: To be happy. OTHER: Thanks, 
Mom and Dad, for always being there for me. 

M<*rv -Jevc-e. ^>Ue^\ 

Mae, Mazzy 
Norfolk ' 

LIKES: Autumn, Enlightenment, glttr, red hair, Tori, 
NIN, Tool, Rufus,L.Zep, microphones, cheap soda. 
DISLIKES: Librarians, yuppies, nerves, humidity, 
math, crtn ell, Joel, hun. FAV. MEM.: Tori '01-'03, 
Radiohead 03, mting tall flamboyant man at con- 
cert, prfrmng w/jazz band, Play It Again Sam. 
ACT: Drama 1-4, chorus 1-4. FOUND: Time Fac- 
tory, turning up headphones, w / pen in hand, sing- 
ing my heart out, Russ's house. FAV. SAY.: We are 
not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are 
spiritual beings having a human experience. OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, the arms and legs that have taken me 
so many miles to the beat of my own drum. I love 
you with all my heart. My friends, my Bee People, 
thank you for all the moments. Stay strong. 

JJmictto Mane, 'SUie.ble.r 

Jill, Jilly, Shiebs, Beancr, Grape 

LIKES: Yankees, #2, Jeter, boys, summer, OAR, sip, 
art. DISLIKES: Red Sox, cheaters, hypocrites, liars, 
blood, spiders, clowns, stress, crying, 3:33. FAV. 
MEM.: OAR concerts (5/22/03, 5/28/03, 9/14/ 
03), NSYNC '01, '02, '03, 8/24/02, 5/30/03, Meg's 
house, summer '02, Cape '02, DMB '02 & '03, 7/ 
31/03. ACT.: Softball 1&2, bball 1, pr. ldrshp 2-4. 
MS's, CR's, Ray's. AMB.: Be happy, successful, 
loved. FAV. SAYING: Shut up!, In a thousand years & 
a thousatid tears, I will find my original crew; when I'm 
w/ my friends I feel home. OTHER: Thank you to my 
family, all of my friends for always being there even 
when I am very difficult. Good luck in high school 
Alice. Take care of Annie, Jackson. I love you all. 


LIKES: Football, OCB, 12's, The Fun-el-inn, Ar- 
bor, snippin' in the Saab, winning games, fires, 
$5 cups, Scrap Runs, the Beam, the king, the Weis, 
Nicky's, chills, camp '03, my boys. DISLIKES: 
Alarm clocks, lights, sketchballs, coach B's, gips, 
being followed, sloppiness, getting lewd, 
droughts, park rangers, drama. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Ziegler's, after semis, after prom, 
homegrown with NM, Jizzy's, the Dolph, camp 
'02, '03, D-UNIT, the Cape, Crater, and all the 
goodtimes. ACT.: Football 1-4, lacrosse 1-2. 
FOUND: In the Ville. AMBITION: To live life to 
the fullest. AWARDS: Tourney at Gordie's. 

Eric- "Sie^ 



LIKES: Orange, my friends, Dune, Rammstein, 
music, orange stingrays, wrestling, KMFDM. DIS- 
LIKES: Cutting weight for wrestling. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Hanging our with my friends. AC- 
TIVITIES: Wrestling. OTHER: Marco. 

Sam, Sea-dog 

LIKES: The beach, friends, family, basketball, 
music, mint chocolate chip ice cream, winning, 
success, instant messenger. DISLIKES: Decisions, 
homework, surgery, disappointing others, failure, 
the telephone. FAVORITE MEMORY: Good rimes 
with the crew: SAS, MAW, AMP, JFN, Hofstra 
2000, Disney and Indy trips, junior prom, BOSKA, 
Finase's class with SS and DK, crack class, French 
with JD, my 1st Red Sox game, rides with the J 
crew in the Ghetto Jetto, car flowers. ACTIVITIES: 
Band, basketball, lacrosse. AMBITION: To be 
lucky enough to do something that makes me 
happy everyday. 

A], Cheese jelly, Mr. Cheese Cheesington, Cheese 

Moose, Bison, Buffalo 


LIKES: Drums, Metallica, Thurs., Quads, bass 
guitar, food, bbq sauce, Zildjian, Tama, Coheed, 
Cambrin, dbl bass, coke, music, CD's, Jetta. DIS- 
LIKES: Annoying ppl, spinach, pop music, stu- 
pidity, smiff, being broke, hmwrk, reprts, Engl., 
Newsies. FAV. MEM.: Dayton World Champs 00, 
RCA Dome 01, 02, Metallica 7/6/03, Thurs 11/ 
22/03. ACT: Marching band 98-03, symphony 
band 00-04, ind. perc. 99-02, jazz band 04, hide- 
away 00-04. FOUND: Basement, capentry shop, 
my room, w /Simon, Spangus. AWARDS: MICCA 
MB gld mdl 98-03, Giants Stad. 1st pic 98, 99, 03, 
symph band MICCA gld mdl 00-04, WAI wrld 
champs 00. AMB.: Music career. FAV. SAY.: Huf! 


LIKES: Summer, beaches, driving, sunsets, paint- 
ing, tubing, Quinrus, music, cymbal bags, hanging 
with friends. DISLIKES: Homework, not having a 
car, bees. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summer 2001, fun 
times in Latin III, devil children with JN, prom 
2003, sleepovers with LM & BM, pit with SP, JS, AT, 
CF, PS, SW, FC, PG, art class with LM and AD, 
homeroom with SS. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 3-4, 
marching band 4, drama 2-3. AMB.: To live my 
dreams while being truly happy. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom and Papa for always being there for me. I love 
you. Tim, Sarah, Claire, and Mei thanks for always 
being great friends and brother and sisters. 



Gre,c* "Slu 


LIKES: The PHX, cruisin, green, prehistoric events, 
hiking, knowledge, Sheldonville Country Store, 
mv friends, the o-mobile, rippas, long trips, candle- 
light dinners, long walks on the beach. DISLIKES: 
Herbs, scams, school work, ignorance, boredeom, 
Ms. C's 3rd prd. study, #'d parking spaces, being 
cold, haters, liars^ 4th lunch. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Long night at the shire with some 
fungi. ACTIVITIES: Drama, chorus, working at 
Sheldonville Countn* Store. FOUND: Crusing the 
backroads. AMBITION: Travel the road. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING.: If those who zvalk with you don't 
further your journey, then it is better to zvalk alone. 

Spags, Spagnuts 

LIKES: Guitar, bass guitar, drums, music, 
Metallica, summer, sleeping, FB in the Jetta, Fam- 
ily Guy, BK, Lowbridge, munchies, local shows, 
Guitar Center, jammin'. DISLIKES: Cops, doing 
things, homework, you, getting written up, my 
junior year. FAVORITE MEMORY: Steverman's 
party 5/3/03, Blink /Green day 6/02, Thursday 
7/03, the minivan, BK drive throughs. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Yea right. AMBITION: Go to college for 
music. FAVORITE SAYING: If school is practice for 
the future, practice makes perfect, and nobody's per- 
fect, then why practice? OTHER: Thank God I'm 
outta here. 

Marc- < Eypej-p^M 


LIKES: Set construction, antiques, willows, sleep, 
Thurs., Mr. Skenyon, drama, tea time, Rm. 162, 
Chris B, Avaan A., Gretchen M., Colby C, Angie 
E., Dan S.,' Cindy S„ Cheyne S. DISLIKES: Math, 
you, your mother, your mother 's friend ... the other 
one, reproductions. FAVORITE MEMORY: When 
Michael was far, far away, 16th b-day party, 
snuggles, I'm in love set construction, D.B! AC- 
TIVITIES: Drama, GAPS, procrastination. 
FOUND: Rm. 162, Mel Diva, auditorium, Mrs. T's 
rm, 280 East St. AWARDS: The Joey Award. AM- 
BITION: Teach art here at K.P., design a Broad- 
way set. FAVORITE SAYING: / love you. I'll do it 
tomorrow. OTHER: I love TM, CK, KV, MO, SW. 

Cvi^niTViia Lv^i^ 

Cindy, Cyn 

LIKES: Friends, family, rain, lilacs, beach, Fla., 
is, holidays, Goo Goo Dolls, 
TheEaj/ Meander, musicals, movie DIS 

LIKES Spiders, hypocrisy, ignorance. FAVORITE 
( oncer's, I 
/', random nights with GM, 
I with AA .iinl MO, Kath's summer 
■ Irama, Stupid Girl, 
' MM I lis GAPS, volunteer- 
club I ' 'I ' .1) I kinging 
th friends AMBITION lb be successful in 


TWme.1 < Sp\cu\ro\o 

Dan, Spigs 

LIKES: Friends, Walpole, music, Warped Tour '03, 
lax, Fantastic Four, paintball, parties, getting 
jumped by Colby in the hall, Australia. DISLIKES: 
Math, stupid people, getting up early, car acci- 
dents. FAVORITE MEMORY: Cliff jumping, 
Warped Tour '03, LTJ '01, wrestling tournaments. 
ACTIVITIES: Lax 1-4, wrestling 1-2. FOUND: 
Walpole, sleeping, Dream Machine, with CC, ES, 
MB, AV, KC, MS, AC. AMBITION: To enjoy ev- 
ery minute of my life. OTHER: No, I found Marc 

Me.<*Ua»^ Eit-z-abe.'H'i 


Meg, Megs 

LIKES: O. A.R., summer, nites, Yanks, Table for Two, 
girls' nites.Seinfeld, art class, slping. DISLIKES: 
Fakes, regrets, stress, hypocrites, change, procras- 
tinating, drama. FAV.MEM.: O.A.R. concerts (11/ 
23/02, 5/22/03, 5/28/03, 9/14/03), *NSYNC '01, 
prom '03, 5/30/03, JTX '03,nighs in my basement, 
8/27/02, Cape '02. FOUND: w/JS, JK, KW, & KR, 
at my house w/ crew, at deli. AMB.: Happiness, suc- 
cess with whatever I do, have no regrets. FAV. SAY- 
ING: g-UNIT! When I'm with my friends I feel home. - 
O.A.R. OTHER: Dad, Mom, Der, Rach- thank you 
for everything and alwavs understanding. I really 
do appreciate it although I know I don't always 
show it. I love you guys. 

Steverman, S-man, John Blueberry 

LIKES: Playing guitar, jamming, Metallica, Hide- 
away, chillin, skiing, Burger King, sleeping, con- 
certs, Family Guy, summer, guitar center. DIS- 
LIKES: Homework,waking up early, tomatoes, 
country music, school, President Bush, writing 
this, gas prices, Diet Coke. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Aruba in the summer '03, the minivan, concerts 
at the Tweeter Center, plaving shows, New Year's 
Eve '02, all the parties. ACTIVITIES: Football, 
winter track, spring track. FOUND: The Jetta. AM- 
BITION: To be successful and stuff. OTHER: 
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything. Thanks 
for being there, Melissa. Good luck, Emily, and 
Class of 2004. 

*3ara Maria '3'tre-ele.r 

Streetdog, S.O.R.M. 

LIKES: God, cows, pink lunch boxes, KPxc, 
Boucherisms, green; gold, mnng, vvnnng, spirit wk, 
hmrm, F's class, slping, Ms. Slagle, BS, band, CA, 
Disney Princesses, DISLIKES: 142.1, needles. 
scummy pple, Tilting Rock. FAV. MEM.: 8/16/01, 
Hermit Isle, crime, Disnev, Packet days, Vik cho- 
rus-miss vim Cherry, I Imcmng, t .rk gorilla, |amai- 
can cow hntng, Frog Pond, lakeside tears, hot co- 
in. i i, u, plays, kidnapping donkey. At I .: \i 2-1 
(capl I), w. track 1-4, s. track 1-4, drama 1-4, 
FOUND: Practice, Osh Kosh, w Niff, I as.Br l ey, 
Sha, Ra, IK.U'. Ibpher, Timmay, SH, DM. FAV. 
SAY: I'm laughing ai you ' l wanna talk about • lieesel 
How do you walk in the halls?, Japan I' OTH1 R 
Momma and Daddy, thank vou. I love you. Hi/. IHAI IB. 


LIKES: Hanging out with friends, driving, bas- 
ketball, relaxing, Metallica, cars, lots of money, 
rock music, Italian food, summer, the Simpsons, 
trustworthy people. DISLIKES: Work, rude 
people, getting up early, being sick, traffic. FA- 
VORITE MEMORY: Going to San Francisco with 
my sister of spring '01, Ozzfest '02 and '03, going 
to Cedar Point Park Amusment Park. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Basketball, playing video games, on the 
computer, baseball. FOUND: Driving my Mus- 
tang around. AMBITION: To go to college and be 
rich in the future. 


LIKES: KB, fast cars, JB, driving fast, Atv's, street 
bikes, parties, NC with HB. DISLIKES: KP, school 
lunch. FAVORITE MEMORY: Skipping freshman 
and sophomore years. ACTIVITIES: Chillen. 
FOUND: Cruising. 


Mandy, Mand, Amanda Jane, Mandolin 

LIKES: 7, ice cream, friends, concerts, beach, snow 
days, movies, stars, summer, mems., pictures, 
hmrm. DISLIKES: Fights, ft, thunder storms, cold, 
growing up, boredom, math, waiting, gdbyes. 
FAV MEM.: Nantucket '02, MV '01 w/MG, MB20 
'03, summer '03 , fh camp '02, *NSYNC w/MG, 
girls' nites w/crew, cruisin' w/KR, rndm nitets 
w/NC, 7/11 parking lot w/KR, hmrm w/DS, MS, 
SS. ACT.: Sleeping, cruisin', Dunks w/NC, w/ 
crew. OTHER: Mom, Dad, PJ, thanks for always 
being there! I love you! Good luck, Class of 2004! 


-'*" %i ^ 


r y. - 





~ ) k 





Potric-W Sweene' 



LIKES: Cars, arts, family, friends. DISLIKES: Rude 
people, rainy weather. FAVORITE MEMORY: Me 
and a couple of friends partying on the top of 
Sweatt Hill at 2a.m., to kids who come fun spot, 
very chill. ACTIVITIES: Hanging out, working on 
cars, biking. FOUND: Having fun, goofing 
around. AMBITION: To do my best and not an- 
ger anyone. FAVORITE SAYING: Tell your mother, 

oh Dani, Yellie, Reb 

LIKES: SC, rain, PL, cheerleading, food, BK runs 
w/AF, SM, NW, VG. M. Jackson, 80's, movies, 
Comedy Central, y'all, Incubus, Timberland, my 
sisters KL and Alexis, Mustangs. DISLIKES: 
Mono, hmwrk, up /down stairs, 4th lunch, being 
grounded, Lyme dis.. FAV. MEM.: Teala, P.I. w/ 
SM, Busch Gards. w/KL, fires, cheer clinic w/KL, 
NF, JM, CK, prom '03, New Yr's '03 w/KS, NW, 
camping w/VG, D.C. trip, Lollapolooza '03, 
hmrm. ACTIV: Chrlding 1-4. FOUND: W/my 
girls KL, NW, VG, AF, KS, SM. AMB.: Travel, Be 
happy doing whatever. OTHER: I love you Mom, 
Jay, Steven, Alexis, Thanks for everything. TS, al- 
ways in my heart 5/17. 

Lex*U Mane. "Sucirue. 


LIKES: My friends, family, my dog Oreo, sum- 
mer, Hello Kitty, pink, my sick car, pep rallies, 
bling-bling, Adin, fun, Capt. M, Hollywd show- 
ers, Ritzy. DISLIKES: Accidents, Jello, rain, 
Scumslizzuts, green. FAV. MEM.: Nites in Prov. 
w/SP, SM, ER, outta control w/SM, Hey! DD, VV, 
summer '02, JE parties at DF's, CC's, Hampton 
Bch NA, ER, EG, B-room w/SP, every wknd w/ 
DF, every memory with Teala, comp. w/chrlders, 
bch w / DR, JB, ER, laughing w / EG, SS at CP's w / 
ER. ACT: Fall, wint. chrlding. FOUND: 5th Ave, 
w/my friends. OTHER: Thank you to my family 
and friends. RIP, Teala. I love and miss you. I heart 
you DF, ER, EG, SP, JB, DR, LT, SM, MW, JE. 


LIKES: Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, days off, 
sleep, playing golf. DISLIKES: Yankees, Mondays, 
boredom, school work, spiders, getting called down, 
running out of gas. FAVORITE MEMORY: O.A.R., 
the Cape, numerous days off, playing golf, Pat's 
superbowl rally, opening day. ACTIVITIES: Golf- 
ing. FOUND: The golf course, trunk of the Ford, 
procrastinating. AMBITION: To be a sports journal- 
ist. FAVORITE SAYING: Don't use seven words when 
four will do. OTHER: Thanks to my family. 


Matty, Toledo 

LIKES: Hangin with friends, cruzin, fishing, dirt 
bikes, Mustangs, nici, beach. DISLIKES: Liars, 
getting dumped, homwork, Robi, mean people, 
people telling me what to do. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: October 5. ACTIVITIES: Fishing, hunt- 
ing, skiing. FOUND: Driving, working, at home, 
with friends. AMBITION: To make lots of money 
and to be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: Don'thate; 
appreciate. OTHER: Thanks to my family, friends, 
and Nicole Thomas for always being there for me. 


Lynnie T 

LIKES: Friends, weekends, cheerleading, driving, 
football, baseball, hanging out with all the girls, 
NF, TT, DD, KM, KL. DISLIKES: Snobs, liars, 
Mondays, reading. Jets, Yankees, long block, 4th 
lunch, up and down stairs. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Prom 03, summer 03, Ms. Smestad's class, club- 
bing with LG, f-ball games with KL. ACTIVITIES: 
Cheerleading 1-4. FOUND: School, home, driv- 
ing around, chilling with LG, CM, LM, AL, NB. 
AMBITION: To go to college and get a good job 
and be happy! Live life to the fullest! FAVORITE 
SAYING: To the night I won't remember with the 
friends I'll never forget. OTHER: Thanks to my fam- 
ily and friends who always stand by me. I love 
you Teala and you will always be missed. 


LIKES: Pink, summer, bch days, my chicas, guys, 
Wendy's, Levi's, shopping, laughing, slping in, rd 
trips, holla-ring, dancing, flowers, cheese. DIS- 
LIKES: Grumpiness, overslping, dishonesty, 
hmwrk, getting yelled at, camping, gdbyes, 
snobbiness. FAV. MEM.: 495, bch trips w/KP, CO, 
BC, movie nites w / MS, starry nites w / ES, Six Flags 
trips, Palace w/LG, summer at UVM, Wendy's 
nites w / BC, gdbye kisses, sketchy Milf . guys, Erik!, 
prom '03. ACT.: Xc 02-04, Leo club 02-04, drama 02- 
03, indr track 02, ski club. FND: Practice, rehrsal, 
Levi's, peoples' houses, shopping, aslp, gym. FAV. 
SAY.: If you love something, let it go; if it comes back to 
you, it's'your's; if it doesn't, it never was. OTHER: 
Good luck to the Class of 2004! We did it! Thanks to 
my chicas for being there for me through it all! 

Kate, Tumi 

LIKES: Sun, stars, bch, shopping, candles, pictures, 
long talks, pink, Sox, comfy clothes, rain, smiles, 
laughing, mems, dreams. DISLIKES: Drama, Yanks, 
g-byes, grudges. FAV.MEM.: FFP '01 w / crew, OAR 
ll/23/02 / 5/22/03,5/28/03,summer'00,D.Breen's 
class, DJ Jazzy frosh bball, Celts '03, Ruby's s, Sox 
'03, Span. 3-4, Cape '02 w/LR, JK, JS, MS, MG, Sox 
Yanks w/MS, hr w/Fig 1-4. ACT.: Bball, sball, Leo 
club. AMB.: Live life to its fullest, have no regrets. 
FAV. SAY.: In a thousand years and a thousand tears 
I'll come find my original crew. OTHER: Mom, Dad, 
thanks for always being there through everything. 
AEM, good luck. You can achieve anything you put 
your mind to. I love you! BL- you're the best. 

Laura A, Tuve^cv^ 

Tuve, Tuv, Tuva, Mapmatician 

Soccer, 27 games, winning, Gobis, long 
conversations, sunsets, dreams, yo Idrs, Snapple 
caps, skiing, MV, Orion, spag. dins, Panera, 
Ben&Jerry's, soft shoulder, hded swtshirts. DIS- 
I IK I S Intenseenvironments, commas(BB), char- 
acter limit, sketchy business, am mtings, gdbyes, 
theFurry.FAV.MEM.:il/18/01 (iti o eet) 
Rndm Nit'-, MASf '03, pre-) ranklinTping, Bowl 
Zig/s 17th, I8th, soccer camp '02- '03, sum- 
,i I R'g, Boston 7/25/02 . ACT.: Soccer 1- 
SAY.: Y He lime from the life that's 

OT1 I ; ' ' 'I,, I )ad ih.mks for 
. ii up like ( 
Love v"u all! 

^atWvi'-i VW-w^rWvW 

Kath, Jebb-o, Project Nazi 

LIKES: Buffy, martial arts, vid. games, talking late, 
nature, Bost., sarcasm, Tool, NIN, Floyd, 
Radiohead, bks, film, summer, guitar, hiking, ski- 
ing, biking, computers, tech, Mtn. Dew, Nietzsche, 
Vt. DISLIKES: Ignorance, politics, bees, South, gay 
techno, Cog Railway, Personal Best, when pple 
drop gaff, tape on friends' hds. FAV.MEM.: Evita, 
Tool '02, Radiohead '03, P2P trip '03, Amherst w / 
AA, laser Floyd, Cafe Jaffa, grad. party at HH's, 
Mt. Wash. w/Jay, hanging out w/ AA, BB, CC, TG, 
HH, GM, TM, ES, MS, DS, CS, CW. ACT.: Gaps 2- 
4, karate. FOUND: Backstage, rm. 162, catwalk, 
T Boylston St., Funway, Mansfield. AMB.: Con- 
tentment. FAV. SAY.: Life is far too important a thing 
ever to talk seriously about.- Oscar Wilde. 

>4v-w?lr<e,w Varej 



MariWe. Vi 


LIKES: Horseback riding, beaches, DDR, hang- 
ing w/CF, exploring Bost., paint balling, draw- 
ing, daydrming, study w/VB, pyrotechnics, na- 
ture, rivers, friends. DISLIKES: Carbon skeletons, 
whiny girls, G. Bush, hypocrites, sushi, SAT, SAT 
II, nrrw-mndd ppl, stress. FAV.MEM.: 2 wk si- 
lence, anatomy w/KC, GM, SW, CF hitting Fo- 
cus, Ptown w/RH. ACT.: Working, FNHS, SNHS. 
FOUND: Nicky's, CF's, knitting, home, riding, 
daydrming. AWDS: 13th at state French soph yr, 
hon. roll, have a Nobel prize in the mail. AMB.: 
See world; become a vet; show horses; get CF to 
come to S. Afr. FAV. SAY: Yes, isn't it pretty to think 
so. OTHER: CF, you have been the best friend ever. 
Thanks Mom, Dad for all your support. 




LIKES: Food, basketball, Red Sox, Miami Dolphins, 
cheerleaders. DISLIKES: Yankees, school, slow driv- 
ers, designated hitter. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Montepalooza w/ TTJ. ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 
Peer Mediation. FOUND: A way out. AWARDS: 
Capain of the basketball team. AMBITION: None. 

TW?ww\*& T>. Walc--zaW 


LIKES: Snowboarding, ski trips, The Loaf, Karl 
Malone, golf, stripers, Ginos, tail gating, Sox, con- 
certs, Remy's, benders, The Grandfather, taggin', 
Harry Lloyd. DISLIKES: Swagglers, sand baggers. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Larry's, September 26, 2003. 
FOUND: At Wendy's, offroading, on the course. 
AMBITION: You only live once, make the most of 
it. FAVORITE SAYING: W.A.B.- What a bust. Catch a 
date. Where's the fire?, BREW HaHa, Yep, Wait for it, 
Got it. You 're kdling me, Smalls. Solid. 

Mic-ple, Mane WaW>U 

Nik, Nikki 

LIKES: Kev, food, cheerleading, the beach, night, 
sunset, BK runs, summer, Saturdays, parties, va- 
cation, laughing, red, money, #7, buzzards. DIS- 
LIKES: Snobs, backstabbers, fake people, rumors, 
stress, psychos, being cold. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Being juvenile delinquents with SM, causing 
trouble DS, partying with KS, hanging out with 
KC and crew, having some crazy times with TS- 
R.I.P. 5/17/03. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, shop- 
ping, being with friends. FOUND: With my Kev 
and the crew. AMBITION: To live life to its full- 
est and be happy. FAVORITE SAYING: I know... 
Right!, Right thurr! OTHER: Mom, thank you for 
inspiring me to do well and always giving me an 
extra push. I love you. 

"Derrec-W WarcUal 

D, D-Unit 

LIKES: Airplanes, cars, quads, band, Boy Scouts, 
music, off roading, working on cars, munchies, 
rd trips, girls- freshman JK, bikes, hanging w/ 
friends, beat boxin', paintball, hacky sack. DIS- 
LIKES: Things breaking, not working out, hmwrk, 
spd limits, work, country music, snow banks, tak- 
ing spills, Span., doing nothing. FAVMEM.: 
Steverman's party 5/3/03- best nite of my life. 
ACT.: Band, Boy Scouts, Gaps, trying to be a me- 
chanic, driving too fast, being me, sax. FOUND: 
I'm hard to get a hold of, the car, w/ Hansen, band 
rm, rockin' out to 'em. AWARDS: I'm working on 
it, I swear I won Student of the Week once. AMB.: 
To be a Pilot & be successful, settle down in Mi- 
ami, live life to the fullest. 

< Ex*mU T^cUae.1 Ward 


LIKES: Vacation, beach w/ friends, shopping, art, 
drama, cast parties, art class, fresh Eng., parties 
at CS's, Mel Diva's, eating outside, taking pic- 
tures, pizza dip, fall. DISLIKES: Mon., getting up 
early, suicidal squirrels, bad movies, hist, saying 
gdbyes, bees in the courtyard, needles, when the 
car battery dies. FAVMEM.: NFTC '02, cow duck!, 
prom '03, Canobie L. w/CW, Span. vid. '03, 
Symph. Hll, cast parties, MA Art w/ AA, Eur. '02, 
driving w / AL, FK, tech dinner '03. ACT.: Drama, 
figure sk8ing club, SADD. FOUND: Audit., ice 
rink, shoe shopping, work. AWARDS: Gold med- 
als at MICCA Festiv.. AMB.: Work hard in life, suc- 
ceed. FAV SAY.:Woot! OTHER: Thanks to my fam- 
ily, friends for their support. Love you all. 

*3Te,©vie.m Wale 


Sweetwater, Herman 

LIKES: Parties, the boyz, golf, b-ball, beach, Red 
Sox, Pats, boats, tubing, relaxing by water, ski- 
ing, summer, my fam., procrastinating, doing 
things on impulse, movie, music, two B's, $, MH. 
DISLIKES: Getting caught, the way females think, 
schl, disappointment, tests, losing, next a.m., prac- 
tice. FAV. MEM.: Warehouse, J-Rods, tailgating, 
Pearl Jam, cruisen w /boyz, N.H., jr prom, apart- 
ment, Mere's pad, Snow's. ACT.: Baseball 1-2, golf 
2. FAV. SAYING: How you doing? Anyone I can. 
What you think about yourself is much more impor- 
tant than -what others think of you. OTHER: Thanks 
to my teachers, family, and friends. Good luck to 
everyone and I'm glad you met me. 

<4vTc^re.w 3oVn^\ 

DJ Tiueeks 

LIKES: Girls, PHX, BMW, the junior prom, work, 
GS, my boys. DISLIKES: People who make an 
assumption about people without knowing their 
deal. FAVORITE MEMORY: Too many parties at 
Kipp's to have one favorite. ACTIVITIES: Match- 
ing with the PHX, BMW times, ball at Kipp's. 
AMBITION: To live a long, happy life. FAVOR- 
ITE SAYING: It was Jim Grant. OTHER: The per- 
son who increases knowledge, increases sorrow. 


Abby, Webby 

LIKES: Ice cream, love, body-numbing oceans, run- 
ning, #3, malls, coffee, vanilla, parchesi, roses, $, 
walking barefoot, thunder. DISLIKES: Gdbyes, im- 
maturity, selfishness, stupid rules, disrespectful el- 
ders, tests, misunderstanding, technology, laziness. 
FAV. MEM.: All the good times @ the Cape w/ my 
friends & family. TM- thanks for all the good times 
we had. ACT.: XC 2-4 (3&4 capt.), indr track 1-4 (4 
capt), class govt. 2-4. FOUND: Workin' w/JC @ 
Nicky's, formin' our own clique at track w/JG. 
AWARDS: XC-MVP '02. OTHER: Mom and Dad, 
you have given me everything I've ever wanted. 
Alexandra and Carter, goodluck! I love you all. 

cUidW v. wUite 

Chica, Xine 

LIKES: Music, monkeys, work, set constructions, 
chaos, Spanish, Regulars. DISLIKES: Work, silence, 
tube tops, history, stupid people. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Cowboys and Indians melting, his- 
tory/art class freshman year, Lina's Roast sum- 
mer. ACTIVITIES: GAPS- 4 years, SADD fresh- 
man and sophomore year. FOUND: Backstage, 
Dunks. FAVORITE SAYING: Munkee! 

CU&«,cf ZOO A 

ManaU Awvxca WUfte 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Summer, S, parties, concerts, Mustangs, 
cats, fake ID's, gold, Deca trips, making home 
vids, hangin out w/girlz CP, SM, SS, BB, LS, ER, 
Louis Vuitton, Celts, skiing. DISLIKES: Alarm 
clocks, trouble, fiheaters, Yanks, MCAS, rainy, 
cold days. FAV.MEM.: Buffet '02, ME w/CP, HR, 
SR, VR, MB, nites w/lewd crew, cruise to islands, 
stranded @ strand w/BP, 8/16/03, summer '01, 
(sweat box), summer RM '03, hangin out w/my. 
ACT.: W. track 1-2, s. track 1-2, Deca 3-4. FOUND: 
w/BP. AWARDS: Too many to list. AMB.: To 
make a billion. FAV. SAY.: Even/thing happens for 
a reason. OTHER: Mom, thanks for helping me 
with even-thing. I love you. Thanks, Dad. Good 
luck, AH. T.S. RIP, Best of luck, Class of 04. 

T^ocWi WUftc 


LIKES: Summer, winter, gymnastics, friends, laugh- 
ing really hard, snowbrding, beach, fam. DISLIKES: 
Sliding in my car in the winter, mean pple, dumb 
drivers, getting into trouble w/KC, jr yr. FAV. 
MEM: DMB '01, Strangefolk '02, 7/4/03, 17th b- 
dav. ACT.: Fhl-3, gymnastics 1-4, class vp 1-3, NHS 
3-4. FND: W/KB, JC, KC, AD, JG, AW, KZ, @ Walp. 
Gymnastics, cruisin in the V6 automatic 'stang. 
AWARDS: Capt. 3-4, mvp, Sun Chronicle all star, 
Hock all star, rookie of yr, schl records, vars. lett., 
jack. AMB: Be happy with what I do in life, make 
some money at same time. OTHER: The family, I 
love you all and God bless. Thanks Mom, Dad for 
putting up with me. Dad, thanks for being so awe- 
some. Mom, be good and stay strong. Ev and Matt, 
have fun! Thank you, Zeiglers, for everything. 

< S'tepUei^ WUHe, 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Friends, family, EQ!EQ!EQ!, those little 
umbrellas you get in pina coladas, cars that don't 
squeak. DISLIKES: People, I guess, people who 
think they're smart, work, school, people who 
can't turn their blinkers off, people who are all 
talk. FAVORITE MEMORY: Pickup line on Singled 
Out freshman year, Boner award in drama. AC- 
TIVITIES: Drama, hanging out with friends, do- 
ing nothing, playing EQ. FOUND: My long lost 
sock, and this weird thing under my bed. 
AWARDS: To cool for skool, best pickup line on 
Singled Out. AMBITION: To play EQ all day long. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Calm down cowgirl. You know 
it. Who's your daddy? 

Marra A&vye, Wilc-c>* 

Maw, Willie, Zor 

LIKES: Pizza Hut, comfs, Schmidt's laws, driv- 
ing around with friends, Red Sox, Safehaven, soc- 
cer games. DISLIKES: Drama, bdays, strangers in 
mon, goodbyes. FAVORIII 
r 03, chasing cop cars 
with J'.. DJ Jazzy, History Day 02 with KT, KC, 
' , Pizza Hul with VIII, Ml'j.JC, BO. ACTI Vi- 
lli r l, softball 1, winter 

up 1- 
'■ the crew, having a 

IBI no 1. ( Mill R 

n being so supportive. 

Jenna-Lee, Jenni 
Plain ville 

LIKES: Fireworks, dreaming, ocean, M20, RD, 
blue, ice cream, flowers, dancing, GH, eyes, love, 
wkends. DISLIKES: Rushing, fakes, immaturity, 
liars, gdbyes, regrets, egotistical guys, high 
beams, crying. FAV.MEM.: Deca trips, NYE 02,03, 
Cape, zoo w/HS, RD, M20, Fri. nites w/ guys, 
after prom 03, MS base., Ebo's rip, gatherings at 
mv house. ACT: Deca 3-4, tennis 1-4. FOUND: 
At my house, w/RD and girls. AWARDS: Deca 
2nd dist., 3rd states. AMB.: Live happy, success- 
ful life. regrets. OTHER: Thank you to my 
family. I love you. Holls, thanks for always being 
there. You're the best! Kath, my forever friend! 
LR, LB, SC, RD, GG, KG, thanks for all the memo- 
ries! Love you guys! Greg, good luck, have fun. 

Jaiw^. WilleTie 

Jaims, Loser Friend, Miss Grace 

LIKES: Music, Nirvana, NIN, alice in chains, Jump 
Little Children, Dane Cook, drawing, rain, fash- 
ionably late day (4/21), rding, rndmnss, art, hair 
dye, writing, diddy pop-heh. DISLIKES: Igno- 
rance, labels, forced anything, pointless rules, cold, 
pple who think thev have you all figured out when 
they really don't, hs drama, cliques, beach. FAV. 
MEM.: Lupos shows, all the times the school 
moved and JC, JH, and I had to find it, art class- 1 
mean histor)', Fri. w/DN (Shane is not a cop), 
Grndav w/MC, Trick /Treating in April, gvm w/ 
MG, 34 Spoon shows w/DN. ACT.: Track (2 
weeks), Sachem. FND: Danielle's, my room. AMB.: 
Learn, create, live. FAV. SAY: j suggest that we learn 
to love ourselves before it's made illegal. -Incubus. 

3a*z>ov~\ C. WilW 

jay, Vivichan, Wringwraith #3 

LIKES: DDR, mac, cheese, drama, boys A _ A , rainy 
nites, Keo Ayeka, Foo Yukari, Marry, Piepen, Polio, 
Schizo, my Dragon Queen, and all the others i for- 
got. DISLIKES: Prejudice, closed minds, Mon., DBZ, 
people who talk too much and do not listen. FAV. 
MEM.: King Richard's Fair when we all dressed up. 
ACT: Drama, divers, club. FOUND: Backstage wait- 
ing to perform. AMB.: Be an actor who touches 
hearts of people. Live in a world where noone is 
judged by how they are different. FAV. SAY.: You are 
free to sever the chains of fate that bind you. LOD. The 
greatest thing you 'II ever learn is just to lozv and be loved 
in return. MR. OTHER: To all my sisters, I love you. 
To mv family, thank you for the support you have 
given me. To my fellowship, you're late. To all of the 
friends I have made over the years, I love you. 

Mishy, Shelley 

LIKES: My girls SH, MH, CC, #4, sunnydays, 
beaches, sunsets, friends/ family, laughing, starry 
nites, honest)', happiness, smiles, slping. DISLIKES: 
I iars, i\ . iking up early, cold, drunk-driving, 
gdbyes. FAV. MEM.: Deca nation. -Orlando, NH w/ 
SH, CC, MH, bowling nite, ID Jazzy Jacques, taxi 
w/BB, EC, after prom 01-03, state champs 01, 
Chatham w/MC, Stooge nites. ACT.: Soccer, bball, 
NHS, Leo club, pr Idrshp. AWARDS: Hon. roll. 
FOUND: HHC meeting, v, the girls SH, CC, MH, 
friends. AMB.: Have fun, have no regrets live life 
to the fullest OTHER Mom and Dad, thanks lor 
always being there for me I love vou! Car and loin 

good link, I know you'll succeed in w hatevei you 
do l o\ e \ ou always. ( lood luck. Class ol 04. 


Laura Wwoc?) 


with Carolyn, Vermont with Josh, Papoose Pond 
with Val and Chris, summer 02 with Filiz, Easter 
with Bill, Norba Nationals, Deerfield, bonfires, gro- 
cery shopping with Katie, Lindsey's JJ. FOUND: 
With Josh, at work. 

Kel, Kelwins, Fins 

LIKES: Wkends, BRUINS, soft shoulder, moist lo- 
tus, noids nons, The Bird, DAB, LS, JC, PC, PJ, stock, 
summer. DISLIKES: Sloths, fakes, hair-clip ref, 
counselors @ Deerfield, onions, Creek St., Kansas, 
hw, tying. FAV. MEM.: MASC '03, ski trips, WYD 
'02, OBX '03, frosh b-ball, Cape, prom, dates w/ 
ER, 5/10/03, bowl. w/AD, CC, MW, LR, LT, ECR's 
pool, Bruins w/SS, ER, EO, Bost., skin w/Schube. 
ACT.: Fh 1-4 (capt 4), lax 1-4 (capt 4), stuco 1-4 (sec 
4), Fhs 2-4, b-ball 1, NHS 3-4 (vp4), Leo club 1-4, 
ski club 1-4. AWARDS: Mvp-fh, league all star lax, 
Hock champs lax '03. AMB.: Have no regrets, live 
life to the fullest, enjoy every minute of it. FAV. SAY: 
Never take life too seriously; you'll never get out alive. 
OTHER: Mom, Dad, Kev, and Cat, thanks for al- 
ways being there. Love you guys! Good luck '04! 

Ziggles, Ziffler 

LIKES: Friends, gd times, family, love, restaurants, 
James, warmth, laughing, clothes, shoes, summer, 
beach, vacs, food, life, slping, Thurs. nite. DISLIKES: 
Rain, mean ppl, crying, ppl who tell you what to 
do, skiing, lying, cheating, hmwrk, gossip, being 
alone, work. FAVMEM.: Frosh yr w/JG, rips at 
home, being w/JG, RW, AD, KC, KB, JC, DMB 00, 
Strangefolk, bday party at Cape, sketchy nites w/ 
ladies, summer, Cape w/JG, rough wet nights w/ 
JG, prom 02. ACT.: Fh 1-3, indr track 1-2, s. track 1. 
AMB.: Be happy, successful, have a life full of love 
and laughter. OTHER: Thank you, Mom and Dad, 
for everything you've done for me! I love you! To 
my best friends, there is only more fun to come! I 
love you, JG! Good luck to Jake, Karl, and Zach. 

Rosa, Lemon 

LIKES: Summer, O.A.R. , laughing, stars, Red Sox, 
dancing, sunsets, beach, maet, dirty-dancing, the 
crew, table for 2, g-UNIT. DISLIKES: Yankees, li- 
ars, hypocrites, selfish people, feeling left out, cry- 
ing, bees, feet, change, drama. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: O.A.R. (11/23/02, 9/ 14/03), MS base- 
ment, 5/11/02, Guster 6/24/03, Hawaian party, 
5/30/03, summer 02, trampoline nights. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Tennis 1-4. FOUND: w/KG, MS, JS, KR, MS. 
FAVORITE SAYING: Being grown up isn't half the 
fun as groiving up. These are the best days of our lives. 
When I'm with my friends 1 feel home. OTHER: 
Thank you, Mom and Dad. KG, MS, JS, KR, I 
couldn't have made it without you guys. Thank 
you for everything. 1 love you guys! 


Zorro, Z, Joey Zip 

LIKES: Chillin, summer, engines, dank, Cape, 
friends and B the fam, concerts, Phish, DMB, Roots. 
DISLIKES: Pessimism, liars, stairs rule, broken 
glass. FAV. MEM.: DMB 03 w/ JM, SR, Lolla P. w/ 
JM, DS, Sprite Tour w/ SL, KA, KA, JM, UE, TR, 
Tracy's w/fam, Indr Perc. 2000- Gold Medal, 4th 
of July w/KA at JM's, Wrenstock 03. ACT: Drum- 
ming, stayin active, drivin, chillin, cruisin. FND: 
Buckles in Seb's car, go-cart, L.Binser's. AMB.: Suc- 
cessful, happy life, own a house, wife, kids. FAV. 
SAY.: Well WTF, over? Well.'s what ya gotta do. 
Milk it! OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, and Bobby for 
pushing me through this 4 year experience. I love 
ya's. Peace. 

Other Members of the Class of 2004: 

3ex-e~v*\y 'Surro 


You re on your own. 

And you know what you know. 

And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go. 

-Dr. Seuss 













•* — **& 



Best All Around 
Caitlin Cuozzo, Dave Rando 

Best Smile 
John Phillips, Sam Cacciapaglia 

Most Optimistic 
Brittney Lambert, 
Reid Eichelberger 


Most Gullible 
Jaime Guild, Kyle Shea 

Least Likely to Grow Up 

Ben Henderson, 

Katelyn Arvidson 

Best Looking 

Caitlin Cuozzo, 

Dan Fisher 


Best Laugh 

Tracey Robbins, 

Joel Lee 

Class Flirt 
Tom Walczak, Sarah Haber 

Most Fun To Be With 
Libby Renner, Reid Eichelbergerl 

if:- W 

V' S~% 


IlkMB ' 


Class Clown 

Sasha Provost, 

Greg Sluss 

o Be v 


Kevin Banks, 



Most Likely 
to Get Upset 

If They 
Don't Get a 



Gay nor, 



Best Car 
Carlee Kurkjian, 
Tim MacDonald 


Most Talkative 

Shawn McDermott, 

Erin Ouimet 







IT -M 



Best Nicknames 

Kyle Shea, 

Lora Bertoldi 

Best Personality 

Libby Renner, 
Jared Cacciapaglia 

Most Dramatic 

Chris Roode, 
Meredith Gaynor 


l * 

[ BW^^rr 

Sf^a. ! *^. 

^■r BM W 



Most Artistic 
Colby Caulmare, Ashley Daubenmirt 

Best Hair 
Heather Richner, Joe Conroy 

Dave Rando, Jenn Hall 

Most Liberated 
Katie Connelly 

Most Class Spirit 

Laura Tuveson, 

Kyle Moore 

Most Athletic 

Reid Eichelberger, 

Aimee Kern 



wn m& 

. ..■,.. 

. r«*fc>s 




Most Unique 
Angie Espinosa, Colby Caulmare 

Most Chauvinistic 
Chad Manigan 







Dave Carloni 



■ m 



■S^^a - ^ 



9 J 

RMB . "'^^J 

Can't Carry A Tune 
Jen Lechak, Nick Campo 

w*8k fa 

wot i ra» uu« on; 


r ~& s 


mm 1 


s^ - ' 1 ':"'-'" " : -'J 

^x v ., ' ' 




T \ 


'i^ga »\ a &ii»V**»' 




* ^ -^ 

■ kwnC 

;&$&■ N 

Jl* *^*fi 


< Suc-c-ee^ 


Joe Moses, Erin Ouimet 

Lauren Miller, 
Bridget Miller 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Tim Huth, 

Kaleena Chartrand 

1. Miss Fuller's first grade 

2. Greg Sluss 

3. Emily Poon, 
Jess Kraby, and 
Holly Schrader 

4. Lora Bertoldi, 
Jared Cacciapaglia, 
Sam Cacciapaglia, 
Heather Richner, 
Sarah Haber, Jaime Guild, 
Jess Colcord, Dave Rando, 

and Erin Cleary 

5. 6th grade 

6. Anthony DeLaiarro and 
Tim Macdonald 

7. Shawn Hogarth and 
Matt Toledo 

Hr - 


Kyle Moore, Sarah Haber 
and Bryan Healey having 
a good time at a pool 

(back) Caitlin Cuozzo, 
Sarah Haber, Kyle Kurkjian, 
(middle) Ashley Daubenmire, 

Meredith Healey, 
and (front) Carlee Kurkjian 

playing volleyball 

On the beach with 
Derek Partridge and 
John Phillips 



Lindsey Tufts ,m~u\ 

Mary Shea opening gifts 

.il .1 pool party 

1. Jenna Willard and Beth Bailey 

2. Julie Nolan and Joe DelGrosso 

3. Emily Bhatti, Joe Kettell, Keith Kipp, and Julie Halpin 

4. Kyle Shea, Ben Henderson, and Jim Carey 

5. Caroline Carr, Rose Becker, and Jess Colcord 

6. Ryan Joyal, Nick Campo, Marc McMorrow, Chris Roode, and 
Greg Sluss. 


Julie Halpin and 
Tom McGuire making faces 

Jill Shiebler, 






dress up. 

A sack race with real sacks 

Halloween in 
elementary school 

TSevnewtber WVieWT^ 

Rich Mattson, Anthony DeLaiarro, 
Nick McEvoy 

Christina Giacalon 

Julie Nolan, 

Samantha Sieloff 1 

Tracy Robbins, 

Marra Wilcox, 

Anna Perrelli 

Back: Aimee Kern, Sarah Haber, 
Libby Renner, Caitlin Cuozzo, 
Laura Tuveson, Kate Cronin, 
Kelly Winslow, Meredith Gaynor, 
Karaline Zeigler, Amanda Darling, 
Wendy Ritchie, Samantha Shapiro, 
Emily Bhatti, Meredith Siinms 
Front: Casey Brescia, Katie Aha, 
Michelle Wilson, Meredith Healey, 
Kelly Boulter 


1. Meredith Healey, Tim Macdonald 

2. Kristen Quartarone, Arielle Knyff 

3. Leah Sugrue, Mariah White 

4. Beth Bailey, Kaleena Chartrand, Steve Waters, 
Sarah- Ann Ferrara, Kara Winslow 

5. Kevin Banks, Ben Henderson 

6. Dave Rando, Reid Eichelberger 

Kelly Winslow an 

Kate Cronin sneaking 

around the house. 

What troublemakers! 

Taylor Knowles is a 

bundle full of joy in 

this picture! 

Luke McGrath shows 
his manners as he 
smiles for the camera 
with his mouth full of 


Julie Halpin and 
Kaitlin Robertson are 

best of friends! 

>ave Kell and 
Wafaa Issa can't wait 
for class to end. 

~~^^^H : 



Joe DelGrosso shyly grins 
in the cafeteria! 

Two thumbs up for 
Laura Tuveson! 

Ben Henderson tries t<> 
l-eep it t ool! 



Laura Schubert and 
Aimee Kern are friends 
till the end! 

Melissa O'Donnell and 
Sarah-Ann Ferrara smile 
sweetly for the camera! 

1. Dana Lasher, Ryan Had field. 2. Dave McCann, Matt Short, Brad Nelson. 
3. Jenna Cassoli, Jen Lechak, Meredith Gaynor. 4. Julie Nolan, 
Kate Tuminelli, Marra Wilcox, Libby Renner, Heather Greenwood, Amy 
Daniel, Julie Halpin, Caroline Carr, Jill Shiebler, Tracy Robbins. 

5. Heather Richner, Samantha Cacciapaglia. 

6. Holly Schrader, Emily Hall, Lora Bertoldi, Erin Ouimet, Kate Robertson, 
Meghan Stark, Tracy Robbins, Sasha Provost, Jenna Willard, Aimee Kern, 
Kathy Cochrane, Laura Tuveson, Libby Renner, Jess Kraby, 

Meredith Gaynor, Kate Tuminelli, Sam Shapiro, Emily Bhatti. 


Laura Tuveson and 

Jaime Guild show off 

their KP pride. 

A-Team cheerleaders 
win 1st place in KP 

\-Team football 

players spend 

bonding time 


Sara Streeter, 

Mandy Strittmatter, 

Danielle Struhar, and 

Greg Sluss celebrate 

Spirit Week. 

Brad Nelson, 





Kyle Shea, 

John Phillips 

Libby Renner, Laura Catlow, Elizabeth Clontz, 

Julie Halpin, Victoria Grecho, 

Caroline Carr, Amy Daniel. 

Holly Schrader, Kristen Quartarone, 
Jill Shiebler, Jess Kraby, Meghan Stark. 



Meghan Barrett, 

Jenna Cassoli, 

Sydney Singer, 


Abby Wessman, 

Ashley Daubenmire, 

Laura Schubert 

dress alike at a 

birthday party! 

Kara Winslow and 

Steve White show off 

their new pet. 



stuck in 

the sand. 



Kim Hall and 

Kathy Cochrane wait in line 

at a birthday party. 

Pete Sullivan, 

Pat Sweeney and 

Ryan Joyal back in 

the day. 

£% €% £% 


Mandy Strittmatter, Steve Hamilton, 
Tim Macdonald, Heather Richner. 

Mariah White, Jess Kraby, Beth Bailey, 
Diandra DeBlasio, Jenna Willard, 
Katelyn Tuminelli, Victoria Grecho, 
Libby Renner. 

If You Could See Me Now 

I know that you are heartbroken 

and sad that I am gone. 

But I am in Heaven now 

and never once been left alone. 

Oh, I wish you could see me now. 

Heaven is a beautiful place to be. 

Jesus is the light that shines here 

and He walks daily with me. 

Oh, the skies are never gray here 

and it never, ever rains. 

And, although I know you still feel it... 

Up here, there is no pain. 

Angels are always singing for me. 

Their voices are beautiful and clear. 

I am in the presence of loved ones. 

And Momma, I haven't seen one tear! 

I know that you are hurting for me. 

And I can't make 

your pain disappear. 

But if you could see me now, you'd know 

I am happy in Heaven 

and I still love you from here! 

Teala had a way of 

making you smile. 

She was a spirited person 

who lived her life 

to the fullest. 

She has taught me 

not to take things 

for granted. 

Lynn Tornabene 

She always 

knew just how 

to make you 


Katelyn Lorimer 

I miss all the N-64 

adventures/trips to BK 

and late night mac-n- 

cheese! I miss the way 

you made me smile 

and brightened up my 

day. You -were always 

there for me; being able 

to be best friends was 

truly an honor. 

I'll always love you. 

Amy Daniel 

Teala was 

always my girl that was 
down for anything at any 
time and I really just 
miss her being a part of 
the trouble 
I get in. 
Danielle Struhar 

What I miss most about 

Teala are our crazy times 

together and 

all the inside jokes 

we had. 

Kate Moore 

You are 

a dear friend of mine. 
I miss your 
outgoing spirit and 
the way you would 
always make me smile. 
It was always 
an adventure 
with you! 
Love Always, 
Jasmin Endisch 




Q S 











ft» e *#, 


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«%* *%&.&& 









'■e^b^^Z «$ 

Q S 





^ f ^ 









1. Kyle Jeffrey, Ross Douglas, Tom Dusseault, Sean Fitzgerald, and 
Kevin Baier at track practice 

2. Michelle Cordo, Caroline Cotter, Becky Bullock, Emily Conrad, Ali Cobb, 
Kelly LaBlue, Liz Fermano, Emily Hall, Rose Becker, Michelle Knowles, 
Kayla McCaffrey, Emily Bhatti, Kelly Winslow, and Laura Schubert at a field 
hockey sleepover 

3. Allie Cuozzo, Kayse Eichelberger, and Kelsey Holleran playing soccer in a 

4. Danielle St. Jean and Tara Cuddihy 

5 Jflfc 



We/re. Gcvtkvi TaV-e. u 
\o -ttie Top, B*by! 

1. Tyler Palioca, Liana Lodola 

2. Joanna Mayhew, Sean Haley 

3. Julie Pasquantonio, Andrea Pinciaro 

4. Wesley Cameron 

5. Ryan Gavrilles, Jess Witschel 

6. Kristen LaCava, Michelle Knowles, 
Hannah Raymond, Lauren Davenport, 
Hayley Hayes, Caitlin Kenney 

7. Kristin Keinz, Alex Leonard 


Keri Abramowicz 

Katie Allard 

Brandin Andrews 

Kristin Astley 

Nicole Atkinson 

Earnest Bae 

Stephanie Baker 

Michael Banks 

Tyler Barbieri 

Caitlin Barr 

Jessica Barrett 

Shannon Bates 

Ashley Belek 

Lauren Bell 

Alexander Bluhm 

Anthony Boghosian 

Jamie Boulter 

Michael Bourque 

Kelly Brennan 

Shannon Brennan 

Grant Briere 

Suzannah Brothman 

Jason Brown 

Kayla Brown 

Karlie Buck 

Rebecca Bullock 

Thomas Byrne 

Robert Cacciapaglia 

Diane Caffrey 

Holly Cain 

Mikaela Callahan 

Wesley Cameron 

Jennifer Cannon 

Julie Capachin 

Kerry Cardinal] 

Colin Casper 

Ryan Cassidy 

Jessica Cassle 

Rachel Castleberry 

John Cavalieri 

Robert Chambers 

(Carina Chaves 

I Chi 

Peter ( hilk-mi 


' A 


av\<A cAas/ oiAl. 




— i 

(- sS 

1 i 











T « 






.mam;,-: kstm l 


Julie Christie 
Sarah Clark 

Jermaine Clifford 
Alison Cobb 

Emily Conrad 
Anna Constantineau 

Michelle Cordo 
Caroline Cotter 

Lauren Coyle 
Jonathan Cronin 

Nevin Cronin 
Patrick Cronin 

John Crowley 
Timothy Cullen 

Peter Curran 
Daniel Curtin 



David Damiata 
Daniel Darling 

Lauren Davenport 
Kara Davev 

Kathryn Davies 

Gregorv Davis 

Brett Davison 
Diandra DeBlasio 

Mae Deew 
Ashlev DeMattia 

Jem' Dethavong 
John Dinand 

Pamela Dugdale 
Todd Duval 

Ashlee Elland 
Jazman Evans 












c-pvvie. "True., 


Wendy Evans 
Elizabeth Fermano 
Michael Ferris 
Erin Ficarra 
Elizabeth Fiorelli 
George Fitopoulos 

Michael Fitzgerald 
Briana Flocco 
Kathleen Flynn 
Maura Foley 
Meaghan Galvin 
Patricia Gately 

Heather Gaudioso 
Devon Geller 
Aaron Getty 
Timothy Gilman 
Bryan Glickstein 
Erin Goffredo 

Amy Goodwin 
Allyson Goossens 
Andrew Graham 
Casey Gray 

Ayla Greenland 
Alessandra Gura 
Gregory Gustafson 
Jon Gutlon 

Wilson Gutlon 
Sean Haley 
Matthew Harper 
Rachael Hart 
Nicholas Hasenfus 
Thomas Hawkins 

Hayley Hayes 
Andrew Higgins 
Kaitlin Holleran 
Andrew Holmes 
Christopher Hopkins 
Allison Home 

Shannon Howard 
Kelley Hurley 
Steven Isner 
Stephanie Jackson 
Stacey Jillson 


Andrew Johnson 

Kristin Keinz 

Richard Kennedy 

Caitlin Kenney 

Bettina Keyes 

Erin Kim 

Sherida Kipp 

Michelle Knowles 

Kelly LaBlue 

Kristen LaCava 

Nicolette Lake 

Christopher Lalos 

Kaitlin Lamothe 

Kevin Lechak 

Stuart Leon 

Alexander Leonard 

Matthew Letson 

Christopher Litchfield 

Barbara Livar 

Claudia Lo Conte 

Liana Lodola 

Emilv Loughlin 

Kyle Lovejoy 

Nathan Lovejoy 

Daniel Lovley 

Christopher Lupfer 

Amber Ma 

John Maguire 

Alison Mahn 

Jennifer Malcolm 

Abigail Martino 

Joanna Mayhew 

Lindsay McAuiiffe 

Kayla McCaffrey 

Brian McCarter 

Rachel McClain 

Glen McElwee 

Megan McEntire 

Andrew McFarland 

Trevor McGill 

f .ri f fin McGrath 

David McGuire 

( ,iitlin McLaughlin 

Emily Vlirliss 

live^ weJl, 
a\^cA \pve~cA vwacM. 





r * 

James Mitchell 
Raymond Moore 




Sean Moore 
Daniel Morris 

Ellen Morris 
Tyler Morrison 

Kristin Murphy 
Nicholas Murray 

Daniel Neviackas 
Amie Nickerson 

Brittney O'Hara 
Brian O'Riordan 

Brian O'Toole 
Tyler Palioca 

Eric Palmero 
John Parker 



Julie Pasquantonio 
Allison Pern- 

Andrea Pinciaro 
Erin Pisarski 

Michael Placido 
Ryan Porter 

Mark Prentice 
Ashley Prescott 

Habib Rahman 
Ashley Rando 

Steven Rando 
Hannah Raymond 

Brittany Reardon 
Allison Reinhardt 

Jeffrey Rieger 
Jennifer Robbins 

I- 5 







Mathew Robertson 
Julia Rodgers 
Matthew Rollins 
Thomas Runyon 
Kevin Ryan 
Jehan Said 

Nicolette Santino 
Michael Sarapas 
Erik Saras 
Michelle Saulnier 
Alexandra Savoy 
Alex Shabanoff 

Charles Sherwin 
Rebecca Shipps 
Robert Shirley 
Jerry Silletti 
Leo Small 
Kevin Smiley 

Andrew Solomon 
Eileen Spinney 
Elizabeth Spinney 
Michelle St. Pierre 

Jason Sundberg 
Caroline Taylor 
Joanna Tocci 
Megan Toney 

Alison Travassos 
Jaclyn Treen 
Amanda Tuesley 
Raymond Turano 
Craig Turner 
Christine Unitt 

Nicholas Urko 
Robert Uvanovic 
Jaclyn Vaillancourt 
Thomas Vine 
Sarah Waldman 
Mallory White 

Daniel Wieners 
Gregory Willard 
Bryanne Winbourne 
Kaitlyn Winter 
Jessica Witschel 
Callie Woodhams 


Meghan Wyman 

Michael Yuastella 

William Zaccardi 

Konrad Zalewski 

Gregory Zervos 

Stacy Zickl 

5. Ayla Greenland and 
Lauren Coyle 

6. Kevin Smiley and Ray Moore 

7. Jermaine Clifford 

8. Kristin Astley and 
Alexandra Savoy 

Oktc- o\TVte, **v>E>T 
okv^ woe o\ TVie. 

^owienViU'V? or c 
wUic-U we. <Ao \s\oT 

YO IcTrtp. 

-MrtHtlc. "Dovev-ipor'i" 


1. Katelyn Arvidson and 
Katie Da vies 

2. Wendy Evans 

3. Suzie Brothman, 
Ashley DeMattia, 
Bryanne Winbourne, 
Maura Foley, and 
Eileen Spinney 

4. Stacey Jillson, Ellen Morris, 
and Michelle St. Pierre 

T)e.«&ire- & TVie. V-e> 

To vYspTw<M\o%r\, 


To aar\ \Xvyre\zM\(t^\ 

a- r* 

a c-pwimifrnev-ii 

lb e-xc-e-llevTC-e-^ 

TV**T will ew*ble. vou 

lb aTTaHO YTVie. «&uc-~ 

vou «»ee.W. 
~Marw? /4»^v^reTn 




J\M^\ior-i> KbTPic.Ture.c4-" 




Yusef Agane 

Matthew Betancur 

Jennifer Cannon 

Jenna Cullity 

Craig Evans 

Ryan Gavrilles 

Matthew Grant 

Brittney Harrop 

Nick Kilburne 

Thomas McKeown 

Peter Moore 
JoAnna Nardone 
Danielle Norton 
James O'Malley 
Jessica, Pasionek 
Thomas Pittsley 
Sarah Seeley 
Alexander Thibedeau 

William Zaccardi 

Yes, however the real world is 

very different so it might not 

make a huge impact. 

Mallory White 

J do this tint success in high 

school can lead to success because 

it opens up opportunities for a 

brighter future. 

.1 !' 

„^ V - 3 

Can success in high school lead to success in the future? 

Brittney O'Hara 

Yes, because the things you learn 

in high school help you as you 

grow older. 

Leo Small 

I think so because it can allow 
you to get into good colleges and 
help you pursure your goals. 

1. Sarah Waldman 

2. Devon Geller 

3. Andrew Holmes 

4. Tom Vine and Rob Chambers 

5. Kerry Cardinali, Alison Perry, and Ashley Belek 

6. Jeff Rieger 


1. Joanne Murphy 

2. Mark Flynn, Brian Zuzick, Scott Smith 

3. Ashley Gregory, Molly Hall 

4. Danielle St. Jean, Tara Cuddihy 

5. Allie Cove, Kate Sutton 

6. Kelsi Civitarese, Steph Daniel 

7. Rob Lawless, Brenna McHale, 
Braden Noll 



Elizabeth Abbate 

Jessica Abramo 

Daniel Albert 

Eric Anderson 

Scott Anderson 

Lori Andrew 

Kara Arvidson 

Austin Ashworth 

Kevin Baker 

Kara Basque 

Danielle Bausch 

Colleen Beals 

Robert Belcher 

Nicholas Benson 

John Bermingham 

Angela Bethoney 

Caitlin Bickum 

Christie Black 

Samantha Black 
Christine Bluhm 
Matthew Bocock 

Kelsey Brennan 

Brian Briselli 

Kristen Brock 

Kelly Brown 

Nicole Buckley 

Elizabeth Bukis 

Amy Bullock 

Jonathan Burgess 

Anna Burke 

Ashley Burke 

Michaela Burke 

Katherine Burt 

Evan Butler 

Kevin Byrne 

Ryan Cameron 

Robert Campbell 

Matthew Cardillo 

Alexander Chalifoux 

Carter Chamberlain 

Michael Chaves 

Francinc c hi 

Jeffrey Chin 

Caitlin Chipman 


True. yneAT*Afc 

"iV^e^Y c^a\r\ <rrc>w 
•pan* "leJy wnviotCT 


Natalie Chipman 
Kelsi Civitarese 

Shawn Cleary 
Sean Cochrane 

Thomas Cochrane 
Angela Cole 

David Condlin 
Gregory Cook 

Kevin Cook 
Rebecca Corcoran 

Allison Cove 
Caitlyn Cronin 

Conor Cross 
Tara Cuddihy 

Jaime Cullity 
Allison Cuozzo 


Timothy Czyzewski 
Shaun Dalv 

Marie D'Angelo 
Stephanie Daniel 

Michelle Davison 
Aimee Dei^han 

Ashlee DeMoras 
Todd Deschamps 

Christina Devine 
Cor\ T Diamand 

Amy Dickson 
Linsie Dillon 

Sarah Doherty 
David Doiron 

Andrew Donahue 

Friendships are really important. 

Friends are always there 

to support you. Friends make you 

laugh and smile. Since preschool. 

I have made new friends and 

they have helped me grow. 

They have taught me to be myself 

and have given me confidence 

and great advice. 



Nk> birtti c-e-rTrfic-rfte. i«s> i%%ued 

wUe.f» -fne.K-w4feUip h& bono. 

Mtcre. h& t^cTViii^fl Tawnfl ible.. 

TVie-re. kSf\u«-T <a -feclno^i 

"IViaTYOur life. ke. drtre-reioT 

cuoel "tWiT vowr c-apac-ltv Tb love. c*f-»e>) 

e.v->Ur^ wiTW>iXTat'"»Y 
cv> your parT 

e-rfci?roio vour par 

wiove.«E> IK1 witU vott. 

33iXT" ivTS.Te.rtc1 erf \x-C-ow\\^-\a c-ravuped 

rtw^ c-rowcfe-cl, TVie. "e-poc-e. e.xpat'Tc+fe. 

cu^-id vow eJf&cove.r roonrc. vow 

Wiocw vow W»<tI ui^wil vuur -f nev~ie4 

Brent Dreher 
Gregory Dreher 
Benjamin Dubinsky 
Christian Dunbar 
Patrick Dunn 
Kayse Eichelberger 

Caroline Engwer 
Craig Ewer 
Alison Falotico 
Lindsey Ferencik 
Mathew Ferland 
Ellen Ferrara 

David Fiori 
William Fitzpatrick 
Kelly Flanagan 
Mark Flynn 
Lindsey Fontana 
Katelyn Fox 

Garrett Fratus 
Andrew Frederickson 
Jennifer Fuller 
Alicia Gahan 

Kaylee Galvin 
Jeffrey Garza 
Christopher Gately 
Robert Gaughran 

Elise Gilbert 
Victoria Gilbert 
Abigail Gilmore 
Diane Girouard 
Megan Good 
Kristen Goulet 

Shannon Grant 
Kingsley Greenland 
Ashley Gregory 
Kara Gulino 
Sarina Habib 
Molly Hall 

Jonathan Halpern 
Christopher Hamilton 
Bradley Harrison 
Lindsay Henderson 
Kristin Holden 
Kelsey Holleran 


David Holmes 

Stephanie Hoyceanyls 

Nicole Hughes 

Brad Hutchinson 

Conor Hutchinson 

Timothy Hutchinson 

Tyler Huth 

Samuel Jacobs 

Gregory Johnson 

Eric Joyal 

Laurie Kalaghan 

Jacob Kantzer 

Stacey Kaszanek 

Barbara Kelly 

Jennie Keniston 

Sarah Kennedy 

Daniel Kipp 

Michaela Knvff 

Alexandra Koechel 

Adam Labrie 

Samuel Lasher 

Daniel Lavallee 

Catherine Lawler 

Kristen Lawler 

Robert Lawless 

Renae Lessard 

Justine Levy 

Kimberly Lewko 

Grant Linehan 

Daniel Lipnicki 

Kristin Little 

Eric LoPresri 

Darren Maciel 

Amanda MacKenzie 

Jessica Malone 

Jason Maloney 

Georgianna Martakis 

Glenn Mattar 

Matthew McCann 

Michelle McCarter 

Shawn McCloud 

Kerri McCIuskey 

Meghan McGovern 

Brenna McHale 


Melissa Middleton 
Douglas Miller 

Sarah Miller 
Timothy Moniz 

Darren Montgomery 
Kayleigh Moore 

Michael Morgan 
Jocelyn Morse 

Jennifer Morton 
Joseph Moscariello 

Alison Mulcahy 
Joseph MulCahy 

Laura Mulhall 
Brianna Murphy 

Jeanne Murphy 
Michael Murphy 


Courtney Nacewicz 
Kerry Nash 

Sean Noble 
Braden Noll 

Christine Nygren 
Tracey Nygren 

Colleen O'Connell 
Kaleen O'Malley 

Alicia Pacheco 
John Padula 

Mindy Padula 
Laura Palioca 

Derek Palmer 
Allison Partridge 

Kelly Pasquantcimti 
Sarah Patterson 


1 "*3. 

\oonn Ufitil me-v crnve, 

amc\ it" Kfe cv>ly bv *TVh«e> 

vne-eHVici *TV»aT <a 

\s\e~w world yz> )oorv\ 





> v' 

Krista Pearson 
Stacey Pearson 
Stephen Peck 
Daniel Pegg 
Laura Pelrine 
James Pereira 

Emma Perkuhn 
Elliott Perry 
Wendy Perry 
Amy Petruchik 
Laura Philbrick 
Jessica Poirier 

Jaymie Procaccini 
Mathew Procyk 
Jessica Purkis 
Jenna Quartarone 
Kelsey Quealy 
Jessica Quinlan 

Eileen Rasmussen 
John Robbins 
Julie Robsham 
Shannon Roche 

Katie Rogers 
Phillip Rose 
Matthew Ross 
Scott Rushton 

Rebecca Rutledge 
Pardees Safizadeh 
Joseph Saia 
Stephen Saulnier 
Rebecca Savi 
Erik Schmidt 

Alexandra Seigenberg 
Timothy Sepe 
Khadija Sesay 
Nathan Setter 
Patrick Sevy 
Brielyn Sexeny 

Katie Sharron 
Laura Shaw 
Daniel Shea 
Nicholas Shipley 
Michelle Simard 
James Simmons 


Jessica Simpson 

Richard Simpson 

William Small 

Brendan Smith 

Brittany Smith 

Emma Smith 

Scott Smith 

Tiffany Spigarolo 

Brandon Stewart 

Danielle St. Jean 

Nicholas Stoukides 

Paul Strittmatter 

Gregory Strong 

Heather Sullivan 

Ian Sullivan 

Nicole Sullivan 

Kate Sutton 

Matthew Sweeney 

Sara Tatnall 

Nicole Thibault 

Tyler Thurston 

Kaelyn Todd 

Dorothy Toledo 

Melissa Twitchell 

Haley Uyrus 

Cailyn Varkas 

Lauren Vesty 

Hendrik Visser 

Justine Wallace 

Christine Walsh 

Daniel Walsh 

Sharon Ward 

Lori Wardner 

Amanda Wencus 

Lauren Wencus 

Emery Wenger 

Ariane Werboff 

Alexandra Wessman 

Eric Whitehouse 

Julie Williams 

Tanya Willson 

Janine Wolfrum 

Emily Zei 

Hannah Zuckerman 


Brian Zuzick 


< Sor>V\ovvyore,'if NbTPic-Ture^i-" 

Sarah Bardsley 
Brent Calzaretta 
Amanda Collins 

Wesley Cameron 

Stacey Gianfrancesco 

Steven Smith 

Erin Topping 

Tom Cochrane 

1 think it would liave to be 
trust and being able 
to communicate 
with each other. 






1. Kyle Kurkjian 

2. Andrew Waldman, John Murphy, Paul Daggett 

3. Andrew Litchfield, James Graham 

4. Hannah Getty, Laura Lewicki 

5. Colleen Manning, Larissa Basque 

6. Kelsey Shea, Ali Tuminelli, Jess Leslie, 
Ian Martin, Suzanne Piccione 

7. Pat McMorrow, Carly-Rae Haughey, 
Angie Sugrue 


Michael Albert 

Matthew Alioto 

Courtney Allen 

Fave Annis 

Karen Anundson 

Kevin Baier 

Philip Bannan III 

Dylan Barbieri 

Larissa Basque 

Chelsea Bautista 

Leigh Benson 

Christopher Bergerson 

Jordan Bergevine 

William Biscaia 

Joshua Bishop 

Mark Blinten 

Alexandra Bradford 

Richard Bregnard 

Adam Breland 

Michael Brennan 

Adam Brothers 

Derrick Brown 

Jillian Burnham 

Philip Burns III 

Kaitlyn Cacciola 

Rebecca Cain 

Alexander Calderone 

Christopher Caliendo 

Lara Callahan 

Ryder Calzaretta 

Meghan Cameron 

David Capone 

Angela Carello 

Hayley Carloni 

Kristina Carucci 

Katherine Casey 

Jennifer Cassidy 

Patrick Cauley 

Mairebridget Centauro 

Mary Centofanti 

Robert Centofanti 

John Chaisson 

Brianna Chamberlain 

Erica Chambers 


Jonathan Chambers 
Emily Charpentier 

Jacqueline Churchill 
Jacqueline Clifford 

Kelsey Cole 
Max Colella 

Daniel Connolly 
Michael Cook 

Rachel Corcoran 
Deborah Cordo 

Kasey Costa 
Alissa Cote 

Erin Coyle 
Marjorie Cross 

Daniel Crowley 
Kim Cullen 


Sarah Curran 
Steven Curtin 

Paul Daggett 
Arielle D'Aniello 

Sarah Danielson 
Ryan D'Arcangelo 

Elizabeth Davies 
Adam deCarvalho 

Brian Denehy 
Evan Denerlev 

Brittany Desprez 
Meaghan Dever 

Deidre DeVore 
Suzanne Doane 

Peter Does 
Emma Donegan 


Lauren Doughty 
Ross Douglas 
James Downing 
Justin Dupont 
Thomas Dusseault 
Douglas Dyke II 

Patrick Earley 
Shana Eatman 
Bridget Engwer 
Emily Fanty 
Emily Farrar 
Mark Farris 

Kate-Lynn Fiori 
Sean Fitzgerald 
Lauren Fontaine 
Emily Fountain 
Benjamin Fratus 
Thomas Frink-Johnson 

Hannah Getty 
Jack Giordano 
Andrew Glass 
James Graham 

Farrah Gray 
Jeffrey Greenwood 
Adam Grenier 
Amanda Grenier 

Ethan Grosso 
Hannah Guild 
Arianna Gulbis 
Katie Gundlach 
Amy Haber 
Robert Hall 

Timothy Hamlin 
Amanda Harfst 
Colleen Harrington 
Meghan Harrington 
Stephanie Hart 
Kyle Harwood 

Carly-Rae Haughey 
Ryan Healy 
Kayla Heelan 
Meghan Herrick 
Kaitlyn Hobson 
Erin Holmes 


Hilary Holmes 
Mallory Howard 
Katie Hurley 
Michael Hurley- 
Ethan Irving 
Andrew Jackson 

Nicole Jackson 

Samuel Jackson 

Fredric Jacobs 

Kyle Jeffrey 

Tyler Johnson 

Jacob Jordan 

Andrew Judson 

Joseph Kajano 

Julie Kaszanek 

Erin Kelley 

Siobhan Kelley 

Caitlin Kellv 

Jeremy Kempton 

Thomas King 

Heather Knowles 

Erin Knowlton 

Matthew Kowalski 

Colin Kramer 

Srujith Kudikala 

Kyle Kurkjian 

Jacqueline Lacasse 

Kayla Landry 

Colette LaRue 

Amanda Lavallee 

Kimberly Lehan 

Evan Lesinski 

Jessica Leslie 

Laura Lewicki 

Patrick Lewicki 

Christine Linscott 

Andrew Litchfield 

Sean Lordan 

Michael Lorusso 

Jonathan Lovejoy 

Kelsey Lovejoy 

Elizabeth Lovley 

Kevin Ludvigscn 

Kathleen MacEwen 


Patrick Maclntyre 
David Mackun 

Kerry Maher 
Daniel Mahn 

Joshua Malone 
Colleen Manning 

Ian Martin 
Paul Matz Jr. 

Stephen McCann 
Alyssa McElwee 

Kerry McGonagle 
Kristin McGrath 

Meghan McKeon 
Patrick McMorrow 

Scott McVay 
Lindsey Molloy 

Anthony Monahan 
John Murphy 

Erin Murtagh 
Alyssa Nacewicz 

Michael Nameishi 
Katlvn Nickerson 

Kaitlyn O'Brien 
Katie O'Connor 

Kathleen Okolita 
Rachel Pagliarini 

Lauren Palmer 
Montana Palmer 

Allison Parramore 
Joshua Partain 

Kyle Patten 
Andrew Pegg 





=ve.rv \ 

yyvyr^M^~\a yz> a 

Eve-rv^fav v& 

TVie. world wvade. »^e.w. 

Today h=> a f-ve.w day. 

Today ffe my world w>vade. I'-ie.w. 

I Vtave, We.d all vny life, up To TV^b 

UTOvne-voX To come. To TV>t«e> day. 

Tvii«c. v*\owye.v^iT- TViKc. day - 

h£» a«& a cod a«& a^ny wvv7w»e.voT 

tf\ all e-le-rvnity. 

I <&Uall wiaWe. of TVihfe day- 

ex>cX\ vy\ovYte.\si\~ o\ TV>k=. day' 

a \\exKWe,\rK ov~\ ex*rTK 

TViKc. !«£. wty day of opporTUi^iTy. 

~Da\s-\ Cu<&Te.r 

Danielle Pelland 
Bridget Perry 
Suzanne Piccione 
Michelle Politano 
Anne Powers 
Jonathan Quinn 

Aziz Rahman 
Victoria Rando 
Jessica Ravinski 
Amanda Raymond 
Michael Rayner 
Joseph Reardon 

Debra Riddoch 
Brian Robbins 
Gregory Roberts 
Jane Ross 
Maeghan Ross 
John Rougeau 

Brett Roye 
Pegah Safizadeh 
James Sarno 
Robert Savidge 

Sarah Schneider 
Allison Schrader 
Meredith Schreibstein 
Eric Schubert 

Ryan Schyljuk 
Matthew Shabanoff 
Kelsey Shea 
Kelly Sheehan 
Alice Shiebler 
Ashlev Short 

Matthew Shruhan 
Adam Siegmann 
Anna Signore 
Timothy Singer 
Stephen Small 
Amanda Smith 

Patrick Smith 
Jessica Solomon 
Brittany Sosby 
Ranjana Srinivasan 
Sarah Steele 
Patrick Stetter 


Jennifer Strickland 

Steven Struhar 

Casey Sughrue 

Angela Sugrue 

Brittany Sullivan 

Kara Sullivan 

William Teiner 

Daniel Tijerina 

Alison Tuminelli 

Nora Turner 

Stephanie Urko 

William Walczak 

Ashley Wald 

Andrew Waldman 

Christina Walther 

Susan Waters 

Heather Waxman 

Sarah Webber 

Sean Webber 

Bryan Wegiel 

Megan Welsh 

Jonathan West 

Evan White 

Lauren Whitehouse 

Samuel Wilcox 

Christine Willis 

Rachel Willman 

Carolyn Wilson 

Rebecca Winslow 

Gregory Wood 

Kathryn Woodhams 

Andrew Woodward 

Kara Wooten 

Heather Wyman 

Alexandra Yavarow 

Lauren Zagieboylo 

Samuel Zeigler 

7 " k 

1 L L 


are «&e-e*-no<* k> 

vcm are, «&e-e^no<* 
no vc>ur«&eAf. 
flit fu?Tno yow 


iTh£» tsM>\ns~\ luc-W 

or cMavx^e., 

or TV»e. Vte\c> a\ oWte,r^' 

ft" yz> no YOUree^T" aXovye,. 

~-On«&cv> "SweeX Warc\e,v^\ 




- r 



Fre^>Uwie^ Nk>TPic-'ture.<?t 

Elizabeth Biron 

Alyssa Lawler 

Jennifer Black 

Craig Legge 

Christopher Brown 

Meghan McKeon 

Robert Centofanti 

Gail O'Neil 

Tiffani Decker 

Kyle Patten 

Monica Denson 

Danielle Pelland 

Andrew England 

Andrew Rogers 

Hillary Fenton 

Kelly Sheehan 

Lauren Hawkins 

Victoria Rando 

I think it will give you the 

freedom to pick your own 

electives and get involved wit, 

things that interest you. 

Bridget Perry 

It will help you make better 
decisions for when you get older. 


Hozu ivill choosing your ozvn classes 
help you to grozv? 

Brian Robbins 

I think it will help me take care 
of my own education because I 
can learn more if you can choose 
what you want and not be forced 

into something that does not 
interest you. 

JT Sarno 

It will allow me to learn what I 
want to know for later in my life. 

1. Brianna Chamberlain 

2. Back: Kasey Costa, and Rachel Pagliarini, 
Front: Meredith Schreibstein, Meghan Harrington, 
Colleen Harrington, and Krishna Carucci 

3. Kelly Sheehan 

4. Rebecca Winslow and Courtney Allen 


1. Jessica Solomon, Christopher Brown, Kaitlyn Cacciola, Angie Sugrue, 
Kevin Ludvigsen, and Jake Zeigler 

2. Katie Gundlach and Bridget Perry 

3. Daniel Crowley and Tyler Johnson 

4. Fred Jacobs 

5. Stephanie Hart and Michelle Politano 

6. Alyssa McElwee and Alexandra Yavarow 

7. Alyssa Nacewicz, Kayla Landry, and Erin Holmes 

8. Sarah Curran, Katherine Casey, and Mallory Howard 

9. Colette LaRue and Lauren Fontaine 

10. Eric Schubert and Mark Blinten 

1 1. Sam Jackson 


Osjt Turvi Nbw! 



l/o,,.,? Pa. 





^9/ JfOii 

e S£ *'J/o. 





e v f 




S t 


e k 


s s 



1. Ms. Myer spends valuable time 
with Kerry McGonagle after school. 

2. Mr. Beard enjoys helping students 
like Jen Lechak, Kaleena Chartrand, 
and Rose Becker with their studies. 

3. Ms. Frey shows her holiday spirit 
with her Santa hat. 

4. Jack Giordano and Mrs. Huckle 
work one on one. 


a -i » ^* f X 

vts u i «5T 


Mr*. G\o\a 

Dr. "Epbbat 




This high school is a very special place. It has been 
an honor to have the opportunity to talk with you, 
visit your classes, see you perform in academic and 
co-curricula settings, receive awards, and share 
life's ups and downs. The camaraderie, school spirit, 
respect and concern for others, and overall civility 
that you consistently exhibit is a credit to you, your 
parents/guardians, and your high school teachers, 
counselors, and administrators. Good health and 
success be with you, Class of '2004! 

Dr. Robbat 


Mr. "Smav^v^n 

Business Administrator 



Mr. Leviw^e, 


Mr. Pire,«fe 

Assistant Principal 

Prirw ipal's Secretary 



Assistant Principal 

M-&. ~Be\c\\rs<A 



Kmg P/n'Zzp Regional High School combines the best of academ- 
ics, athletics, and activities. Our student body consistently 
scores above average on standardized tests such as the MCAS 
and SAT's. Students are actively involved in a wide range of 
extracurricular activities such as Student Council, S.A.D.D., 
and Leo Club. In addition, our music program, has received the 
highest accolades in local, regional and national competitions. 
Our athletic program boasts several division championships 
and a number ot teams who have made it into the state final 
competitions. Our staff, professional and paraprofessional, is 
among the most dedicated and enthusiastic in the region. Par- 
ents are involved in a number of ways to support the education 
process at King Philip: the King Philip Music Association, the 
School Council, the School Committee, the Parents' Network, 
and the sports boosters. Their continued efforts enhance the 
potential of all students. 

Mr. Levine 




Mr. ^>V-ev-»v£V"» 

The best surprise I have ever received 

was winning the "Sun Chronicle 

Turkey Scrambler." 

Other than Massachusetts I have lived 

in California, New York, 

Arkansas, and even Taiwan 

for a year. 

My favorite activity on weekends 
is going to the Cape. 


Ask Your 

Have you ever 

traveled to any place 


You would never believe the paths that some teachers 
have traveled during the years before they became teach- 
ers. For instance, Ms. Folliard was asked by the music 
director of her high school in Minnesota to sing with the 
jazz ensemble. This was quite an honor since no one before 
her or since (to the best of her knowledge) has ever been 
asked to sing with the jazz ensemble. Later on, she sang 
Vivaldi's Gloria in the Costa Rican National Theatre to four 
thousand people, including the first lady of Costa Rica. 
Another teacher with an interesting past is Ms. Bremer 
who was in the Peace Corps. She taught English in 
I unisia. During this training she got to do practice teach- 
ing and all of sudden she knew what she was meant to do. 

Mr«E>. Martha 

My favorite moment in high school 

was when I starred as Alice 

in a production culled 

"Alice in Americaland." 

II was a drama club production. 


My favorite activity on the 
weekends is getting together 
with my friends and family. 

Mr. 4Ue,rvi 

My favorite thing to do 
on the weekend is to relax. 

TV. Mcv-w=ie^v-» 

My favorite moment in high school 
was when I won a state 
speech contest. 

Wy&& 'XZs/axn 

I first knew I warned to become 
a teacher when I was a young girl 
and played school with my sister. 

My worst fashion statement was 
wearing white bucks. 


Ask Your 

When did you first 

know you wanted to 

become a teacher? 

We are lucky have so many great teachers here at KP. 
However, if it weren't for career changes, many of our 
favorite teachers wouldn't be teaching today. Miss Frey, 
for example, almost became a doctor. She applied to 
college as a pre-med student. Then, during her freshman 
year, she had to go to the hospital to get her wisdom teeth 
out. She hated the hospital environment so much she 
changed her major to education. This was an easy choice 
for her because she loved teaching CCD. Mrs. Meyer also 
made a career change. She used to arrange field trips and 
scouting programs as a consultant for Stoney Brook. She 
wanted a full time job, but she still wanted to work with 
kids. Teaching biology at KP just made sense. 

Mr€?. Mve-r«s> 

My favorite part of high school 

was pep rallies and 

football games. 

My worst fashion statement ever 

was wearing fluorescent clothes 

and big bangs. 



Mr«&>. Barr-eTT 

The worst fashion statement I ever 

made was uniform skirts rolled up 

and knee socks rolled down. 

Mr. Y^jiwwwex- 

My favorite activity on -weekends 
is watching my kids' athletic events. 

Mr«£>. "DcLuc-a 

My favorite moment in 

high school was going to the 

I urn Petty and the Heartbreakers with 

Stevie Nil As concert. 


Mr«£>. Kle-iA^ue-r 

Mr. Y*-c\\wejr 

My favorite thing about high school 
was being part of a team. 

My most embarassing moment 

was sitting at a stop sign, 
waiting for the light to change. 

My favorite activity on weekends 
is working at Tyler's. 

My first job was as a dietary aide 
in a hospital when I was 1 6. 

i #^ 


Mr. Gue^-vTevt 

I knew I -wanted to become a teacher 

when I realized that I'd never be hired 

for a real job. 

/ knew I zva7ited to be a teacher in third 

grade because I loved being left in charge 

when the teacher left the room. 

M*s>. Prefix 

The zvorst fashion statement I ever 

made was a frosted jean skirt and 

gigantic shoulder pads. 

Mr. 33re^*n 

My worst fashion statement would be 

skinny ties and bad hair cuts 

in the 80's. 

Mr. Favle. 

My first job was as a farm hand 
on a dairy farm at age I I 


He». Bre.v*ier 

The best surpri \e I eve) >e< eived was 

the Ma- m hn .rils DAK award for 

iii tot \j Teen hing and the Mass. 

( oum il for the Soi ial Studies award fbi 

i >///< landing Department Leader, 

The best surprise I ever received was 

my husband taking me to Villa d'Este 

on Lake Como in Italy. 

Mr. Fnn<*fee, 

The best surprise I ever received was 
the birth of my son. 

Ask Your 

What's your 
favorite holiday? 

Halloween has always been a fun time of the year. 
You get to dress up and go around to houses and ask 
for candy. For some people, it might even be their 
favorite holiday. Mrs. Gallagher happens to be a 
teacher who in her younger years loved to celebrate 
Halloween. Each year at Mrs. Gallagher's high school 
they had a costume contest. Sophomore through se- 
nior year Mrs. Gallagher and her friends would all 
dress up as a group. Over the three years, the girls 
dressed up as 101 Dalmations, Snow White and the 
Seven Dwarfs and Santa's reindeer. Every year the 
girls participated they won first place, plus they had 
a blast planning it and participating in it. 

< Excap\ 

Mn6». Enc-V-*&cvi 

My most embarrasing moment 

would have to befalling down 

in front of my class. 

Mr. F^rre,™ 

The best surprise I ever received 
was being named 
drama director at K.P. 

Mr. ^rxe-l 

My favorite moment in high school 

was playing varsity basketball and 

hitting a game winning basket. 


Mr. ~£>c\Kc\yex- 

I like to zvork with wood 
on the weekend. 

Mr. Grovejr 

My favorite moment in high school 

was when I was announced 

as the valedictorian 

and got a standing ovation. 

Dr. DiMilU 

My favorite -weekend activities 

are reading the Sunday paper and 

listening to sports radio. 


Mr. B&ard 
My most embarrassing momenl was 
falling into a i 
during a biology lab. 

(far right) Mr. Putfe 

Mi/ favorite at tivity on weekends 

i tpelunking. 


m&. Mever 
/ have had many bad fashion 
statements involving stripes. 

My first job was as a lifeguard 

at age 16. 

W7ze« / was To years old 
I worked in a jewelry factory. 

Mr«e». Villiarc?! 

My favorite activity on the weekends 
is driving my PT Cruiser. 

Mr«&. Elic-U 

I first knew I wanted to become a 

teacher when I helped out 

at my children's school. 

Ask Your 

What was your worst 
fashion statement? 

Many people can think of a time when they 
dressed crazy. For a lot of people, this time was 
when they were in college. It may have only 
been for a day, or it could have been for a whole 
year. Mr. Grover decided to dress like a Span- 
ish conquistador one day. Mr. Beard wore a fez 
for a few weeks. He picked it up in a hippie store 
and thought it was cool. He wore it everywhere 
for a while, but then he decided it was ugly. 
Mrs. Lambert wore a study cap. It was a gray 
knit hat with little pom poms coming out of the 
top. She needed to wear the cap because she 
would pull her hair out while she studied. She 
says the cap helped her a lot, and she might 
even still use it. 

: <>4 r 


The worst fashion statement that I ever 

made was the Madonna look 

in the 1980's. 

I first knew I wanted to become a 

teacher when I was in fourth grade. 

I used to play school all the time. 

Ask Your 

What do you like to 
do on the weekends? 

Do you love animals? Mrs. Greenleaf does. She has two 
dogs, three cats, two ducks, and thirteen chickens and all 
of her pets except the ducks and chickens were adopted 
from animal shelters. When I went to talk to Mrs. Greenleaf 
about her animals she was trying to help a lady on the 
phone who had stray kittens in her yard and was trying to 
catch them. Mrs. Greenleaf spends most of her free time, 
winter and summer, volunteering at these shelters. She 
belongs to animal welfare groups like the MSPCA, Hu- 
mane Society, Winslow Farm, and Best Friends Animal 
Shelter. In addition to her pets she also takes in foster 
animals that have been abandoned or injured. She be- 
lieves that she has this love for animals because she grew 
up on an Indian reservation and was exposed to cultural 
beliefs like Animal Reiki. Reiki is touch healing with 
animals; people use their hands to help heal animal 
wounds. The teaching staff knows about Mrs. Greenleaf 's 
passion for animals because of the weekly announce- 
ments she makes in the teachers' room. She likes to 
describe recent arrivals at her shelter believing that the 
perfect match could be as close as the teacher in the next 


I was inspired by my Italian teacher 
in college to become 
a Spanish teacher. 


My most embarrassing moment even 

was when I came out of the bathroom 

with toilet paper hanging 

out of my pants. 

Mr*£>. Mc-CpurT 

Mi/ w/osf embarrassing moment was when 
I was student teaching and slipped on the 
floor and fell down. 

My worst fashion statement ever 
was a perm. 

3: 115 






Ask Your 

Wto z^as your raosf 
embarrassing moment? 

Many people get stage fright when they go on 
stage in front of a big crowd. Some people get 
butterflies in their stomachs. Some people, such 
as Dr. Mongeon, freeze. When she was fourteen, 
she was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the CYO 
Concert Band in the Worcester Auditorium. She 
announced that the CYO Concert Band will now 
present Hoagy CarmichaeVs unforgettable... and she 
forgot! She froze on stage for several seconds and 
when she remembered, she said, OK, yes, 
'Stardust,' and she ran off the stage. She still 
doesn't forget the embarrassment she felt. 

The first job I ever had was 
a paper route when I zvas nine. 

My most embarrassing moment ever 

was when I passed out 

and fell to the floor. 

Mr. GuillcwieTte, 

The best surprise I ever received was 
when my Pfizer stock split 3 for 1. 

I first knew I wanted to become a teacher 
as soon as I started first grade. 


Mr. T^ilev 

The first time I knew I wanted 

to become a teacher was when I had 

a vision while I was skiing. 

Mr. T^uvTewia*^ 

The best surprise I ever received 
was my first bicycle 
on my sixth birthday. 

Mr. Woocbx? 

My favorite activity to do on the 
weekends is spend time with my family. 


i, < j£Y 


Mr*. Pfeffer 

My most embarrassing moment was my 

first year in public high school after 

coming from a parochial elementary 

school. When my teacher called on me 

to answer I automatically stood up to 

answer the question. Everyone stared at 
me and I could hear them giggling. 

Mr*. GaAacA^ex- 

I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I 

was 10 years old because I used a 

chalkboard, pointer, and old math books 

and had a class of stuffed animals. 


I lived in Pugwash, Nova Scotia for 

eight years and Osceola, Iowa 

for one year. 

The best surprise I ever received was 

being elected co-captain 

of my college field hockey team. 

Fv>& o^\A 





Ask Your 

Why did you become 
a teacher? 

When many high school students consider the career 
path they want to take, they consider the amount of 
money they make or the power they'll have. The 
career path that Mr. Fayle chose fit these require- 
ments. He did computer programming and financial 
analysis. He worked on the Y2K project and the Euro 
currency management system. He made a lot of money, 
but he wasn't happy. He wanted to give something 
back to society. He knew that he loved history and 
becoming a teacher would mean giving back to soci- 
ety, so at the age of 48 he became a student teacher here 
at King Philip. Then he took a year off to go to Dublin, 
Ireland to go to school. In 2001 Mr. Fayle became a 
teacher. At first he wanted to become a teacher be- 
cause he loved history and figured that he would just 
have to deal with the kids. Now, the reason that he's 
still teaching is because he loves the kids. 

Mr«fc. Carv>e.irc> 

I first knew I wanted to be a teacher 

when I was in college; I was so excited 

at the possibility of being a teacher 

I called my parents immediately. 

Mr. Tne,^Yom 

The best surprise I ever received was 
being honored by the Massachusetts 
Alliance for Arts Education. 

Mm*. &re^,we,o^ 

My favorite moment in high school was 

when I won the New York State 

Boivling Championship. 


My favorite moment in high school was 

playing on the tennis team, the annual 

school varsity show, and field trips with 

the Latin and ski clubs. 

My most embarrassing moment was 

when I had a run-in with a large shrub 

on a busy street while delivering mail 

this summer. 

My most embarrassing moment ever 

was when I showed up at a restaurant 

wearing two different shoes that 

weren't even the same color. 

Mn&. MulUi 

The best surprise I ever received was 

when my K.P. girlfriends held a surprise 

fortieth birthday party for me at my own 

house! They invaded my house while I 

was at a summer job and surprised me 

when I got home! 




i 1 




i i 

1 1 

! i 


1 1 



My favorite activity to do on the 
weekends is spend time with my son. 

The best surprise I ever received was 

a 25th wedding anniversary party 

at the Chatham Bars Inn. 

My favorite activities on the weekends 
are gardening, shopping, and being with 
family, that includes my dogs. 

Mr. TcmApu 

My favorite activity to do on the weekends is watch the Patriots. 


Ask Your 

Where have you 

Has something ever turned out differently than you expected? 
That is what happened when Miss Coutu went to Russia 
during the 70's. She went because the teacher tour was inex- 
pensive and she thought it would be interesting. And that it 
was! When they arrived, the tour guide left their entry papers 
on the plane; they couldn't leave the airport until a city official 
arrived to allow him to go back onto the tarmac. Everywhere 
they went, there were soldiers with machine guns. She got 
chased by one when she stepped into an official street to get a 
better photo. On their way home, the group's train was 
stopped just before the border with Finland. Guards came 
onto the train and ransacked their sleeping compartments. 
Miss Coutu remembers that the moment the train crossed the 
Finnish border was one of the happiest moments of her life. 


My favorite moment in high school 

was the National Hoitor Society 

induction ceremony in my junior year. 

The worst fashion statement that I ever made was big hair! 

Ask Your 

What was your 

favorite memory of 

high school? 

There are many challenging and exciting events 
in high school, whether it is prom, being on a 
sports team, or meeting your best friend. During 
their high school years some of our teachers even 
met their wives or husbands. This happened to 
both Mr. Runeman and Mrs. Tighe. Mr. Runeman 
met his wife at a sock hop dance during his junior 
year. He still considers that sock hop one of the 
best moments of his life. Mrs. Tighe met her 
husband during a school performance of Bye, Bye 
Birdie. They both had the play leads. This hap- 
pened when both were sixteen and they have 
been together ever since. 


Mn&. TUUe, 

The best surprise I ever received was my doctor's telling me 
that I was pregnant with twins. 


I loved being in high school. 

My favorite moments were musicals and 

singing at Symphony Hall. 

Mr. Le^v^arc?! 

My most embarrasing moment was 

my son's first day of kindergarten. 

Twenty six moms and I were weeping 

as the kids went into the school. 


Ask Your 

Have you lived any 
place other than 

Many of our teachers have lived in other places besides 
Massachusetts. Ms. Foley, for example, grew up in 
Rhode Island. When she was in college she lived and 
worked in Glacier National Park, MT, Yellowstone and 
Grand Teton National Parks, WY, and Olympic National 
Park, WA. At each of these parks Ms. Foley would work 
at the restaurants in the parks and then in her spare time 
go hiking in the mountains. She remembers that you 
could bump into a deer just by walking out of your cabin 
door. Ms. Foley loved these parks so much she named her 
dog after one. She advises students to go to these parks 
because they are some of the most beautiful places on 

My first job ~was in an office at St 

The best surprise I ever received was 
when nn/ husband proposed to me! 


Mna>. Pavao 

The best surprise I ever received was 
on my first Mothers' Day. 

I received a gold 
mother and child pendant. 

Mr. \f^e\e\yejr 

The worst fashion statement I ever 

made was mistakenly 'wearing 

mismatched shoes. 

Mr. Ycm*^*\ 

My -worst fashion statement ever 
was bell bottom pants. 

The best surprise I ever received ivas 

being named "Teenager of the Year" 

in high school. 


My favorite activity on the weekends is 
going to the Cape, swimming, nature 
hikes, and anything doing with nature. 

H&. ^Sc^a^M^yeW 

Mm>. Carr 

My favorite activity to do on the 
iveekends is spend time with my 
grandchildren or go to the beach. 

Mm*. 'Sdewwi 

My favorite activity to do on the 
weekends is spending time at the Cape, 
going to the beach, and going boating. 





CajeXexia < S\c^\ 




Crossing Guard 




&. J 

Mr. i4<*e*&e,l 

Heac/ Custodian 


Mr. BrVv^l&Y 


Mr. Fe^Tcvn 


Ask Your 

What other jobs did 

you hold before you 

became a teacher? 

Many students don't know it, but many of our teachers' 
first jobs were newspaper routes. Mr. Pultz got his first 
paper route when he was eight. After school, he would put 
his newspaper stack over his shoulder and head out to 
deliver the newspapers to his 35 customers. He usually got 
a penny from each customer; generous customers would 
give him a nickel. He could use the nickel to buy a huge 
candy bar. When another newspaper delivery boy gave 
up his job, Mr. Pultz and the other kids would fight over 
who got his houses. 



Mr. ^pe-voc-er- 


Mr. T>a < S\\va 


Mr. LeJBUmc- 


Mr. Garc&mx- 



Bk^Tfra^ TVie. ^oc^C 


LIKES: Cape Cod, shopping, country crafts, 
jewelry, vegetarian food, Pippin. DISLIKES: 
People who try to be something they're not, 
the Three Stooges, country music, raisins, 
bugles, anything with meat in it, insects of 
any kind. ACTIVITIES: Tutor extraordinaire, 
cheerleader, pep club, French club, basket- 
ball. FOUND: Laughing or making other 
people laugh, or shopping at Pine Swamp 
Place with Mrs. W. AMBITION: Teacher, pro- 
fessional cheerleader, stand-up comedian. 
FAVORITE SAYING: You think I'm kidding? 

Chippa Fin, Shanz 

LIKES: Mugs, smiles, wet roses, poems, ani- 
mal crackers, true friends DISLIKES: Ultra- 
tomatoes, broken hearts, endless fights, total 
confusion, pennies. AMBITION: To follow 
my dreams and make a difference. FAVOR- 
ITE MEMORY: Prom 89, Fla 88, NYC 89, all 
the barn nights and good times with friends 
ACTIVITIES: Band 1-4, field hockey 2-4, 
drama 2 and 4, art club 2-4, peer leadership 2 
FAVORITE SAYING: / paid twenty dollars... I 
get a pillow! FOUND: Still searching OTHER: 
Thanks for the memories guys, love ya! 
Thanks, Mom and Nick, for everything! 

Coventry, CT 

LIKES: Soccer, family, friends, animals, Pa- 
triots, camping, fishing, cars, Cheryl, food, 
horses, cows. DISLIKES: Tests, homework, 
colds. FAVORITE MEMORY: Senior class pic- 
nic at Masquamicut beach. ACTIVITIES: 
Track and field, soccer, basketball. FOUND: 
With Cheryl. AWARDS: Many and various 
sports. AMBITION: Fight for my country, 
make money, be happv, live long and pros- 
per. OTHER: Thanks, Mom and Dad. I love 
you and will make you proud! 

&*ttilee^ Pfefp 



Softball 2, 3, 4— Co-Captaain 3, 4; Basketball 2, 
3, 4; Archery 3; Field Hockey 4; Student Coun- 
cil 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Freshman 
Party Committee; Senior Musical. 

A sprightly little miss with a very good head on her 
shoulders, Kathy is bright, brisk, and buoyant. 

>4pnl Fre-v 

Frcy. Freyday 
Plaim [lie 

LIKES: Happiness, nice people, football, 
French fries, weekends, naps, strawberries, 
friends. DISLIKES: Sadness, fake people, 
baseball, homework, reading, pressure, 
goodbyes. FAVORITE MEMORY: Whitings 
93-96, Uncle Tony's 93-96. ACTIVITIES: Me- 
dia aide 1-4; dramal-4; SADD 3-4; Japanese 
club 3; pre-med 3; NHS 3-4. FOUND: At 
home during the week, everywhere on week- 
ends. AWARDS: NHS 3-4; driver's license 
May 95. AMBITION: To become an emer- 
gency room doctor with a huge family. 
OTHER: Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, 
Joe, Frank, Lucky, and friends. FAVORITE 
SAYING: I'm sorry I forgot. 

jodster, jodi Crow 
Salamanca, NY 

LIKES: Nature, fireplaces, stargazing, travel, 
animals, angels, gardening, snow days, paint- 
ing, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, my jeep. 
Sachem. DISLIKES: Selfishness, wasting 
time, superficial people, shopping, greed la- 
ziness, bad breath, pettiness, politicians, Juicy 
Fruit gum, vvreckless drivers. ACTIVITIES: 
Bowling, skiing, painting, volunteering at the 
animal shelter, camping, gardening, taking 
care of animals, Reiki, shooting pool, 
kayaking, bird watching, bee keeping. 
FOUND: Slapping tables, loving animals, in 
my cabana with friends, digging in the dirt. 
AWARDS: N.Y. State Bowling Champion. 
AMBITION: To start an animal sanctuary! 

Groovester, Groovy G, Drewski 
Cranston, RI 

LIKES: Fine fiddling fun, Mr. Souza's class, 
the Simpsons, late nights talking to Horo- 
scope Bob at Burger King, physics class. DIS- 
LIKES: Chemistry class, biology class, Mas- 
sachusetts drivers. FAVORITE MEMORY: 
Swimming in the lake at the Burlington Folk 
Festival. ACTIVITIES: Soccer, track, class 
council, math team AWARDS: Harvard Book 
Award. AMBITION: Professional LEGO 
builder. FAVORITE SAYING: It takes one to 
know one, and I am one. 

Avy>r\ Vjo^oexT 

Terre Haute, IN 

LIKES: Chemistry class. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Being in almost every class with 
my best friend Tracy. ACTIVITIES: Class trea- 
surer, band, swim team, church vouth group. 
FOUND: Cruising Wabash Ave, AWARDS: 
Valedictorian. AMBITION: To help others in 
a medical profession. FAVORITE SAYING: 
Groove Down and Boogie. 


Mane, Lcui«£»e, 


LIKES: Sunsets, fast computers. DISLIKES: 
Spam. FAVORITE MEMORY: Everyday is a 
gift. ACTIVITIES: Horticulture, reading, bike 
riding, hiking, cross country skiing. AMBI- 
TION: Live long and prosper. FAVORITE SAY- 
ING: Save early-save often. 




l Y 



Sally, Sal 

LIKES: Cape Cod, the ocean, summer time, 
jewelry, country crafts, cats, music, laughing. 
DISLIKES: Insincere people, telemarketers, 
junk mail, messes, bees, mosquitos, fleas. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: 10/15/83, 7/13/86,7/ 
14/89, summers at Brewster beach and my 
trip to Italy with my mom in 1979. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Girls' tennis, Latin club, NHS, pep club, 
folk group, junior classical league. FOUND: 
On the telephone, in meetings, being bossy, 
or shopping at Pineswamp Place with Mrs. 
B. AMBITION: Teacher, nurse, counselor, 
psychologist, The boss of everyone! 

3\Ms\e~ Cpuila 


LIKES: Bonanza, Dr. Kildare, math, history. 
DISLIKES: Ben Casey, Latin, English, gym. 
FAVORITE MEMORY: Making the radio 
show, translating Latin before school with 
friends. ACTIVITIES: Athenian club, current 
events club, basketball, volleyball, deck ten- 
nis. FOUND: Studying, competing in sports, 
at our cottage in Norfolk. AWARDS: NHS, 
president current events club, best history 
student, city champ-deck tennis. AMBITION: 
To be a teacher. FAVORITE SAYING: Forsitan 
et haec olim meminisse iuvabit ( Someday, 
perhaps, it will be pleasant to remember these 
things.) OTHER: I want to thank my Mom 
and Dad for making me study. 

< Sc-c>TT Yx-avy\ex- 

Krame, Kramedog 

LIKES: Winning. DISLIKES: losing, gym class 
injuries. FAVORITE MEMORY: McGolf with 
DR. ACTIVITIES: Xc 2-4, winter and spring 
track 2-4 FOUND: On the track. AWARDS: 
Varstiy letter and jacket, 2 league xc champi- 
onships. AMBITION: To succeed at whatever 
I do. FAVORITE SAYING: I have a theory about 




■ " i '"* 

/ ft 


£ A 




LIKES: Track, guitar, music and outdoors. 
ACTIVITIES: Track and cross country. 
AWARDS: Awards!? I don't need no stinkin 

Pati, Dimples 

LIKES: Summer, skating, Poppponesset 
Beach, reading, history class, friends, hockey 
games in Boston, sleepovers, dancing. DIS- 
LIKES: Prejudiced people, racism, algebra, 
smoking. FAVORITE MEMORY: Summers on 
the Cape. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, skat- 
ing, tennis, being with friends, dancing. 
AWARDS: Cutest. AMBITION: College. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: This too will pass. 

NWtc-y Mc\i^ioe,rno< 



LIKES: Chocolate. DISLIKES: Math. FAVOR- 
Basketball 2-3, Spanish club-president, glee 
club. FOUND: Studying or at work. 
AWARDS: NHS, DAR Good Citizen. AMBI- 
TION: Spanish teacher. FAVORITE SAYING: 




Triple espresso 
Hopkins, MN 

LIKES: Airline wing pins, mittens and playing 
boardgames in coffee shops. DISLIKES: Not 
having a car, college applications. FAVORITE 
MEMORY: Going to Costa Rica on a field trip. 
ACnvrnES: Theatre, choir, sledding. FOUND: 
In the music / theatre department. AWARDS: 
Most likely to win an Academy Award. AMBI- 
TION: To be a high school English teacher. FA- 
VORITE SAYING: Run wild as often as you 
choose, but do not faint. -Jane Austin. 





















1. Jared Cacciapaglia 

2. Hannah Guild, Carly-Rea Haughey, 
Pat McMorrow, Kyle Harwood 

3. Sam Shapiro, Sarah Haber 

4. Caitlin Cuozzo, Sam Cacciapaglia, 
Heather Greenwood, Caroline Carr, 
Michelle Wilson, Kaitlin Lamothe, 
Amanda Darling, Meredith Healey 





Looking Back and Moving Forward 

Spring is one of 
my favorite 

The vibrant 
colors of the 

newly blooming 

flowers are 


The air is so 

fresh, and the 

temperature is 
just right. 

-Ally Savoy 

You know that spring 
is approaching when the 
snow starts melting 
away, the days become 
longer, and the flowers 
start to bloom. Every year 
around spring the excitement 
builds, for summer is just 
around the corner. But spring 
is more than just a precursor 
for summer. April vacation is 
one of the most anticipated va- 
cations of the year. 

Kristen Goulet went to 
Florida and, of course, visited 
Disney World, making it her 
sixth time going. In May, 
sophomores labor over the 
dreaded MCAS exams. In June 
we say goodbye to the seniors 
and have finals around the 

corner. But before the year 
ends, sophomores and juniors 
look forward to the trip to the 
Newport Mansions. This field 
trip has become an annual event 
here at King Philip. Mr. Fayle, 
enjoys this experience and be- 
lieves, the mansions are the fin- 
est example that I know of that 
teach us about the wealth and 
luxury of the Guilded Age. It is 
fun to imagine what it would be 
like to live in such luxury. And 
what year would be complete 
without the formal dances, 
semis and proms? It's hard to 
keep your mind on academics 
when so much is happening 
around you in this exciting sea- 
son of spring. 

Ashley Prescott, Kelly LaBlue, Shannon Howard 

Liana Lodola, Kristin Keinz 


Jess Cassle, Becky Bullock, 
Caroline Cotter, Julie Pasquantonio, 
Michelle Cordo 

l54 McCaffrey 
piatvota w 

Amanda Darling, Kelly Boulter, Rachel White, Jaime Guild 

Carolyn Osborn, Lindsey Tufts, 
Valerie Bernier 

4; 133 

Kristen LaCava, Katlyn Lamothe, Briana Flocco. 

The decoration 


did an excellent 

job disguising 

the gym. 

The lights 

made you feel 

like you were 

truly dancing 

under the stars. 

I had an 

awesome time 

and I can't wait 

for junior prom. 

-Maura Foley 

Semis are always a memorable 
occasion, an opportunity to 
have fun with friends, show 
off your dance moves and 
make wonderful memories. 
The 2003 Freshman Semi was 
held on February 28th in the 
K.P. cafeteria. The theme Hol- 
lywood allowed the freshmen 
to get all glammed np as their 
favorite actresses or actors and 
show off their original outfits. 
Everyone gets excited 
around January when the 
semi is just around the cor- 
ner. Girls search for the 
perfect dress and shoes to 
match, the right hairstyle 
and especially the perfect 
date. Everyone looked 
amazing, Caitlin Chipman 
and Kate Sutton both 

were dressed in black, sparkly 
dresses. The cafeteria was very 
nicely decorated with silver 
streamers, film rolls, stars, and 
a poster of HOLLYWOOD. 
The freshman officers Allie 
Cove, Kelly Pasquantonio, 
Kaelyn Todd and Colleen 
Beals made this night possible 
by setting up the cafeteria and 
making the decorations for the 
dance. The night was a success 
and will definitely be remem- 
bered. The Sophomore Semi 
was held on March 14, 2003 in 
the field house. Under the Stars 
was the theme and the gym 
was decorated with Christmas 
lights, star balloons, and flower 
centerpieces at each table. It 
truly was a night to remem- 

Making the Best of It 


Back: Ariane Werboff, Laura Palioca, 

Amanda Mackenzie, Kaelyn Todd, 

Michelle Davison, 

Middle: Shannon Roche, 

Jaime Cullity, Kara Gulino, 

Front: Samantha Black, 

Alex Seigenberg, Kaylee Galvin. 


Karlie Buck, Erin Ficarra 

Kelly Pasquantonio, Kara Basque, Danielle St. Jean 

Back: Greg Zervos, Joanna Tocci, 

Caitlin Kenney, Dave McGuire, Meghan Wyman, 

Brett Davison, a date, Mikaela Callahan, 

Ryan Gavrilles, Kristin Keinz 

Front: Kyle McAlice, Jess Witschel 

Nick Kilburne, Mike Banks, 
Pete Curran, Shannon Roche, 
Charney Gallagher, 
Allison Partridge 


Diandra DeBlasio, Sarah Haber, 
Kelly LaBlue 

Bryan Healey, Steve Hamilton, 

Kevin Banks, Taylor Brown, 

Kyle Moore, Taylor Knowles 

Jenn Lechak, Ashley Daubenmire, 

Lauren Briere, Kristen Quartarone, 

Holly Cain, Alisha Plante, 

Krista Palermo 

Emily Hall, Samantha Shapiro 

Lindsey Tufts, Mary Shea, 
Carolyn Osborn 

Getting the perfect date, per- 
fect shoes, perfect hairstyle, 
and most of all perfect dress is 
a very tough job many girls 
face when it's time for the 
prom. Nicolette Santino went 
dress shopping for days and 
could never find a dress that 
pleased her. She went to at 
least twelve different stores, 
and in each store tried on at 
least ten different dresses. At 
the end Nicolette said, "Wow! 
I never realized the prom was 
such a big ordeal. It seemed 
that no dress was ever going to 
please her. Once she found the 
perfect dress she invited her 
friends over to show them. 
Luckily, they all had positive 
comments on the dress, and 
she was so excited to finally be 
one step closer to her perfect 
night at the prom! She made 
an appointment to get her hair 

done and even borrowed shoes 
from a friend to match her spar- 
kling pink dress. A few 
days later Nicolette tried 
on the dress one last time 
to make sure she was 
ready for the big night. 
While practicing her dance 
moves, Nicolette realized 
she couldn't move her legs. 
She ended up tearing her 
dress! With only a couple of 
days left before prom night 
Nicolette once again had to go 
back out and find a dress. Even 
though it was a struggle, 
Nicolette managed to find a 
dress that she could wear. She 
finished getting ready with just 
minutes to spare before her 
date John Phillips picked her 
up. Nicolette' s experience get- 
ting ready for prom was tough, 
but she still managed to have 
the best time of her life. 

Too Good to Be True 




It was my first 

year going to 

prom, and it 

was amazing. 

It makes all 

other dances 

seem so 


Even though it 

took a while to 

get ready 

it was well 

worth it and 

I cannot wait to 

go next year. 




Michaela Callahan, 
Nick Fontana 


Jon Gutlon, Kelly Brennan 


Two Peas in a Pod 

Relationships can be fun, ex- 
citing and interesting all at the 
same time. Some relationships 
start in a special way. Danielle 
St. Jean, for example, was 
asked out by her long-time 
boyfriend Steve Rando last 
year on Christmas Day. Steve 
brought her a dozen roses, and 
put a card in it asking her to be 
his girlfriend. Steve was very 
proud of the romantic nature 
of the beginning of his rela- 
tionship with Danielle. 

Even after the first date, 
there can be surprises. All it 

takes is some imagina- 
tion. Shannon Bates 
was surprised by her 
boyfriend, Nick McEvoy 
one night. He made her 
close her eyes all the way 
to Providence. When they 
arrived, Nick took her 
hand and walked her down to 
the water fires, which sur- 
round the Providence River. 
They walked all around the 
fires, watching them sparkle 
and glow. This is the kind of 
night that makes memories 
that last forever. 

sU ean 

The way he 

asked me was 

so romantic 

I couldn't 

say no. 
St. Jean 

.- - . >■ ^ 





1 ii i 


John Phillips, Nicolette Santino 



Lots of Laughs 

A.ri a 

n e Jy, 


We were just 
having a good 
time one night, 

dancing and 

singing to 

Britney Spears. 

-Wendy Perry 

Many people face embarrass- 
ing times in their lives that 
they may not want to look back 
at. Kayla McCaffrey, for ex- 
ample, sure has an em- 
barrassing story to tell. 
One day during field 
hockey practice someone 
pretended to throw a ball at 
her and out of instinct she 
ducked, and ended up fall- 
ing and bruising her tailbone 
for weeks. Hayley Hayes also 
embarrassed herself. She was 
running to class one day with 
her hands loaded with books, 
and had to face the crowded 
staircase. She ended up falling 
head over heeal down the stairs 
until she reached the bottom 
throwing her books all over 
the place with papers flying 
everywhere. She went head 
over heels down the stairs un- 

Cammie Constantineau 

til she reached the bottom. 
Everyone stood around laugh- 
ing at what Hayley had just 
done. She'll never forget that 

Sometimes, however, em- 
barrassing things happen that 
a picture can't be taken of. For 
instance, Ally Savoy, while 
joining friends for dinner at 
The Olive Garden, noticed a 
boy in the parking lot. She 
turned to a friend and said, 
That kid goes to our school! The 
embarassing part is that she 
said it so loud that the kid 
turned around and said, Yes, I 

The one thing we all have to 
learn is to laugh at ourselves. 
Everyone will in some way or 
another have an embarrassing 
moment during their lives. 


Alison Cobb, Kaitlyn Winter 

Joanna Tocci, Kayla McCaffrey 


Erin Coyle, Kaitlyn Caccioia, Jane Ross, Hannah Guild, Angie Sugrue, Alice Shiebler, 
Katie Canavan stay together while cheering for the football players 

As a gym 

teacher I try to 

teach the value 

of teamwork to 

all of my 


Through sports 

we can all learn 

to support each 

other as a team, 

as well as 

experience a 

little fun and 


-Mrs. Pfeffer 

The dictionary defines team- 
work as a cooperative effort 
by the members of a group or 
team to achieve a common 
goal. Through teamwork, 
work becomes much easier and 
the game, project, or event can 
become much more success- 
ful. The class of 2006 understood 
the meaning of the word after 
a yard sale that they held as a 
fund raiser over the summer. 
The idea for a yard sale came 
up while class officers were 
discussing ways to make 
money. All four girls de- 
cided that they did not want 
to sell boxes of candy as other 
classes have in the past. The 
big, bulky boxes are a pain to 
carry and the candy is usually 
hard to sell. Once the idea was 
decided on, the girls got 
straight to work planning the 

event. They began by asking 
teachers, parents, and other 
community members for do- 
nations of products to sell. So 
many people were willing to 
help with donations that the 
girls were at first over- 
whelmed; however, soon other 
members of the class volun- 
teered their time and effort to 
help make the yard sale suc- 
cessful. Finally, in late July the 
group of fifteen students was 
ready to make money. They 
arrived at the school at 6 a.m. 
to set up tables of sale items. 
Thanks to widespread adver- 
tising, the yard sale was a huge 
success and the class of 2006 
ended up raising over $800! 
The class officers were happy 
to have raised so much money, 
and no one had to sell a single 
box of candy! 

Working Together 


Eric Whitehouse, Emery Wenger 
and Renae Lessard (front) 

proudly stand beside 
their History Day project. 


Casey Gray, Caitlyn Kenney, Jessica Barrett, 
Jen Cannon at a Peer Mediation Conference 

Kara Whooten, Danielle St. Jean, Shannon Bates help each other stay warm. 


chot \xeiag3 

Colby Caulmare, Kayse Eichelberger, and 

Rob Shirley work together to solve 

a difficult chemistry problem. 

(back) Joe Boche, Mark Hevert, 
Sam Black, Laura Palioca, 
Ariane Werboff, (front) Ben Dubinski, 
Christian Dunbar, Kelly Pasquantonio, 
Laura Shaw, Kaelyn Todd, 
Colleen Beals, Alex Seigenberg, 
Cailyn Varkus at a sophomore class 
yard sale 


Brett Davison, Meghan Wyma 

Sara Streeter, Shawn Hogarth, Chris Rieger, Brittney Lambert, 

Jen Maloney. 

Ky \eLoveioy 

Ashley Gregory, Ryan Cassidy, 

Julie Pasquantonio, 

Dave McGuire, 

Jen Malcolm, Andrea Pinciaro, 

Ryan Porter, 

Tyler Palioca (under towel) 


Alice Shiebler, Angie Sugrue, 
Jane Ross 

Kaelyn Todd, Alex Seigenberg, Samantha Black, Michelle Davison 

This past summer, Kristen 
LaCava spent a few weeks 
traveling the West Coast of 
California with her mom and 
aunt. During this time they 
drove the Pacific Coast High- 
way and saw huge whales 
swimming right next to their 
car. She said this was the most 
memorable trip of her sum- 
mer. Another student who en- 
joyed a fantastic vacation this 
summer was Kayla 
McCaffrey. She visited the Ba- 
hamas where she was escorted 
around by a 37 year old is- 
lander. He showed her all the 
great parts of his island. She 
had a fabulous time seeing new 
things and meeting new 

Christine Bluhm went to 
camp in Colorado. She called 
her family one last time before 
she left for this exciting week. 
Christine couldn't wait to 
spend a week in the Rocky 

Mountains. Dave McGuire 

spent his summer taking an 
SAT class to prepare himself 
for the difficult test that he 
will be taking this year. In his 
free time he went to the beach 
and played summer baseball. 
Jon Bullock worked with his 
uncle doing electric work all 
summer long. He has now 
saved up enough money to be 
able to buy a car. Wes Cameron 
attended two basketball camps 
this summer at the University 
of Maryland and Duke. He 
enjoyed the Maryland camp 
more because his team won 
the championship. They got to 
play on the last day in front of 
all the other campers, parents, 
and most importantly college 
coaches who had been teach- 
ing him all week long. All of 
these students at King Philip 
agree that they had the best 
summer and can't wait until 
next year! 


C \vtvs 

Colorado was 


I got to 

see many sights 

that I never had 

seen before. 



Having a Blast 



Mark Flynn 


Chris Barb, Sarah Clark in Disney World 

Ali and Bill Cobb on a cruise 
during February vacation 

Lori Wardner, Meghan McGovern, 

Kara Basque, Anna Burke, 

Kelly Pasquantonio, Jenny Morton, 

Danielle St. Jean in front of the 

Vietnam Memorial 



Times to Remember, Forever 

Throughout the year many 
people go on amazing and 
memorable trips. These spe- 
cial vacations can last a life- 
time because of the photo- 
graphs that are taken. Over 
the summer Jenn Fuller went 
to Disney World with her 
mom, grandparents and her 
close friend Julie Williams for 
a week. After the week was 
over she and her mom went on 
a cruise while her grandpar- 
ents and Julie flew home. Jenn 
and her mom traveled to St. 
Maarten, St. Thomas and 
Disney's private island Cast- 
away Cay. The boat was huge! 
Ithad three dining rooms with 
black and white pictures that 
suddenly became colored as 
as the journey moved on. At 
the end of dinner, all the pic- 
tures were brighty colored. In 
the bedroom there was a huge 

porthole where they could see 
far off into the distance while 
the boat kept moving. Every 
nightjennandhermom went 
out to explore the ship and 
see new things. One night 
they went out to dinner, 
which had been one of the 
best things on the ship and 
came back to find their room 
all cleaned with the towels ar- 
ranged intoanimal shapes. The 
maid had been cleaning the 
room and left Jenn 
and her mom with this pleas- 
ant surprise. There was also 
entertainment each night. 
Karaoke, dancing, and plays 
were some of Jenn's favorites. 
The week spent on the boat 
was busy, interesting and ex- 
citing. Jenn will never forget 
these two fabulous weeks at 
Disney World and the cruise. 

Italy was a 


experience. I 

had never 

meet any of 

my Italian 

family before, 

so seeing them 

for the first 

time was 




Joanna Tocci in Italy with her 
cousins, Carlo and Italo. 

Angie Sugrue, Kaitlyn Cacciola, Erin Coyle, Alice Shiebler 
in Washington D.C. on vacation together 



Can't Wait 

Deerfield was 

so much fun. 

We learned 

new skills 

and got closer 

as a team. 

-Emma Smith 

The summer is a time to relax, 
hang out with friends, and 
even go to some camps. The 
cross country team, for ex- 
ample, went to camp on the 
Cape. They had an amazing 
time. Coach Hearon brought a 
stuffed donkey to camp. If the 
campers acted like a donkey 
then the next day they had to 
hold the stuffed animal while 
running. As a joke the girls in 
cabin number one stole 
the donkey and hid it, 
forcing Coach Hearon to 
find him. The girls left ran- 
som notes that led to the 
place where the donkey 
was hidden. The firepit, 
bathroom, Coach's car and 
clothesline were all places 

that the notes were hidden. 
Each note included drawings 
and was signed The Donkey 
Nappers. Don't let the coach 
know that the nappers were 
actually Brittney Lambert, Jen 
Maloney, Sara Streeter, Holly 
Cain, Mikaela Callahan and 
Kristin Keinz. Another camp 
that members of KP sports 
went to was Deerfield field 
hockey camp. The team mem- 
bers had an awesome time 
improving their skills and 
catching up with friends. They 
blasted music and danced all 
night on the last night of camp. 
Many of the campers were heard 
to say that they had had the time 
of their lives dancing, swim- 
ming, and playing field hockey. 

Kristen LaCava, Jehan Said, Jess Barrett, Ashley Prescott, 
Kayla McCaffrey, Jenn Cannon 

Stacy Zickl, Kaitlyn Winter, 
Chrissy Bluhm 


Brittney Lambert, Jen Maloney, 
Sara Streeter, Holly Cain, 
Mikaela Callahan, Kristin Keinz 

Kara Gulino. Tarah Cuddihy. 
Danielle St. Jean. Kate Sutton. 
Allie Cove. Caitlin Chipman. 
Jess Simpson 

Jess Leslie. Erin Holmes. 
Kara Wooten Katherine Casey 


*^^ 149 

Reid Eichelberger, Kathy Cochrane, David Damiata, gym leaders 

Peer mediation 
training was 

a great 


1 learned a lot. 

Kelly Flanagan 

There are many clubs here at 
King Philip that allow kids to 
develop leadership skills. Peer 
mediation is one of them. New 
members have to go through a 
three day training session to 
learn the skills needed to me- 
diate conflicts between stu- 
dents. Throughout the session 
members do many activities 
to make them comfortable 
with the process of media- 
tion. To practice trust they 
fall into each other' s hands. 
They also do a blind walk; 
one person is blindfolded 
and the other guides him 
around the school. To prac- 
tice teamwork, students cross 
arms and try to pull each other 
up. They also arm wrestle; the 
winner receives M&M's. This 

shows that conflict isn' t always 
a bad thing. The goal of media- 
tion is to try to find an agree- 
ment which both parties can 
agree to. However, they don't 
always have to reach one. Each 
mediator receives a book full 
of information for review and 
study guides which they use 
to practice situations between 
mediators and disputants. 
They also learn exactly what 
needs to be done in the media- 
tion room. Before ending the 
program everyone takes an 
oath of confidentiality not to 
repeat any information re- 
vealed during negotiations. 
After the workshop, students 
like Molly Hall felt comfortable 
with the new responsibility 
each had taken on. 

Jump at the chance 


Kaleena Chartrand, 

Shawn McDermott,Marra Wilcox, 

Sam Shapiro, peer leadership 


Trying to pull each other up during 
peer mediation training 

Molly Hall, Ashley Gregory 

preparing for the blind walk during 
peer mediation training 

^ icketS ° n ieadets 

Back row: Brian McCarter, Mrs. Viles-Antonellis, 

Adam Breland, Alex d'Anjou, Molly Hall, 

Kristen Quartarone, Joe Conroy, Ali Cobb, 

Dan Shea, Ashley Gregory, 

Kelly Flanagan, Mrs. Pfeffer, 

Front row: Anne Powers, Rachel Corcoran, 

Alyssa McElwee, Julie Pasquantonio, 

Eric Lopresti, Rebecca Cain, peer mediation 


Amanda MacKenzie presenting 
her History Day project 

Brendan McGovern, Reid Eichelberger, Anthony DeLaiarro 

competing in the green and gold competition 

Kevin Ctonin 

Jen Hall and Jenna Morganelli at 

National French Day filming all 
the yummy French food they see 


Andrew Holmes playing golf 
on Mole Day 

Jared Cacciapaglia being crowned Mr. KPHS by Jaime Guild 

During the Fall at King Philip 
many events such as History Day, 
National French Day, Mole Day 
and, this year, Mr. KPHS take 
place. The student body enjoys 
each of these events; many stu- 
dents participate in these each 

Mr. KPHS was brought back 
by popular demand. Many guys 
competed to be crowned King of 
the School. They were eliminated 
one by one after each activity: 
singing, dancing, and strutting 
their stuff. The winner, Jared 
Cacciapaglia, received the crown 
that made him king. The most 
memorable act was by Kyle 
Moore and Anthony DeLaiarro 
who dressed up as Richard 
Simmons and did a workout ses- 
sion with the senior girls. They 
had the whole outfit-from sweat 
bands, to stretch pants. Anthony 
even sported a sparkly orange 

Another event, Mole Day, took 
place this year on October 23rd. 

Chemistry students had to com- 
plete group projects and bring in 
food for the celebration. During 
the day students played games 
and solved mole problems in or- 
der to get their icecream sundaes. 

During National French Day, 
Ms. Figueiredo prepared a vari- 
ety of French foods, and invited 
speakers to come in to speak 
French to the students. Students 
played games and learn more 
about French culture. 

Freshmen, sophomores 
and juniors participated in 
National History Day which 
came this year at the begin- 
ning of November. Students 
presented their projects to 
teachers and other students. It 
was amazing to see the wide 
variety of projects considering 
that everyone started with the 
same theme. 

Fall at KP brings not only tra- 
ditional classes, but also projects 
and learning events that help to 
make school more enjoyable. 

History Day 

turned out to be 

a great success 

for me this year. 

I enjoyed 

learning about 

world history. 

-Nick Benson 




Mole Day, History Day 
National French Day Mr. KPHS 


Brittney O'Hara, Kayla McCaffrey, Briana Flocco, Diandra DeBlasio, Kristen LaCava, 

Caitlin Kenney, Kristin Keinz, Kelly LaBlue, Meghan Wyman, Emily Conrad, 

Shannon Howard, Kaitlin Lamothe, Michelle Knowles, Nicolette Santino 

Joanna Mayhew, Matt Short 

Each Saturday 

I can learn 

new things 

about each 

animal, while 

I enjoy 


about it. 

-Laura Pelrine 

It's last period on Friday and 
noone can wait for school to 
get out. The bell rings and ev- 
eryone excitedly dashes for the 
door knowing that the week- 
end has begun. As everyone 
collects their books from their 
lockers and chats with friends, 
they imagine what the week- 
end has in store. This is 
everyone's favorite time, 
filled with parties, movies, 
or just relaxing with 
friends. There are end- 
less possibilities to spend 
your weekend, like 
catching the King Philip 
football team in action or the 
marching band performing. 
Your weekend could also be 
spent volunteering at differ- 
ent Leo club or student council 

Laura Pelrine spends her 
Saturdays working with ani- 

mals at World War I Memorial 
Zoo in North Attleboro. For 
the last two years Laura has 
been a zoo attendant and has 
taken care of goats, horses, 
donkeys, deer, and pigs. She 
feeds, cares for, and grooms 
these animals each week. She 
says, I love animals. They are so 
cute and friendly. I enjoy going 
each Saturday to take care of them 
by feeding, grooming and clean- 
ing up after them. By doing this I 
feel like I have contributed a lot to 
the community and the animals. 
Each Saturday I can learn new 
things about each animal while I 
enjoy everything about it. 

Other people like Eric 
Whitehouse spend their week- 
ends running to stay ahead of 
the other cross country run- 
ners. When he's not running, 
he spends his time in bed sleep- 
ing to prepare himself for the 
next long week of school. 

It's about time 


154 ^^ |f 

Steve Waters, Jared Cacciapaglia, 
Reid Eichelberger, Nick Campo, (bot- 
tom) Luke McGrath, Tom McGuire 

Holly Schrader, Lora Bertoldi, Meghan Stark, Jill Shiebler 

Jess Witschel, Nicolette Lake, Katie Davies 

Sherida Kipp, Kelley Hurley, 
Stacy Zickl, Erin Ficarra, 
Diane Caffrey, Ayla Greenland, 
Michelle Cordo, Caroline Cotter, 
Jen Malcolm, Andrea Pinciarro, 
Becky Bullock, Ali Cobb, 
Julie Pasquantonio 




V °ght 

I was glad 

to represent 

the senior class, 

but they 

didn't let me 


the pie. 

-Chris Voght 

The King Philip Warriors are 
known for their spirit and 
pride. Every year they 
get to show their spirit 
during Spirit Week. Each 
day there is a new cat- 
egory: Monday starts the 
week with Pajama Day, 
followed by Hawaiian 
Day, Class Colors Day, and 
finally, Green and Gold Day. 
On Friday comes the rally 
when the freshmen hear for 
the first time, Go home fresh- 
men, being loudly chanted. 
The rally starts with the cheer- 
leaders' performing their rou- 
tines. Then, the homecoming 
king and queen are an- 
nounced along with their 
court. The 2003 Homecom- 
ing king was Joel Lee. The 

Queen was Carlee Kurkjian. The 
court included Kelly Winslow, 
Reid Eichelberger, John Chaves 
and Katelyn Lorimer. The cheer- 
leaders then invited the fall cap- 
tains onto the floor to dance to 
Bootydrop. The pie-eating contest 
followed with each class's having 
a representative. Rob Hall repre- 
sented the freshmen, Kate Sutton 
the sophomores, Alex Leonard the 
juniors and Chris Voght the se- 
niors. They got their faces filled 
with blueberry pie and their bel- 
lies full. Chris Voght took home 
the gold for the senior class. At the 
end of the rally the seniors were 
declared the winners of spirit 
week. This announcement made 
it official that seniors never really 

Reid Eichelberger, Kelly Winslow, Joel Lee, Carlee Kurkjian, 
John Chaves, Katelyn Lorimer 


Emily Bhatti, Laura Tuveson, 
Jaime Guild 


P.J. Strittmatter, Matt Bocock, Katie Sharron, 
Michaela Knyff, Jess Simpson 

Dave Rando 


Contestants await the results of Mr. KPHS 

Caitlyn Chipman helps to make 
Holiday Party decorations. 

My favorite 

part of being on 

student council 

is that I get to 

help organize 

fun events 

for everyone'. 

-Amy Bullock 

The student council's job is to 
get the student body involved 
in the school and the commu- 
nity. This year the student 
council organized a new event 
called Mr. KPHS. To become 
Mr. KPHS, a guy had to prove 
to the student body that he 
had the most school spirit. The 
winner of the 2003 Mr. KPHS 
was Jared Cacciapaglia. 

The council also orga- 
nized a car wash in the 
beginning of the year 
as a fund raiser. The car 
wash was a great suc- 
cess. Not only did the 
council earn money, but 
members also learned to 
work together. As a team 
the council had to rinse the 
cars off using two hoses. Then 
they had to make sure they 
scrubbed the whole car using 

sponges and soap. And finally 
they had to make sure that they 
rinsed the whole car off, leav- 
ing no soap. This way there 
would not be any streaks. The 
student council also had to 
work rapidly in order to pre- 
vent a long line of waiting cars 
from forming. However, it 
wasn't all work and no play. 
There were a number of bubble 
fights. One serious battle in- 
volved Amie Nickerson and 
Kaitlyn Winter. Unlike most 
fights, there was no winner. 
Both Amie and Kaitlyn ended 
up covered from head to toe in 
bubbles and had clothes that 
were completely drenched 
with water. Of their many fund 
raisers, this was probably the 
most successful and definitely 
the most fun! 

Student Council- Getting Involved 



Emily Bhatti, Libby Renner and their holiday 
party child play on the floor of the gym. 

Trevor McGill, Tim Czyzewski, Alex Bluhm, 
Kristen Keinz, and Caitlin Kenney polish a customer's scooter. 

adv etuse*e^ asb 

Griffin McGrath, Anna Burke, 
Meghan McGovern, and 
Trevor McGill wash cars. 

Tiffany Spigarolo 

King Philip Band Members 

Huddle before the game 

Homecoming started off with 
Spirit Week, which got every- 
one pumped up for the pep 
rally and dance on Friday 
night. The Homecoming Day 
game, as always, was on Sat- 
urday. This year, the Warriors 
could not wait to beat Sharon 
in front of a giant crowd, even 
though it was bitterly cold. 
During the half time, the King 
and Queen were announced 
along with their court. It is a 
tradition here at K.P. for the 
girls to wear formal gowns at 
the game. To everyone's sur- 
prise Katelyn Lorimer and 
Carlee Kurkjian wore the 
same maroon sparkled dress. 
And contrary to popular opin- 
ion, they never planned to 

come dressed as twins. Katelyn 
said she had a feeling about 
the dress but bought it 
anyway because it was 
so pretty. Later they 
found out that Kelly 
Winslow almost wore 
exactly the same dress. Her 
mom looked at many 
dresses and almost ended 
up buying that one. Accord- 
ing to Kelly, her mom even had it 
in her hand at the store. What a 
coincidence. However, she 
bought a black halter dress in- 
stead. It just goes to prove that 
a beautiful dress stands out 
and that these lovely young 
women would have looked 
stunning no matter what they 

I firmly believe 

that any man's 

finest hour, 

the greatest 

fulfillment he 

holds dear, 

is when he lays 

exhausted on 

the field of 

-Rich Mattson 

Let the Games Begin 



Erik Saras, Amy Coombs, 
Dan Lovley, Elizabeth Lovley, and 

two students from the middle 

school, Bridget Hutchinson, 

Jack Fitzpatrick on stage 

Sara Streeter and Alex Leonard act out a scene 
during this year's holiday performance. 

Brittany Burke polishes some stage props. 

Kathryn Vanderwyk manages her 
specialty, the lighting. 




All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. 

King Philip offers a variety 
of ways for students to ex- 
press themselves creatively. 
The chorus strives for perfec- 
tion in reading and singing 
choral music. They meet once 
a day during the school day. 
This is a very intense class. As 
soon as the bell rings, Mr. 
Tileston begins the class with 
warm-up exercises and con- 
tinues with no interruptions. 
One of the most involved and 
complicated songs performed 
this year was the Hallelujah 
Chorus. Kristen Quartarone, 
Lizzie Abbate, and Eric 
Whitehouse were given the 
honor of going to the Massa- 
chusetts Choral District. Last 
year, the KP Chorus went to 
the M.I.C.C.A. Competition 
and scored a silver medal! It 
just goes to show that hard 
work and dedication, as well 

as talent, can bring hon- 
ors to the students and 
their school. 

Another area where 
KP's most creative stu- 
dents can show off their 
talents is in drama, not only 
in acting, but also in the 
sets, lighting and sound 
produced by the stage techni- 
cians of GAPS. They build the 
sets, take care of the lighting 
and sound, and help out back- 
stage during a performance. 
One thing that they should all 
be commended for is their ex- 
tra sturdy sets. They are made 
out of two by sixes instead of 
the average two by fours and 
three quarter ply wood. Due 
to their unrelenting efforts to 
give both the audience the full 
effect of the show and the ac- 
tors a safe environment, GAPS 
has never had a set fall. 

As shown 

above, the 

stage sets of 

the King 

Philip GAPS 

are not only 

well-built, but 

they provide a 

structure and 

an appeal to 

the audience 

that make the 

play its very 


The KP chorus (front) Mary Shea, 

Kristen Quartarone. (middle) 

Charles Sherwin, Jeff Crompton. 

(back) Eric Whitehouse, 

Jermaine Clifford 

The King Philip Chorus practicing with Mr. Tileston. 



From Start to Finish 

Spirit Week is 
the best week to 
enjoy going all 

out and 

dressing up to 

impress your 


and more 

importantly to 

have a good 




Most students at KP would 
agree that school spirit 
makes the school year more 
fun and exciting. The stu- 
dents can look forward to 
events such as Spirit Week 
and the pep rally before the 
Homecoming game, as well as 
other events like Mr. KPHS 
and Star Day. Despite all of 
these events, however, the stu- 
dents often feel the most spirit 
during everyday sporting 
events. When the girls' soccer 
team made it to the South 
Sectionals, for example, many 
students came to cheer on their 
friends and sisters. Kara 
Basque recalls, It was so excit- 
ing when we arrived at the South 
Sectionals and saw all of our 
friends and family waiting for us 
as we got off the bus. The whole 
team was excited already to have 
made it so far, but it felt even 

better to know we had so many 
fans! Hockey games have also 
been a place where students 
have shown their spirit. The 
KP-Franklin game, for ex- 
ample, is always an exciting 
game filled with intense rival- 
ries. Everyone makes sure to 
wear sweatshirts that sport the 
KP logo and cheer their loud- 
est. This year the student coun- 
cil recognized so much spirit 
at events and games that they 
decided to add in another mini 
spirit week to lighten the stu- 
dents' spirits before midyear 
exams. The week gave stu- 
dents yet another chance to 
show their pride through three 
days: tie dyed day, crazy hair 
day, and Patriots' day. Each 
day the four classes competed 
to have the most spirit. The 
week was competitive, but also 
fun and full of KP pride! 

Lynn Tornabene, John Phillips, Bill Cobb, Josh Plante, Nick Fontana, Katie Davies 

dance to the Booty Drop to get psyched up for the big Homecoming game. 

Jenna Cassoli gets all dressed up 
in green and gold! 


Rachel White and Sasha Provost get 

excited about a KP field hockey game. 

Cailyn Varkas and Sam Black cross their fingers 
in hopes of winning Class Competition. 


Amanda Tuesley, Sydney Singer, Jason Sundberg 

Marching band, 

is the best activity 

that I have 

participated in 

while at K.P. 

1 love the 

excitement you 

cause for the 

audience when 

they hear your 


The King Philip Marching 
Band has a reputation for ex- 
cellence. Led by Mr. Tileston, 
for many years now, the band 
continues to win awards and 
invitations to play at some in- 
teresting events. Last spring, 
for example, most of the mem- 
bers of the musical program 
went to Florida. It was a five 
day trip that was absolutely amaz- 
ing. I loved visiting the dif- 
ferent parks and especially 
taking time out of school, said 
Diane Girouard. They 
marched down Main Street, 
USA in the Magic Kingdom. 
They also visited MGM Stu- 

dios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, 
and Blizzard Beach. It wasn't 
all fun and games, however. A 
lot of hard work went into pre- 
paring the band and chorus 
for this wonderful opportu- 

Another amazing accom- 
plishment of the band was that 
it was able to record the music 
for a soundtrack for the movie, 
Tarzan. This was an exciting 
and fun-filled experience for 
everyone because not many 
people get to play music for a 
Disney movie. It all goes to 
prove that dedication, hard 
work, and practice can pay off. 

Fltz Patri 


Practice Makes Perfect 



Mike Butler and junior 
high band members 

Tiffany Spigarolo, Michael Brennan 

Wendy Evans, Brittney Price, 
Christina Giacalone, colorguard and chorus 

Erik Saras, Matt Kowalski, 
Evan Butler and 

junior high band members 

Tom Walczak and Laura Tuveson 

snowboard in Vermont. 

Erin Ouimet, Kelly Winslow, Laura Schubert 

De \Gtosso, 

Kaitlyn Winter, Ali Cobb 
Devon Geller on Gunstock Mt 

Sara Streeter and Brittney Lambert 

play in the snow. 

Scenery from the top of Sugarbush Mountain 

The first signs that winter is 
approaching are the shorter 
days, cold nights, and snow- 
flakes that trickle down in the 
middle of the night. The snow 
is exactly what the kids in the 
ski club look forward to. Ev- 
ery year Mrs. Tower takes stu- 
dents on two ski trips. The first 
ski trip this year was held at 
Sugarbush, Vermont from 
January sixteenth through the 
eighteenth. The snow started 
coming down hard as the 
group made their way north 
in a luxury bus. Although the 
trip was long, it didn't seem 
that bad because they got to 
watch two movies along the 
way. The group spent the 
weekend at the Best Western 

Hotel. That night some hit the 
pool while others just hung 
out in their rooms. The next 
day everyone was up early 
for the long day of skiing. 
The mountain had every- 
thing from beginner to ad- 
vanced slopes. Some like 
Bryan Healey were even brave 
enough to venture down the 
black diamonds. The trip was 
a success. Brian Briselli said, J 
had a great time. I tried new trails 
I had never tried before like the 
black diamond. It was definitely 
worth the money. Mrs. Tower 
was also pleased with the trip. 
She said, the trip was especially 
good because of the behavior and 
fun-personalities of the students 
who went. 

It was a very 
I had a lot 

of fun. 
If you ski or 
I definitely 

recommend it. 

Jon Burgess 

Treasure the Moment 




Ellen Morris, Stacey Doiron, 

and Julie Nolan practice 

their routine together. 

Anna Perrelli practices playing her xylophone. 

Stacey Doiron is amidst twirling flags during practice. 

Wendy Evans concentrates on 
getting the routine perfect. 


Jason Sundberg 

works on a new song. 


Work, Will, Win 

Winter guard may appear to 
be easy to an amateur; how- 
ever, this activity is quite chal- 
lenging. This group of hard 
workers practices roughly 
twelve hours a week. They 
work with sabers, rifles, and 
flags. For each prop, there is 
an expertly choreographed 
routine. At each practice color 
guard members spend at least 
forty-five minutes of practice 
time stretching so that they 
don't pull any muscles. At the 
beginning of each practice they 
have to twirl their flags many 
times in order to prepare for 
the routines. This year there 
are two guards, varsity and 
junior varsity. Each practices 
diligently to prepare for up- 
coming competitions. They do 
a small part of their routine 
over and over again until the 
entire team is perfectly in sync. 

To some members of the 
guard, the preview show is 
a great time to have fun and 
show off what they have been 
working hard on for the past 
month or so. Everyone who 
goes loves to watch their per- 
formances. The audience can 
really appreciate all the hard 
work and dedication that the 
winter guard puts into their 
routines. Last year winter 
guard won a first place title. 
This year they are trying their 
hardest to do better. Their goal 
is to achieve what seems im- 
possible for some people, to 
win every single competition 
they enter. In order to accom- 
plish that goal they are going 
to have to work even harder 
than they did last year. The 
guard also hopes to do well at 
the world championships in 
San Diego. 

Being in winter 

guard gives you 

a chance 

to become 

friends with 

upper classmen. 

There is a 

great sense of 


between all 

the members 

of the team. 


Anna Perrelli, Kelly Brennan, Sydney Singer, and Rachel Willman 

practice for an upcoming event. 



After Hours 

I like staying 

after in the 

media center, 

because it gives 

me a good place 

to do my 



without having 

to go to 





The school day doesn't end 
at 2:25 for most students or 
teachers at KP. Everyday 
there are many students who 
stay with their teachers to get 
extra help, or to make up work. 
Students also can be found 
working in the media center. 
There they can explore the 
Internet for research, work 
with members of a group, or 
just spend some quiet time. 
However students are not al- 
ways after school for academic 
reasons. Some stay after to 
hang out with friends, or for 
detention. Being able to stay 
after allows students to end 
their day without feeling 
rushed. They can take their 
time leaving. But what hap- 
pens when you don't have 
your license, or your parents 
can't pick you up? Well lucky 
for you KP provides late buses 

for those who stay after. They 
come every day at 3:00 except 
for Fridays. Most students, in 
fact, can remember many good 
times they had staying after 
school. But it's not just stu- 
dents who stay after; there are 
also many teachers. They use 
this time to catch up on cor- 
recting papers, doing grades, 
or planning the lessons they 
will be teaching in the days to 
come. But don't just look in 
their rooms. Teachers are all 
over the building after school 
Some use the media center to 
do research and to use the pho- 
tocopying machines. Others sit 
in the teachers' room unwind- 
ing after a hectic day. And still 
others man the telephones and 
write email to parents who 
want updates on their 
children's progress. KP is defi- 
nitely a busy place after 2:30. 

Becky Cane and Karen Anundson do their work after school. 

Dave Carloni works diligently on 
his homework. 



» " 


Wif " 11 lj 

Mrs. Myers helps Dave Capone after 
school with some math problems 

Joe Mulcahy finds it hard to answer Mr. Fayle. 

Tot**r y r e diaCentet. 

Ms. Strekouras works to finish her grades 

Colin Casper puts in the extra effort 
in chemistry. 


Back: Ali Cobb, Sarah Seely, Michelle Cordo, Becky Bullock, Julie Pasquantonio, 
Front: Ryan Cassidy, Jen Malcolm, Caroline Cotter 

Shannon Howard, Kayla McCaffrey 

Christmas is 


the best 

being an 

only child. 

I'm the one 

who gets 

all the 


■ John Parker 

Celebrations, whether 
birthdays or holidays, are al- 
ways a lot of fun. Some cel- 
ebrations include surprises, 
like the birthday surprise 
that awaited Jen Malcolm 
when her friends threw her 
a surprise 16th birthday 
party. Her sister and her 
mom kept her out the 
whole day, while all her 
friends and family filled her 
house with decorations, gifts, 
and food. Jen's reaction to the 
surprise was priceless; she and 
her friends had a wonderful 
time at the party. 

Other people like John 
Parker consider Christmas 
morning to be the best celebra- 
tion of the year. John and his 
family always wake up bright 
and early to find Christmas 
surprises and presents all 
around the house. His parents 

fill the house with presents all 
night long then get little sleep 
that night. 

Alison Cobb loves the 
Fourth of July. She always has 
friends over to her house to 
light sparklers, sing patriotic 
songs, and most importantly 
to have a huge cookout. All 
night long they celebrate 
around the campfire and roast 
marshmallows to make 
s'mores. Alison and her friends 
stay up all night playing board 
games and swimming in the 

It doesn't matter which cel- 
ebration is your favorite. What 
is important is that you spend 
it with people you enjoy being 
with. Make your celebrations 
memorable because these are 
the most valuable times in your 

It's a Party! 


174 ^^^ ; 

Emily Hall, Rose Becker, 
Erin Ouimet 

Sarah-Ann and Ellen Ferrara 



Jaime and Hannah Guild 

Kyle and Evan Harwood 

Cait and Allie Cuozzo 




Alice and Jill Shiebler 


Karaline and Jake Zeigler 

Michelle and Carolyn Wilson 

Dan, Kelsey, and Kyle Shea 



Jr U 


Being a twin is something that 
is very special. Having the abil- 
ity to switch places and know 
what the other is thinking is 
rare for the rest of us, yet com- 
mon to twins. When the 
Wencus twins were in elemen- 
tary school they switched 
places on April Fool's Day. 
Lauren's class had a substitute 
teacher so Amanda had no 
problem adjusting. However, 
Lauren had to take three of 
Amanda's tests that she had 
that day. She did not know 
any of the information and 
failed each one. Still, the teach- 
ers never found out. They both 
agree that, being able to pretend 
you are the other twin and act like 
her is the best part. But as twins 
enter high school surely they 
have had such a variety of ex- 
periences that each is unique. 
Maybe, but for identical twins 

the mystery can still go on. 
Unless one wears her hair 
differently, has braces, or 
wears glasses, even other sib- 
lings can't tell them apart. 
Just ask the Miller brothers 
which is Lauren and which is 
Bridget. Even they can't tell. 
(Hint: Lauren has bangs.) The 
other aspect of being a twin 
that is hard for non-twins to 
fathom is the closeness of these 
siblings. The Spinney twins 
feel that they can sense if some- 
thing is wrong with the other 
even if they are not physically 
close. When Beth went to New 
York with her mom, she took a 
bad fall. Eileen felt something 
was wrong so she kept calling 
her mom. When she finally got 
in touch with her, she found 
out that Beth had fallen and 
hurt herself. Only twins could 
have such a strong connection. 


Being a twin 

is great; 

it's like having 

a best friend 

that you can 

always count 

on to be there. 



Like Brother Like Sister 



Mr. Finase's class gets involved 
in their task. 



Getting Down To Business 

The week you get back from 
Christmas break the teachers 
announce that the midterms 
are two weeks away. Two 
weeks to study everything you 
have learned since September! 
Some students bring their 
books home to get a head start 
on studying. Yet, the majority 
of the students cram the week- 
end before. Cramming may 
help some people. However, 
they usually don't remember 
it in the long run. Reviewing 
tests, quizzes and notes are the 
most helpful. Most teachers 
take questions from previous 
tests. Chelas Poirier admits 
that due to her hectic schedule 
she waits until the weekend 
before to study. She doesn't 
sweat it, though. She does well 

anyway. You have two 
hours to take a test that 
usually contains about 
two hundred questions. 
During exam week you get 
a fifteen minute snack break 
between exams. Once your 
seventh period exam is over 
you take a deep breath, the 
tests are all over for now — 
until the last week of school, 
which brings finals. For most, 
it covers everything you have 
learned after the midterm. 
However, some teachers in- 
clude information you learned 
way back in September. In any 
event, you really know that 
teacher in June, and besides, 
you've got a whole summer to 
recover — before it starts all 
over again. 

/ love the 

feeling of being 

able to throw 

away all of your 

stuff from the 

first half 

of the year. 

Jess Poirier 

Jill Shiebler, Andrew Varey 

Vicky Gilbert, Michelle Simard, Emma Smith 




You Can Say That Again 

De Ma ttia 

The trip to 
Philadelphia was 
fun, tiring, and a 

good learning 
experience for the 

entire group. 

We learned a lot 

about competition, 

and each other. 

Callie Woodhams' 

'Little Bunny Too 

Foo' will always be 

appreciated on 

future trips. 

-Ashley DeMattia 

The K.P.'s DECA students 
can be seen behind the 
cash registers at the K.P. 
Mini Mall during lunch. 
Every year they go to a 
conference to learn about 
their upcoming project for 
the year. This year they 
attended the North Atlantic 
Regional Conference in Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania during 
the week of November thir- 
teenth through sixteenth. 
Schools all over New England 
attend these conferences. Our 
students had to wake up bright 
and early on Thursday to catch 
the bus at six o'clock in 
Foxboro. Then they headed 
straight to Logan Airport. They 
arrived in Philadelphia and 
took the train to the Marriott 
hotel, where they stayed. The 
rooms were not ready so they 
went out to lunch and 
shopped. After returning to the 

hotel some rooms were still 
not ready. Luckily, those 
people got free room service 
because it took over four hours 
to get the rooms ready. They 
were then able to unpack and 
check the hotel out. The 
Marriott was beautiful; it in- 
cluded a gym, pool, hot tub, 
steam room and sauna. There 
was even a five-story mall con- 
nected to it. The second day, 
everyone went sight seeing 
and then to see the Philadel- 
phia 76ers vs. the San Antonio 
Spurs. The 76ers won. After 
the game they had an opening 
session with a motivational 
speaker to welcome them. The 
third day began with several 
sessions that motivated the 
kids to become active leaders 
in their school and got kids 
excited about making a differ- 
ence. The third day ended with 
a dance. 

Beth Bailey, Erin Cleary 

Jess Witschel, Briana Flocco 


Jess Colcord, Sam Shapiro, 
Heather Greenwood, Sarah Haber 


Jared Cacciapaglia, Heather Greenwood, Bryan Healey 

Back: Becky Bullock, Callie Woodhams, Ashley 

Rando, Abigail Martino, Caitlin Kenney, 

Front: Diandra DeBlasio, Nikki Lake, Pam Dugdale 

(back) Mrs. Martin, Tyler Thurston, Joe Saia, Kristen Lawler, Melissa Middleton, Alex Chalifoux, 

Julie Williams, Emily Loughlin, Sarah Kennedy, Sarah Clark, Rachel Castleberry, 

Amanda Tuesley, (front) Kim Levvko, Laura Philbrick, Julie Nolan, Katie Connelly, Mctacomet staff 

Allie Cove, Kaitlyn Winter, 
yearbook ads and sales 


I definitely 
would like 
to see the 
turn into a 


The Metacomet staff is made 
up of students who love to 
write. They work hard to 
produce four newspapers. 
Beth Bukis, a first year staff 
member, explains, I love to 
have people see all the hard work 
we put into it and enjoy reading 
our a r tides . She writes reviews 
of the latest movies. This year 
she has already written re- 
views of School House Rock and 
Mona Lisa Smile. It is the per- 
fect job for her because she 
loves to watch movies and to 
share her insights with others. 
The newspaper also includes 
current events, school activi- 
ties and a creative page. This 
creative page is a favorite for 
many students; it includes po- 
etry and artwork submitted 
by students. Sarah Kennedy, 
Kristen Lawler and Julie Wil- 
liams, three of the most active 

members, would all love to see 
the club turned into a journal- 
ism class. Julie says, / would 
definitely take the class and I think 
it would be very popular. Two 
other clubs, Sachem and the 
Chieftain, also involve writing 
and imaginative thinking. Sa- 
chem is a literarv magazine 
filled with poetry and artwork. 
For many it is the only place 
they can showcase their cre- 
ative talents. The Chieftain is 
King Philip's yearbook. Stu- 
dents learn how to do desk top 
publishing in a class. Before, 
during, and after school the 
staff members put in long 
hours to produce a book that 
all of KP can be proud of. None 
of these publications would 
ever see the light of day with- 
out the hard work, talent, and 
skills of their staffs and the 
expertise of their advisors. 

That Takes Care of That 



Sam Black 

television production 

Brittney Lambert, Sydney Singer 

Chieftain editors-in-chief 

Emery Wenger, Vicky Gilbert, 
Jess Purkis, Jason Willis, 
Christine Willis, art club 


Lindsey Fontana and her Dad take 
pictures before heading to the dance 

Kate Sutton, Tara Cuddihy, Kara Basque, 
Caitlyn Chipman, Anna Burke, Lori Wardner 

Colleen Manning and 
Kelly Pasquantonio 

Meredith Healey and Sarah Haber wait for their food. 

The Father Daughter Dance, 
held this year at Luciano's, 
turned out to be a huge suc- 
cess. The night began with a 
fine dinner and background 
music played by the DJ. Ev- 
eryone looked stunning in 
their formal wear, including 
Alisha Plante, who had just 
bought a brand new red dress 
for the occasion. Unfortu- 
nately, the night does not al- 
ways run as smoothly as 
planned. While adjusting the 
halter strap of her dress at din- 
ner, the metal buckle fell to the 
ground, causing the front of 
Alisha's dress to almost fall. 
She screamed and luckily was 
able to hold up the dress be- 
fore anything was revealed. A 
waitress brought a safety pin 
to the table and Alisha's friend 
Chelas Poirier was able to pin 

the straps back together so 
that Alisha would not have 
to hold the dress through- 
out the entire night. She still 
remembers how she felt. My 
dress experience was the most 
embarrassing moment ever. All I 
could think of was what all the 
dads must have thought about 
me. In the end, however, ev- 
eryone was able to laugh about 
the incident and Alisha could 
dance without worrying. The 
DJ this year was great at get- 
ting all the dads to dance with 
their daughters, and to learn 
new line dances such as the 
Cotton Eyed Joe, the Cha-Cha 
Slide and the Macarena. He 
also had the dads teach their 
daughters dances from their 
younger years. The girls and 
their fathers had a wonderful time 
and can't wait until next year! 

Since we are 

ahvays sharing 
our Dad we 
brought our 

along this year 
so both of us 

had someone to 
dance with. 

Lauren Miller 

Father-Daughter Dance 





New freshman members, 

Siobhan Kelley, Alex Yavarow, and 

Alyssa McElwee have just been 

inducted into SADD. 

Marike Visser and Carolyn Fitzpatrick are 

members of diversity club. 

Lora Bertoldi, Libby Renner, Laura Schubert, Jenna Cassoli, 
Mandy Strittmatter 

SADD members Allison Reinhardt 
and Caroline Taylor take a break. 


P<?i r, 



Leo Club, SADD, Diversity Club 

During the year, Leo club 
members take part in many 
events to help serve the com- 
munity, events such as donat- 
ing to homeless shelters, coat 
and blanket drives, and help- 
ing raise money for cancer pa- 
tients. They are also known for 
putting on events such as the 
ever popular Senior Senior 
Prom and Christmas Dinner. 
Senior Senior Prom is for the 
elderly. Residents of nearby 
nursing homes are invited to 
this very special party. They 
are brought to KP on buses. 
Leo club members prepare a 
full course meal for them while 
a DJ is hired to play music and 
keep the elders entertained. 
The Leo club members even 
dance with the seniors teach- 
ing them modern dances such 
as the Cotton Eyed Joe. Dinner 
and dessert round out the 

evening. It's no won- 
der that this event is 
so well attended ev- 
ery year. Another 
event for the Leo club is 
the Stoneybrook Fair. 
During the fair Leo club 
members are assigned 
jobs. A popular event is 
the pony rides, where Leo 
members help collect tickets 
from the kids and get them 
onto the horses. Stoneybrook 
Fair lasts the whole day, and 
people of all ages attend. This 
fair is a big success, due in 
part, to the hard work and 
dedication of the Leo club 
members. If anyone is inter- 
ested in volunteer work, good 
fun, and camaraderie, then he 
or she should look into the 
Leos. They provide a service 
to their community that can't 
be beat. 

Leo Club keeps 

me involved 

and it leaves 

such a good 

feeling when I 

know I've 

helped make 

someone's day 


Lori Andrews 

Leo club director Mr. White speaks 
at the Leo club induction. 

Diversity club members at the prom: Deirdre Galuzzo, Kaleena Chartrand, 

Jenna Dubose, Cindy Spiess, Lauren Durette, Erika Sogge, Brittany Burke, 

(front) Crystal Nelson, Sarah Ward, Cailin DePompo 




Put Your Best Foot Forward 

The work that 
people put into 

this club is 
amazing. I love 

the service 
projects we do; 
I feel like I am 
really making a 

- Joanna Tocci 

The National Honor Society 
held a grand induction cer- 
emony this year. The 
members were judged 
on the basis of commu- 
nity sendee they partici- 
pate in, their leadership 
qualities, academic 
achievements and their 
essays describing their 
short and long term goals. 
Only forty out of more than 
one hundred students who had 
been invited to apply, were 
accepted into the organization. 
During the ceremony five 
candles of different colors were 
lit. The yellow candle repre- 
sents scholarship and the aca- 
demic achievements of the stu- 
dents. Character is symbolized 
by the green candle. The white 
candle in the middle stands 
for the knowledge of the stu- 
dent. The red candle represents 
sendee to the comunity, school , 

and family. Leadership is svm- 
bolized in the last purple 
candle. Megan Wyman, one 
of the inductees, explains how 
excited she was to be inducted. 
My whole family was there. I felt 
really proud because they were 
proud of me, too. Membership 
in NHS is important for many 
reasons. First, colleges recog- 
nize this honor bestowed upon 
students; they know that the 
choices are made by the mem- 
bers of the faculty who know 
the students best. Second, just 
winning a spot in this presti- 
gious group helps a student to 
realize his self worth. And fi- 
nally, with membership comes 
the responsibility to be a stu- 
dent leader at King Philip and 
in the community. After all, 
this is a service organization 
as well as being an honor soci- 
ety. All members must take 
part in sendee projects. 

Science National Honor Society- 

John Parker poses with the friends 
he made at the Washington D.C. conference. 


French National Honor Society 

The Boys' and Girls' State attendees: 

(back) Joel Lee, Dan Ayres, Joe Conroy, Kaleena 

Chartrand, Brian Healey 

(front) Jared Cacciapaglia, Erin Ouimet 

^ a UonalHonotSo 

Key Club 

Barbara Livar, Derek Koziol, Kaleena Chartrand, Dan Ayres, Rose Becker, 

Tim Huth, Meredith Gaynor, Erin Ouimet, John Maguire, Glenn McElwee. 

(not pictured: Jess Barrett, Leo Small, Eric Siegmann, Megan Toney) 


Tim Huth and Nick Fontana practicing for the folk band. 

Lauren Vesty and Alison Falotico. 

I joined 

jazz band because 

I like music 

and 1 wanted 

to learn more 

about it. 


The King Philip folk group 
gets together weekly to play 
American, Celtic, and Cana- 
dian folk music. This is a new 
program that was started 
this year and is just for the 
enjoyment of the students 
who play in it. Being at prac- 
tice is not a necessity, although, 
the more people there are, the 
more the music flows. Mr. 
Grover and Alex Bluhm lead 
on fiddle and banjo respec- 
tively. Nick Fontana, Bryan 
Glickstein, and Dana Lasher 
provide devilish rhythms on 
guitar. Every once in a while, 
when they're lucky, they get a 
bit of slide guitar from Tim 
Huth. Add to this Trevor 
McGill's energetic mandolin 
and Derek Koziol's ground- 
ing bass and you get one nasty 

-Mr. Grover 

Not all music bands here at 
King Philip are as laid back as 
the folk band. Jazz and sym- 
phony bands, for example, re- 
quire dedication and a passion 
for music. Both groups are di- 
rected by Mr. Tileston. The 
symphony band has won gold 
medals for the past five years 
at the state competition. With 
the gold medal comes the 
honor of playing at Symphony 
Hall in Boston in the spring. 
The jazz ensemble also com- 
petes by sending a tape to the 
Duke Ellington Jazz Competi- 
tion. First prize is an invitation 
to play at Lincoln Center in 
New York. King Philip won 
this honor in 2001. Not many 
schools of our size can brag 
about two great bands. 


Symphony, Jazz, and Folk Band 


Michael Butler and Evan Butler 

practice jazz after school. 

Mr. Tileston and the woodwind and brass section during a performance 

The symphony band performs at 
Symphony Hall in Boston, 

1. Shawn Hogarth entices his opponent. 

2. (top) Kelly Pasquantonio, Kara Basque, 

Kara Arvidson, Lori Wardner (bottom) Kelsey Holleran, 
Anna Burke, Meghan McGovern, Brenna McHale, 
Ali Mulchay, all pose after a soccer game. 

3. Reid Eichelberger charges down the field for a 
winning touchdown. 

4. The field hockey girls take a break from camp, 
from top: Emma Smith, Kara Gulino, Jess Quinlan, 
Amanda MacKenzie, Jessica Simpson, Angela Cole, 
Tara Cuddihy, Allison Cove, Caitlin Chipman. 


Katie Fredrickson, Girls' Track 

Andy Fulton, Boys' Track 


Being a captain 
neans keeping the 
earn together and 
wing a few laughs 
along the way. 

ave Rando, Baseball 



being a 


mean to 


It means having 

'esponsibility and 


-Greg Zervos, 

Boys' Tennis 


It means havingfun and working hard. Aimee Kern 

It gives me the opportunity to play tennis 
and take charge on the court. Tim Huth 

Being captain means helping everyone 
and bringing your team together. Ben Henderson 

Above: Laura Tuveson, Softball 
Far above: Reid Eichelberger, 

Boys' Lacrosse 

Above: Aimee Kern, Softball 
Far above: Ben Henderson, 

Boys' Lacrosse 

Above: Beth Bailey, Softball 
Far above: Dana Lasher, 

Boys' Lacrosse 






If you step 

on the 


you'll have a 

bad inning! 

-Dave McGuire 

Coach Moran 



Bishop Feehan 





N. Attleboro 








N. Attleboro 







Oliver Ames 





Oliver Ames 






Wins 9 

Losses 11 


One of the highlights of 
Captain Mike Lyon's season was the 
Warriors' two wins against Franklin. 

Andrew Holmes winds up for a 
throw to home plate. The funniest 
times during the season for Andrew 
were the bus rides and the team's 
trip to Pizza Hut. He enjoyed the 
entire spring season, playing first 
base for the Warriors. 

Dave McGuire runs off the field 

after a great inning as the 

right fielder. 


Far below: Justin O'Brien had a 

great season this past spring 

pitching for the Warriors. 

Below: Sean Haley steps up to the 

plate as his teammates in the 

dugout cheer him on. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Playing in my first varsity baseball game was awesome. 
It was great to finally start playing after waiting all 
year. We played Canton that day and it was a great 
game. The game was close and everyone was into the 
game and excited. It was 2 to 1, Canton ahead, for the 
majority of the game, but we tied it up in the bottom of 
the seventh with my base hit up the middle. I was 
nervous being up at bat in such a tough spot, but I tried 
to relax and fortunately hit the ball back up the middle 
for a hit. We ended up losing the game 3 to 2, but it was 
awesome playing on varsity as a sophomore. I'll never 
forget my first varsity baseball game. 

Craig Turner 








Dear Chieftain, 
The 2003 softball season was amazing. Although we didn't 

win it all, placing in the state was better than we'd done in a 

while! In softball, pitching is a prime factor. With good pitching you 

have a very good chance of doing well. Aimee Kern and Krissy 

Crisafi were KP's aces. However one person couldn 't win the game by 

herself. It took a team effort with Beth Bailey at third base, Heather 

Cassidy at short stop, and Christina Powers at second base. This 

was a strong infield. But we can't forget the outfield! Without their 

amazing fielding skills those hard hits to the outfield zvouldjust go on 

and on. Support is also a big factor on a successful team. The parents' 

cheering on the sidelines and Mr. Cassidy's constant "That's my 

girl!" really made us work harder. It's also important to mention the 

help we got during states from members of the junior varsity team. 

Without teamwork, hard work, and good pitching a team cannot be 


Aime Nickerson 

Christina Powers swiftly picks up 

the ball after getting an opponent 

out at second and throws it to first 

base to make a double play! 

Beth Bailey stands at third base 

ready for any challenges 

to come her way. 

Above: Aimee Kern leads o 
the base to get a head start 

Far above: Heather Cassidy w 
up to bat confident 
of hitting a home run! 


It's Jess Kraby's turn up to bat and she's 
ready to hit a homerun for the team. 







Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 











N. Attelboro 













Oliver Ames 





Coyle and Cassidy 
















19 Wins 2 Loses 

'State Tournament 

jgH igj$ inn 



v n 

it « 


. , ■ ... 
//■■■. ■■■'"■ .' ■ ■ '; ' 


- -"" 


uLf' %*:<:■ 



9 1 

Asst.Coach Kern 


irdwork, am. 
od pitching i 
%m cannot hi 










Dear Chieftain, 

It is unbelievable what an incredible 2003 season 
we had! As our second year as a varsity lacrosse team we 
swept through the regular season undefeated and became 
league champions in the Hockomock. We made it all the 
way to the South Sectionals, where we were unfortu- 
nately defeated in double overtime by one point scored by 
the defending state champions. Although we had many 
memorable moments on the field, our time together off 
the field was just as fun. Our team bonded through 
spaghetti dinners, making fun of our coach Ms. Walker, 
and supporting other sports together. 

Kristen LaCava 

^2-m^t ^m* 

^t*""~ i 




V . 

\ v^wl 






• , . , • *.■ *-xi. 

fw <4^V 

;■;/*;:■* .;-vt 


Jjl. ._ „.... 





Jehan Said warms up by 

throwing the ball around 

before the game. 

Judy Doane gets in her position 

and awaits the beginning 

of the game. 

Above: Goalie Kristen LaCava I 
stands ready to defend the Warric 
goal no matter what it takes. 

Far above: A very determined 

Brittney O'Hara bolts 

down the field. 

Kayse Eichelberger cradles 

the ball while looking 
for an open pocket 
to move the ball up. 





Nick Bartelloni walks onto 
the field with confidence. 

Teammates Habib Rahman and 
Ryan Hadfield chat before 
getting into their positions. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Last year in lacrosse we played Franklin, our 
rivals. It was one of our first games and everyone was 
excited to play. Throughout the game the score went hack 
and forth. We scored first; then they scored to tie it up. 
We were coming on strong with our defense and offense. 
Franklin scored again, hut we came hack and scored. It 
went on like this for the duration of the game. We were 
putting up a good fight. The game was almost over and it 
was all tied up. Unfortunately, we ended up losing 9 to 8, 
but next year we are going to beat them for sure. 

Sam Lasher 

Sam Lasher gets ready 
to start off the game. 

Far below: Nick McEvoy gets reac 
to try his luck shooting for the goa 

Below: Captain Reid Eichelbergo 

picks up the ball to carry it 


The team huddles to pump each 
other up before the game begins. 

Teammates Brian Hill and Ryan Johnson 

work together to get the ball away from 
the opposing team. 

Lacrosse is c 
hallenge. Yc 
have to pus} 
yourself pas 
your limits. 


Coach Shairer 

Oliver Ames 















Tri. County 







Oliver Ames 


















Dover Sherborn 10 







Wins 11 Losses 




I have learm 

hat we have 


not only 

te true meaw 

' sportsmans, 

ut the meam 


as well. 
Diane Caff: 















N. Attleboro 









N. Attleboro 













Oliver Ames 









Oliver Ames 








Wins 9 Losses 10 


Nicole Puddester follows through 

and scores another point 

for the girls. 

Lauren Leclerc takes 

a big swing to get it 

across the court. 


Carolyn Sweeney puts 

her game face on 
to intimidate her rival 
as she serves the ball. 

Kirsten Gard gives this hit 

an extra umph to win one 

for the Warriors. 

-> 7 ..v 


Far below: Coach Goldberg 

watches his girls while they play 
their matches. 

Below: Kate Connelly walks 

onto the court to meet 

her next match. 

Dear Chieftain, 

After much anticipation during tryouts and hard 
work on the courts, the tennis season finally came to an end. 
Although the team was saddened by the ending of the year, we 
were satisfied by the way we had played and were excited for 
the year ahead. I have so many memories that I will carry with 
me for the rest of my life. One of my favorites was sneaking 
out of the bathroom windows at our rival school. But I also 
remember talking with everyone and giving each other ad- 
vice. As a team we excelled at working, talking, and laughing 
together. By playing the game of tennis we have all discovered 
the meaning of true sportsmanship, but even more impor- 
tant, the meaning of friendship. We will always be therefor 
each other when one of us needs someone to talk to. Growing 
close as a team and making new friends every season is always 
something to look forward to. I know that this year and every 
year of tennis will be exciting and that I will add to last year's 
memories people and events that I will never forget. 

Diane Caffrey 















N. Attleboro 






N. Attleboro 







Oliver Ames 








Oliver Ames 











Wins 5 Losses 14 

Coach Puddester 

ne tennis se» 
was great. 
It was full 
f laughs an 
good times 
lex Leon; 

Tim Huth nails this ball 

and wins the match 

to help out the Warriors. 

Skip Erickson keeps his eye on 

the ball and gets his racket ready 

to nail the ball. 

Dan Neviackas puts his all 

into this hit, hoping to smash 

the competition. 



ibove: Ross LaBrie serves to gain a 
point for his team. 

Far above: Tyler Huth walks 

to the court to warm up 

for his next match. 

Dear Chieftain, 

The tennis season was great. It was full of laughs and good 
times. One time that still makes me laugh was when Sam Raymond 
brought a grill to one of the matches. We were all pretty hungry so we 
started grilling. 'While the grill was sizzling with John Parker's 
delicious steak tips, Pat Cronin made a run to Cumberland Farms to 
grab some chips and drinks. We were going to have ourselves quite a 
picnic. The steak tips were finally done and they were lip-smacking 
good. Immediately after we shoved the food down our throats, the 
other team arrived. Unfortunately, KP didn't do too well and lost the 
match, but we were all still happy about our little picnic before the 
game and the thought of John Parker's steak tips cheered us all up. 

Alex Leonard 


Pat Cronin gets ready 
to line up for a serve. 

John Maguire has great form 
when following through. 





.- 207 

Kara Gulino jumped for joy 

after this awesome 

long jump. 

Lindsey Fontana makes her way 

to the finish line with a few 

last strides. 


Dear Chieftain, 

I have been a part of the King Philip track program now 
for three years. I moved to Norfolk in the middle of my freshman 
year. I did not get involved in any sports that year because I was 
too shy. I was discovered in my gym class during the track unit. 
Mr. Boucher immediately recruited me to sprint for the team. I 
started my track career in the winter of my sophomore year. It was 
a new experience for me and I enjoyed the program thoroughly. At 
the end of my first track season, I was named newcomer of the year 
along with Aimee Kern. Track gave me a confidence in myself that 
I never knew I had. It was an individual sport where the outcome 
was totally in my control. If I was ready to run, I ran and if I was 
disappointed, I knew what I had to do to fix my mistake. I also 
participated in spring track, also an excellent program, during my 
junior year. After this season I was elected by the team as a 
captain. I felt honored and proud of myself that my hard work and 
dedication to the team was rewarded with the position of captain. 
The track program has been an enjoyable experience for me and I 
can only hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. 
Sincerely Your Fellow KP Peer, 
Katie Fredrickson 

Far below: King Philip's 

Kaitlin Lamothe pushes her wajj 

past a Foxboro runner. 

Below: Jenn Hall leaps for a wir^ 
in her best event, the hurdles. 



Megan Toney swings a few times 

before throwing the discus 

as far as she can. 

Katie Fredrickson puts her all into this 
race as she goes into her last lap around 
the track. 



myself th 

never knei 

I had. 


Assistant Coach Oles 

Oliver Ames 78 58 

Foxboro 75 61 

Stoughton 80.5 55.5 

Sharon 85 51 

Franklin 52 84 

N. Attelboro 51 85 

Mansfield 20 90 

Canton 100 36 

i- ..' 209 

Dear Chieftain, 

Outdoor track is a great sport. My favorite memo- 
ries of outdoor track zuould be the one mile and the two mile, 
the team itself, and Coach Boucher. The season started off 
kind of bad for me; I wasn't the best runner. But the great 
people on the team and Coach Boucher got me into it and I got 
better. Eventually we started running meets. My favorite meet was 
the Class C Relay Meet. I think I ran my best time therefor the one mile 
and the two mile. I ran the two mile almost every single meet. It was, 
and still is, my favorite event. On the day of the two mile, freshman- 
sophomore meet it was pouring rain. We got there to find out the meet 
was still going on. Most of us stayed on the bus, but some of us went 
to the tent to cheer on our teammates. I went back and forth. My event, 
the two mile, didn't go on until halfway through the meet. I was in 
the tent talking with Coach Boucher when the call came on, "last call 
all boys' two milers!" Without stretching, I ran to the starting line and 
got my number. I was soaked before I even got to the line. I stretched 
a little, but not enough. The gun went off. I started running around the 
track. By the fourth lap my legs started hurting, but I kept going. All 
I could hear was Coach Boucher cheering me on and encouraging me 
to run faster and I did. Despite the rain and the pain in my legs, I 
finished the race strongly in my best time ever. I think it was all due 
to one factor, Coach Boucher, a good coach and a good friend. He was 
the one who got me into running so I thank him. Those are my favorite 
outdoor track memories and the person who helped me along the way. 

Matt McCann 

Above: Andrew Steverman bends 
over backwards to help the Warrior 
grab another win. 

Far above: Josh Plante, Chris Riegt 
and Mike Banks keep up the good 
work and lead their team to victory. 





Brendan McGovern puts his all 

into helping his team win 

the long jump event. 

Pete Curran pushes himself 

to the limit in his race 
against Foxboro High School. 


Grant Briere winds up and puts all his 
power into this throw. 

Glenn Mattar jumps for a win and 
helps his team win the meet. 

Foxboro 72 64 

Franklin 84 52 

Stoughton 96 40 

N.Attleboro 58 78 

Sharon 90 46 

Mansfield 60 76 

Canton 80 56 

Oliver Ames 70 66 

Wins 6 Losses 2 

Coach Boucher 

1 I could he 

was Coach 


'hearing me c 

id encouragi 

e to run fast 

Matt McCa 


Boys' Cross Country Captain 
Nick Fontana 

Boys' Cross Country Captain 
Bill Cobb 

Boys' Cross Country Captain 
Josh Plante 




Girls' Cross Country 


Holly Caine 


Girls' Cross Country 


Abby Wessman 

Girls' Cross 

Country Captain 

Sarah Streeter 

i <' '■•---■ 


The way a team 
flays together as a whole 

determines its 

success. You may have the 

greatest bunch 

I iruuuuiniii z>iur t-D tit. kic 

world, but if they don't 
play together, the club 
won't be worth a dime. 

What do you think the biggest challenge 
of being a captain is? 

Choosing heads or tails for the toss up for soccer. Laura Tuveson 

When something goes wrong, you feel like its your responsibility to fix it. 
Caitlin Cuozzo 

Leading the team to victory. Brian Healey 

We have a big team and its hard to be responsible for all threel Kelly Winslow 

Sometimes its hard to be a role model all the time. Reid Eichelberger 

Football Captains #33 John Phillips, #58 Luke McGrath, 
#42 Reid Eichelberger, and #7 Rich Mattson 




Dear Chieftain, 

There is so much to say about this cheerleading season it 
would take too Jong to write. We've had so many laughs and plenty of 
tears. From our Papa Gino's 'All You Can Eat Nights' to our 
promotions for the Jamboree, there were more laughs than ever. We 
had our cheerleading camp with Jason Manhart, wJiicli kept us 
laughing with his overuse of the word 'Guys'; we also laughed about 
our crazy nickname for Jess Cassle and Michaela Burke's extended 
vocabulary, but cheerleading wasn't always laughs. We took this 
season seriously. We had five libs, more than we've ever had. We 
showed off our great dance at the Cheerleading Jamboree. As a senior 
I'll never forget all the fun we had this season. Cheering for a whining 
football team was a great feeling. Watching our boys win game after 
game was the best. This year was tough, though, without our fellow 
cheerleader Teala Satterfield. I know she's watching over us and I'm 
sure she's proud of what we've accomplished. Many thanks to the 
coaches, Mrs. McCann and Mrs. Buchanio and the rest of the girls for 
this awesome season! 

May 17, 2003-Rest In Peace Teala 

Danielle Struhar 

Above: Captains Nichole Fredericks 

Steph Mackun and Leah Sugrui 

along with Coaches McCann am 

Buchanio (not pictured) helped t 

make the season unforgettable. 

Far above: The King Philip 
cheerleading team. 

Jen Malcolm and the rest 

of the cheerleaders put on 

a great performance 

at this vear's pep rally. 

Caitlin Kenney watches the game, 

cheering on the boys 

to bring home another victor}'. 


Keri Abramowicz and Sarina Habib 

cheer for the Warriors 
at the Homecoming game 
against Sharon. 

Michelle Davison cheers as loud as she can 

to motivate the football players 

to keep their lead on Sharon. 


are the 
closest things 

to angels 

because they're 

the only people 

who can fly. 

Kelly Flanagan sets her pace 
while focusing on the race. 

Holly Cain just keeps on running 
to break that finish line tape! 

Dear Chieftain, 

This cross country season has been great! All the girls have worked 
really hard at practice every day, which really comes in handy when 
running in a meet. Sometimes looking forward to a meet, however, 
does not mean actually looking forward to running. After meets the 
girls enjoy eating, singing KP cheers, and hanging out. Bus rides home 
are fun, too, filled with laughing and singing Disney tunes. Despite 
what many people think, cross country is not entirely made up of 

The girls are friends outside of practice, too. In addition to spaghetti 
dinners and goofing off after practice, this year we held our first annual 
girls-only cross country sleepover. The night started out with lots of 
junk food as we went into the hot tub. Later, once we dried off, we did 
typical silly girl things, such as decorating our sports bras with green 
and gold glitter paint, sporting our new motto, 'Support yourself and 
support others,' and later in the evening we all got freaked out by a 
scary movie! It was a fun-filled night of team bonding, and a great way 
to start our season! I will be very sad next year when I am no longer 
part of the cross country team. I will, however, be sure to visit as often 
as possible. 

Sara Streeter 

Far Below: Coach Burt 

follows the pack 
during a practice run. 

Below: Lindsey Fontana and 

Katie Lawler practice their strides 

for the next big meet. 


Obviously a little tired 

after a long practice, 

Coach Hearon takes some time to relax! 

\bby and I 
?d up having 
our own 
iuded cabin 

.;. - ' ■■ ■-■■ . ; 

at camp. 
I had a lot of 
sneaking off 
he boathouse 
itching the 
-Jaime Guild 


. ■ 






N. Attleboro 



Oliver Ames 

















Wins 6 Losses 2 

Carolyn Osborn sprints the last of her race 
for a great finish! 



Canton 32 

Sharon 20 

N. Attleboro 19 

Oliver Ames 35 

Mansfield 31 

Stoughton 18 

Fanklin 35 

Foxborough 19 

Boys' Bay State 



George King 



Josh Plante and Dan Morris 

stick together and help each other 
continue the race. 

Curran starts off the race 
vith a great pace and 
gets ready to win it! 

; ar Below: Conor Cross keeps going 

even though he may get tired. 

He's unstoppable. 

ielow: Tyler Huth catches his breath 
tut won't stop running for anything. 

Eric Whitehouse keeps his eyes 

on the finish line 

as he races towards it. 

Nick Fontana never loses 

his stride when he sets his mind 

on winning. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Records can be deceiving. Although 4-4, our team has had a 
great season, especially considering we are in perhaps the toughest 
league in the state. With every foe, we became faster and stronger, both 
mentally and physically. We later came to beat some of the teams who 
took victories from us earlier in the season. Along with our returning 
veteran runners, we also have a good number of underclassmen who 
really stepped it up to get key points. This Saturday, November 8th, 
by being one of the top five finishing teams, our team will have 
qualified to go to All-States for the third year in a row — not just the 
boys' team but also the girls'. This is our team's continuing tradition. 

Josh Plante 





Kelly Winslow races towards the 
opponents' goal! 




N. Attleboro 

Franklin 3 

Foxborough 1 

Mansfield 2 



Oliver Ames 

Oliver Ames 

Sharon 3 

N. Attleboro 1 





Laura Schubert sprints ahead 

of the opposing players 

to gain control of the ball. 


Wins 4 Ties 6 Losses 8 


The team huddles in 
to work out any pre-games jitters 

Coach Tower 

Held hockey 

the best! 

We had a 

r ood season I 

we'll do bett 

next year at 

make it to tl 


- Amandc 


Above: Justine Wallace gets ready 
to make a steal for the ball! 

Far above: Erin Ouimet 

runs down the field 
waiting to receive a pass! 

Dear Chieftain, 

To prepare for the season we had captains' practices all 
summer and went to camp at Deerfield Academy. We also had 
a start off cookout at the end of August. The season was both a 
winning and losing one, but every day the whole team put in 
100% in effort. Facing our most competitive opponents proved 
our ability to work as a team and our desire to win. We played 
our best against teams such as Mansfield, Canton, and Foxboro. 
Our team bonded extremely well. All three teams, varsity, 
junior varsity, and freshman, joined as a whole and learned 
from one another. We ended the season with our annual gour- 
met candle light dinner at Coach Tower's house, which we 
love!! I hope everyone enjoyed the 2003 season and I will miss 
all the fun times we had! Good luck in 2004! 

-Kelly Winslow 

Diandra Deblasio dribbles the ball 
out of the defensive area. 

Amanda MacKenzie 

sweeps the ball upheld. 


Dear Chieftain, 

Our football season this year was one to remember. After 
bouncing back from two consecutive losing seasons, our team finally 
has something to talk about. The season was one of a kind. We started 
off the season playing a Division One team, Maiden Catholic, which 
now we know was an overrated team. I'm sure all of us went into the 
game feeling nervous, but as the score would show, we came out 
victorious. This victory set the tone for the games to come. Every week 
following the first game , we wouldn't get respect from anyone, but we 
proved them all wrong. Great season guys! 

Jon Burgess 

1 ' S ^J 

John Phillips had an incredible 

season as one of the star players on 

the King Philip offense. 

Andrew Holmes is a machine 

when it comes to blocking. 

No one can get by him. 

Above: Anthony DeLaiarro helps 

teammate Reid Eichelberger up 

after another run for a first down. 

Far above: The offensive line will c 
whatever it takes to make sure 
quarterback, Rich Mattson, 

is untouched. 


Matt Short glues his eyes to the ball and 
catches it for a K.P. interception. 

The extra point is good 

thanks to Mike Sarapas' perfect kick 

to put K.P. in the lead. 

Maid. Cath. 14 

Bellingham 13 49 

Cath. Mem. 17 28 

Foxborough 17 14 

Somerville 8 50 

Stoughton 41 

Mansfield 41 20 

Oliver Ames 21 

N. Attleboro 14 

Franklin 23 27 

Wins 8 Losses 3 

Evan Harwood makes a great putt 
right into the hole! 

Brian Czarnowski follows 

through on a great swing that 

knocks the ball into the sky. 

Dear Chieftain, 

The 2003 golf season was very enjoyable. Playing for the golf 
team helped me to excel in a sport that I love to play. I learned how to 
play my best in every match with the help of all the members of the 
team. The best part about being on the golf team was playing almost 
everyday after school which really helped to lower my scores. Being 
together all the time helped us bond as a team and we began to become 
good friends. We had a very good season in 2003 and we are hoping for 
the 2004 season to be even better. The seniors on the team added so 
much. They not only gave me great advice, but they also lent their 
support to the whole team. They will be greatly missed next fall and we 
hope losing them won't hurt us too badly. 

John Robbins 

Far Below: Andrew Johnson lool 

down the fairway as his ball soai 

through the air. 

Chris Reiger gets ready to putt 
in hopes of making par. 



N. Attleboro 





Oliver Ames 



N. Attleboro 



B. Feehan 


B. Feehan 


164 168 
164 173 

175 166 

179 164 

160 171 
174 175 
154 165 
173 177 
187 166 

180 163 
173 169 
172 181 
236 243 
172 175 

161 163 
167 177 

Wins 11 Losses 4 

Jeff Rieger keeps his head up and looks at 
the ball for a perfect swing. 


This season 

""ias a great 


I think that we 

all agree that we 

are 'One person, 

Ione mind , 
one team!' 
-Kara Basque 



Laura Tuveson gets ready 
to save a shot! 






IBM 4 ^^^^fc 


V^ /^ 

- Ui 





Kaitlin Lamothe extends for the goal. 



Fontbonne A. 




St. P. Marian 






- ^ %L 


^■h. A 




V_.Cll ILUIl 





Oliver Ames 


1 "-^ 



" -* 

N. Attleboro 




Bishop Feehan 1 




M '*£ 


^r Tkv. 








Oliver Ames 



Kate Cronin and Caitlin Cuozzo 

N. Attleboro 2 


defend their goal. 
The offense doesn't get past these two! 






Old Roch. 






Z. X 

Kelly Boulter boots the ball 

toward the net 

for an amazing goal. 


Aimee Kern dribbles 

around her opponent's defense 

to get a shot! 

Brittney O'Hara practices her shot 

during the warm up 

before the game. 

?ar Below: Allie Cuozzo suppressed 

the offense while they try 

unsuccessfully to score a goal. 

Below: Katie Fredrickson controls 

the ball to dribble it around the 

opponent's defense. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Through a season ofups and downs, there was one thing that 
made the girls sure they would win a game: signs. Throughout the 
season the girls saw license plates, had dreams, and saw street signs 
they considered the 'sign for a win.' Before the Oliver Ames game, 
junior Kaitlin Lamothe, saw a license plate that said 'KP-32.' Kaitlin's 
jersey number is 32 and with 2 minutes left in that game, she scored 
the winning goal which helped the girls beat Oliver Ames for the first 
time in five years! The game that showed the most signs of winning 
was the first round game of the tournament, at Dighton-Rehobeth. 
While the bus was stopped at a light, junior Brittney O'Hara stood up 
and yelled, 'Look there's King Philip Street!' The team went crazy and 
started cheering. As the ride went on, we passed 'The KP Diner,' and 
'Greg's Restaurant,' (Greg is our coach's first name). The team went 
onto win the game against Dighton-Rehobeth 2-1 in a shoot out. The 
superstitions and pre-game rituals are all part of the girls' soccer 
tradition, but this season it was unlike anything else! 

Sincerely, ^gg 

Laura Tuveson 

•*}■'-■■>'-'■'■' , 




Rob Shirley makes 

an amazing save 

in the air to keep the boys 








Oliver Ames 




N Attleboro 



B. Feehan 








M. Vineyard 
Oliver Ames 




N. Attleboro 

Wins 8 Losses 7 

Ties 4 

Coach Holt 

I was ver^ 
impressed zvl 
the team ente 
' tournamt 
and that 
they plai/ei 
A/ill Hootst 


Above: The teammates line up on 
the sideline before the game. 

Far Above: Mark Flynn keeps the 
ball out of the defensive area. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Our first game was a good start to a good season because we 
won two to nothing against Franklin. We went pretty far in the 
tournament. To my surprise, some underclassmen really stepped it up 
this year and played up to the varsity potential. Even though we lost 
to Somerset in the quarter-finals, we played a good game. It is sad to 
think that it is the last game some seniors will play, but we lost with 
honor. I know we will all carry that King Philip pride throughout our 

Bryan Healey 

Steve Hamilton takes the ball 
up the field! 

Stuart Leon dribbles around 
his opponent's defense. 





Girls' Gymnastics Captain 
Caroline Carr 

Boys' Basketball Captain 
Brendan McGovern 

Cheerleading Captain 
Leah Sugrue 


*M PHlLip 



Boys' Basketball Captain, 
Chris Voght 

What has 




as the 

captain of 






Gymnastics Captain, 
Rachel White 

You learn you can do 

your best even when 

it's hard, even when 

you're tired and 

It feels good to show 

'fie courage. 

I have had many great experiences this season as the captain of the King Philip hockey 
team. Recently we defeated Canton for the first time in twenty one years and I would 
have to say that has been my favorite memory. This hockey team is said to be one of the 
best in school history and I hope that our successful season continues. Joe Cameron 

My favorite memory in gymnastics this year was our team sleepover. We had a lot of 
laughs, especially because my crazy cat, Charles, was scaring everyone. Also, we had 
plenty of fun times at practices when Rachel White split the beam, AH Mulcahy fell on 
her stomach, Kim fell everywhere, Katie Nicker son fell over the bars, I fell on my face, 
and Kaleigh ran into the vault. Caroline Carr 

Through the winter cheerleading season, my favorite memories were cheering in my 
last game ever, our purse parties, and doing the waterfall into the Matrix Mount. 
Leah Sugrue 

Hockey Captain, 
Dana Lasher 

Hockey Captain, 
Joe Cameron 

-' 231 


■ > , 




Dear Chieftain, 

The King Philip girls' basketball team was ex- 
tremely successful last year and lost many talented players 
at graduation. However, the girls on the team this year are 
exceptionally hard working athletes with amazing spirit 
and I believe we will do just as well this year as last. 
Although some games were won and some were lost, every 
player put in 110% of her effort on and off the court. With 
speed and intensity, the girls improved their game with 
each day of practice. All of the girls on the team are 
wonderful and have nothing but bright futures ahead of 
them. Our coaches, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Thomas, and Mrs. 
Ryan have always wanted the best for us and I can't thank 
them enough. Good luck, girls, in all that you do. I will miss 

Judy Doane 

Sam Sieloff wins the jump off 
at the beginning of the game. 

Jen Lechak dribbles the ball, 
getting ready for the big game. 

Above: Kaitlin Lamothe gets 
ready to shoot. 

Far above: Kristen LaCava 
passes the ball. 


Hannah Raymond sets up 
to receive a pass. 
















Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 


















Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 












Camb. R&L 



All of the gir 

on the team 

are wonderfi 

and have 

nothing bui 

bright future 

ahead of then 

-Judy Doan 




Brendan McGovern dribbles the 
ball as the team warms up. 

Dave McGuire warms up 
with a few shots. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Thus far the King Philip basketball season has not been as 
good as we had hoped. The team is coached by Joe Reddington and 
consists often strong players including captains Brendan McGovern 
and Chris Voght and players Nick Campo, Justin O'Brien, Steven 
Casey, Andrew Griffin, JeffRieger, Dave McGuire, Mike Sarapas and 
sophomore Scotty Smith. Throughout the year we have experienced 
much drama and excitement. When we started out with four straight 
losses the team's morale was surprisingly low, but that didn't hold 
back the Warriors from tearing apart the Canton Bulldogs with a 71- 
51 win. The Bulldogs were the victims of a tough loss against 
Mansfield. "Going into the game was like no other, both mentally and 
physically. We all started out the game on a good note with a lot of 
confidence that we were going to win. Having lost four games straight 
did not hold us back; we released everything we had," said sophomore 
Scotty Smith after scoring a whopping 29 points. Throughout the rest 
of the season we will be supporting the Warriors and wishing them the 
best of luck along their way! 

Jeff Rieger 

Far below: Nick Campo throws 
the ball back into the game. 

Jeff Rieger sets up 
for a great two pointer! 


iflOH 1394 

Justin O'Brien starts off the 
| game by knocking the toss up to 
a fellow Warrior. 


■■MMlrJNZ '5W 1 r* — 1 J~=-J 

The team watches their teammates 
score another one for them. 

Andrew Griffin blocks 
Canton's shot from scoring! 

Going into that 
game was like 
no other, both 
mentally and 
-Scott Smith 

Coach Redd 



B. Connolly 




















Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 









B. Connolly 















Oliver Ames 






N. Attleboro 


Wins 6 Losses 



place is the 

first loser! 


Caitlin Kenney prepares her jump 

as one of the boys makes 

his foul shot! 

Far Below: Jess Cassle and 

her mount group pop high 

after the time out cheer ends. 

Below: The girls cheer as the boys 
warm up for the big game. 

Katie Sharron stands tall 

as she waits for the next cheer 

to be called. 

Michaela Burke puts 

a huge smile on as she cheers on 

her KP Warriors! 


Dear Chieftain, 

This winter cheerleading season is one of the most important times for 
us King Philip cheerleaders. Our squad has just recently experienced a 
vast change, having a new coach. Our new coach, Ms. Wilfert, is a hard- 
working, dedicated and determined person. She makes us strive to be the 
best and make it to the top with no exceptions. She gives us hope, 
motivation, and courage. She gives us hope that we will be number one, 
she gives us the motivation to keep going even when the times are rough, 
and she gives us courage to suck everything up and take one for the team. 
She makes all the girls want to push harder until we each succeed in 
reaching our goals. With competition right around the corner, our 
aspirations this season are to have a great routine and make it to states. 
As Ms. Wilfert and all the girls ivould say, "Second place is the first 
loser!" With all of our dedication, teamwork, and motivation, nothing can 
stop us! We have suffered from broken bones, black eyes, bruises, and 
pulled muscles, but it has never prevented us from giving it our all. These 
setbacks only make us work harder. We have overcome many obstacles that 
would have discouraged us in the past, but we have learned to put 
everything behind us and just give it that extra strength to pull through. 
What's important is that we do it together. Our team, starting from 
nothing, and last year being one place from making it to states, is 
unbelievable. This year, we are going to do it! From stunts to jumps 
to tumbling, our squad is bound to be on top. Having a new, 
amazing coach by our side, telling us to do something over 
because we can do it better, is refreshing. Knoiving we can be 
better makes us work that much harder. Nothing can pull us 
down. All the work brings us nothing but satisfaction. After all, 
we are not just cheerleaders; we are a family! 

Keri Abramowicz 



Above: Ali Mulcahy walks 
:onfidently along the balance beam. 

Far above: Carlee Kurkjian 
jumps from one bar to the other. 

Dear Chieftain, 

This season went great! Newcomers like the freshmen and 
Carlee really added an irreplaceable strength to the team. They really 
stepped it up! Every team member contributed in some way to make 
this season memorable. From the wins by a few points to the wins by 
just a few tenths of a point it all added up; the support was there. 

This year each team member gave another member a "Spirit 
Sister" gift before each meet. We are a very close-knit group of friends, 
and deliver support whenever it is needed. Before our biggest meet of 
the season, the captains, Rachel and Caroline, went around the school 
during homeroom, in search of each gymnast, to give her an inspiring 
quote. This quote made everyone excited and pumped for the whole day 
and it worked! We ended up having one of our best meets all year! 

We have a team mascot, Kippy, and he is also one of our 
favorite cheerleaders and really gets us focused on having a great meet. 
We don't go anywhere without him! 

Allison Mulcahy 

Kayleigh Moore balances 

before she does a cartwheel 

on the balance beam. 

Amanda Darling practices her 

performance on the balance 

beam before the meet. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Jlie hockey season ha? been : r eat this year. We Jtave played 
: v ry zoell so far and liopefully we can continue to. Our team is getting 
bet:. . game we play. All four lines and all of our defense luxoe 

played extremely zcell. We tore also tod solid performances through- 
out our games. We luxoe beaten Canton, 4-3 which tosn't toppened 
in over 20 years. Our current record of 7-2 shows just how good our 
performance have been. Dan Shea continues toopen tlie door solidly 
and D.Lo still passes out fingers after each game. Tlie whole scltool is 
ted about tlie team's unbelievable performances in our past games 
and everyone s cited to see how tlie season will end. Hopefully we 
luwe a sliot at tlie Hockomock title. 


Shawn McClcud 

Above: Andrew Higgins fight 

his way through the defense 

headed toward the net. 

Far above: The team celebrate 

yet another goal, which puts 

them in the lead. 

Colin Casper ska:es irour.i 
before the game begins. 

Chris Roode protects 
the Warriors' goal and 

keeps the puck 
from reaching the net 


Shawn McCloud skates toward the goal 
while Joe Cameron pushes the Mansfield 
defense out of his way. 

Mike Cox goes against his 

Mansfield opponent in hopes 

of getting the puck to his teammates. 

Jon Cronin comes to a stop and 
passes the puck to his fellow 
Warrior for another point for KP. 

Andrew Holmes puts his game face on 
and gets ready for another victory. 

Savio Prep 
*B. Feehan 
B. Feehan 
Stoughton 5 

Oliver Ames 8 
Bellingham 1 
Franklin 1 

Foxborough 7 

Stoughton 5 

Oliver Ames 3 
Mansfield 7 


Foxborough 11 
Wh. Hanson 3 
Durfee 6 



"Sun Chronicle 

Coach Piotti 

You got to look at i 
'iiy next to you, 
>ok into his eyes 
w 1 think you a 
•g to see a guy i 
I go that inch w 
t. You are going 
'e a guy who wil 
crifice himself fo 
; s team because lie 
nvs zohen it conies 
nvn to it, you are 
ing to do the sain 
for him. That's a 
team, gentlemen. 
-Al Pacino i 




Allie Cuozzo finds that last bit 

of energy to finish the race 

with a great ending! 

Aimee Kern gets into 
her throwing position 

as she winds up 
to throw the shotput. 

Dear Chieftain, 

Have you ever wondered who those people are running 
through the halls? That's us, the King Philip indoor track team, 
working hard at practice every day. At practice the long distance and 
sprinting team split up after stretches and warm ups. Both practices 
consist of workouts, weight lifting, drills, and, of course, running. 
After a long week of practice the team comes together at the meets. 
Hockomock teams compete in a number of events. These events vary 
from the 50-meter dash to the 2-mile run. The meets usually take up 
a long time but it's all worth it because of the quality time spent with 
the team. At the meets many family and friends come to support the 
team. Once the meet is over, no matter the outcome, the team is always 
supportive of each other. Then practice starts up again on Monday. 
Track is always filled with laughs and good times. So now the people 
running through the halls aren't a mystery any more. 

Alice Shiebler and Hannah Guild 

Far Below: Allison Schrader 

bends over backwards for her tea 
during the high jump. 

Kelly Flanagan pushes 

herself around the last bend 

of the race. 


zr~ : :::a.*.;:ru: 

Far Below: Steve Curtin 
fir is his heat on the hurdles. 

3elow: Kevin Lechak feciise? 
winning his race on the hurdles. 

Dear Odeftain, 

It 1ms been a spectacular season. All the athletes hare pes 
attitudes. Many people think teamwork isnt needed for the track 
sport, however, I believe that the teamicork we had tlrisseasoi i helped 
us do so well; from cheering on the sidelines to having a run' ; 
buddy, teantwork made a big difference. The upperclassmen site, 
great positive leadership, the captains and seniors especially. Every- 
one had a good time; there was aim i y s something to laugh at. It mis a 
pleasure to be part of the team this year. We had a g eat season, and 
next year, we'll do it again! 


rotor Curran 


Alex d'Anjou wrestles his challenger to 
the mat and wins the match. 

St. John's 



South wick 















N. Quincy 






N. Attleboro 






Longmeadow 22 


Mon. Mt 



N. Hampton 
























Wins 8 Losses 


Above: Brandon Stewart 

fights for the win. 

Far above: Eric LoPresti pins 
his rival and wins the match. 

Dear Chieftain, 

This wrestling season has brought many accomplishments to 
our team. Many of us have achieved goals that have made the whole 
team proud. Eric Seigman is a two-time King Philip Tournament 
winner. He was also an outstanding wrestler this year. Eric was 
ranked 8th in the state and he's really proud of that. Eric also was the 
Whitman Hanson winner. Ray Moore also had his accomplishments. 
He was the Marshfield Holiday Champion and also a Whitman 
Hanson winner. As for myself I am truly proud of my performance 
this year. I was the Sun-Chronicle All-Star and the King Philip 
Tournament Champion, lam also aHockomock and two time sectional 
finalist. I am so proud of the team and myself for all of our amazing 
performances this season. Keep up the good work guys! 


Kyle Shea 



Kyle Shea wins the match 
against Sharon! 

Adam Siegmann appears to have 
met his match. 


A^yAcoN T>c\e~ Pulhvi 

We're cheering you on 
all the way! 


Mom, Dad, 

Lindsay, and Cam 


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Offering Decorative Landscaping Materials and Products 

Good LucAs CW& cf Z 00 A 

80 Washington Street (Rte DPlainvtlte, MA 02762 


Dear Jess, 

Congratulations! With your humor, strength and heart 
full of love, all of your dreams will come true. 

We are proud of you and love you always. 
Mom and Dad 

TiffavTv HurpUv 

&ov>ye3w*yesz> c^avyye^Tb TV»e. To 



Dear Tiff, 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 


From the little doll you were, 

to the beautiful girl you are. 

Follow your heart, and 

may all your dreams come true! 

We are so proud of you. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, 

Jerry, Jason, and Loni 

Judy T>cwrye. 


We're so proud of you and happy for you. 
We'll always be behind you as you reach for the stars. 
With love always 
to our sunshine! 

God bless. 

Mom & Dad 

Michelle & Tom 

Jeff & Sarah 

Mic-Ueile. Beaver 


Congratulations ! 

We're so proud of you. 

Keep up the good work. 


Mom & Dad 

i^npTViv K*c^bi/Tc* \cA 

Keep smiling! 
You've been a wonderful son 


we know you'll go far in life. 


Mom & Dad 


Caro\nsye~ Carr 


Go forward with your life! 



and be 




"S le^pUeKi Wot* 

Thanks for being 

the best brother and 

always watching out for me. 

I will always be there 

for you. 

Love always, 


Y^u were a wcv-\c4e.rful ac^nicvi To cwr -\avYiwy. 

I wculc?! ioeve.r Uave, Uac\ iTcttov cnVter wav. 

Ln^vkyav a<?bre,<?l vc\a avycA vic-e. ven&a 

Today is your day to go forward to 
experience life to its fullest. Never 
forget your family will always be 
behind you — unconditionally. And 
wherever life leads you — we wish 
you happiness and good health. 
Mom and Lindsay 

Tr<ac-v T^oW^^i* 

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145 Washington Street, Rte. 1 
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You are the best thing that has ever happened to 
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Never settle for anything less than you deserve. 



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Whatever you choose in life, you can 
make it happen. Keep a smile on your 
face and remember that we will always 
love you. 

Mom and Jeff 


The Big Apple 


&*IWvvi Air*r\ ComrjeJOv 

Dear Katie, 

We love you very much. 
Congratulations. We are very proud of you, too. 

Mom, Dad, and Bill 

3osr\ Burvu 

OiAr \\riceje~ Warners 




From the beginning you gave it your all. 

Stick together and you'll never fall. 

Congratulations on a Great Season! 

Good Luck, 

Your Loving Parents 

G*nee. l4ArW\K*i^ 


You are proof that one can set high goals and achieve all of 
them. You have shown us how a person can be who she 
wants to be, without compromising herself. 

Continue on that path and there will be nothing in the way 
of your dreams' coming true. 

Love Always & Forever 
Mom and Dad 

^ovta Mane. Jcwtdes 

Together they said we would fail. 

Together we proved them wrong. 

I Love You. 



JavexA Ow^^iapa** lie* 

The world is waiting for you, Jared. 
Go Slugger 

112 Pond Street 

Jet. Rte 1A & Rte. 115 

Norfolk, MA 02056 




Friends come and go, but sisters are forever! When 
this was taken, I had no idea I would one day call you 
one of my best friends, but I am happy to say it now. I 
wish you the best of everything and will be here for 
you every step of the way. Love you, Sis! 

Laura (YaYa) 

CUac?) Mai^ii^ai^i 


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If you take the time to 
Think about what you want in life 
Get to know who you are 
Be honest with yourself 
Live life to the fullest 
Create your own dreams and 
Follow them until they are a reality... 
Best wishes for your future, 
We love you.... 

Holly, and 

CUr*s>*ll& Lcui 


20 Dean Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

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This day is my proudest moment as your mom. Through all 
the struggles, and your continued pursuit of your dreams, 
knowing all you have accomplished has put the world at 
your fingertips. Keep believing in everything you do. This 
day proves that there is nothing you can't achieve. 

I love you, booboo. 

Congrats Graduate of 2004 

Love, Peter and Mom 

We are both so proud of all you 
have accomplished so far both in 
school and in sports. We know you 
have many more goals set for your- 
self and we wish you the best of 
luck. You are the best little brother 
any sisters could ask for. Keep up 
the hard work, Michael, and don't 
ever give up. You deserve the best. 
We love you! 
Kristen and Kim 


You have truly put the light in our 
lives! Lead with your heart and your 
dreams will follow. We send you on 
your way with lots of memories, hugs, 
love and kisses. 

Mom and Dad (and Molly!) 



As one chapter of your life ends and 

another begins, we will always stand 

behind you in any path you take. 

(Where does time go?) 

Love you always, 

Mom and Dad 



May God bless and keep you always 

May your wishes all come true. 

May you always do for others 

And let others do for you 

May you build a ladder to the stars 

and climb on every rung 

May you stay forever young, forever young. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Becca 


TWi Fh&Vier 

We are so proud of you, Dan! 
We love you! 

Mom and Dad 



Paul Gcuavno 



We are so proud of you. 

We know you will be successful 

in whatever you do. 

We love you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Lisa and Eric XO 

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Julie. !4alpit^ 


We are very proud of you. You will never be just a face 
in the crowd. You have strong opinions, and are not 
afraid to voice them. Your decisions have always been 
made with intelligence and maturity And you have 
avoided all of the pathways that trip up many young 

With all of these gifts to build 
upon, the next chapter of your 
life, the college years, should 
be a happy and successful 
transition towards a future of 
exciting possibility and 
accomplishment. Go for it! 
Mom, Brendan, and Jess 


Vslejsyck/ A*wr*&\ TSrtcbie. 


keep playing. 

Who says adults have to give up toys? 

Keep the little kid inside you alive, 
it keeps your imagination primed. 


With all our love and support forever, 
Mom and "Your new person Daddy" 

TWiiei A^n 

Congratulations, Dan. 
You're a great student and a 
great kid. We couldn't be 
more proud of you. Keep up 
the good work and enjoy the 
adventures ahead. 

Love Always, 

Mom & Dad & Rachel 

3cwv\e~ Vri^eAr\ Guild 

Reach for the stars and 

remember to always 

follow your heart. 

Your accomplishments 

amaze us! 


Mom, Dad, and Hannah 


We are so proud of you! 

We love you, and wish the 

very best for you in the future. 

Keep on smiling! 


Mom, Dad, and Bill 





We are proud of your achievement. 
Your hard work and determination 
will guarantee a successful future. 


Mom, Dad, Mike and Dan 


3&sr*r\ W<A 

Dear Jenn — 
To a special daughter 
who works really hard! 
Congratulations on all 
your accomplishments. 
We are so proud of you! 
Remember that we will 
always be here for you. 

Reach for the 


We love you very 


Mom and Dad 

NcJ^U<e> ^cx&q uai/iteviip 

MicV-v ' 

Nana will always 

be watching over you. 

She would be so proud. 

Remember, everything 

will be "okay." 


to the best brother - 

and friend - 

a girl could ever have. 



Lauren Miller 

Bridget and Lauren, 

We admire your hard 
work and dedication. 
Choose a career that you 
enjoy. We're all so very 
proud of you. 

Love you so much, 
Mom, Dad, Bill and Adam 



Aim high and never settle for less! 

We are proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Ryan & Kevin 



Some people dream of success 
while others work at it everyday. 

Keep working, keep succeeding. 


Mom, Dad, Daniel and Kelsey 



Laura < Sc\*A\xjn 


Always remember how 
proud we are of you! 
As you reach for the stars 
our love will forever 
be with you. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 



We wish you all the best that 
life has to offer. We are very 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, 

Michael and Dori 



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Norfolk, MA 02056 




We wish you love 



Mom & Dad 


It has been so much fun 

watching you grow into 

the great young man you are today. 

We are so proud of you! 

Continue to develop your strengths, 

keep working hard and 

you can achieve anything. 

Mom, Dad, Chris and Matt 

"SaraU 0i2abeTIVi i4ak>er 



We are so proud 

of you and your 


You have so much 

to look forward to 

and we wish you all 

the happiness 

in the world as you 

go off to college. 

We'll always be 

here for you! 


Mom, Dad, & Amy 


Your accomplishments are many and you have 
made us so 

Congratulations, Graduates! 

Your future is 
an open space 

with endless 

Work hard and 

success will 
surely follow. 

Keep smiling 
and be happy! 

Our love, 
Mom and Dad 



Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 

Sein H. Siao, D.M.D. 

14 Common Street 

Wrentham, MA 02093 




bSc\wx& Pen* 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you. 
We'll miss the way you fill the house with your positive 

energy and great sense 
of humor. 

Wherever the road of 

life may take you, 

we know that you will 

be successful. 

Make sure that 


are in the driver's seat 

of your life 

and always take time 

to enjoy the ride! 

Love always, 

Mom & Dad 

B1I CMo 

From vroom vroom to big blue 
We will always love you 

Mom and Dad 

Weotiier TSicWier 

You're truly amazing, Beautiful inside and out- 
Embrace each moment, and follow your heart and dreams. 
Remember to always love, laugh, and smile often! 


MicW*ei i4ott" 


Your smile 

has always brought 


into our lives. 

We are so proud of you. 

May you follow 

your dreams and 

catch everyone! 


We know 

you will succeed 

in whatever you do. 

We love you forever, 

Mom, Dad, 



Congratulations, Nickster! 

We are very proud of you! 

With love, 

Grampa and Mimi 

I believe that the light that shines on you 

Will shine on you forever 

And though I can't guarantee 

There's nothing scary hiding under your bed 

I'm gonna stand guard 

Like a postcard of a Golden Retriever 

And never leave till I leave you 

With a sweet dream in your head. 




I'm gonna watch you shine 

Gonna watch you grow 

Gonna paint a sign 

So you'll always know 

As long as one and one is two 

There could never be 

a father and mother 
Who love their daughter 

more than we love you. 
We are so very proud of you, 


Mom, Dad, 

Bill, Jack and Leslie 


U J Br A 




We are very proud of you!! 


Mom, Larry, 

Shawn & Bailey 



Hardware • Paint • Housewares • Shades • Electrical 

Plumbing • Keys • Rentals • Window & Screen Repair 

Lawn & Garden • Sharpening Service 

UPS Package Express - Public Fax Available 

508-384-2431 • Fax 508-384-1301 

Mon.-FrL 7:00 am-5;:i0 pm. Sat 8:00 am-5:00 pm 



We love you and are very 
proud of you. We hope all 
your dreams come true. 
Mom, Dad, & Jeff 

< 3 tac-ev Lvi^h^i T>otroir\ 

"Grac^Acdtox^s ~Da\" 

Twelve years ago you graduated 
from kindergarten - now look at 
you! So grown up and ready to 
face the world! We are so proud 
of you! Remember to always 
"reach for the stars." 

All our love, 

Mom & Dad 

A \Yxba Mane. PUi/^te 

Be.i/1 l\eM\c\er*&*r\ 


To the oldest of our 
terrific twins. Our 
beautiful little girl 
who dances her 
way through life 
into all of our hearts 
has grown to 
become a wonder- 
ful young woman 
who has made us so 
proud. The world is 
your stage, so 
follow your heart 
and let your future 
be limited by only 
your imagination. 
and remember, 
Butterfly Kisses 

All Our Love, 
Mom & Dad 

a certa 
barefoot irreverence" remin< 
us that we are not on eafth 
to worship the prevailing 
- Orthodoxy 

Pd-CVCr CcM^lfTE* 

We are so proud of all you have accomplished. 

We wish you both happiness and success 

as you continue life's journey. 

All our love, 

Auntie Darlene, Uncle Dave, and Ryan 

Auntie Deb, Uncle Joe, and Tara 

l^eitU l4pp 


May you realize all your dreams. 


Dad, Mom, & Sherida 

"Do vmA c\o where TVte. paTVi vnay \sj\A, 

Jo^hej^y Jolun CuddiUy 

c\o wnere ivte pain wv*v 
\o w&CejxA wUere TViere h£» kic pa 
afk?l leave, a "Trail" 


Thank you for being such a 
wonderful son. You have made 
us so proud and we know you 
will be successful in whatever 
you do. Stay happy and follow 
your dreams. 

Mom, Dad, and Tara 

We have watched you grow from a little girl into a beautiful 
young lady. We are so proud of you and everything you've 
accomplished. Never forget that your family will always be 
there for you. 

Dad, Mom, and Ryan 

Golf Course and Sports Complex 
Norfolk, MA • 508-384-4433 






f al1 games ***?** soft- 


AtweA l^ervi 


Keep smiling! 

You've made us so proud 

in every way. 

Good luck in all you do! 


Mom and Dad 

You're all grown up, little sister! 

You were just a little guy, 
but now you're going to UVM??? 

Ohh dear! 

Well, I know you will do very well 

in softball... ohh yeah, and 

that education thing, too! 

I hope your senior year was fantastic! 

Good luck! 

Love, Sean 



as a cheer,''' 'I" ake '< 

Aunt Kathy 

GoodVu*,^ 6 ' 
, Appendages, 
Your AVV M 


^'h^v* PUI'ip *\2eM>srA < Sc\v>o\ Pi^tricT 

Back row: Mrs. Moresi, Mrs. Mattar, Supt. Dr. Robbat, Chair Mr. Cronin, Mrs. Sullivan, student rep. Ms. Guild 
Front row: Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Maloney 

Missing: Mrs. Finase 

7W Y+rvx PUlip T^e**icv-k*l ^cXvo\ Ccvwmk 


ex*c*v\ wievn 



J-le^ttii, i4ar»pi 



Dear Erin 
(aka Aaron Pods): 
Thank you so much for 
being such a wonderful 
big sister. I will always 
admire you; you are a 
great role model! I will 
miss you a lot! 

Your younger sister, 


Em Marie. OuimeT 



Dear Erin: 

We all love you and are very 

proud of you. You have filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. May your future be 

filled with happiness and success and may all your dreams come true. Never stop learning. 

Knowledge, besides being a gift from God, is weightless, a treasure you can always carry easily. 

no matter what you do or where you go, we will always be proud of you and we will always be there for you! 


Mom, Carly, Mimi, Gramps, Uncle Paul, Uncle Larry, Aunt Kim, 

Aunt Rosemary, Uncle Brian, Breanna and Colin 


We love you and 

wish you happiness and 

success in your life. 

Grammy and Poppy 


Watching you grow into a fine young man 
makes us so proud. How fortunate we are to 
have a child that is so expressive of his love for 
family and close friends. Dream big and strive 
for all that life can offer. 

Lots of Love, 
Dad, Mom, Chris, Tyler 


We knew you 

were destined 

for greatness. 

Best of luck, 

Susan, Annmarie, 

Brian, Kathy, 

Jay, David, 




Tcw\ Mc-Guire. 


No one could ask for a better son and brother. 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 

May the future bring you all the happiness you deserve. 

Mom, Dad, Dan, and Amy 

Congratulations, Brittany! 

May your enthusiasm 

in all things new 


We love you, 

Mom & Dad 


To our outstanding 
student, musician, and athlete! 

Dream big. 

You are on track for greatness. 


Mom & Dad 


*4wiy Cta-ie jVie. Qjdc*A>t* 


Take comfort in knowing that in the pursuit of your 
dreams you will always have our loving support. 

Mom and Dad 

Luke. Mf€n*tU 

Luke — we are proud of you. 
& Harry 


When it's hard to look back, 

and you're scared 

to look ahead, 

look beside you 

and you will find 

your best friend. 

Remember: when it rains, 

get out there and dance! 

I love you, little sis 
Love, Carla 







i-R*i <«WW: 









We. are. all <&o prpad c\ wou\ 


Congratulations ! 
You did it. 

We are very proud of you. 

Believe in yourself and 

you can make it through anything. 

We all love you very much. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Kelley, Eddie, and Meg 



Air\ jtavTy T>eLx\*xrro 


We've shared so many special moments together - from watching you 
bimgee jump out of your crib, to coaching you in baseball and football, to 
celebrating with you when you won your last football game as a Warrior. 
Each one of these memories means so much to me. Being able to call you 
my little brother, my best friend, is something very special to me. May 
you have the best of luck in whatever you do in life and always know that 
your big brother will be there for you! 


^Exvra K*nc* ^>iree M 


You have made 

us very proud 

of you — 

for what 

you have 


and for the 


young woman 

you have become! 


We love you, 

Mom and Dad 


We are verv proud 

of your accomplishments. 

You are smart and strong 

and there is no goal 

you can't attain. 


Mom & Dad 


Keep up the good work! 

We love you. 

Mom & Dad 




We married each other 

because we wanted 

children. Imagine 

our disappointment 

when you arrived. 

- Groucho 


Mom and Dad 

3<\wxie~ Marie. 


/ - ^ 




You are everything we thought 

you would become and more. 

You have made us very proud. 

We love you very much. 



Mom, Dad, 

Chervl, Deana, and Lisa 



NWiiW*, M*&«e> P., LacfykxAtfr, Be>£> 

Shoot for the Stars! 

Mom, Dad, and Matt 








We are so proud of you! 

Stay true to your beliefs, explore new possibilities, and 

enjoy life's challenges. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Shoot for the moon... 

Reach for the stars... 

Live all the dreams you have imagined. 

We love you, Nicky Mac! 


Mom and Dad 

Danny, Ben and Brett 

£. UeKuel 

vJc*&er>U < Sawinie\ Mp&cj 

Joesy "Exx 


Good luck, Rossipoo! 

Dad, Mom, and Lydia 













&*te. CrcvMfi 

Congratulations, Kate. 

We knew you could do it! 

You have a great future 

in front of you. 

Remember, your family loves 

you and above all else - 

keep smiling. 

We love you, 

Tishy and Bobcat 

LeaU Man& ^u^irue. 


K«5 -I* T "^''^.^Ik^rfCi 3U 

Congratulations ! 


I'm so proud of you! 
Stay the sweet and wonderful 


FT >** ■**■ li ** " 

Jim ■-»' 

person you are, and may all 

your hopes and dreams for 

the future come true! 




Your Neighborhood Butcher 


50 South Street 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Phone: (508) 384-2283 

Good Luck 
Class of 2004 


You always did appreciate 

the necessity of 

proper accessories! 

Carry on, Che! 

Mom and Dad 





We are proud of the accomplishments in your life and are confident of your future. You 
have displayed judgment, intelligence, leadership, a passion for fairness and goodness, 
and the compassion for others that will win you much success. You have been a joy in 
our life that will live/ ith us even in your absence from home. We will always be with you 
in your journey. You mean so much to us. 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Jennifer 

BnHioev A*r*r\ Lai^erT 

To our little princess, 

Congratulations ! 

We are proud of your accomplishments! 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Abby 



We are so proud of you. We love 
you and wish the best for you. 
Reach for the stars and carry out 
your dreams. 

Love ya, 

Mom, Dad 



-Julie. NbUi^i 

i-Je-v, 3abeJ 

Congratulations to 

our baby sister! 

Enjoy your college 



Janet & Mark 

JpVM^i PUllllpc> 






We have 1,052 reasons 
to say congratulations! 
It has been awesome 
watching you run this 

Good luck in the future! 


Wendy & Jim 

Hey Ry, 

I am so proud to call you 

my nephew. 

I wish only the 

Best of Everything through 

your Journey of Life. 

Luv Always, 

Judy and the Boys 




We are so proud of you. Congratulations! 

Mom, Dad, Alexandra and Carter 


You made it! 

We love you and 

are so proud. 


Mom, Dad, 

Melissa, Matt, and Sara 

PH: 781-444-6040 
FAX 781 -444-2836 




NEEDHAM, MA 02494 

Co^c^ttMaTuHsvc', Goody Twp Slices. 

Next year I have the chance 

to fill those shoes. 

However, Carlee, I know 

that won't be easy to do. 

I'm so proud of you. 

Love ya, 


As^\Xyp\rtw T^ei-aiarrp 


You have grown up to be such an amazing person. 

Your strength, courage, and per- 
severance will take you far in 
life. I am proud to call you my 
brother and best friend and I 
wish you the best of luck as you 
continue your journey. And 
never forget that I will always 
be here for you! 


Where has the time gone? 

We love you, we're proud of you 

and we will miss you! 

We'll send you on your way... 


Mom, Dad, Jake, Karl & Zachary 

Congrats, guys. We did it! 

Thanks for all the great memories the 

four of us have and never forget the 

NH Crew and the Deal of Cows! 

We love you guys and 

good luck with everything! 

Love Always, 

Alisha and Ashley 




Keep following your dreams. 

We'll always be proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 

Befti Bailey 


I Love You. 



We are so proud of you! 

Whatever Vocation you choose in Life, 

be Passionate, and Trust your Heart. 

We love you so much. 


Mom and Dad 

— ■ -— — — 

I »•«■»..» 

To the Members of the 
Class of 2004 


w£S&: •'tiiSSt< 


Best Wishes and Good Luck 

from the 

Teachers, Guidance Counselors, 
Nurses, Aides, Secretaries, 



of the 

King Philip Teachers' Association 



Dear Michael, 

We are very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You have grown into a 
wonderful young man. Keep striving for all of the goals you have set for yourself 
in life. Good luck in college next year. Remember, we will always be here for you. 

Love Always, 

Mom and Dad 

- T>ave~" 



Congratulations, David! 

We know that you will reach 

your goal in life! 

We are so proud of you! 

Great Job! 

All our Love, 

Mom, Dad, and the girls 




~\2s/c\\r\ Tlwna* Jcs/c\ 

<w * 


Dear Katelyn, 

We know it hasn't been easy, but you made it. We are 
very proud of you and know your future will be bright 
and happy. Good luck in whatever choice you make. 

We Love You, 

Mom, Dad 

(Puff and Manfred) 


You have grown into a wonderful young man. 

We couldn't be more proud of you. 

You know we will always be here for you. 

Love Ya, 

Mom & Dad 

Ja^XmAa 3aw\e& V\*ss\te. 

You make me proud. 


To the youngest of our terrific twins. Our curly-haired 
little boy with the never-ending smile has grown into a 
wonderful young man who has made us proud with all 
that he has become. Your future has no limits; so follow 
your dreams as you run with the wind and reach for the 
stars. Congratulations and remember, 

Run Hard and Run Strong! 
All Our Love 
Mom & Dad 

g I 

Follow your dreams. 
We love you very much. 

Aunt Sandy, Uncle Rick 
John and Scott 


&<itJee4/i Ox^Urai^ie. 


I'll miss you 

next year. 

Don't leave me 

here with Sean! 



Laura ^c-UuberT 



for being there! 

Good Luck 

a in college and 

have fun! 




Early Gradate, 

Derek, congratulations on all 
your accomplishments. Now 
is the time to set out and do 
all you have dreamed of 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 




It's hard to believe our little brother 

is all grown up. 

We love ya, Bud. 

Good Luck! 


Dan and Amy 

CUe.U«c> Ppner 

So Che, 

Middle child? Ignored? You have always outshined us! 
Love, Justin and Jeep 


— — 

Gmg^JiMi^ €miou! 

OmpUdmill of 

Professional Photography 

1 062 Taunton Avenue Rt 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

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Yom Yemboofo 






Congratulations! You are a terrific 
kid. We know that whatever you 
do with your future, you will be 
great at it. Remember that we are 
always here for you. 
Dad, Mom, Maggie and Katherine 

CUr>e»iik^\ &wz^MDvyz. 


^^m -is .W^W. 

*F ■ - • ■ 

4 M 

I * 


i^L 'it 



f ygk 

lit \ 

3^^. f 

Oh Christina, I hate 
writing the same 
thing as everybody 
else. I bet they'll all 
say something like, 
"I will always love 
you, keep up the 
good work, you are 
the best sister/ 
brother / son / daugh- 
ter in the entire 
vastness of the 
universe!" Well, I 
hate conformity. If 
you ever need to 
know how much I 
love /appreciate/ 
admire or care about 
you and your well 
being, just ask me 
and I'll write a poem 
or a book about it. 
You want the moon? 
Just ask - Love, Vito 

V*e>/*r\ ^Javne/i* Crcwle; 



We are so proud of you! 

Follow your heart... 

May you be happy in 

whatever you do! 

We love you! 

Mom & Dad 


We are very proud of you. We 
wish you much success and 
happiness in the years to 
come. We have enjoyed 
watching you play football 
and look forward to watching 
you play in college. 
Mom & Dad 


Pizza • Grinders • Super Steaks 

Calzones • Salads 

Burgers • Chicken Dinner 

Pasta Dinners 




open 7 days 11 am -10 pm 158 Main St., Norfolk 

The joy you brought into our lives the day you 
were born seems like only yesterday. We are so 
proud of you and all you have accomplished. You 
have the ability to achieve whatever you want in 
life. Be confident and know we will always be there 
for you. 

Wishing you love and happiness always, 
Mom & Dad 


Thanks for being 

a great big brother. 


Tom and Sam 


I^a iVilee^ (locXfra^y^ 


You are an incredible 
person, and I cannot 
wait to see the amazing 
things you will accom- 
plish in the future. I am 
so lucky to have you in 
my life, not only as a 
sister, but also as a 

I love you 

with all my heart! 




We wish you love, luck, and 

happiness as you go on 

to the rest of your life. 

We are very proud 

to be your parents. 


Mom & Dad 

lllage Arts d Flowers 

Artist / Owner Kristin Stashenko 
6 Rockwood Rd. 
P.O. Box 615 
Norfolk, MA 02056 
(508) 528-0626 


You have been a wonderful daughter and big sister. We are 
all so proud of you. What a tremendous high school career 
you've had. You have so much to look forward to. We will 
always be your biggest fans. We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Allie and John 

_- -r 

KM '-■-"1^1 

■'.-■■ -- 





Have you decided yet which 
college we are going to attend 
in September? I know you 
wouldn't leave me behind, 
and I DO need to pack. 




You have always been in the 
middle at home, but at school 
and sports, you are # 1 ! 


Meg & Joe 


What we have to learn to do, 
We learn by doing. 


Go forth and do ! 
-Mom and Dad 

Your height may have changed 
significantly, but your heart has 
remained the same. Wherever 
you end up and whatever you 
end up doing, follow your heart 
and always remember that you 
have a sister (and a family) who 
loves you no matter what. 


To the future President, 

Strive for excellence 

Aim high 

You can do anything if you try!! 

We are proud of all 

your accomplishments. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


Our dreams are defined by our hearts, 
Our future is designed by our dreams. 

Always remember to follow 

your heart and to be true 

to yourself! 

We are so very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad and Jim 



T2eid T>. Gc-UeJbervaer 


Proud to call you our own. Go get 'em "cowboy"! 

Dad, Mom, Austin, Kayse 

Mic-Uae.1 Bu+1 


We are proud of all that 
you've accomplished, but 
know that the best is yet to 



Mom, Dad, Evan & Emily 



You've come a long way from 

toy phones to cell phones! 

Always keep those lines of 

communication open between 

family and friends. 

Remember, we'll always be 

just a phone call away. 


Mom, Dad, and PJ 

D£5iG» & fiEWOTK 

making information meaningful 

;tl 508526 233S 'rrl 508.280.9985 




TELEPHONE (508) 384-3715 

Good Luck 


Tiffany 3agby 






As you begin your journey in search of your dreams, it is 
our wish and hope that you continue to use your talents 
wisely, and always stay true to yourself by following 
your heart. Always know we will be there for you. 
We are proud of you and love you. 
Mom, Dad, Allison 

Dearest Kathy, 

Congratulations! We are all so proud of our Princess. 
Your determination 
and perseverance will 
take you far in life. 
You will be sure to 
achieve your dreams. 
Keep shining, and 
don't ever lose that 
twinkle in your eye!! 
We love you to pieces! 
Mom and Dad 

Becky, Sean, 

and Rocky 


\^d\e\yv~\ ArvtcA&o^ 

Dear Kate, 

We are very proud of you. 

Good luck in your years to come! 

We had good times in high school 

and there are more to come! 


Kara and Dave 

It has been a long rocky road, but you did it! 

We are so proud of you. 

Please follow your dreams and remember 

your family will always be here for you! 

I am so proud of the young man 

you have become. 


Mom, Papa, John, Bobbie, Jack, 

Baron, Patrick 


Always keep your eyes 

focused on your goals. 

Strive for the best! 

We're very proud of you and 

we know you can do it !! 


Dad and Mom 








Quality installation - Residential & Commercial r *5 


85 Pond Street (Rte 115) 

NoriolkMA 02056 


PUil < Exu$T 

You have weathered the storm 

We are proud 

of the man you have become. 


Mom, Dad, and Frank 

Thank you 

to the faculty 

and students 

of K.P. 

for a wonderful year. 


Artwxfa Le**U T^^rVv* 


I am so proud of everything that you have 
become. You are an amazingly smart, 
talented and beautiful woman. Shoot for 
the stars, and keep working hard and this 
world will be yours. You deserve every- 
thing wonderful that you will achieve, and 
I love you with all of my heart. 

Congratulations, Amanda. You've 
worked so hard and accomplished so 
much. We are so proud of what a 
wonderful young woman you have 
become and look forward to seeing 
where it takes you. 

We love you. 
Paul and Philip 

Dear Amanda, 

You are what every parent hopes that 
their daughter will grow up to be. You 
are truly beautiful inside and out. You 
are sweet, determined, talented, caring, 
intelligent and you have been a complete 
joy to have as a child. 

We feel truly blessed to be your — 
Mom and Dad 



Who will I annoy when you're at school 
next year? Good luck. I know you'll be 
great at everything you do, and I'll 
always be here for you. 



You have both been joys in our life. 

May you continue your close friendship 

whatever the future brings. Happiness always — 

Gramma & Grampa 



Cxzatius czrfmExlcan 


<^Rt. 140 JxankLin. JJins. 

I fiwm \ 

The whole art of teaching is 

only the art of awakening 

the natural curiosity of 

young minds for the 

purpose of satisfying it 


You've always had that 
natural teaching ability 

in you. Follow you*j»j 
dream and GO FOR IT! 
We are so proud of yot 

Mom, Dad, and PjJ 


"*% mr^W^ 




We hope that all your dreams 

come true. 


Mom, Dad, and Kelsey 

— I "si — 

3eiSi^w^ Lee! 

Congratulations, Jenn! 
We are" so proud of you. 

lVTomfi F)ad' and Crpa 





Our first grandchild 

with her proud Uncle Scottie. 

You are a beautiful person 

inside, as well as outside. 

Good Luck in your future. 

Papa, Nanny and Scottie 



Michelle, - : 

We are so very proud of all your 
accbrnplishmerits-.-Keep-up the 
good work and never settle for 
anything less than you deserve. 
1 ' . Congratulations, 
All Our Love, 
v Dad, Mom," 
r _ Carolyn and T 



~&rycnr\ J, Uealev 

Dear Bryan, 
We all thank you for 
filling our lives with 
so much love, laugh- 
ter and joy. You have 
grown to become a 
tremendous young 
man whom we're all 
so very proud of. 

We wish you all 
the love, happi- 
ness and success 
life can bring, Bry! 
Love you Always, 
Mom, Dad, Keith, 
Kevin and 





Congratulations on your 

HUGE success. 

Let your knowledge 

ORBIT around you and 

your BIG accomplishments. 


Ty, Alex and T-Bone 


You have kept us on our toes 
the last couple of years — but 
we have loved almost every 
minute of it. Remember next 
year — do your homework, 
clean that room and don't ever 
forget that home is never far 

Love you always and forever, 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations to our big sister. 

We love you! 

Allie, Emma, Mike 






You have made it. 

We are proud of you both. 


Mom and Dad 




m« ^t 

Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 




'XZac\v*e\ Word 


So wherever I am, 

there's always Foo, 

There's always Foo and Me. 

Congratulations and All Our Love, 
Dad, Mom and Sharon 

Jiliiai^ 'SUiebler 

Keep an open heart and pay 
attention to the open sky. 


Always keep reaching 

for those stars. 

I'm so proud of you! 

Love you, 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad, 

Alice, Annie 



Bnai^i Czarwvv^Wi 



Do your own thing. Explore many paths. Find your passion 
and go after it. As Dumbledore tells Harry, "It is not our 
abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices." Go 
out there and show them who you are. We already know — 
and we could not be prouder. 

Mom and Dad 

Y<\fe* Cxvtrmn 


I am so proud 
of my baby 
sister! Good 

mT^ ** >^| 

A .*■ 

luck in every- 
thing you want 
to do and I will 

mr^ mm^:-- ^ ^^B 

always be there 

^^^^4, Af* m ~**\ ' 

for you. 

■jY Mm mW 


You did it! You 
have so much 
going for you. 
Don't lose sight of 
that. No matter 
how much we've 
fought over the 
years, you are a 
best friend to me 
and I love you to 


Tyler's Restaurant 

218 Dedham St, Norfolk, MA 02056 

Something for Everyone 

Hearty Portions 

Great Variety 

Reasonable Prices 

Exceptional Service 



Always believe in yourself 


you can do anything! 

We're so proud of you. 

Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 

>4sWe-v Mane, &eeie- 



You are the most wonderful 

and beautiful Daughter a 

Mother could ever have. 

I am so proud of what you 

have accomplished. 

Thank you for being the 2nd 

Mom and my best friend. 


Garin, Devin, & Mom 

MerecwU E. Ue^uev 

Dear Meredith, 

We are all so very proud of the beautiful 
young lady you are and lovingly thank you 
for all the happiness, love and joy you've 
brought to all of us. We wish you all the love, 
happiness and success life can bring, Mere! 
Love You Always, 
Mom, Dad, Keith, Kevin and Bryan 

Jev~» V&cXvw- 

< Eyjc*c^si& 

~Da*rye\ < 3pi 

Good luck in college. 

We will miss you. 

We hope you achieve 

your goals! 


Brian and Mini-me 


We are proud of all of your accomplishments. 
Enjoy life and share your gifts with others. 

Mom, Dad, Kevin and Sarah 

"D delightful to us 

A always loving and caring 

M never gives up on what he is doing 


Galvin Real Estate 



Congratulations, Kate- 
you made it! 

I am so proud of you. 

I Love You, 


Serving Wrentham and surrounding 
communities since 1966 

78 South Street, P.O. Box 616 
Wrentham, MA 02093 
508-384-7701 Fax 508-384-5753 

You "Did fit 

We are so proud of you. 

We wish you all the best 

in everything you do. 

We love you. 

Mom, Justin, 
Grandma, and Aunt Lori 

Mc-UpL*c> PeTTer V-ov\(i 


0\Ar SkAyzbejr Ome, Gra\^c^ov^\ 

m It ha- been our jov and happiness 
""-'fcTsreVou grow into a caring, 
loving and well-adjusted young 
ma£«*Our dream is for you to 
succeed and be happy at what- 
.--ever you choose,to do.~ 
Love always* 
Nana &Pa 

Go Far fit 


Your journey is just beginning. 

Reach for your dreams! 


Mom and Dad 

^>yc&sye>s ^n^vser 

Dear Sydney, 
I love you and 
I will miss you 
Good luck! 
Love, Sarah-Claire 

Dear Sydney, 

I will miss you next year 

Especially when I am 

riding the bus! 

Good Luck! 

Love, Tim 

Jev» Hciounej 


You are our only daughter, our 
shining star, our tom-boy and our 
princess. You light up our world 
with your smile. 

Believe in yourself and persevere 
and the world is yours. 
Work hard today, plan for tomor- 
row and remember yesterday 
And always remember how much 
we love you. 

We will be there for you forever. 
Mom & Dad 

Dear Sydney, 
"I love you so much 
because you are 
my wonderful sister 
I love flowers and 
I love you, too!" 
Love, Mei Mei 




This is only the beginning. 
Continue to learn and do 
the best you can. We are so 
proud of you. Your family 
will always be there for you. 
Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

H*rm Wilcox 


You were our bright star then, and 
you're our bright star now, and you always 
will be. Know 
that no matter 
where you are, 
home is never 
very far away 

We'll love you 

Mom and Dad 

Great job, Marra! 
Remember, we'll always have the Simpsons! 

Elin and Sam 




Bree Bree 

You are our shining star. 

You brought joy to our lives and 

put laughter in our hearts. 

Follow your dreams. 

I can like that girl! 

***Lots of good wishes,*** 

Dad, Mom, Lara, Kaitrin, 

and especially Alissa 


You have grown into 

a great young man 

of whom we are 

very proud. 

We love you and 

wish only the best 

for you. 

Dad, Mom 
Kristin & Jason 



Follow your dreams. 

Life is what you make of it! 

We are proud of all your accomplishments. 

Reach for the stars and settle for nothing 

Less than you deserve. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, Andrew and Amy 

May all your dreams 

come true. 

We love you. 

Erica, Wendy, 
Nana and Benny! 





To Our LfHW PiUrim 

The world is yours to explore. We love you for 
all that you are and for all that you will become. 
Mom & Dad 



always remember 
- The road less 
traveled may be 
arduous, but the 
experience will 
be extraordinary. 



Mom, Dad, 

Nic and Dan 

Safely transporting 

our school children 

since 1932 

W. T. Holmes 

Transportation Company 

22 Myrtle Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

(508) 528-4550 

&*££<£ 200 A 


Air%<w Mane. PenreJIi 

Dear Anna, 

We wish you all the happiness 

your heart can hold! 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Nick 

3\*&far\ (y&nejir\ 


We wish you a future bright 
with hope and kindness. 
Remember to make the 
most of every single day. 
We're very proud of you 
and all you have become. 

Aunt Sally and Uncle John 

Laura Tave/e>cvi 


Congratulations. Dad and I are so proud of 
everything you've done. Now on to new 
challenges and adventures! 

Love you always, 
Mom & Dad 


V^rYxAa Palerwv? 


Congratulations, Sweetheart! We are so proud of the 
person you've become. The next chapter of your life 
will be exploring, learning and creating an indepen- 
dent life. It will be exciting, challenging and some- 
times scary. 
Know that we 
believe in you, 
and trust that you 
will continue to 
make good 
choices. You've 
been a joy and a 
blessing in our 
lives, and we 
can't wait to see 
the next chapter 
of your life un- 

All our Love, 
Mom and Mike 



We love you 

and are so 

proud of you. 

We are 

behind you 

in whatever 

you do. 


Mom, Dad, 



CW>s»"n^v\ £K*c-alev>e 


300 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 

Senior AM Leagues 
Adult League? 
Women's AM Leagues 
Junior Leagues - Sat, AM 
Bumper Bowl Available 
Birthday Party Room 
Glow Bowl 
Automatic Scoring 


(508) 528-1 142 

You are a tremendous 
human being, unlike the 

majority of today's 
teenagers, but exactly the 

way we dreamed our 

child to be! You have so 

much to offer the 

world — share your 

kindness and inner 

beauty with others and 

embrace every 

opportunity that may 

come your way. We are 

proud and delighted 

with the choices you've 

made as a young adult 

and are excited about 

your future. 

We Love You with all 

our Heart and Soul. 

Mom & Dad 

Valerie. T^>*>e. Berviier 



May your "axkidents" become 
your greatest discoveries 
Tell those "dam-dam" trucks to 
go away; you will take the 
higher road 

May no "ambleeance" diminish 
your burning desires and 
endless energy 
Try to eat your "brestfast" 
2 <& And, by the way, what in the 
world is a "bobape"? 
With All Our Love and Pride, 
Mom and Dad 



Always remember to live by the tao of the "scrat": 

Never give up on your dreams and if you get stuck in an ice 
cube and your acorn floats away, find a bigger and better 

Carpe diem! 

Love Always, 

&tfiWvi/i Colby 


"All you have to decide is what to do 
with the time that is given to you." 

From here, the path you have trod now branches to 

many. Let the heart guide you... 

And always remember that we will be here for you. 


Dad and Mom 


Jeioioc* Lee Wiltard 

3e~mma Lee 

Our Pride, Our Joy Our Dancing Princess 

As you go along your way, know how very special you are, 
and that you make us proud each and every day. 

We love you, 
Mom & Dad 

"Wete Making a ~Di$etence!" 



194 Main Street 

PO Box 306 

Norfolk, MA 02056 

Phone (508) 528-3360 - Fax (508) 528-7704 

You have grown up side by side. 

As you part and go your separate ways, 

we wish you both a lifetime 

of successes and happiness. 


Blake, Jake, and Greg 



You make us proud. 


Mom, Dad, 

Melissa and Emily 





You did it! 

Four years of high 

school completed perfectly 

and 15 years of being 

the most perfect older 

sister. I loved sharing 

memories and laughing 

with you. Set your goals 

high. You will achieve 


Your Brother, 


TWv\ Lowlier 

Dana - 


We are all so very 

proud of you. 

Keep growing! 


Mom, Dad, 

Sam & Kyle 

Lara Cxwwe~ 
I BerfeU 

When you were little, you 
brought so much joy to our 
family. Today we are filled with 
love and pride for the lovely lady 
you have become. May love, 
health and happiness surround 
you wherever life leads. May all 
your dreams come true! 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad and Dave 



We are proud of you. 

Always follow your heart 

and you can do whatever 

you put your mind to. 


Mom, Dad, Ali and Casey 

TW*vk*& T>, Walc^aW 

Twelve years — where did they go? 
You've got a lot to show for it though. 

As you move on and move away, 
Know that we're here for you every day. 

So make the most of it all 

And remember to give your mother a call. 

Mom & Dad 



I was so proud the day you 
were born, and I am very proud 
of the fine young man you have 
become. I love you. 



We can't believe the time has come 
for us to send you off to college. 
Your hard work has 
certainly paid off. 
We are very proud 
of you and love you 
so much. 

Mom, Dad, 
Chris, and Jake 

Though we are sad to watch you go 

It is a joy to see you grow 

As you go around the next bend 

It is with love and pride 

That you are sent 

And we wish you the very best 

As you fly from the nest. 

Love, Mom and Papa 

"Savmi/itta* AsXxej 

< znn<\v>xco 



T^ic-Uarc?! Mritt* 


'^>wta!l a\ ^TaTlAre,'' 




We know you'll go on to accomplish great things. 

Remember, we'll always be here to share 

whatever life brings. 


Mom, Dad, Erica and Alex 

You may not be the biggest kid, 
but you have all the heart and soul! 


Dear Erin, 

Never lose 

your joyful spirit 


Dad and Mom 

I am gonna miss my big sister even though I know 
you'll be back. I always thought having a lot of friends 
meant that you were liked, but you taught me that 
having one best friend in life who would always be 
there for you is far better than having many occasional 
friends who don't care. 

You are my best friend! 



Congratulations! ! 

Your life will change. 

Go with it. 

Love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Bobby 



Master Electrician #A13171 




Gary Duquette 
Phone: (508)384-3415 

° FWite 


0\M~ re-Unve^ are. cur*& bv c-Uaioc^e., 


I am so proud to call you my brother and 
my friend. You are what every brother 
should be, and more. You are an intelligent, 
caring, amazing person, who can always 
make me laugh. I know you will succeed in 
whatever you do. I am so lucky to have you 
in my life. I love you very much. 
Love Always, 

^eily BeuHer 


You're the Best, 


We love you, 

Mom & Dad 

Congratulations and Good Luck! 

Your Brother, 




T - Shirts * Sweats * Jackets * Uniforms * Hats * Sportswear 


(508)-384-6020 1-866-542-DYE4 

Wrentham, MA. 

Dear Evan, 

So many people dream of being 

to successful, others wake up and 

work for it every day. 

We are so proud of your success 

You deserve it! 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, & Kyle 

Evai^i WUeitevi l\cr\A/oo<A 


If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out 
and cannot catch your eye, 
she's wearing your best sweater. 
~Pam Brown 

From Javi to Cookie dough and passing notes 

to driving the car, you have always been by my side. 

Even though we'll both be away next year, 

remember that I'll always be there for you. 

You are the best little sister I've ever had! 


Love, Erica 





'he first thing 

is to save every day like a tre^ure 

and then 


I would spend them with you." 

-Jim Croce 

Congratulations, Sammy! 

With love and pride 

from Christopher, Robby, Mom and Dad 


T2c*^Uel Elizabefti WWite 

Rachel, Our "Sweet Pea 
Best wishes in all your future plans. We are so 
proud of all your hard work and accomplishments 
We know you'll do great in all you pursue. 


Mom & Dad 

Evan & Matthew 


Abbate, Elizabeth 76, 163 
Abramo, Jessica 76 
Abramowicz, Keri 64, 215, 

Agane, Ayaan 10 
Agane, Yusef 73 
Aha, Katie 52 
Ahern, Mr. 107 
Albert, Daniel 76 
Albert, Michael 88 
Alioto, Matthew 88 
Allard, Katie 64, 65 
Allen, Courtney 88, 97 
Anderson, Eric 76 
Anderson, Mrs. 123 
Anderson, Scott 76 
Andrew, Lori 76, 77, 187 
Andrews, Brandin 64 
Annis, Faye 88 
Antonellis, Mrs. 105 
Anundson, Karen 88, 172 
Apar, Sarkis 10 
Arvidson, Kara 76, 177, 193 
Arvidson, Katelyn 10, 44, 

48, 63, 72, 177, 279,283, 

Ashworth, Austin 76, 244 
Astley, Kristin 64, 72 
Atkinson, Nicole 64 
Ayers, Daniel 10, 189, 259 


Bae, Earnest 64 
Bagby, Tiffany 10 
Baier, Kevin 61, 88 
Bailey, Beth 10,50, 53, 56, 
180, 195, 198, 278 

Baker, Kevin 76 
Baker, Stephanie 64 
Banks, Kevin 11, 45, 53, 

136, 276 
Banks, Michael 64, 210 
Barman, Philip 88, 163 
Barb, Christopher 9, 11, 52, 

146, 166, 292 
Barbieri, Dylan 88 
Barbieri, Tyler 64 
Bardsley, Sarah 85 
Barker, Alyson 2, 11 
Barnes, Mrs. 106 
Barr, Caitlin 64 
Barrett, Jessica 64, 143, 148, 

Barrett, Meghan 56 
Barrett, Mrs. 108 
Bartelloni, Nick 52, 202 
Bartlett, Scott 11 
Basque, Kara 76, 85, 135, 

146, 164, 184, 193, 226 
Basque, Larissa 87, 88 
Bassett, Kelley 11 
Bates, Shannon 64, 139, 

143, 233 
Bausch, Danielle 76, 175 
Bautista, Chelsea 88 
Beals, Colleen 76, 134, 143 
Beard, Mr. 101, 112, 113 
Beaver, Michelle 11, 251 
Becker, Rose 6, 11, 50, 

61, 101, 146, 175, 189, 194 
Beland, Ms. 105 
Belcher, Robert 76 
Belek, Ashley 64, 73 
Bell, Lauren 64 
Benson, Leigh 88 
Benson, Nicholas 76, 153 
Bergerson, Christopher 88 
Bergevine, Jordan 88 
Bermingham, John 76 
Bernier, Valerie 11, 133, 301 
Bertoldi, Lora 12,46,49, 54, 

55, 57, 155, 184, 186, 

270, 303 
Bertram, Mrs. 122 
Besaw, Mr. 107 
Betancur, Matthew 73 
Bethoney Angela 76, 85 
Bethoney, Frank 12 
Bhatti, Emily 9, 12, 50, 52, 

54, 55, 61, 148, 157, 159 
Bickum, Caitlin 76 
Big Apple, The 275 
Birmingham, Matthew 12, 

Biron, Carlie 97, 171 
Biscaia, William 88 
Bishop, Joshua 88 
Black, Christie 76 
Black, Jennifer 97 

Black, Samantha 76, 134, 

143, 145, 165, 175, 178 
Blinten, Mark 88, 98 
Bluhm,Alex 64, 159, 169, 

Bluhm, Christine 76, 132, 

135, 145, 148 
Boche, Joe 143 
Bocock, Matt 76, 77, 157 
Boghosian, Anthony 64 
Boucher, Coach 210, 211 
Boucher, Mr. 112, 208 
Boulter, Jamie 64 
Boulter, Kelly 12, 52, 133, 

212, 226, 230, 233, 271, 

283, 290, 306, 309 
Bourke, Justin 211 
Bourque, Michael 64 
Bradford, Alexandra 88 
Breen, Mr. 110 
Bregnard, Richard 88 
Breland,Adam 88, 151 
Bremer, Ms. 106,108, 110 
Brennan, Kelly 64, 139, 

Brennan, Kelsey 76, 190 
Brennan, Michael 88, 167 
Brennan, Shannon 64 
Brescia, Casey 52 
Briere, Grant 64, 211, 245 
Briere, Lauren 136 
Brindley, Mr. 127 
Briselli, Brian 76 
Brock, Kristen 76 
Brothers, Adam 88 
Brothman, Suzannah 64, 72 
Brown, Christopher 97, 98 
Brown, Derrick 88 
Brown, Jason 64 
Brown, Kayla 64 
Brown, Kelly 76, 187 
Brown, Taylor 12, 136, 304 
Buchanio, Mrs. 121, 128, 

Buck, Karlie 64 
Buckley, Nicole 76, 191 
Bukis, Elizabeth 76, 182 
Bullock, Amy 76, 158, 

183, 249 
Bullock, Becky 61, 64, 133, 

155, 174, 181 
Bullock, Jon 12, 145 
Burgess, Jon ('04) 12, 

222, 223, 254 
Burgess, Jon ('06) 76, 169 
Burgess, Rachel 13 
Burke, Anna 76, 146, 

159, 184, 193 
Burke, Ashley 76, 77 
Burke, Brittany 13, 162, 

187, 270, 285, 294, 302 
Burke, Matt 13 

Burke, Michaela 76, 215,237 
Burnham, Cory 51 
Burnham, Jillian 88 
Burns, Philip 88 
Burt, Mr. 129, 216, 243 
Burt, Katherine 76 
Butler, Evan 76, 167, 190 
Butler, Michael 13, 47, 167, 

190, 286, 309 
Byrne, Kevin 76 
Byrne, Thomas 64 

s 05 e 

Cacciapaglia, Jared 13, 46, 

47, 49, 52, 131, 153, 

155, 158, 181, 189, 255 
Cacciapaglia, Robert 64 
Cacciapaglia, Sam 13, 44, 

49, 54, 55, 131, 307 
Cacciola, Kaitlyn 88, 98, 

142, 147, 152 
Caffrey, Diane 64, 155, 

185, 204, 205 
Cain, Holly 64, 136, 

149, 209, 213, 216 
Cain, Rebecca 88, 151, 172, 

Calderone, Alexander 88 
Caliendo, Christopher 88 
Callahan, Breanne 13, 298 
Callahan, Lara 88 
Callahan, Mikaela 64, 134, 

137, 138, 148, 149 
Callanan, Mrs. 121 
Calzaretta, Brent 77, 85 
Calzaretta, Ryder 88 
Cameron, Joe 13, 212, 

225, 231, 241, 261 
Cameron, Meghan 88 
Cameron, Ryan 76 
Cameron, Wesley 63, 64, 

85, 145 
Campbell, Robert 76 
Campo, Nick 14, 48, 50, 

155, 234, 269 
Campopiano, John 139 
Campos, Mrs. 116 
Canavan, Katie 142 
Cannon, Jenn 64, 73, 143, 

148, 189, 232 
Cannon, Mrs. 120 
Capachin, Julie 64 309 

Capasso, Ms. 114 
Capone, Dave 88, 173 
Cardillo, Matthew 76 
Cardinali, Kerry 64, 73 
Carello, Angela 88 
Carey, Jim 14, 50 
Carloni, David 10, 14, 48 
Carloni, Hayley 88 
Carneiro, Mr. 118 
Carneiro, Mrs. 119 
Carr, Caroline 14, 50, 54, 55 

131, 142, 230, 231, 238, 

Carr, Mrs. 125 
Carucci, Kristina 88, 97 
Casey, Katherine 88, 98, 149 
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Casper, Colin 64, 173, 240 
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Cassidy, Ryan 64, 65, 

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Cassoli, Jenna 14, 47, 54, 55, 

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Castleberry, Rachel 64, 65, 

Cataldo's Paint and Hardware 

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Caulmare, Colby 14, 46, 48, 

Cavalieri, John 64 
Centauro, Mairebridget 88 
Centofanti, Mary 88 
Centofanti, Robert 88, 97 
Chaisson, John 88, 89 
Chalifoux, Alexander 76, 182 
Chamberlain, Brianna 88, 97 
Chamberlain, Carter 76, 246 
Chambers, Erica 88 
Chambers, Jonathan 89 
Chambers, Robert 64, 73, 

Charpentier, Emily 89 
Chartrand, Kaleena 15, 48, 

53, 54, 56, 101, 150, 187, 

189, 288 
Chaves, John 15, 44, 156, 

Chaves, Katrina 64 
Chaves, Michael 76 
Chestnut Hill Studios 281 
Chi, Francine 76 
Chi, Frank 64, 76, 166, 206 
Chillemi, Peter 64, 65 
Chilson, Mrs. 114 
Chin, Jeffrey 76 


Chipman, Caitlin 76, 149, 

158, 184, 193 
Chipman, Natalie 77, 78 
Christie, Julie 65 
Churchill, Jacqueline 89 
Civitarese, Kelsi 75, 77 
Clark, Sarah 65, 146 
Cleary, Erin 15, 49, 57, 182, 

Cleary, Shawn 77 
Clifford, Jacqueline 89 
Clifford, Jermaine 65, 72, 

Clontz, Elizabeth 15, 54, 55 
Cobb,Ali 61, 65, 137, 141, 

143, 146, 151, 155, 168, 

Cobb, Bill 15, 52, 146, 

153, 164, 212, 218, 
263, 290, 309 

Cobb, Mrs. 268 
Cochrane, Kathleen 15, 54, 

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Cochrane, Sean 77, 176 
Cochrane, Thomas 77, 85 
Colcord, Jess 15, 49, 50, 

154, 181, 272 

Cole, Angela 77, 85, 159, 

Cole, Kelsey 89 
Colella, Max 89 
Collins, Amanda 85 
Condlin, Dave 77, 211 
Connelly, Kate 15, 46, 182, 

183/ 194, 205, 254 
Connolly, Daniel 89 
Connor, Sean 16 
Conrad, Emily 61, 65, 

134, 145, 154, 180 
Conrad, Justin 16, 298 
Conroy, Joe 16, 46, 151, 

189, 194, 230 
Constantineau, Cammie 65, 

Cook, Gregory 77 
Cook, Kevin 77 
Cook, Michael 89 
Coombs, Amy 16, 162, 

175, 178, 270 
Corcoran, Rachel 89, 151, 

178, 191 
Corcoran, Rebecca 77 
Cordo, Deborah 89 
Cordo, Michelle 61, 65, 

133, 155, 174 
Costa, Kasey 89, 97 
Cote, Alissa 89 
Cotter, Caroline 61, 65, 69, 

133, 155, 174 
Coutu, Miss 110, 129 

Cove,Allie 75, 77, 149, 181, 

182, 193, 249 
Cox, Michael 16, 212, 224, 

241, 256, 278 
Coyle,Erin 89, 142, 147 
Coyle, Lauren 65, 72 
Crehan, Mrs. 124 
Cress, Mrs. 119, 128 
Crisafi, Krissy 198, 199 
Crompton, Jeff 163 
Cronin, Caitlyn 77 
Cronin, Jon 65, 241 
Cronin, Kate 16, 47, 51, 52 

53, 226, 275, 290, 292, 

294, 296 
Cronin, Mr. 268 
Cronin, Nevin 65, 152 
Cronin, Pat 65, 207 
Cross, Conor 77, 219 
Cross, Marjorie 89, 191 
Crowell, Jessica 16 
Crowley, Daniel 89, 98 
Crowley, John 65 
Crowley, Kevin 9, 16, 282 
Cuddihyjoe 17, 168, 266 
Cuddihy, Tara 61, 75, 77, 

85, 149, 184, 193, 209 
Cullen, Kim 89 
Cullen, Timothy 65 
Cullity, Jaime 77, 134 
Cullity, Jenna 73 
Cuozzo, Allie 61, 77, 227, 

Cuozzo, Caitlin 17, 44, 50, 

51, 52, 57, 131, 194, 

201, 212, 226, 284 
Curran, Pete 65, 70, 135, 

210, 218, 244, 245 
Curran, Sarah 90, 98, 243 
Curtin, Dan 65, 197 
Curtin, Steve 90, 245 
Czarnowski, Brian 17, 172, 

224, 285, 294, 304 
Czyzewski, Tim 78, 159 



Daggett, Paul 87, 90 
Daly, Shaun 78 
Damiata, David 66, 150 
D'Angelo, Marie 78 
Daniel, Amy 17, 54, 55, 

58, 134, 237 
Daniel, Mr. 126 

Daniel, Stephanie 75, 78, 

D'Aniello, Arielle 89, 90 
Danielson, Sarah 90 
d'Anjou,Alex 17, 151, 230, 

D'Annunzio, Mrs. 115 
D'Arcangelo, Ryan 90 
Darling, Amanda 17, 52, 

57, 131, 133, 142, 148, 

220, 239, 290 
Darling, Daniel 66 
DaSilva, Mr. 127 
Daubenmire, Ashley 4, 17, 

46, 50, 56, 136,' 257, 277 
Davenport, Lauren 63, 66, 

140, 147, 175 
Davey, Kara 66 
Davies, Elizabeth 90 
Davies, Katie 66, 72, 155 

Davis, Gregory 66 
Davison, Brett 66, 135, 144, 

Davison, Michelle 78, 134, 

145, 175, 215 
DeBlasio, Diandra 56, 66, 

133, 136, 145, 154, 181, 

deCarvalho, Adam 90 
Decker, Tiffani 97 
Deevy Mae 66, 140 
Deighan, Aimee 78 
DeLaiarro, Anthony 17, 45, 

49, 52, 152, 153, 222, 

262, 272, 277 
DelGrosso, Joe 18, 47, 50, 

54, 55, 145, 155, 168, 

DeLorie, Chris 18, 168 
DeLuca, Mrs. 108 
DeMattia, Ashley 66, 72, 

DeMoras, Ashlee 78 
Denehy, Brian 90 
Denerley, Evan 90 
Denson, Monica 97 
DePompo, Caitlin 187 
Deschamps, Todd 2, 78, 175 
Desprez, Brittany 90 
Dethavong, Jerry 66 
Dewitt Animal Hospital 252 
Dever, Meaghan 90 
Devine, Christina 78 
DeVore, Deidre 90 
Diamand, Cory 78 
Dickson, Amy 78 
Didomenico, Ralph 48 
Dillon, Linsie 78 
DiMilla, Dr. 112 
Dinand, John 66 

Doanejudy 18, 187, 188, 
200, 230, 232, 233, 251 

Doane, Suzanne 90 

Does, Peter 90 

Doherty, Sarah 78 

qoiron, David 78 

Doiron, Stacey 18, 170, 265, 

Domenica, Jamie 18, 272 

Donahue, Andrew 78 

Donegan, Emma 90 

Donegan, Jessica 18 

Dorvel, Grayson 78, 85, 142 

Doughty, Lauren 91 

Douglas, Ross 61, 91 

Downing, James 91 

Doyle, Mrs. 120 

Dreher, Brent 79 

Dreher, Gregory 79 

DubinskyBen 79, 143, 172 

Dubose, Jenna 187 

Duquette Elctric 305 

Dugdale, Pam 66, 138, 181 

Dunbar, Christian 79, 143 

Dunn, Patrick 79 

Dupont, Justin 91 

Dusseault, Tom 61, 91 

Duval, Todd 66 

Dyke, Douglas 91 



Eaglebrook Saloon 293 

Earley, Patrick 91 

Eatman, Shana 91 

Eichelberger, Kayse 61, 79, 
143, 185, 200 

Eichelberger, Reid 18, 44, 
45, 47, 53, 54, 55, 57, 
150, 152, 155, 156, 161, 
193, 195, 202, 213, 222, 

Eisele, Ashley 18, 295 

Elich, Mrs. 113 

Elland, Ashlee 66, 142 

Endisch, Jasmin 19, 59 

England, Andrew 97 

Engwer, Bridget 91 

Engwer, Caroline 79, 198 

Erickson, Mrs. Ill 

Erickson, Skip 206 

Espinosa, Angie 19, 48, 299 

Evans, Craig 73 

Evans, Jazman 66 

Evans, Wendy 67, 72, 167, 

Ewer, Craig 79, 163, 167 

Falotico, Alison 79, 190 
Fanty Emily 91 
Farley, Chris 146 
Farrar, Emily 91 
Farris, Mark 91 
Fayle,Mr. 108, 110, 119, 

128, 132, 173 
Fenton, Hillary 97 
Fenton, Mr. 127 
Ferencik, Lindsey 79 
Ferland, Mathew 79 
Fermano, Liz 61, 67, 144, 

Ferrara, Ellen 78, 79, 176 
Ferrara, Sarah- Ann 19, 53, 

54, 55, 176 
Ferreira, Mr. Ill 
Ferris, Mike 66, 67 
Ficarra, Erin 67, 135, 155, 

Ficco's Bowl-A-Drome 301 
Figueiredo, Ms. 115, 152, 

Finase,Mr. Ill, 178 
Finase, Mrs. 268 
Fiorelli, Elizabeth 67 
Fiori, David 79 
Fiori, Kate-Lynn 91 
Fisher, Dan 19, 44, 138, 258 
Fisher D.D.S., Donald E. 262 
Fitopoulos, George 67 
Fitzgerald, Michael 67 
Fitzgerald, Sean 61, 91 
Fitzpatrick, Carolyn 6, 19, 

161, 166, 186, 264 
Fitzpatrick, Jack 162 
Fitzpatrick, William 79 
Flanagan, Kelly 79, 142, 

150, 151, 178, 216, 242 
Flocco, Briana 67, 134, 154, 

Flynn, Kathleen 67 
Flynn, Mark 75, 79, 85, 

174, 229 
Foley, Maura 67, 72, 134, 

141, 159 
Foley, Ms. 124 

Folliard, Ms. 106, 107, 129 
Fontaine, Lauren 91, 98 
Fontana, Lindsey 79, 150, 

182, 184, 208, 216, 249 
Fontana, Nick 19, 138, 164, 

190, 212, 219, 263, 283, 

Forekicks 266 
Fountain, Emily 90, 91 
Fountain, Meghan 19 
Fox, Katelyn 79, 85 
Fratus, Benjamin 91 
Fratus, Garrett 79 
Frederickson, Andrew 79 
Frederickson, Nichole 19, 

214, 212, 298 
Fredrickson, Katie 20, 194, 

208, 209, 227, 230, 243, 

270, 285 
FreyMs. 101, 108, 109, 128 
Frietas, Ashley 20, 266 
Frink-Johnson, Thomas 91 
Fuller, Jenn 79, 132, 147 
Fulton, Andrew 20, 57, 145, 

194, 250 
Furst, Sam 6, 20 


f cCCe\s/ 

G. Cronin and Sons 261 
Gahan, Alicia 79 
Galano, Gregory 20, 258 
Gallagher, Charney 135 
Gallagher, Mrs. Ill, 118 
Galuzzo, Deirdre 187 
Galvin, Kaylee 79, 134 
Galvin, Meaghan 67 
Galvin Real Estate 296 
Gard, Kristen 20, 154, 205 
Gardner, Mr. 127 
Garza, Jeffrey 79 
Gately Christopher 79 
Gately, Patricia 4, 67, 153, 

Gaudioso, Heather 67, 172 
Gaughran, Robert 79 
Gavrilles, Ryan 63, 73, 135 
Gaynor, Meredith 20, 45, 

46, 52, 55, 146, 189 
Geller, Devon 67, 73, 143, 

Getty, Aaron 67 
Getty Hannah 87, 91 
Geyer, Hilary 20 

Giacalone, Christina 21, 52, 

167, 282, 301, 305 
Giampa, Megan 21, 57 
Gianfrancesco, Stacey 85 
Gilbert, Elise 79, 141 
Gilbert, Mrs. 268 
Gilbert, Vicky 79, 170, 179, 

Gilman, Timothy 67 
Gilmore, Abigail 61, 79 
Gioia, Mrs. 102 
Giordano, Jack 91, 101 
Girouard, Diane 79, 166, 

Glass, Andrew 91, 172 
Glickstein, Bryan 66, 67, 

Goffredo, Erin 67 
Goldberg, Mr. 205 
Good, Megan 79 
Goodwin, Amy 67 
Goossens, Allyson 67 
Gordon, Kyle 21, 145, 155, 

223, 300 
Goulet, Kristen 79, 132 
Graham, Andrew 67 
Graham, James 87, 91 
Grant, James 21 
Grant, Matthew 73 
Grant, Shannon 79, 81 
Graves, Michelle 21 
Gray, Casey 67, 143 
Gray, Farrah 91 
Grecho, Victoria 21, 54, 55, 

56, 272 
Greenland, Ay la 67, 72, 155 
Greenland, Kingsley 79 
Greenleaf, Mrs. 108, 114, 

119, 128 
Greenwood, Heather 21, 44, 

50, 51, 54, 55, 131, 136, 

154, 181, 254 
Greenwood, Jeffrey 91 
Gregory, Ashley 75, 79, 134, 

144, 151, 249 
Grenier, Adam 91 
Grenier, Amanda 91 
Griffin, Andrew 21, 235, 259 
Grosso, Ethan 91, 93 
Grover,Mr. 112, 113, 128, 

Guernon, Mr. 110 
Guertin, Andrew 22 
Guild, Hannah 91, 131, 142, 

Guild, Jaime 9, 22, 44, 47, 

49, 50, 54, 55, 133, 153, 

157, 176, 217, 242, 259, 

Guillemette, Mr. 116 
Gulbis, Arianna 91 


Gulino,Kara 61, 79, 134, 

149, 193, 208 
Gundlach, Katie 91, 98 
Gura, Alessandra 67 
Gustafson, Gregory 67 
Gutlonjon 67, 139 
Gutlon, Wilson 67 

Haber,Amy 91, 93 
Haber, Sarah 22, 45, 49, 

50, 51, 52, 131, 136, 

148, 181, 185, 262 
Habib, Sarina 79, 85, 215, 

Hadfield, Ryan 22, 55, 202 
Haley, Sean 63, 67, 197 
Hall, Emily 22,55, 61, 137, 

Halljenn 9, 22, 46, 47, 

152, 177, 187, 188, 194, 

208, 260, 303 
Hall, Kimberly 22, 56, 298 
Hall, Molly 75, 79, 85, 

142, 150, 151, 249 
Hall, Rob 2, 90, 91, 156, 

157, 177 
Halpern, Jonathan 79 
Halpin, Julie 22, 50, 51, 53, 

54, 55, 137, 154, 258, 285 
Hamilton, Christopher 79 
Hamilton, Stephen 23, 51, 

56, 136, 169, 229, 262 
Hamlin Cabinet Corp. 255 
Hamlin, Tim 91, 225 
Hannon, David 23, 252 
Hansen, Ryan 23, 285, 306 
Hanson, Mrs. 105 
Harfst, Amanda 91 
Harper, Matt 67, 152, 165 
Harrington, Colleen 91, 97 
Harrington, Meghan 91, 97 
Harrison, Bradley 79 
Harrop, Brittney 73, 172 
Hart, Rachael 67 
Hart, Stephanie 91, 98 
Harwood, Evan 23, 176, 224, 

Harwood, Kyle 91, 93, 131, 

Hasenfus, Joshua 23 
Hasenfus, Nicholas 67 

Hassel, Mr. 126 

Haughey, Carly-Rae 87, 91, 

Hawkins, Lauren 97 
Hawkins, Thomas 67 
Hayes, Hayley 63, 67, 140, 

Heagney, Mrs. 124 
Healey, Bryan 23, 47, 50, 

136, 169, 181, 189, 212, 

213, 229, 291 
Healey, Meredith 23, 50, 51, 

52, 53, 131, 181, 185, 295 
Healy, Ryan 91 

Hearon, Mr. 148, 217 
Heelan, Kay la 91 
Helliwell, Ross 23, 274 
Henderson, Ben 24, 44, 50, 

53, 55, 195, 265 
Henderson, Lindsay 79 
Herrick, Meghan 91 
Hevert, Mark 143 
Higgins, Andrew 67, 203, 

Higgins, Robert 24 
Hill, Brian 203 
Hillcrest Glass Co. 276 
Hobson, Kaitlyn 91 
Hogan, Josh 175 
Hogarth, Shawn 24,49, 144, 

Holden, Kristin 79 
Holleran, Kaitlin 67 
Holleran, Kelsey 61, 79, 85, 

174, 193 
Holmes, Andrew 67, 69, 73, 

153, 158, 197, 222, 241 
Holmes, David 80 
Holmes, Erin 89, 91, 98, 

149, 187 
Holmes, Hilary 92 
Holt, Mr. 228 
Holt, Michael 24, 264 
Hootstein, Will 24, 212, 

228, 276 
Hopkins, Christopher 67 
Home, Allison 67, 188 
Howard, Mallory 92, 98 
Howard, Mrs. 268 
Howard, Shannon 67, 132, 

154, 174 
Howard, Siobhan 201 
Hovceanyls, Stephanie 80 
Huckle,Mrs. 101, 106 
Hughes, Nicole 80 
Hume, Michael 4, 24, 153, 

Hunchard, Mr. 126 
Hurley, Katie 92 
Hurley, Kelley 67, 155, 185 
Hurley, Michael 92, 93 
Hutchinson, Brad 80 

Hutchinson, Bridget 162 
Hutchinson, Conor 80 
Hutchinson, Timothy 80 
Huth, Tim 24, 48, 189, 190, 

194, 206, 244, 272, 292 
Huth, Tyler 80, 207, 219 

Irving, Ethan 92 
Isner, Steven 67 
Issa, Wafaa 53 

Jackson, Andrew 92 
Jackson, Cherry 146 
Jackson, Nicole 92 
Jackson, Sam 92, 98 
Jackson, Stephanie 67 
Jacobs, Fred 92, 98 
Jacobs, Sam 80, 81 
Jeffrey, Kyle 61, 92 
Jillson, Stacey 67, 72 
Johnson, Andrew 68, 224 
Johnson, Gregory 80 
Johnson, Ryan 203 
Johnson, Tyler 92, 98 
Jomides, Kayla 24, 255 
Jordan, Jacob 92, 179 
Joyal, Eric 80 
Joyal, Ryan 25, 50, 56, 276, 

Judson, Andrew 92 
Jurgens, Alex 25, 285 

Kajano, Joe 92, 94 
Kalaghan, Laurie 80 
Kalalas, William 25 
Kantzer, Jacob 80 
Karjel, Mr. Ill 
Kaszanek, Julie 92 
Kaszanek, Stacey 80 
Kauper, Mrs. 114 
Keinz, Kristin 63, 68, 132, 

135, 148, 149, 154, 159 
Keleher, Mr. 124 
Kell, Dave 25, 53, 137 
Kelley, Erin 92 
Kelley, Siobhan 92, 186 
Kelly, Barbara 80, 85, 178 
Kelly, Caitlin 92 
Kelly, Mrs. 268 
Kempton, Jeremy 92 
Keniston, Jennie 80, 249 
Kennedy, Rich 68, 245 
Kennedy, Sarah 80, 164, 

182, 191 
Kenney, Caitlin 63, 68, 135, 

143, 147, 154, 159, 181, 

214, 236 
Kern,Aimee 6, 25, 47, 51, 

52, 55, 146, 188, 195, 

198, 208, 227, 230, 242, 

Kern, Mr. 199 
KettelLJoe 25, 50 
Keyes, Bettina 68 
Kilburne, Nick 73, 135 
Killam, Jono 246 
Kim, Erin 68 
Kimball, Christopher 25 
King Philip School Committee 

King Philip Teachers' Assoc. 

King, Thomas 92, 94 
King, William 25 
Kipp, Daniel 80 
Kipp, Keith 26, 50, 240, 266 
Kipp, Sherida 68, 155 
Knight, Mrs. 113 
Knowles Construction Co. 

Knowles, Heather 92 
Knowles, Michelle 61, 63, 

68, 134, 144, 147, 154 

Knowles, Taylor 26, 53, 136 
Knowlton, Erin 92 
Knyff, Arielle 26, 53 
Knyff, Michaela 80, 157, 

Koechel, Alexandra 80 
Kowalski, Christopher 26 
Kowalski, Matt 92, 167 
Koziol, Derek 26, 189, 190, 

Krabyjess 9, 26,49, 54, 55, 

56, 146, 199, 250, 256 
Kramer, Colin 92 
Kramer, Mr. 109, 129, 218 
Kudikala, Srujith 92 
Kummer, Mr. 108 
Kurkjian, Carlee 26, 44, 45, 

47, 49, 50, 51, 156, 161, 

239, 255, 277, 291 
Kurkjian, Kyle 50, 87, 92 


LaBlue, Kelly 61, 68, 132, 

136, 154 
Labrie, Adam 80 
LaBrie, Ross 207 
Lacasse, Jacqueline 92 
LaCava, Kristen 63, 68, 134, 

145, 148, 154, 200, 232 
Lake, Nicolette 68, 155, 181 
Lalos, Christopher 68 
Lambert, Brittney 26, 44, 57, 

144, 148, 149, 169, 174, 

183, 217, 275 
Lambert, Mrs. 113, 128 
Lamothe, Kaitlin 68, 131, 

134, 145, 154, 208, 226, 

Landry, Kayla 92, 98 
LaRue, Colette 92, 98 
Lasher, Dana 27, 52, 55, 56, 

190, 195, 203, 231, 303 
Lasher, Sam 80, 202 
Laskey Mr. 246 
Lavallee, Amanda 92 
Lavallee, Daniel 80 
Lawler, Alyssa 97 
Lawler, Katie 80, 148, 184, 

Lawler, Kristen 80, 132, 182 
Lawless, Rob 75, 80 
LeBlanc, Mr. 127 

Lechak,Jen 27, 48, 55, 101, 

136, 232, 295 
Lechak, Kevin 68, 245 
Leclerc, Lauren 204 
Lee, Joel 27, 45, 156, 

161, 189 
Legge, Craig 97 
Lehan, Kimberly 92 
Leon, Stuart 68, 229 
Leonard, Alex 63, 68, 156, 

158, 162, 206, 207 
Leonard, Mr. 123 
Lesbirel, Kaitlin 27 
Lesinski, Evan 92 
Leslie, Jess 87, 92, 149, 187 
Lessard, Ms. 104 
Lessard, Renae 80, 142 
Letson, Matthew 68 
Levine, Mr. 104, 105, 164 
Levy, Justine 80, 81 
Levy, Steve 27, 168 
Lewicki, Laura 2, 87, 92 
Lewicki, Patrick 92 
Lewko, Kim 80, 182, 238 
Linehan, Grant 78, 80 
Linscott, Christine 92 
Lipnicki, Dan 80, 82 
Litchfield, Andrew 87, 92 
Litchfield, Chris 68, 203 
Little, Kristin 80 
Livar, Barbara 68, 189 
LoConte, Claudia 68 
Lodola, Liana 63, 68, 132, 

Logan, Ms. 107 
LoPresti, Eric 80, 151, 247 
Lordan, Sean 92 
Lorimer, Katelyn 27, 58, 

152, 156, 161 
Lorusso, Michael 92 
Loughlin, Emily 68, 182 
Lovejoy, Jonathan 92 
Lovejoy, Kelsey 92 
Lovejoy, Kyle 68, 144 
Lovejoy, Nathan 68 
Lovley, Dan 68, 162, 163 
Lovley, Elizabeth 92, 162 
Lowndes, Jared 27, 296 
Ludvigsen, Kevin 92, 98 
Lupfer, Chris 68, 228 
Lyon, Mike 27, 194, 196, 

230, 244, 306 


Ma, Amber 68 
Macdonald, Tim 28,45, 49, 

53, 56, 251, 283 
MacEwen, Kathleen 92 
Maciel, Darren 80 
Maciel, Jonathan 28 
Maclntyre, Patrick 93 
MacKenzie,Amanda 80, 134, 

152, 193, 220, 221, 243 
Mackun, Dave 93, 244 
Mackun, Steph 28, 212, 214, 

MacRae, Mrs. 103 
Maguire, John 68, 189, 207 
Maguire, Rory 28 
Maher, Kerry 93, 94 
Mahn, Alison 68 
Mahn, Daniel 93 
Malcolm, Jen 68, 144, 155, 

174, 175, 214, 249 
Malone,Jess 80, 237 
Malone, Joshua 93 
Maloney, Jason 80, 218 
Maloneyjen 28, 138, 144, 

148, 149, 194, 297 
Maloney, Mrs. 268 
Manigan, Chad 28, 48, 256 
Mannering, Mrs. 115, 129 
Manning, Colleen 87, 93, 

Marmorstein, Ms. 121 
Martakis, Georgianna 80 
Martin, Ian 87, 93 
Martin, Mrs. 106, 182 
Martino, Abigail 68, 181 
Massotti, Mr. 123, 212, 226 
Mattar, Glenn 80, 81, 211 
Mattar, Mrs. 268 
Mattson, Rich 28, 44, 52, 

140, 161, 213, 222, 223 

Matz, Paul 93 
May hew, Jason 175 
Mayhew, Joanna 63, 68, 

133, 141, 154, 175 
McAlice, Kyle 135 
McAuliffe, Lindsay 68 
McCaffrey, Kayla 61, 68, 

133, 134, 140, 141, 145, 

148, 154, 174 
McCann, Mrs. 214 
McCann, Dave 28, 55, 139 

McCann, Matt 80,178, 210, 

211, 218 
McCann, Stephen 93 
McCarter, Brian 68, 151 
McCarter, Michelle 80 
McCarthy, Matt 52 
McClain, Rachel 66, 68 
McCloud, Shawn 80, 241 
McCluskey Kerri 80 
McCourt, Mrs. 115 
McDermott, Shawn 2, 29, 

45, 150, 277 
McDonough, Luke 52 
McElwee, Alyssa 93, 98, 

151, 186 
McElwee, Glen 68, 189 
McEntire, Megan 68 
McEvoy Nick 29, 52, 54, 

55, 139, 202, 264, 269, 

McFarland, Andrew 68 
McGill, Trevor 68, 159, 190 
McGonagle, Kerry 93, 101 
McGovern, Brendan 29, 150, 

152, 210, 230, 234 
McGovern, Meghan 80, 85, 

146, 159, 193 
McGrath, Griffin 68, 159 
McGrath, Kristin 2, 93 
McGrath, Luke 29, 53, 155, 

213, 270 
McGuire, Dave 68, 135, 144, 

145, 174, 196, 197 
McGuire, Tom 29, 51, 52, 

155, 223, 234, 270, 280 
McHale, Brenna 75, 80, 85, 

169, 193 
McHale, Liam 29, 228 
McKeon, Meghan 93, 97 
McKeown, Thomas 73 
McKinnon, Brian 138 
McLaughlin, Cait 68, 163 
McMorrow, Marc 6, 29, 50 
McMorrow, Pat 87, 93, 131 
McVay Scott 93, 190 
Medici, Mrs. 105 
Meixner, Gretchen 29, 51 
Meyer, Mrs. 113 
Middleton, Melissa 61, 81, 

Mihalec, Kevin 30 
Miller, Bridget 30, 48, 177, 

Miller, Douglas 81 
Miller, Lauren 30, 48, 177, 

185, 260 
Miller, Sarah 81 
Mirliss, Emily 68 
Mitchell, James 69 
Mitchell, Mr. 109 
Molloy Lindsey 93, 94, 186 


Monahan, Anthony 94 
Mongeon, Dr. 107, 116 
Moniz, Timothy 81 
Montgomery, Darren 81 
Moore, Bryan 6, 30 
Moore, Kate 30, 59 
Moore, Kayleigh 81, 239 
Moore, Kyle 30, 46, 47, 50, 

52, 136, 153, 275 
Moore, Pete 30, 73 
Moore, Ray 69, 72, 247 
Moore, Sean 69 
Moran, Mr. 196 
Moresi, Mrs. 102, 268 
Morgan, Michael 81 
Morganelli, Jenna 9, 30, 45, 

47, 152, 250 
Morris, Dan 69, 134, 188, 

Morris, Ellen 69, 72, 170 
Morrison, Tyler 69 
Morse, Jocelyn 81 
Morton, Jennifer 81, 146 
Moscariello, Joseph 81 
Moses, Joseph 31, 48, 274 
Mulcahy,Ali 81, 193, 239 
Mulcahy, Joseph 81, 173 
Mulcahy, Julie 142 
Mulhall, Laura 81, 85,214, 

Mullaney, Mrs. 120 
Mullen, Crystal 31 
Murphy, Brianna 81 
Murphy, Jeanne 75, 81, 136 
Murphy, John 87, 94 
Murphy, Kristin 69, 151 
Murphy, Michael 81 
Murphy, Tiffany 31, 250 
Murray, Nicholas 69 
Murtagh, Erin 94 
Myers, Mrs. 101, 108, 173 

Nacewicz, Alyssa 94, 98 
Nacewicz, Courtney 82 
Nadeau, Paul 31 
Nameishi, Michael 94 
Nardone, JoAnna 73 
Nash, Kerry 82 
Nelson, Brad 54, 55 
Nelson, Crystal 31, 187 
Neubauer, Mrs. 109 
Neviackas, Dan 69, 206 

Nickerson, Amie 69, 134, 
151, 158, 183, 198, 199 

Nickerson, Katlyn 94 

Noble, Sean 82 

Nolan, Julie 31, 50, 52, 55, 
170, 182, 183, 274, 276 

Nolan Landscaping 273 

NolLBraden 75, 82, 134 

Norfolk Arena 258 

Norfolk Community Federal 
Credit Union 302 

Norfolk Fence Co. 288 

Norfolk Town Pizza 282 

Norton, Danielle 73 

Nygren, Christine 4, 82 

Nygren, Tracey 82 

O'Brien, Justin 31, 138, 197, 
235, 277, 283, 300 

O'Brien, Kaitlyn 94 

O'Connell, Colleen 82 

O'Connor, Katie 94 

O'Donnell, Melissa 31, 55, 
180, 292 

O'Halloran, Mr. 212, 225 

O'Hara, Brittney 69, 73, 
154, 200, 227 

Okolita, Katie 94, 171 

Oles, Mr. 209 

O'Malley, James 73 

O'Malley, Kaleen 82 

O'Neil, Gail 97 

O'Riordan, Brian 69 

Osborn, Carolyn 32, 133, 
137, 217 

Osborne Nursery 250 

O'Toole, Brian 69 

Ouimet, Erin 1, 10, 32, 45, 
48, 55, 146, 148, 168, 
175, 189, 221, 269 

Pacheco, Alicia 82, 135 
Padula, John 82 
Padula, Mindy 82 

Pagliarini, Rachel 94, 97 
Palermo, Krista 32, 51, 132, 

136, 164, 300 
Palioca, Laura 61, 82, 134, 

Palioca, Tyler 63, 69, 144 
Palmer, Derek 82 
Palmer, Lauren 94 
Palmer, Montana 94 
Palmero, Eric 69 
Parker, John 69, 174, 188, 

Parramore, Allison 94 
Partain, Joshua 94 
Partridge, Allison 82, 85, 

Partridge, Derek 32, 50, 57, 

137, 265 
Partridge, Nate 197 
Pasionek, Jessica 73 
Pasquantonio, Julie 63, 70, 

133, 144, 151, 155, 174 
Pasquantonio, Kelly 82, 85, 

134, 135, 143, 146, 185, 

Pasquantonio, Nicholas 32, 

260, 288, 296 
Patten, Kyle 94, 97 
Patterson, Sarah 82, 150 
Pavao, Mrs. 124 
Pearson, Krista 83 
Pearson, Stacey 83 
Peck, Stephen 83 
Pedro, Michael 32 
Pegg, Andrew 94, 163 
Pegg, Daniel 83 
Pelland, Danielle 95, 97 
Pelrine, Laura 83, 154 
Pereira, James 83 
Perkuhn, Emma 83 
Perrelli, Anna 32, 52, 170, 

171, 300 
Perry, Allison 70, 73 
Perry, Bridget 95, 97, 98 
Perry, Elliott 83 
Perry, Wendy 83, 140 
Petruchik, Amy 61, 83 
Pfeffer,Mrs. 118, 128, 

142, 151 
Philbrick, Laura 83, 182 
Phillips, John 32, 44, 50, 54, 

55, 137, 139, 160, 164, 

213, 222, 276, 282 
Piccione, Suzanne 87, 95 
Pickart, Mrs. 112 
Pinciaro, Andrea 63, 70, 

144, 155 
Piotti, Mr. 241 
Pires, Mr. 104 
Pisarski, Erin 70 
Pittsley, Tom 33, 73 
Placido, Michael 70 

Plante, Alisha 33, 136, 174, 

185, 265, 277 
Plante, Josh 33, 138, 164, 

194, 210, 212, 218, 219, 

230, 244, 277, 279 
Poirier, Chelas 33, 136, 179, 

185, 275, 280 
Poirier, Jess 83, 179 
Politano, Michelle 95, 98 
Poole, Benjamin 33 
Poon, Emily 33, 49, 57 
Porter, Ryan 70, 144 
Power, Chad 33, 156 
Powers, Anne 95, 151, 178 
Powers, Christina 198 
Powers, Katherine 33 
Prentice, Mark 70 
Prescott, Ashley 70, 132, 

138, 148, 169 
Price, Brittney 34, 167, 296 
Procaccini, Jaymie 83 
Procyk, Mathew 83 
Procyk, Sara 34 
Proulx, Ms. 110 
Provost, Sasha 34, 45, 55, 

Puddester, Mrs. 206 
Puddester, Nicole 204 
Pultz, Mr. 112, 127 
Purkisjess 83, 183 

Quartarone, Jenna 83 
Quartarone, Kristen 34, 53, 

54, 55, 136, 146, 151, 163 
Quealy, Kelsey 82, 83, 157 
Quinlan,Jess 83, 179, 193 
Quinn, Jonathan 95 

Radowitz, Erin 85 
Rahman, Aziz 95 
Rahman, Habib 70, 202 
Rando, Ashley 70, 139, 181, 


Rando,Dave 34, 44, 46,47, 

49, 53, 157, 195, 196, 278 
Rando, Steve 70, 139 
Rando, Victoria 95, 97 
Rasmussen, Eileen 83 
Ravinski, Jessica 95 
Raymond, Amanda 95 
Raymond, Hannah 63, 70 
Raymond, Jamie 34 
Raymond, Mrs. 116, 129 
Raymond, Sam 207 
Rayner, Michael 95 
Read, Tim 34, 136, 223, 254 
Reardon, Brittany 70 
Reardon, Mr. 223 
Reardon, Joe 95, 172 
Rebuffo, Mrs. 238 
Reddington, Mr. 235 
Reinhardt, Allison 70, 186 
Renner, Libby 34, 45, 46, 
52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 159, 
186, 285 
Richner, Heather 35, 46, 49, 

54, 55, 56, 220, 263 
Riddoch, Debra 95 
Rieger, Chris 35, 144, 210, 

224, 277, 291 
Rieger, Jeff 70, 73, 225, 234 
Riley, Mr. 117 
Ritchie, Wendy 35, 52, 259 
Rivera, Carmen 35, 132 
Robbat, Dr. 102, 103, 268 
Robbins, Brian 95, 97 
Robbins, Jennifer 70 
Robbins, John 83, 224, 225 
Robbins, Tracy 35, 45, 52, 

55, 252 
Roberts, Gregory 95 
Robertson, Kaitlin 35, 53 

55, 259 
Robertson, Mathew 71 
Robsham, Julie 83, 147, 149 
Roche, Shannon 83, 134, 

Rodgers, Julia 71 
Rogers, Andrew 97 
Rogers, Katie 83 
Rollins, Matthew 71 
Roode, Chris 35, 46, 50, 240 
Rosata, Dustin 35 
Rose, Erin 36, 305 
Rose, Phillip 83 
Ross, Jane 95, 142, 145 
Ross, Maeghan 95 
Ross, Matthew 83 
Rougeau, John 95 
Roye, Brett 95 
Rumsey, Ms. 125 
Runeman, Mr. 117 
Runyon, Tom 70, 71, 173 
Rushton, Scott 83 
Rutledge, Rebecca 83 

Ryan, Kevin 71 
Ryan, Miss 107 

Safizadeh, Pardees 83, 166 
Safizadeh, Pegah 95 
Saia,Joe 83, 182 
Said,Jehan 71, 148, 200 
Sandberg, Christie 36, 256 
Santino, Nicolette 71, 133, 

137, 139, 140, 154 
Sarapas, Mike 71, 223 
Saras, Erik 71, 162, 167 
Sarno, James 95, 97 
Satterfield, Teala 58, 59 
Saulnier, Michelle 71, 175, 

Saulnier, Stephen 83 
Savi, Rebecca 83 
Savidge, Robert 95 
Savoy, Ally 71, 72, 132, 140, 

Scannell, Ms. 125 
Schairer, Mr. 203 
Schmidt, Erik 82, 83 
Schmidt, Mr. 233 
Schneider, Sarah 95 
Schrader, Allison 95, 177, 

Schrader, Holly 36, 49, 51, 

54, 55, 155, 177, 287 
Schreibstein, Meredith 95, 

Schubert, Eric 95, 98 
Schubert, Laura 36, 55, 56, 

61, 146, 168, 186, 212, 

220, 261, 280 
Schwartz, Rachel 36 
Schyljuk, Ryan 95 
Scott, Phil 36, 289 
Seely, Sarah 70, 73, 138, 174 
Seigenberg, Alex 83, 134, 

143, 145, 175 
Sepe, Timothy 83 
Sesay, Khadija 83 
Setter, Nathan 83 
Sevy, Patrick 83 
Sexeny Brielyn 83 
Shabanoff, Alex 71 
Shabanoff, Matthew 95 
Shapiro, Erica 201 
Shapiro, Sam 36, 52, 55, 

131, 137, 148, 150, 154, 

181, 226, 304, 307 

Sharron, Katie 83, 157, 175, 

Shaw, Andrew 36 
Shaw, Laura 83, 143 
Shea, Dan 83, 151, 177 
Shea, Kelsey 87, 95, 177 
Shea, Kyle 37, 44, 46, 47, 

50, 54, 55, 57, 177, 

230, 247, 261 
Shea, Mary 37, 50, 51, 137, 

163, 257 
Sheehan, Kelly 95, 97 
Shepardson, Mrs. 103 
Sherwin, Charles 71, 163 
Shiebler, Alice 95, 142, 145, 

147, 176 
Shiebler, Jill 37, 51, 54, 55, 

146, 155, 176, 179, 269, 

280, 294 
Shipley, Nicholas 83 
Shipps, Rebecca 71 
Shirley, Rob 71, 143, 228 
Short, Ashley 95 
Short, Matt 37, 55, 57, 95, 

154, 223, 254 
Shruhan, Matthew 95 
Siegmann, Adam 95, 247 
Siegmann, Eric 37, 189, 230, 

Sieloff, Sam 37, 52, 232, 

Signore, Anna 95 
Silletti, Jerry 71 
Simard, Andrew 37 
Simard, Michelle 83, 171, 

Simmons, James 83 
Simms, Meredith 52 
Simpson, Jess 84, 85, 149, 

157, 193 
Simpson, Richard 84 
Singer, Sydney 37, 56, 166, 

171,183, 297, 304 
Singer, Tim 4, 95 
Sirianni, Mr. 103 
Skenyon, Mr. 106 
Sluss, Greg 38, 45, 49, 50 

54, 146 
Small, Leo 71, 73, 189 
Small, Stephen 95 
Small, William 84 
Smestad, Miss 108 
Smiley, Kevin 71, 72 
Smith, Amanda 95 
Smith, Brendan 84 
Smith, Brittany 84 
Smith, Emma 84, 148, 179, 

Smith, Mrs. 118 
Smith, Patrick 95 
Smith, Scott 75, 84, 234, 


Smith, Steven 85 
Sogge, Erica 187 
Solomon, Andrew 71 
Solomon, Jessica 95, 98 
Solomon, Mrs. 125 
Sosby, Brittany 95 
Southworth, Miss 106 
Spagna, Adam 38 
Spencer, Mr. 127 
Speroni, Marc 38, 162 
Spiess, Cindy 38, 175, 187, 

Spigarolo, Dan 9, 38, 285, 

Spigarolo, Tiffany 84, 160, 

Spinney, Eileen 71, 72, 177 
Spinney, Elizabeth 71 
Srinivasan, Ranjana 95 
St. Jean, Danielle 61, 75, 84, 

135, 139, 143, 146, 149 
St. Pierre, Michelle 71, 72 
Stankiewicz, Mrs. 116 
Stark, Meghan 38, 54, 55, 

Steele, Sarah 95 
Steele, Shannon 204 
Stetter, Patrick 95 
Steverman, Andrew 38, 

210, 260, 302 
Stewart, Brandon 84, 247 
Stoukides, Nicholas 84 
Strauss, Robert 246 
Streeter, Sara 1, 38, 54, 55, 

57, 144, 148, 149, 162, 

169, 213, 216, 217, 272 
Strekouras, Ms. 109, 173 
Strickland, Jennifer 96 
Strickland, Ryan 39 
Strittmatter, Amanda 39, 54, 

55, 56, 146, 154, 186, 

279, 286, 291 
Strittmatter, Paul 84, 157 
Strong, Gregory 84 
Struhar, Danielle 39, 54,55, 

59, 152, 156, 214, 215 
Struhar, Steven 96 
Sughrue, Casey 96 
Sugrue,Angie 87, 96, 98, 

142, 145, 147 
Sugrue, Leah 39, 53, 212, 

214, 230, 231, 275 
Sullivan, Brittany 96 
Sullivan, Heather 84 
Sullivan, Ian 84 
Sullivan, Kara 96 
Sullivan, Mrs. M. 126 
Sullivan, Mrs. 268 
Sullivan, Nicole 84 
Sullivan, Pete 56 
Sundberg, Jason 71, 146, 

166, 171 


Sundquist, Scott 39 


Kate 75, 84, 85, 134, 

149, 156, 157, 184, 221 
Sweeney, Carolyn 205 
Sweeney, Matthew 84 
Sweeney, Pat 39, 56 



Tatnall, Sara 84 
Tatupu, Mr. 121 
Taylor, Caroline 71, 158, 

172, 186 
Teiner, William 96 
Thibault, Nicole 84 
Thibedeau, Alexander 73 
Thomas, Kayla 205 
Thurston, Joshua 39 
Thurston, Tyler 84, 182 
Tighe, Mrs. 122 
Tijerina, Daniel 96 
Tileston, Mr. 119, 163, 190, 

To Dye For Graphics 307 
Tocci, Joanna 71, 135, 141, 

145, 147, 154, 180, 188 
Todd, Kaelyn 84, 85, 134, 

143, 145, 175 
Toledo, Dorothy 84 
Toledo, Matt 39, 49, 261 
Toney, Megan 71, 189, 209 
Topping, Erin 85 
Tornabene, Lynn 40, 58, 

164, 230 
Tower, Mrs. D. 122 
Tower, Mrs. N. 119, 169, 
220Travassos, Alison 71 
Treen, Jaclyn 71 
Tuesley, Amanda 71, 146, 

161, 166, 182 
Tufts, Lindsey 40, 50, 133, 

137, 164, 283 
Tuminelli, Alison 87, 96 
Tuminelli, Katelyn 40, 55, 

56, 292, 295 
Turano, Raymond 71 
Turner, Craig 71, 196, 

197, 245 
Turner, Nora 96 
Tuveson, Laura 9, 40, 46, 

52, 54, 55, 157, 165, 

168, 195,199, 212, 226, 

227, 300 


Twitchell, Melissa 84 
Tyler's Restaurant 294 

Unitt, Christine 70, 71 
Urko, Nicholas 71 
Urko, Stephanie 96 
Uvanovic, Robert 71 
Uyrus, Haley 4, 84 


Vaillancourt, Jaclyn 71 
VanderWyk, Kathryn 40, 57, 

162, 301 
Varey, Andrew 40, 179 
Varkas, Cailyn 84, 143, 

165, 175 
Vesty, Lauren 84, 190 
Viles-Antonellis, Mrs. Ill, 

129, 151 
Village Arts and Flowers 284 
Villiard, Mrs. 113 
Vine, Tom 71, 73 
Visser, Hendrik 84 
Visser, Marike 40, 186 
Voght, Chris 40, 156, 231, 

235, 279 

W. T Holmes Transportation 

Walczak, Tom 41, 45, 137, 

168, 303 
Walczak, William 96 
Wald, Ashley 96 
Waldman, Andrew 87, 96 
Waldman, Sarah 71, 73 
Walker, Ms. 200, 201 


Justine 84, 208, 221 
Walsh, Chrissy 84, 182, 249 
Walsh, Daniel 84 
Walsh, Nicole 41 
Walther, Christina 96 
Warchal, Derreck 41 
Ward, Sarah 41, 187, 294 
Ward, Sharon 84, 166 
Wardner, Lori 84, 146, 184, 

Stephen 41, 53, 155, 

188, 252, 297 
Waters, Susan 96 
Watson, Lisa 57 
Waxman, Heather 96 
Webber, Sarah 96 
Webber, Sean 96 
Weeks, Andrew 41, 271 
Wegiel, Bryan 96 
Welsh, Megan 96 
Wencus, Amanda 84 
Wencus, Lauren 84, 156 
Wenger, Emery 84, 142, 183 
Werboff, Ariane 84, 134, 

140, 143, 156 
Wessman,Abby 10, 41, 56, 

146, 148, 176, 213, 230, 

Wessman, Alex 84, 148, 
176, 184, 209, 217 

West, Jonathan 96 
White, Christine 41, 277 
White, Evan 90, 96 
White, Mallory 71, 73 
White, Mariah 42, 53, 56, 

White, Mr. 187 
White, Rachel 10, 42, 133, 

165, 231, 308 
White, Stephen 42, 56, 299 
Whitehouse, Eric 84, 142, 

154, 163, 219 
Whitehouse, Greg 210 
Whitehouse, Lauren 96 
Wieners, Daniel 71 
Wilcox, Marra 42, 51, 52, 

146, 150, 188, 297 
Wilcox, Samuel 96 
Wilfert, Ms. 236 
Willard, Greg 71, 176 
Willard, Jenna 42, 50, 54, 

55, 56, 176, 180, 194, 

Willette, Jamie 42 
Williams, Julie 84, 147, 182 
Willis, Christine 96, 183 
Willis, Jason 42, 171, 183 
Willis, Mr. 126 
Willman, Rachel 96, 171 
Willson, Tanya 84, 239 

Wilson, Carolyn 96, 177 
Wilson, Michelle 42, 52, 

131, 149, 177, 291 
Winbourne, Bryanne 71, 72 
Wind, Laura 43 
Winslow, Kara 43, 53, 56, 

Winslow, Kelly 43, 52, 53, 

56, 57, 61, 156, 161, 168, 

188, 194, 201, 212, 213, 

220, 221, 306 
Winslow, Mrs. 120, 129 
Winslow, Rebecca 96, 97, 

Winter, Kaitlyn 71, 141, 148, 

158, 168, 181, 182, 249 
Witschel, Jess 63, 71, 135, 

136, 147, 155, 180, 181 
Wolfrum, Janine 84 
Wood, Gregory 96 
Woodhams, Callie 71, 180, 

Woodhams, Kathryn 96 
Woods, Mr. 117 " 
Woodward, Andrew 96 
Wooten, Kara 96, 143, 149 
Wrentham Co-operative Bank 

Wyman, Heather 96 
Wy man, Meghan 72, 135, 

144, 154, 183, 249 


Yavarow, Alexandra 96, 98, 

Young, Mr. 124 
Yuastella, Michael 72 


Zaccardi, William 72, 73 
Zagieboylo, Lauren 96 
Zahnerjoe 43, 52, 305 
Zalewski, Konrad 72 
Zeigler, Kar aline 43, 52, 177, 

Zeigler, Samuel 96,98, 177 

Zervos, Emily 84, 85 
Zervos, Greg 72, 135, 195 
Zickl, Stacy 72, 148, 155 
Zuckerman, Hannah 84, 85, 

Zuercher, Mrs. 114 
Zuzick, Brian 75, 85 











vpu o*n sjcot vtay 


» Me^Wuo y» IBvdboev • 

Lf*v*A?erT * WaWU 
► •*• -•- ■m'^^^m • • • • < 


He £vi My W<*v 

Every year at this time I feel a little sad that another yearbook has 
been finished and another year of working with the best students in the 
school has ended. That sadness has always been tempered by the thought 
that we still have a supplement to finish and a new yearbook to start 
planning for. This year, however, the sadness is real, for this is the last 
yearbook that will be done by a class at King Philip. We've been told that 
we're a victim of the poor economy; the school's budget can't support that 
kind of luxury. And since KP is the only school around with this kind of 
program, it must be expendable. We've also heard that a pretty good book 
can be produced by volunteer help as an extracurricular activity. And that 
may be true. But in the end, King Philip will still have lost one of the best 
programs it ever offered. Brain child of Dr. Ferris seven years ago, the 
Modern Publishing class has consistently produced students who have 
learned a marketable skill, page layout using PageMaker and PhotoShop. It 
has also helped young adults to learn the meaning of the word deadline, as 
they've rarely seen it before. They're used to their teachers' being able to 
stretch a due date when a snow storm or a Pats' Parade empties the school. 
That's not possible when the deadline comes from our North Carolina 
plant; they don't listen to excuses when the presses are hungry for work. 
This year the staff worked valiantly to make every deadline, only to have the 
post office fail to deliver an overnight package on time. We lost two days 
because of that. Unfair? Of course! But that's what the real world is like and 
that's what my girls learned this year. And so some may think we're not a 
necessary part of the King Philip education and some may say that we don't 
have the flashiness of some of the other school media and activities, but in 
the end we know that we did a terrific job. We know that the students of 
King Philip will be proud of this yearbook especially when they see what 
other high schools publish. We know that we gave the students of this 
school the publication that they deserve. 

So whom will I praise this year for helping to produce the 47th 
edition of The Chieftain? First and foremost I want to thank my marvelous 
staff: Brittney and Sydney (editors-in-chief), Chelas and Kara (opening 
pages), Abby, Cait, and Kate (senior section), Molly and Ashley 
(undergrads), Lindsey and Chrissy (faculty), Amy, Amie, and Meghan 
(student life), Jen and Jennie (sports), Amanda (layouts, index, computers), 
Kait and Allie (finances, ads). Before school, after school, and into the 
evening they worked to finish their tasks. They went to events to take 
photos, they bullied teachers to fill out their forms, they wrote notice after 
notice, they checked and rechecked their figures and they went looking for 
someone to identify a figure in a photo. There are so many tasks that must 
be done that there isn't enough room here to list even a fraction of them. And 
still, I will always remember Amy's smile as she came in for the third 
morning in a row at 7 a.m. only to have her computer bomb. I will see 
Meghan losing another study to get a head start on her work, and Brittney 
and Sidney missing their senior homeroom experience to hear me complain 
about the latest problem day after day. Abby became my ombudsman; she 
was there everyday willing to solve any problem, even while she ran 
around as senior class president. I wish I had more room to write about the 
girls. Each one is unique and each one contributed so much of herself to this 

There are other people, of course, who "worked" on The Chieftain 
this year. The secretaries do so much to help us; Pauline, Marilyn, Kathy, 
April, Mary, and Elaine are so talented and pleasant to work with. The 
custodians are also great. Mr. Hassel always delivers packages with a 
flourish and Mark does yeoman work cleaning up our mess. We also owe 
thanks to the media staff who didn' t see as much of us this year as usual, but 
who were always there to help. Marilyn, Joanie, and Mariann extended the 
welcome mat when we needed to use the copiers or computers. There are 
also many teachers in the school who do take our work seriously. These are 
the people who allow my girls to come late to class when the bell has caught 
us unawares. They help by handing in questionnaires on time. One even 
gave extra credit to students who answered our call for photos. And then 



there are the King Philip students. So 
many of you trust us with your photos 
and pose for pictures for us that we'd 
find it impossible to produce a qual- 
ity product without you. And as good 
as the students are, their parents are 
even more incredible. I talk to parents 
at least once a week about the yearbook. They 
always courteous, generous with their praise, and willing to work with us to get 
the job done. 

On the outside we have wonderful people working with us as well. 
Our photographer is Gary Geoffroy of Chestnut Hill Studios, in Seekonk. He 
is one of the nicest people I have ever met; if we need an event covered, he's 
there. We've also fallen in love with Louis who covers so many of our sports 
events. Everyone there is terrific, from the people who answer the phones to the 
undergrad photographers; as I always say, if you see a bad photo, you know 
that Chestnut Hill didn't take it. 

We also have friends as far away as North Carolina and Pennsylva- 
nia. These are our Jostens friends. Sandy Moses is our customer rep. She calls 
us when there's a problem or just calls to say hello. And nothing is too difficult 
for her to fix. With Sandy on the job we know that our book is going to turn out 
perfect. We've also gotten to know our cover artist, Melissa Bagwell, who takes 
the designer's ideas and makes a real cover out of it. We hope you like this year's 
cover. We love it! and Melissa was a big part of bringing it to life. And then 
there's our cover designer, Rick Brooks. He flies in each year from Pennsylva- 
nia just to listen to what we think we want and then step by step helps us to 
produce the cover we really want. What a creative genius he is. (Be sure to check 
out the tape on the cover.) He also designs the recurring artwork we use and 
helps us to design our opening pages and the divider pages. And finally, there's 
Arnie Lohman and his new partner Peter Greer. Arnie's been our main man for 
so long that I'll truly miss his frequent phone calls; it started out business, but 
has really become a friendship. And even though we didn't get much time to get 
to know Peter, it's obvious that he's a great addition to the Jostens family. We 
truly wish you luck and hope that you'll visit when you're at K.P. 

Whatever happens next year, whoever chooses to take on this gargan- 
tuan task, I truly wish you luck. A yearbook is a very important part of a school. 
It's a history of the year, probably the most widely enjoyed history text in the 
school. And it serves as a history for the community. Whoever you are, you have 
a duty to make it the best yearbook you possibly can, because this year will 
never be repeated. You only have one chance to get it right. But if you love 
printing as much as I do, I know that it will become your all-consuming passion. 
Again, I wish you good luck. 

And now I truly come to the end of the 2004 Chieftain and my 
experiences being its advisor. It's been a great seven years. I have seen a whole 
different side of working with students. Producing a yearbook has energized 
my career and me; it has given me a new identity. I am no longer just a history 
teacher, known only to those who have taken one of my courses; now students 
from every grade and level feel comfortable coming to see me about prom 
pictures, photo retakes, order forms and a dozen other requests. Instead of 
standing in front of a group in a formal setting spouting about people long dead 
and maybe long forgotten (except by history teachers), I now get to work one 
on one teaching a student how to resize a photo, I get to joke about how a 
drawing for the cover scares us, I get to walk out of my classroom knowing that 
my staff will continue to work whether I am there or not, and I get to treat them 
like the young adults that they are, letting them know just what I know about 
the future of their publishing class. So I thank you, Dr. Ferris for having the 
courage to try something new and for changing my life. And I thank once again 
all of the people who have given me seven great years. You Sent Me on My Way! 

Miss Couru 

We can't end the book without the technical information, so here goes. This 
yearbook was produced on a bunch of very old Macs (They were new when I 
started doing The Chieftain.) and three new machines (an IMac and two EMacs). We 
used PageMaker 6.5 and PhotoShop 5-7 depending on the age of the computer. 
Most of the type is Palatino, but our headlines and special type is AYT Christina. 







f m 




rg News/Landov I 

■ .' 

U.S. Forces capture deposed Iraqi leader 
Saddam Hussein in a "spider hole" at a 
farm outside his hometown of Tikrit. 

-» In October, the Federal 
Trade Commission 
initiates the National 
Do Not Call Registry to 
minimize the number 
of telemarketing calls 
consumers receive. 

<- A fatal Staten Island 
Ferry crash in 
New York harbor 
leaves 10 dead and 
dozens injured after 
the pilot loses 
consciousness and 
slams into the dock. 

<- NBA star Kobe 
Bryant of the Los 
Angeles Lakers 
is charged with 
the sexual assault 
of a 19-year-old 
Colorado woman. 

<r A federal appellate 
court orders the 
removal of a Ten 
monument from 
the Alabama 
Supreme Court 
building, citing 
violation of the 
First Amendment. 



-> President Bush 
becomes the first 
U.S. president to vi c 
Iraq when he make 
an unannounced 
Thanksgiving visit 
with troops 
stationed there. 

The economy shows signs of recovery when the 
Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 10,000 points 
for the first time in over 1 8 months on December 1 2. 

The worst wildfires in California history claim 22 lives, 
destroy more than 3,400 homes and consume 
750,000 acres of land. 

-> The abduction of 
University of North 
Dakota student Dru 
Sjodin, 22, results in 
the arrest of convicted 
sex offender Alfonso 
Rodriguez Jr., 50. 


■ *2 

. i 

-> Michael Jackso 
is arrested on multiple 
counts of child abuse 
after an accusation 
from a 12-year-old boy. 



-> The Center for 
Disease Control 
and Prevention 
declares obesity an 
American epidemic, 
with 64 percent 
of the population 









^%ction star Arnold 
replaces Gray Davis as 
lovernor of California 
i a highly publicized 
ecall election. 

Mark J. Terrill/AP/Wide World Photos 

On August 14, the largest North American blackout occur 
when three Ohio line failures leave more than 50 million 
people in eight states and Canada without power. 


S .% 


U.S. Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, a POW of the 
war in Iraq, becomes a media sensation after 
her rescue by U.S. Forces is aired on the news. 




<- Americans rush to receive 
vaccinations as the country 
is hit hard by a new strand 
of the influenza virus. 

Larry Downing/Reuters NewMedia Inc./Corbis 

'•».. f 

1 s President Bush signs a 
controversial bill calling for a 
$400 billion Medicare overhaul. 


<r Scott Peterson stands trial on 
murder charges in the slaying 
of his pregnant wife, Laci, and 
their unborn son. 



Goran Tomasevic/Reuters/Landov 

Franch Prevell 

Bazuki Munarr 

*■ A European heat wave 
in August claims more 
than 19,000 lives, 
making it one of the 
world's deadliest 
hot-weather disasters. 


no sars nn 

<- The World Health 
Organization reports 
that severe acute 
respiratory syndrome 
(SARS) infected more 
than 8,000 people in 
over 25 countries, 
killing 700. 

On May 1 , 43 days after the war in Iraq began, President 
Bush declares "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." 
As hundreds of thousands of U.S. and British forces remain 
to restore peace and deliver aid to Iraqi citizens, more 
soldiers are killed in the months after the war than during it. 

Ben Curtis/AP/Wid 

I Photos 


-» Around the world, 


"flash mobs"— large 


groups of people 


recruited by 


anonymous organizers 


via the Internet — 

gather, perform 


a wild act and 

quickly disperse. 

-> In a dramatic six-day 
ordeal, rescue workers 
save 44 of 46 Russian 
miners trapped in a 
water-filled coal mine. 

-> Tens of thousands 
of Palestinians are 
cut off from family 
and livelihoods 
when Israel builds 
a concrete barrier 
beyond the cease-fire 
line in an effort to 
curtail Palestinian 
terrorist activities. 



i ♦ 

w i\ 

<- An Economic 
Community of 
West African States 
peacekeeping coalition 
ends 14 years of 
fighting between 
Liberian rebels and 
government forces, 
sending tyrant 
Charles Taylor 
into exile. 

On December 26, a devastating earthquake measuring 
6.6 on the Richter scale strikes the Iranian city of Bam, 
killing more than 41,000 people. 

l M 






-> During the summer 
of 2003, low-risk 
prison inmates help 
battle Southern 
California's wildfires 
for only $1 an hour. 

-> At a St. Louis dog 
shelter, Cain, a 
one-year-old mutt, 
survives tranquilization 
and a trip to the gas 
chamber and is then 
adopted by the animal 
shelter owner. 


structure — a v/i 
anchors a memorial entitled "Reflect! 
is chosen to fill the World Trade Cent 

<- Comedian Robin Williams 
travels to Baghdad to 
lighten the spirits of U.S. 
troops as he kicks off a 
holiday tour of U.S. bases 
in the Middle East. 

Rap mogul P. Diddy runs the New York City Marath 
to raise over $2 million for the city's children's char 
and public scho 



<r While aboard the International 
Space Station, Russian cosmonaut 
Yuri Malenchenko marries his 
American girlfriend by video link 
in the first "space wedding." 




Ali Khaligh/UPI/Landov 

I s Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi 
wins the 2003 Nobel Peace 
Prize for human rights activism 
as she fights to improve the 
status of refugees, women 
and children in Iran. 

<- Golfer Tom Watson donates 
his $1 million Charles Schwab 
Cup winnings to fund research 
for Lou Gehrig's disease, 
which has stricken his caddie, 
Bruce Edwards. 

<- British Airways and 
Air France ground the 
supersonic Concordes 
after 27 years of 
service. Despite their 
speed, the aircraft were 
uneconomical to operate 

<- In response to e-mail spam, 
the Can-Spam Act requires 
e-mail marketers to clearly 
label messages as ads and 
include an Internet-based 
opt-out feature. 

Rm m kY*'1iT' I i fiV'i Win [h^w^ i iUm iIki •> S IMTliTu 

sharpest color photos ever taken of th 

-> Fast-food patrons can 
now get their food 
even quicker, thanks to 
McDonald's introduction 
of self-service 
ordering kiosks. 

4- In October, China 
becomes the third 
country to travel in 
space when the 
world's first successful 
taikonaut, Yang Liwei, 
returns to Earth after 
21 hours in orbit. 

-> FluMist, America's first 
intranasal influenza 
vaccine, provides 
needle-wary patients 
with an alternative for 
the 2003 flu season. 

-» The Food and Drug 
Administration bans dietary 
supplements containing 
ephedra due to health 
concerns and warns 
consumers not to take 
products containing 
the stimulant. 

-> In June, pet prairie 
dogs in Wisconsin, 
Illinois and Indiana 
infect people with 
monkeypox after 
being infected by a 
giant Gambian rat 
while in transit. 

1 s American scientists discover 
the deterioration of the 
atmosphere's ozone layer is 
slowing. The 1996 worldwide 
ban on CFC gases is credited 
for the improvement. 

<- Keiko, star of the Free Willy 
movies, dies of pneumonia 
at the age of 27. 



■ Oi 





<r Celebrities like FOX's 
"That 70s Show" 
star Ashton Kutcher 
make the "trucker 
hat" a fashion 

<- The country goes 
low-carb diet 
crazy, with dieters 
demanding food 
products and menu 
items with fewer 

<r Popularized by 
music stars like 
Busta Rhymes and 
J.Lo, track suits are 
seen everywhere. 

nd accessory trei 

-» Girls get into breakdancing 
at events like the Qween B 
Breakgirl competition in San 
Diego, the country's biggest 
female breakin' competition. 


vp With the resurgence of 
'80s-style rock music, 
'80s clothing styles 
make a comeback of 
their own. 

V J 

J GEas 

i, Ltd. 

■I s The year's hottest 
foot fashion is the 
Ugg boot, which 
stays cool in heat 
and warm in cold. 


lifting and form 
across the c ni 






Mary Ann Ci 

asiain/AP Wide World Photos 

1 1| ■• f iiT/ij ill %\iwi ■ I ti"J IH f II I ■ 1 1 

SAT that tests tor increased 
vocabulary and writing skills. 


f* The pint-sized MINI Cooper, by 
Motorwerks, starts a European auto 
revolution on U.S. streets. 

v /I 

Ron EOmonds/AP'WMe '.'■' 

j| Motors Hummer H2. In response to criticism, 
GM promises to release a more fuel-efficient version 
in the future. 

<- To improve lunch and 
vending machine 
nutritional values, 
the U.S. Department 
of Agriculture issues 
'"ugher regulations 
lerican schools. 

,, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits ha' 
consumers smiling, as they no longer have to visit 
the dentist for this cosmetic procedure. 



■ Colgate" 


j^^ # Clear 

J* — GEL 
Wk Blanquead 




<r Avon, the world's largest 
direct seller of beauty 
products, introduces mark — 
a new cosmetic line intended 
for teens to sell. 

David Parket/Omni-Photo Communications 






afc EB8M1310U1A 

•mrtivxix'Mrv ikii.i.iiss 





"I s In an effort to thwart 
counterfeiters, the U.S. 
Treasury releases a colorful 
new $20 bill, with a 
background blend of blue, 
peach and green. 

<- A new study reveals the Top 10 
most dangerous U.S. occupations. 
Lumberjack tops the list. 


> I <- Bill Murray gives a 
career performance 
in /.osf//7 Translation, 
from director 
and Golden 
Globe -winning 
Sofia Coppola. 

<r Will Ferrell 
continues his 

Icomedic success 
in the heartwarming 
holiday hit Elf. 

Photolest . 

Pixar's Finding Nemo swims to the top as the 
highest-grossing animated movie and top-selling 
DVD of all time in the United States. 

Keira Knightley and 
Parminder Nagra 
get a kick out of 
breaking stereotypes 
on and off the soccer 
field in the British 
comedy Bend It 
Like Beckham. 



> ^> v i tr^u 

7 y > 

<- Heartthrobs 

Johnny Depp and 

" 1 

Orlando Bloom 


make Disney's 


Pirates of the 


The Curse of 


the Black Pearl 

a swashbuckling 



-> The two most 
anticipated sequels 
of the year, Matrix: 
Reloaded and 
Matrix: Revolutions 
turn out to be major 
for fans and 
critics alike. 

->Tobey Maguire 

Bnototest 1 

• > 






rett Collection 




Frodo and company complete their epic journey in 
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, 
winner of the Golden Globe for Best Picture, Drama. 

Everett Collection 

rides high in the 
successful summer 
flick Seabiscuit, 
nominated for an 
Academy Award 
for Best Picture. 


-* The pulse-pounding 
CBS hit "The Amazing 
Race" wins the 
inaugural Emmy 
Award for Best 
Reality Program. 

*«* f ^ 


-» America bids farewell 
to the cast of "Friends" 
after the NBC sitcom's 
10th and final season. 


Fox uses its tried-and-true teen soap formula 
to come up with the biggest television hit of 
the year for teens, "The O.C." 

4/ In February 2004, 
CBS airs "Survivor: 
All-Stars," starring past 
"Survivor" winners and 







Frank Micelotta/Getty Images 



<- Jessica Simpson, star of MTV's 
"Newlyweds" with husband 
Nick Lachey, makes entertainment 
headlines for mistaking Chicken 
of the Sea tuna for chicken. 

■I "*5£;~ 

- CBS/Lai* 

Shows such as TLC's "Trading Spaces" and 
Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" create 
a new niche for the home improvement TV genre. 


Stephen Chernin/AP/Wide World Photos ■ ' 



1 s Famous for "Three's Company" 
and star of ABC's "Eight 
Simple Rules for Dating My 
Teenage Daughter," actor 
John Ritter dies suddenly from 
heart failure in September. 

<- "Alias" star Jennifer Garner 
earns high viewer ratings for 
ABC TV and lights up the big 
screen in 13 Going on 30. 

;' 8 


* ■rt 



Zach Corda 

Superstar Beyonce Knowles stars on the big 
screen, releases a hit album, Dangerously in 
Love, and wins four Billboard Music Awards. 

-> The Neptunes' Pharrell 
Williams and Chad Hugo 
receive three Grammy 
nominations as a 
production duo. 
Williams gets three more 
for collaborations with 
Snoop Dog and Jay-Z. 

-> OutKast's genre-busting 
album Speakerboxxx/ 
The Love Below, 
featuring the infectious 
single "Hey Yal," 
wins the Grammy 
for Album of the Year. 


*" The legal battle between 

the music industry and 

music downloaders 

prompts lawsuits and 


online music purchasing 


outlets, while driving CD 


prices to their lowest 


point in a decade. 



*■ According to Nielsen 


SoundScan, 50 


Cent's debut, Get 


Rich or Die Tryin', 

is 2003's best-selling 


album, with 6.5 

-V V- 

million copies sold. 


<- Songwriter John Mayer 


wins a Grammy in 2003 

>X _j 

for the album Room for 


Squares and follows it 


up with Heavier Things. 



Claiming that he has "had it with the 
rap game," Jay-Z, 33, retires after the 
release of The Black Album. 

Coldplay claims the title of Spin magazine's Band of 
the Year, and the band's lead singer Chris Martin m 

Andy CoBerill/Camera Prex/Retm. i 

-> Country music legend 
Johnny Cash dies at 71, 
but wins three CMA 
awards posthumously, 
including Best Single for 
his remake of the Nine 
Inch Nails' "Hurt." 



-> In December, 
Rolling Stones' 
legendary lead 
singer Mick Jagger, 
60, is knighted by 
Prince Charles. 

-> Role-playing games 
like "Star Wars: 
Knights of the Old 
Republic" find 
mainstream success 
on consoles. 

<r Pop diva-turned- author 
Madonna releases two children's 
books: The English Roses and 
Mr. Peabody's Apples. Her third 
book, Yakov and the Seven 
Thieves, arrives in late winter. 

Two months after being mauled by a tiger, Roy Horn, 
half of the famed "Siegfried and Roy" wild animal 
entertainment act, is released from a Las Vegas hospital. 

<r Hugh Jackman of X2: X-Men 
United showcases his singing 
ability on Broadway in 
The Boy from Oz. 

as Sun/Reu 

iters NewMedia.lnc/Corbis 






1 s On CBS's "Late Show" host David 
Letterman, 56, announces the 
November birth of his first child, 
a baby boy. 

f- After the success of his 
best-selling fantasy novel Eragon: 
Inheritance, author Christopher 
Paolini, 19, begins writing the 
much-anticipated sequel. 

Reuters Nei'/media Inc./Corbis 

<- Despite several 
crashes and severe 
dehydration, Lance 
Armstrong wins his 
)rbis fifth straight Tour 
de France by a mere 

A ^ 


.hind the defensive 
brilliance of goalie 
Martin Brodeur, the 
New Jersey Devils 
win the 2003 NHL 
Stanley Cup by 
icing the Anaheim 
Mighty Ducks 3-0 

game seven. 

Led by MVP pitcher 
Josh Beckett, the 
Florida Marlins beat the 
heavily favored New 
York Yankees 2-0 in 
game six to win the 
100th World Series. 


<- High school 
' Bron James, 19, 
picked first in the 
03 NBA Draft 
the Cleveland 
_.avaliers and 
enjoys instant 
success as a pro. 

-> Tennis pro Andy 
Roddick, 21, also 
known as Mandy 
Moore's boyfriend, 
wins his first grand 
slam title at the U.S 
Open in September. 


Sergio Perez/EPA/Landov 


David Uax'.vell'EPA'Landov 

In June, Michelle Wie, 13, becomes the youngest winner 
of a U.S. Golf Association adult event when she wins 
the U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links. 

I Tom Mihalek/EP/VLandov 

-> In September, Kenya's 
Paul Tergat sets the 
world record in the 
Berlin Marathon, 
running the 26.2-mile 
course in just 2 hours, 
4 minutes, 55 seconds. 

W^y sin 

->The New Engla 
Patriots defeat 
Carolina Panthi 
32-29 with a fii 
goal in the clos 
seconds to win 
Super Bowl XX 

-> Due to a lack of 
revenue, the Wc 
United Soccer 
Association get; 
the boot after ju 
three seasons. 

Dave Schwarj/AP/Wide World Photos 

Michael Darden'AP/Wrde World Photos 

Champion surfer Bethany Hamilton, 13, loses her arm in a shark 
attack. Just 10 weeks later, Hamilton places fifth in her age group 
at a National Scholastic Surfing Association meet in January 2004 

<- Matt Kenseth claims the 
NASCAR Winston Cup Series 
championship, after leading 
the standings through a 
record 33 races. 

I s Freddy Adu, 14, becomes the 
youngest American pro team 
athlete in over 100 years when 
he signs with D.C. United of 
Major League Soccer. 

<r League MVP Tim Duncan and 
David Robinson— in his final 
game — lead the San Antonio 
Spurs to the 2003 NBA title 
with a 4-2 series win over 
the New Jersey Nets. 





+ JZ 







..■/■ ..■•**• 


• .', 



<- In October, 
Mother Teresa 
of Calcutta is 
beatified by 
Pope John 
Paul II in Vatican 
City. This marks 
the final step 
before sainthood 
in the Roman 
Catholic Church. 

America loses three entertainment icons with 
the deaths of comedian Bob Hope, actress 
Katharine Hepburn and actor Gregory Peck. 

In his first of a number 
of trials in several 
states, a Virginia jury 
sentences D.C. area 
sniper Lee Boyd 
Malvo, 1 8, to life 
without parole. 

-> After winning 64 
career titles, including 
14 grand slam events, 
and a record six years 
ranked No. 1, tennis 
great Pete Sampras 
retires at the U.S. 
Open in August. 



'r- The Pentagon releases decks of 55 cards to U.S. 
soldiers that feature the most-wanted Iraqi leaders. 
Dictator Saddam Hussein is the Ace of Spades. 

After being abducted for nine months, Elizabeth Smart 
is rescued and returns home in March 2003. Her story 
is made into a TV movie that airs later in the fall. 

ITom Smart'Deseretilevj; 


-> Teen star Hilary Duff 
tops off her successful 
movie debut, The 
Lizzie McGuire Movie, 
with a hit pop album, 
Metamorphosis, and 
a nationwide tour. 


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